SEGURADO:  The certainties desired of Mar Roxas

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By  Popoy  Del. R.  Cartanio

Sidestepping the clichéd “Political promises are made to be broken”, one can risk pretentiousness and be presumptuous to postulate:  if A then B in series. If Mar Roxas becomes the President then its Tuwid na Daan in series. To be the A as a person, Mar Roxas, or PresMar, in six years’ time may not change so much as a politician to a statesman, or worse, from a straight politician to an opportunist greedy crook. To be the B, the Tuwid na Daan over six years is dynamic, amorphous, depending on what the series will pursue in earnest. For B to happen depends primarily on the integrity and the political will of A.

A and B are therefore subject to the winds or thunderstorms of change. Voters can’t predict with sharp ACCURACY like the PAGASA men what the daily weather will be like. Ex-president Erap Estrada with his “weder-weder” lang invalidated that. Like a sage, he claimed the negativity of the quality of change like he’s saying it is AB always. And that’s Always A, Always B, a pejorative at the same time sagaciously predictive of Philippine political culture. That kind of “eraption” prevailed until P Noy was elected president. There was some kind of climate change for the better.

“A causes B”  compared to “If A then B” is a stronger proposition or assertion that when put into action runs roughshod to the defined rights in democracies as proven in totalitarian regimes. Trains were made to run on time as scheduled in Italy by Mussolini; Marcos made the people behave courteously in crowded buses and vanished gun-toting and pornos.  “A causes B” looks strongly similar to Davao City’s Duterte, his seemingly effective crime prevention and control.

The people anywhere in general will not accept and shall later revolt when fear and oppression (A) causes obedience and conformity (B). Will Ceausescu of Romania be a recent example?  Contrariwise, among democratic countries or its cities, accidents happened:  if Corrupt (A) then Crooked path (B).

What then will be SEGURADO when Mar Roxas from June 2016 onward becomes the Independent Variable, not necessarily causing, but directly associated with Tuwid na Daan (straight path) which to most people is nothing but fighting corruption? Will Roxas have the guts to lead the lonely job of cleaning agencies and institutions of governance of the barnacles that attached themselves to the functions of health, education, justice, lawmaking, the police, military, local governments, and the entirety of the public service?

Will Mar use the intelligence units to curtail instead of  advancing the causes and profit of regulatory agencies and the crooks in the highest perch of the three branches? Will he cut the umbilical cord that nourishes the poison flow between the private and the public sector?

Mar Roxas as president should pull the cords, push the buttons and flick switches. The common people’s expectations of good governance are not mysterious; they are are so very obvious. Politicians and bureaucrats who during Noynoy’s time maneuvered themselves into the luxuries of privileged confinements should be given due process by the judges; freed to the outside world or shown the discomfort and dishonor of real jails. For the quite many who broke the anti-graft laws and those who plundered, they deserve their just desserts. Therefore, block or delay not their comeuppance. Easier said than done, as experienced by PNoy. Easy to have broken hollow blocks, garbage and feces thrown into his yard. Paradoxically, easier said and better when not done as had been done by PNoy’s predecessors, Erap and Gloria.

More than it’s anatomy, the physics underlying tuwid na daan to combat corruption, to thereby achieve national development (“change accompanied by  progress”) invites interdisciplinary surgery for its pretentiousness. In short, it is a hard job and to critical minds, should be approached with a surgeon’s compassion. Nevertheless, here’s an attempt.

There’s a way to telescope the atoms of corruption by way of the relationships (physics)  among and between the complex content (chemistry) of  the daily grind. The caveman started only with needs for survival. There were neither rules to follow nor manners to breach. No need for skills to break  the stumbling blocks to fulfill  man’s need. Caricatures mislead. A caveman just clubbed his woman’s head and dragged her by her hair into his cave for marital bliss. No culture, just paintings on cave walls. No corruption there.

There seems to be no corruption where and when there were no kings. No one-eyed man can sway and corrupt a community of blind men. A time where there was only one chief and plenty, plenty of Indians. Civilizing the heathens, or civilization itself, may not be at fault for the slow march to  history by corruption. I hope my prepositions are okay, JoeAm?

O.D. Corpus’ seminal book on Philippines Governance (forgot the title now) claimed corruption may be an integral colonial endowment of Spain to the Philippines. High (and low?) expats in post-Magellan Philippines had to pay for or bought from the monarchy their colonial positions to work in Manila. Was there corruption among the revolutionaries during the short interregnum to the date of first Independence? Was there or how much corruption was going on during the American rule? During the Commonwealth years? During the short Japanese (dorobo-free?) occupation after the Second World War to the second Independence of July 1946? During the Quirino-Magsaysay-Garcia Administrations? The father-daughter Macapagal-Arroyo Regimes? The Ramos-Estrada adventures in governance? The mother-son Cory-Pnoy rehab and transformative presidencies?

Each question mark could be a book of the life cycle of corruption, of the pillage of the country’s natural resources, of the emasculation of moral values and the hardening of greed for extravagant living of the ruling elite. BUT and that but is the biggest one; half of each book  should be about the good . . .  corruption has brought forth for the numerous who remained untouched and steadfast, who were loud enough to be God’s silent men. By  2015 their accretions made the Philippines a more humane nation. Far fetched it is and the link is tenuous: Sodom and Gomorrah is partial fiction if there is no mention of Caesars and the Romans of a post-biblical empire.

popoyLet’s touch ground to the here and now and be a wannabe economist (the mist of the economy) using graphs and charts to demonstrate a law or theory.  It’s mostly lines and dots. Lines gradually ascending or plummeting. Dots like round stars in scatter or connected going upwards or downwards helter-skelter.

In the graph, give Noynoy (2010-2016) and Mar (2016-2022) some ASSUMED values rising (no reason to go down) in the “Y” axis as it travels left to right in the abscissa. Do the same for Corruption as the other variable except that it starts at the highest point plummeting down of the “y”  coordinate while the Noynoy-Mar values start from the very bottom. Let the dots and lines proceed eastward till they met at the middle in, say, 2016, until 2022. From 2016 till June 2022, the line of Mar Roxas is the difficult SEGURADO expected of him of the promo este promised Tuwid na Daan.  But again that’s not it. SEGURADO is about IMPACT of what Tuwid na Daan would have done to health, education, justice, employment and in general to poverty in the Philippines. The graph is the dream of straights and a nightmare for crooks.

Reading essays este blogpieces is like drunking, este drinking. Beers, whiskeys, rum, gins, tuba, etc. are for bottoms-up; like tagays in street lamays. While the blogs should be like: Vintage wine is for sipping, each sip a graceful toast for that aristocratic feeling, blood pressure slowly descending or rising to its plateau to stay there. If that’s rhyming, it’s not intentional, JoeAm.


113 Responses to “SEGURADO:  The certainties desired of Mar Roxas”
  1. andrewlim8 says:

    aha ha ah this article is fun, like a frog jumping from one lily to the next, and you are unsure if you will fall into the water or bounce. 🙂 and there’s even no explanation for the y-axis! aha ha ha

    Did anybody get all his points? aha ha ha But isn’t it fun? Yes.

    Based on Popoy’s article:

    Mar: Seguradong Daan
    Binay: Sangandaan
    Poe: Saan ba Dadaan? Tanong ko si Chiz.

    • Joe America says:

      I was prepared to defend the writer against objection, and the defense would be, because I found myself smiling. I’m glad you did, too.

      Popoy may deny the rhyme, but he cannot deny the poetry.

    • Adrian says:

      I think this is the summary 🙂

      T’wid na daa’y SEGURADO,
      Si Mar Roxas ang iboto.

  2. I will read it for the second time to savor the flavor.. yum..and fun…will Popoy respond to our comments this time?

  3. edgar lores says:

    1. I did not need to read this post a second time.

    2. The logic is simple:

    o “A causes B” is direct causation.
    o “If A then B” is probability.

    3. Applying the logic:

    3.1. Direct causation: If Binay wins the presidency, corruption will not only continue but is sure to rise. Segurado yan.

    3.2. Probability: If Mar wins the presidency, corruption is certain to wither from PNoy’s initial efforts (segurado yan) and the chances of good government are higher.

    4. Filipinos are generally seguristas. We shall see.

    5. In the meantime, I will order more popcorn. I, too, am a segurista.

  4. nielksy says:

    No objection. But it is too prompting to inquire on the postulation as to whether it is of the type of “if p then Q” [modus tollens], which is a rule of inference? Anyway, it just reminded me of my symbolic logic [Philo 11]. Only, these kinds of propositional logic [i.e. “if p then q” or “if q then p” or “p iff q” [where iff means ‘if and only if’] are said to be not suitable for formal writing. I should love to ask for more but it might lead discussion into the complexities of symbolic logic [i.e. truth table].

    Suffice to say that whatever assumptions the author contained in his A postulation as it is to his B postulation are in our concrete, material and tangible world – are yet to be proven as true. Surprisingly, there is a late development that in fact, lady Grace Poe will have Mar slide down as her vice president – thereby flashing down all such assumptions. I did not object to the postulation which crossed all of 4 paragraphs in the entire essay but it just made me curious to be reading the whole essay.

  5. jameboy says:

    I read the piece and my impression or understanding was it ran in several directions that its essence completely escaped me. Was it in complete support of Mar Roxas’ capability to extend and enhance the Tuwid na Daan and everything the present administration stands for or is it expressing an up-in-the-air expectation of what Roxas is going to be when elected? Was it a declaration of unconditional belief/support in Roxas as the next leader who will ensure and secure the continuation of the economic and political gains and stability the Aquino leadership was able to established or merely a flipping of a coin assessment as to what a Roxas administration would be like?

    The circuity in the attack of the issue made the ‘segurado’ factor less prominent and unclear. The attempt to lump the historical timeline of corruption and the future make-up of the country cum biblical Sodom and Gomorrah with a graph and chart accompaniment rendered the so-called ‘desired certainties of Mar Roxas’ uncertain and wanting.

    In the end, I just had to wing it and assume that it was meant as an expression of support for Mar Roxas. Or maybe not. 😦

  6. NHerrera says:

    I am not being a pedant, but joining in the fun.

    If A then B. Strictly — logically speaking — it is not correct to say from this, that: if not A then not B (although in some instances, the probability that the latter is true is borne out rather well). Let me illustrate.

    A > B: Juan is a man > Juan dies
    -A > -B: Juan is not a man > Juan does not die.
    (Not true always, Juan can be my dog.)

    But the following is always logically true:

    A > B: Juan is a man > Juan dies
    -B > -A: Juan does not die > Juan is not a man.


    Roxas is elected > Corruption decreases
    Roxas is not elected > Corruption increases does not follow strictly, logically.
    (Binay may have change of heart — a miracle. Hahaha! Or Poe succeeds against our expectation.)

    As I said above, I am just joining in the fun.

    • edgar lores says:

      Interesting. Substitute Juan with the historical Jesus.

      A > B: Jesus Christ was a man > Jesus Christ died.
      -B > -A: Jesus Christ did not die > Jesus Christ was not a man.

      Jesus was the Son of Man but also the Son of God.

      To those who believe he was just a man, the first proposition (A > B) is true… and the second proposition (-B > -A) is false.

      To those who believe he is part of the Godhead, the first proposition is true… but the second is also true.

      • edgar lores says:

        Tentative conclusion: What is true is subjective… despite formal logic?

        • NHerrera says:

          I spoke of course of elementary logic or Logic 101, if you will. If one goes deeper as in logic discussed by, say, Bertrand Russell one goes into some difficulties with Logic 101. And so I agree with you in that sense.

          Re your example. I am a Catholic but not a doctrinaire. To me Jesus is God. He being portrayed as man and God is an elaboration, I don’t much care. Being God and son of God the father, if one allows science fiction, he could appear on earth in any form according to the grand design, etc, blah, blah. (I hope I am not excommunicated.)

          Using my interpretation of Jesus, Logic 101 still holds. Thanks for your note. I always enjoy your thoughts, edgar.

        • Jean says:

          I am so enjoying the comments on this one. Keep it up all of you. hehehehe (Where’s the popcorn)

  7. Jean says:

    Alas, I have always believed that I was never as proficient with numbers (Math in general really) as I am with words. This is why I find it mildly ironic that I am a trained software engineer by trade. Go figure.

    Anyhow, Sheepishly, I have to admit I had to read this twi-rice (in between twice and thrice, if there was such a thing) before I “understood” and felt confident enough to comment.

    If you are aware of my posts on other threads, you would know that I am not for Mar but let me assure you I am also not actively anti-mar. I have been known to consistently prod Pro-Mar people, in hopes they could say something that would ease my reservations about the guy. On the stage you have set up here though, there seems to be no chink in the armor to “exploit”. On a numbers game, your dog in this fight clearly has the advantage. This article clearly (albeit grudgingly) puts me on Mar’s side of the ring. Binay is just not worth considering. Now when confronted with other presidential hopefuls, I shall have to reserve judgement.

    Anyhow, thanks for the pick-me-up, its been awhile since I got on a roller coaster, its been a thrill. hehe

    • Joe America says:

      Popoy is back in town and pleased that people are finding his piece both a challenge and interesting read. The entire gist of the article escaped me until third reading, but I enjoyed the playful way the words were arranged, each time through.

  8. nielksy says:

    As it turns out, the article is trying to discuss, at least in the first part, of causal logic wherein there are two variables, one the dependent variable which is the effect and the independent variable which is the one that explains the effect, cause if you will.

    And stretching that, it seems clear that the author espoused that something depends on something, in this case, on whether A [Mar] possesses the integrity as well as have the political will.

    But then again, as stated, “A and B are therefore subject to the winds or thunderstorms of change” will mean in effect that there must be a C. In fact, in postulating at the beginning ‘if A then B”, this logically no longer holds [series or no series].

    This is the best specimen of something not easy to understand unless the writer will oblige to a clarification at least for some who might have been confused.

  9. well said, and lightly…

  10. i7sharp says:

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

    “Let’s start at the very beginning
    A very good place to start
    When you read you begin with A B C
    When you sing you begin with Do Re Me …” Julie Andrews

    Let us start at the very beginning of the blog:
    Sidestepping the clichéd “Political promises are made to be broken”, one can risk pretentiousness and be presumptuous to postulate: if A then B in series. If Mar Roxas becomes the President then its Tuwid na Daan in series.

    Comma [,]
    Isn’t a comma missing in “If A then B”?
    Should it not read, “If A, then B”?

    Apostrophe [‘]
    Isn’t an apostrophe missing in “… then its Tuwid na Daan in series”?
    Should it not show, “it’s Tuwid …”?

    “Little things mean a lot.” Kitty Kallen


    • Joe America says:

      Little things do mean a lot, as does the recognition that not all are schooled in English from the getgo, and compassion and consideration are possibly more Christlike in such circumstances. For me, the editor, there is a choice, work the grammar and destroy the poetry, or be thankful that such a wonderfully expressive person is willing to contribute to the blog. And let him express.

      • i7sharp says:

        Let us respect things wee;.
        Let us not treat them willy-nilly

        Place them where they ougtha be
        and can give the world more poetry.

        • i7sharp says:

          Yes, Virginia, there is a Comma Queen:

          If you cannot access the NewYorker article, perhaps you might to consider getting a copy a buck each – $12 for 12 issues. On approval, which can be almost instantaneous, you get access to videos, cartoons, articles …archives.

  11. josephivo says:

    I never did understand logic, especially when it becomes illogic to my common sense. So long live the syllogistic fallacies.

    But while trying to read the article, one thing became clear: not so much the “moral” strength of the president is the problem, but the robustness of the processes involved. This administration took already some giant steps as introducing objective measurable parameters and strengthening the audit function, but major steps are still waiting for implementation: such as FOI, reducing complexity, more coherent laws…

  12. jameboy says:

    From Juan to Jesus Christ and Da Vinci to Julie Andrews. Lol! Like I said, the write-up ran in all directions that you can make anything out of it and still be covering what has been said. Whatever the article is trying to say it’s very clear that there was a vacuum left in the room that the readers are now trying to fill up just to make a sense out of it. Am I complaining? Nope, just stating a fact.

    Anyway, to put in my two-cents, the election of Mar Roxas will not only be a referendum on PNoy, which he admitted during the SONA, but it can also be seen as the ‘second term’ for the Aquino administration. And that is the reason why I’m sure PNoy is all in on this. 👀

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Do not trust Philippine statistics. It is broken like the government. The pollsters have their agenda. That is why I elected THE BINAYs because the pollsters say, “VOTE BINAYs” so are the Philippine Media.

      Many Penoys said, “I am not intelligent after all because I elected Binay because of polls, stats and hated Philippine Media”

      My answer: “I am just a Filipino, what do they expect!”

  13. josephivo says:

    Of topic

    Maybe an idea, this “corrupt mayor” game, based on a real major in Spain, is very popular there. Someone could translate it in “corrupt VP” and adjust to the Philippine situation?

    • Joe America says:

      From the game’s blurb: “You will like be mayor and have power. You can do all that you want: steal, defraud, swindle, cheat, bribe, blackmail, break laws.”

      Yeah, yeah. You have a point there.

  14. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here is Poe and Escudero strategy to beat Mar Roxas: In every campaign sortie they should bring their spouses and have their picture taken and splash it all over the U.P.-run newspapers

    And the banner headline of the newspaper would be “Where is Korina?”

    Will Mar tell ABCD class people his wife is Korina Sanchez? Or, will he tell the people in his inaugaration as President-successor?

    Who will actually run Malacanang? Mar or Korina? That is the question.

    What we should be asking is, what is the platform of Korina not Mar’s platform.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      When Korina comes out people will look at her as Korina Maldita
      When Elenita comes out people will shout Korap Elenita

      When Grace husband comes out they will call him Joe American

      He he he!

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        That is why I am rooting for Grace because her husband is Joe American. Not naturalized. Not denatured. Real American.

        If Grace is VP to Mar there will be catfights with the maldita. It is going to be 6 years of entertainment.

        I am not actually rooting for Grace. Grace is in Good hands with Mar absolutely. What do you think Korina Maldita would be thinking if Mar and Grace have classified subjects to discuss in a woodpanelled dimlit room?

        Just imagine the Malacanang Kitchen staff feel around Powerful Korina Maldita who got away with beating her housemaid like powerful Binay getting away with his loot. The operative word here is “POWERFUL”, “well-connected”, “wealthy” compared to uneducated defenseless, helpless poor pathetic maid? WHO’D YOU THINK WOULD WIN?

        Remember that news anchor whose wife “committed” suicide? Who went to prison? of course the helpless uneducated defenseless powerless poor pathetic maid. THEY WENT TO JAIL WHEN THE NEWS ANCHOR WIFE “COMMITTED SUICIDE”.

        Always Remember Johnny, this is a 3rdworld country. Justice can be boughted.

        I have no qualms with Mar. I’ll vote in 2016 if the people get an assurance that Korina will not and cannot meddle in politics nor in the kitchen nor touch or harm any of her household staff.

        • Johnny Lin says:

          Ted and Noli started an experiment to hide Korina. Early this year they banned her from their ABS CBN Evening News program for many months and it worked.

          Papers and schedules are being arranged including resort hotel to stay. Noli contributed lots of his hidden wealth for complete facial and body changes for Korina in Germany, including stem cell treatment. It will take 9 months from treatment to complete recovery, that is from Oct 2015 to June 2016. Right in time for inauguration.

          Leave it to Kabayan, he might not know how to speak English( he did not graduate from UP) but he understands mathematics( mestizos hate math)

      • OzyBoy says:

        I beg to disagree with all the negatives said of Korina. The commentators in thsi blog are all pa-intellectual. No one I guess belongs to the masa. Korina commands a following from the masa, it’s a fact. Her daily DZMM tele-radyo and Rated K are blcokbusters and cater to C/D/E. She’s got charm, class and intelligence. Mar without displaying Korina ihas been catering to the A/B classes. I SAY TO MAR – BRING OUT KORINA DURING YOUR CAMPAIGN, Mar. Korina has a good packaging – way, way better and pleasing than all the wives/ladies (incl Gracie, Heart : who seems spaced-out, Elenita, Miriam, etc). Lived 20 yrs plus outside Phils. but when I came back and started following Tagalog news, etc – I began to see this Lady Koriina believable and likeable. Pambalanse si Korina sa kahinaan ni Mar.

        • OzyBoy says:

          Kung si Korina tatakbo sa kahit anong political posisyon (hindi naman niya gagawin), SHE WILL WIN anytime, anywhere. ETO SIGURADO AKO.

        • Joe America says:

          Thanks for the observation, OzyBoy. I like Korina, too, and think she is definitely an asset. Prior blog:

          Thanks for offering up your own view, regardless of the naysayers.

          • OzyBoy says:

            Thanks Joe for pointing me to your old post. I am just debating and telling myself that it is the macho culture of the Philipines (esp within the A/B classes) that alienates the men from Korina. If we look at the Filipino women Presidents, 1) Cory got elected bec of the People Power and she was the widow of Ninoy 2) GMA cheated twice. So basically they were not REALLY ELECTED. In the US no woman has been elected US Pres. and like the Filipino men, American guys (pardon) are allergic to a woman taking the helm, (Mrs. Clinton, Sarah Palin). It would be interesting to see what the percentages of women and men voters in the Phils. and then to see the percentages of A/B and C/D/E within each. I think the Korina negative image is just a perception, and the Rxas handlers, I’m afraid may be losing on a strategy. Like Kris Aquino who draws support from all sectors of “women,” Korina does too. Why am I keen on Korina ? I just think that Ms.Sanchez Roxas may be a good antidote to a Gracie Poe LLamanzares when she finally decides to seek the Presidency. If Mar decided on another male to be his VP, Mar would need a Lady in his campaign sorties, and definitely that is the missus.

            • OzyBoy says:

              Joe, I tell you no WOMAN has been elected President of the Philippines, see 1 and 2 above, so Gracie will not be elected.

              • Joe America says:

                Another interesting take. I’m not inclined to be so harsh on that judgment. If Leni Robredo were to get elected senator, performed well, and got elected President in 2022, one could say it was because of her husband’s death. But I don’t think so. She may have gotten the opportunity out of tragedy, but she has otherwise worked diligently.

            • Joe America says:

              Most interesting take on this, thanks.

    • Joe America says:

      Do you remember those LP albums, made of plastic? Black, with grooves? When they’d get worn the needle would skip with each revolution, causing the same lyrics to repeat over and over again.

  15. Johnny Lin says:

    Mar has to change his appeal.
    Be a little not over educated looking.
    Speak the Street

    Attack Binay upfront and personal. Be like Trump, a little subdued.

    Use words like Magnanakaw appropriately on Binay

    Lately, Binay has been in the news quite frequently but all he does is whine, complain, attack everything as caused by Mar from MRT to Makati cakes.
    Mar should come out swinging saying
    Eto na naman siiii Mr. Reklaaaamo at NOOOO SOLUUUSYON


    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I totally agree with you John. Mar have to kiss dirty unwashed babies. Eat with his hands like Jojo. Speak Talagog instead of English. Speak economics that can be understood unlike Inquirer Economy section that can only be understood by Princeton graduate. His bodyguards should not be intimidating and menacing. Dude, drop those funky sunglasses from bodyguards. They have to look approachable, backsslapping smiley bunch SAFs.

      Mar should not minced words. In Philippines there is no political correctness. Speak like Trump like what you say, John. Speak issues that other Republicsans dare not ask, like Trump. If Korina throws tantrum over cheap peerfume, Mar should apologize to his spectators about Korina’s blood lines like Trump said to Fox lady news anchor.

      Please, Mar, do not wear perfume. I just hate perfume. I hate the smell when the perfume mixed with the natural body aroma. It is not cool.

      Since there is no justice in the Philippines, go ahead bash Binay for all you care. BUT, when you are with the COLONIZER MESTIZO CLASS, do not even bother to speak about Binay and Torre de Manila because the MESTIZO CLASS knows justice. And they know it well THAT IS WHY THE MESTIZO CLASS were never ever dragged into court for corruption and bribery. Let me say this, they are just HONEST.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, I’d like to see him do a controlled burn at Binay and maybe laugh at Poe, if she runs for President.

  16. Johnny Lin says:

    Tingin namin mag masa sa kandidato ay Ganito

    Si Mar mulga get siryoso, dissented at disciplinarian- DERETSO

    Si Binay mukhang hindi mapagkatiwalaan, matanda at tuso- GASTADO
    Si Grace walang tiyak sa desisyon- MALABO

    Rep Waldo Bello said our selections for president are HOLLOW MAN, BAD NEWS and BLANK SLATE

    Street Talk says they are DERETSO, GASTADO and MALABO

  17. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “But seeing the counsels on your table, these are several of my former students at the UP College of Law, you accepted hook, line, and sinker that the executive department (of the City of Manila) suspended the ordinance. Did the mayor suspend it actually?” Leonen asked Lazatin.

    Read more:

    That is the reason why U.P. graduate The Binays are difficult to prosecute and that is why Torre de Manila remains standing.

    Thanks to the U.P. Law Graduates !!!! The Binays and Arroyos will see the light of the day eventually.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      They saw the light of the day already!

      JEJOMAR and GMA are UP graduates, planning to join forces next election.
      Both saw the light of the day after meeting at The Heritage
      The place where Janet Napoles held her birthday parties and Halloween nights

      Binay: Mam, it’s not right PNoy sent you from the hospital to the cemetery to see the light
      GMA: Lacierda told my lawyer Topacio that this is the best place to see you, aside from sunlight, bright candlelights are still needed to shine on you. He is right, Nognog!

      Binay: Aha, so it’s you, the mastermind of Oplan Nognog, Bansot
      GMA: magsalamin ka nga

      Picture in Inquirer of Jejomar and Gloria confirms the SHORT exchange between the two

      He he he!

  18. Micha says:

    Front-runner pa rin ba si Binay? On the other side of the globe, we have this for a front-runner :


    • Johnny Lin says:

      Yes Front runner pa rin si Binay
      Front page parati sa dyaryo at Senado
      run siya ng run
      hinahabol kasi ni Trillanes ng Korapsyon

  19. Donna says:

    Therefore, Continutiy =stability=certainty=confidence=growth;while, Change=fear=doubt=confusion=inertia or worse = back to zero. Thanks for your blog, we now have a venue for intelligent discourse on important topics affecting our country. Because afterall, in the Philippines everything is about politics.

  20. Johnny Lin says:

    Headline News

    JeJoMar Binay complained that Makati cakes now are smaller and theirs were much bigger.

    This is how Mar Roxas should answer ala masa, street language

    ” Dios por Santo, Jesus Jose Maria Binay
    Malaki nga yung cake mo, doble beses din kalaki Tongpats kinurakot ng pamilya”

    Segurado, Patok!

  21. Johnny Lin says:

    Look in the Mirror Binay( magsalamin ka nga Binay) should be the standard answer of Mar on Binay.

    On TSONA Binay claimed corruption continued with Daan Matuwid
    Binay doesn’t want to answer his family corruption charges- LOOK IN THE MIRROR BINAY

    Binay said Administration wanted to perpetuate rule by dictatorship
    Binay on interview recommended lifting of term limits to Up to Sawa(Eternal Rule)- LOOK IN THE MIRROR BINAY

    BINAY claimed Aquino is stubborn, does not listen
    Inquirer editorial stressed that Binay’s corruption problem was confounded by Junjun’s trucculent attitude- LOOK IN THE MIRROR BINAY

    BINAY CLAIMED THAT acting mayor of Makati connived with Goldilocks to rig Makati cakes franchise
    Binay and his family were accused of corruption in Rigging Makati cakes contract with their family corporation- LOOK IN THE MIRROR BINAY

    LISTEN Mar- your easy answer on Binay’s tirade is made to order like cupcakes for the Masa

    • Jean says:

      I kinda like Mar not taking the bait. For me, at least, it shows a touch of class. Binay desperately wants to get into a mud slinging contest, Mars’ apparent refusal is putting Binay through all kinds of apoplexies. Mar needs to continue his apparent apathy towards Binay, He need not lift a finger, Binay’s self sabotage is a work of art!

      • Johnny Lin says:

        Masa appreciates truthfulness, straight talk, some toughness with subtle sadism yet delivered kind heartedly and humorous. That’s how Erap captured them. That how Duterte amazes them.

        Touch of class is what distances Mar from the Masa. Stay the course, hearse drag your horse.

        “You talking to me” Robert De Niro always captures the audience- straight talking
        “Make my Day” made Clint the movie hero – toughness with subtle sadism
        After electrocuting a villain James Bond said “Shocking, positively shocking” -kindheartedly said with humor- Ultimate movie idol 007

        Life imitates Art

        • Jean says:

          The Masa appreciate;

          Truthfulness: Mar prefers to speak in a manner different from the Masa’s lingo. How truthful would it be then for Mar to speak/use their words?

          Straight talk: For all his short comings, I wouldn’t think this was one of them. From what I’ve seen and heard, several of Mar’s problems have risen from him speaking candidly without editing things first in his head. When left with no script, he tells it how he sees it (for better or for worse)

          Toughness: In this is instance, I believe a true measure of toughness is for him to stick to his guns. Be who is as opposed to being who we and/or the Masa would like to imagine him as.

          Sadism: Mar has a mean streak, ask around. The capacity for sadism is just around the corner. Let’s just hope that should he become president, he vents in the right places.

          Kind hearted: I know he can go through the motions. Unfortunately, I don’t know him well enough to gauge its sincerity.

          Humorous: Watch him long enough, I’m sure he’ll do something we can all share a laugh about 😀

          That being said, I do understand where you are coming from and I agree. The above is just the devil’s advocate in me needing a little stretch.

          Anyhow In closing, ideally I hope Mar could be someone who can inspire “refinement” in the Masa’s taste for candidates. I find it somewhat in bad form that he needs to “dial it down a notch” just to be palatable. To be more charming, he doesn’t need to change his moves, he just needs to adjust how he projects ( does that make any sense to anyone besides me?)

          • Johnny Lin says:

            “How truthful would it be then for Mar to use/speak their words”- ha?
            Sounds like Poe, blurry(Malabo), confusing premise. Imitation is the best form of flattery because it is truthful appreciation of recognition. Can’t be lesser than that.

            “Doesn’t need to change his moves, just needs to adjust how he projects”
            Similar to poker deal- Change or no change.

            Have to make up mind if against Mar or fully support him
            Just like standing on the edge of a cliff, jump or not

            Mar’s image is no longer predicated, it’s absolutely faulty. Devils advocate is no longer applicable. Definitely needing transformation, how is the question.

            Thanks for the exchanges, shaken not stirred my drowsy brain cells. beats Alzheimer’s.

      • Joe America says:

        Desperation does not a good presidential image make. Cool makes a good one. Good point.

    • NHerrera says:

      JL: I was about to write — Johnny, Mar should hire you; but seeing that you are offering these ideas pro-bono, may be it is not necessary. Hahaha.

      But now comes Jean with the idea of class versus gutter, and recall what Napoleon Bonaparte said — Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

      Yes, I believe, Mar should think carefully the language to use — probably some hybrid. Note what Trump has done with his popularity with gutter language especially of the “blood wherever” kind.

  22. Johnny Lin says:

    Why do many NPC members support Poe- Escudero?

    3 Primary reasons:
    1. They are hungry for power wanting to go back to old corrupt ways – don’t like being 2nd fiddle to LP anymore
    2. They know they can manipulate Grace- can’t do with Mar at the helm
    3. They know from previous experience Escudero is 2 face trapo- have tested before his ambitious character

    76% respondents of Inquirer poll approve Mar-Poe tandem. Very foretelling
    This is Masa wish all the way, Grace must think about her future.

    Grace will make her first greatest blunder in politics by listening to those who wanted to bankroll her. They have only self interest like Gatchalian from NPC and Ongpin from GMA Lakas.

  23. Johnny Lin says:


    Your blog must have attracted lots of new browsers since SONA. too much traffic in your web, been encountering lost post exactly similar to Raissa’s blog when readership boomed.
    Good job!

    • Joe America says:

      Indeed, your comment ended up in the spam file and I’m not clear why. It is very very very rare that this happens. Akismet learns its lessons from how a commenter is treated around the web. If, for some technical reason, Akismet attaches a ding to your name from Raissa’s blog, the system may have put you into a high risk bucket. Or if the link you used is commonly inserted in spam messages. Or if you offend Benigno at GRP, he’ll spam you and that adds to your Akismet record in a negative way.

      But I would like to assure readers that Akismet is not flawed, does a superb job of keeping dirt from the comment thread, and very, very rarely misdirects a legitimate comment.

  24. mcgll says:

    There is an awful pop-up message from Macvx ad that keeps interrupting the posting of my comment. I tried to click the (x) in one corner and ended up deleting my comment instead. if you find a double entry of my comment, pls delete one. Thanks

    • Joe America says:

      My technology staff assures me the problem is in your system and not Word Press. They are cracker-jack smart and get things right about half the time. So far, no duplicate comments.

      • mcgll says:

        I switched from Firefox to Safari. Let’s see if I can manage to get through. Here’s 3rd attempt to post a comment.

        Sorry, Popoy, unlike the quick witted Edgar Lores who got your point in one swift read. I struggled with a brain on slow drive. In fact, I had to go to the dictionary to find the meaning of “abscissa” to better enjoy your post and share in the fun. (I thought it was plural of abscess which didn’t make sense – hah hah hah). Thanks to Andrewlim8’s short , sweet and clever interpretation of your SEGURADO article –

        Mar: Seguradong Daan
        Binay: Sangandaan
        Poe: Saan ba Dadaan? Tanong ko si Chiz

        I may have found material from your post that I can use to convince doubters of Sec. Mar that he is the best candidate for president to vote for. (If my assumptions of the intent of your post are valid, of course).

        It would be nice if many others can come up with “syllogisms” that can lead to putting together thoughts that can easily be understood to advance and defend the concept of a better Philippines if we follow Daang Matuwid to a desired conclusion -“Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap”.

        I’ll throw in a bottle of rum to go with popcorn.

        • Joe America says:

          Well, it is good to know that what we do here at the Society has at least some use. 🙂 I hope you find the ammunition persuasive.

          The rum sounds like a great addition to what is shaping up as a fine new “political party”.

  25. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Mar Roxas is surreptiously on a campaign trail.

    Thankfully, many, I mean ALL Filipinos, can barely know the difference between wooing Grace Poe in Public by the sidewalk of Jollibee and campaigning in the guise of wooing Grace Poe in public.

    It will take Inquirer to tell the Filipinos that Mar Roxas is out campaigning and that is the only time they raises their ears. I just wonder if Jojo did that. I wonder how they would twist their story.

    Of course, a lady-in-waiting is very very very jealous. Because it is very romantic docu-real-politik drama.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Can’t help while reading your post to notice that word “syllogism”, right above your post
      Thought it was directed at your posts on Korina, but not.

      “Syllogism”- literal meaning to street language is anti woman or Trumpism
      C lo Gism- woman with low logic😉
      I’m no Mysogynist.
      are you contagious MRP- SA😀😀

      • mcgll says:

        Full Definition of SYLLOGISM

        1. a deductive scheme of a formal argument consisting of a major and a minor premise and a conclusion (as in “every virtue is laudable; kindness is a virtue; therefore kindness is laudable”)

        2. a subtle, specious, or crafty argument

        3. deductive reasoning
        — syl·lo·gis·tic \ˌsi-lə-ˈjis-tik\ adjective
        — syl·lo·gis·ti·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

        Somebody should come up with a dictionary of words used in “street language”, it is always good to have one, to avoid using offensive words when arguing a point. Never thought syllogism (in street language) means a woman with low logic. That is gross.

  26. I read about a technique used by songwriters, that of putting words cut from different printed materials in a hat or a jar. Then, taking one out at a time, these words are mashed together to create new ideas (lyrics). Popoy seems to be a creative soul who uses his “tabo” to pull new word patterns/combinations as means of self expression. I’d say, more power to you, Popoy, for making our lazy minds used to straightforward language whirl in action again.

    The Philippines seems to be in a linguistic exploration. Coloma and Salgado borrowed from “swardspeak” recently to express themselves. Even the President used colloquialisms in his SONA.

    Why not? Any behavior/expression that veers away from the traditional is worth celebrating. After all, it is “insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

  27. Johnny Lin says:


    Read this ABSCBN headline while eating breakfast

    Poe advice the youth, vote the person with Integrity.
    Grace can’t be referring to herself Si cd she is new in the battlefield, no strong provenance yet.
    She could only be referring to Mar.

    And Poe is right. Youth will spell the difference to Roxas victory.
    Mar should start harnessing their votes. They are the netizens masa vote, spell the big difference.

    Blog something about the youth and HOW Mar could capture their votes
    This group is his road to victory.

    Young ones are dreamers of good government righteous, hate corrupt people, know to network,can influence their elders, social media addicts, run call centers, staff BPO operations, majority of OFW applicants.

    They are not influenced by Binay and his cohorts, true believers of Daan Matuwid.
    Attract them to campaign for Mar, he is sure winner

    Mark this post when election is over that the youth votes made the difference for Mar

  28. i7sharp says:

    Where can one find the response/s of the author (Popoy Del. R. Cartanio) to comments in this thread.
    There were about 85 as of this writing?

    What handle does he/she use?


    • Joe America says:

      He has elected not to respond, but to let the article do its intended work, provoke discussion. Perhaps he is famous and chooses not to give hints of his identity. Perhaps he is no one in particular, and chooses to remain that way. I don’t require article writers to tend to comments. Some of them have real work to do, or are not inclined to engage.

  29. caliphman says:

    Since this topic dabbles in boolean logic, my cut on it is based on the most awaited consequential event on the horizon are the September survey rankings. Clearly, Poe will run or not run for president or Roxas’s VP depending on the rankings. It will be make or break for Mar as everyone who is proRoxas is virtually all in praying for an anointment miracle boost in his ratings. Of course, it would be a major miracle to expect the Masa to be convinced by Mar in 2 months that the frog is really a prince. As for Binay, the September rankings herald a cataclysm; for his presidential aspirations and his family of brigands or for the entire country under the reigns of the dark president. The booleans summarizing rankings are as follows:
    1. GP>JB>MR nothing changes
    GP runs for prez supported by breakaway NPC/LP coalitions.
    2. JB>GP>MR
    MR retires or slides down as her VP to save Daang Matuwid or Binay win.
    3. JB>MR>GP huge anointment boost, GP popularity fades
    GP slides down as MR VP or stays senator
    4. GP>MR>JB anointment boost and JB mass defections continue.
    Three way presidential race unless Duterte polls higher.

    These are the four major scenarios save a couple omitted due to time issues. All are possible but not equally likely and I would not count Binay out just yet. My likelihood estimator prefers 1-4-2-3, what’s your biased and unbiased best guess? hehehe

    • Bert says:

      No taker, caliphman. That’s because ‘survey’ is the most dreaded term here about and in Raissa’s, to be avoided like a plague, hehehehehe.

      • Joe America says:

        For myself, I don’t want to beat the dead horse any more. The carcass at Raissa’s is nothing but strips of torn leather. I’m sticking with my bookie Sal’s original projection, that Poe will not run for President and Roxas will win the election, but am completely happy just waiting and watching, with rum in one hand and popcorn in the other.

      • caliphman says:

        Bert, surveys are just a tool and its up to people to decide how to use them or whether to use them at all. The AP and SWS polls have proven to be reliable and accurate in indicating outcomes if national elections were to be conducted in the following weeks. Its one thing to not like talking about surveys because the results are not what one desires or expects them to be.

        But know this, in the 2010 VP race which Roxas lost to Binay, his campaign either completely ignored the trends in survey results which clearly showed him with a 30-40% lead over Binay 18 months before the elections and this lead steadily and slowly eroded quarter by quarter until Binay overtook him by a very small margin. Surveys are like blog posts, one doesn’t shoot or dismiss the messenger just because one doesnt like the message. Hopefully those who are managing Mar’s campaign are tracking these quarterly surveys or doing their own to develop and fine tune his election strategies, even if his online supporters are sick of surveys and hate talking about them. Those who do not learn from past mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

  30. HighFive says:

    Time has come for Philippines to abandon the thinking of election as similar to a popularity contest or a beauty pageant contest. To be tasked to become a highest official of the land is a serious business. It’s not a form of entertainment or showbiz but a big responsibility to lead the nation and its entire populace. Electing a President or a Senator should be based on competence & track record of a candidate, not on the basis of his/her being a popular personality in the entertainment world.

    • That is why I respect Pnoy’s decision of annointing Mar as LP’s bet. Pnoy can be likened to a modern day King Solomon in his choice of Mar. He shattered traditional expectations by wisely choosing a candidate who is not popular but has the knowledge, skills and abilities to push the nation and its people to greater heights.

      • Joe America says:

        I’m thinking Mar Roxas actually is popular, it’s just that people don’t go around thinking about him, and that is now in the process of changing.

        • OzyBoy says:

          Since Mar Roxas aired his ads, I am beginning to see his ” charisma.”

        • Caliphman says:

          Joe, everyone is allowed biases and wishful thinking as far as these scenarios are concerned but we will find out soon enough what have been just mere illusions and what kind or cruel reality lies in store for each political camp. How each camp will responds to the hand it is dealt would also be extremely interesting to me.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, we shall push in that direction.

      • jolly cruz says:

        Mr Joe my only hope is that if, a big if, Mar doesn’t win and grace poe does, that his supporters will not act like the anti-Arroyo but not pro-Noynoy crow in the 2010 elections. When Noynoy won, this crowd became rabidly anti-Aquino. Case in point is Ellen Tordesillas. Definitely anti-Arroyo, but became super anti-Aquino when her “manok” didn’t win. I just hope that even if Mar doesn’t win that they will support whoever does, except Binay of course.

        I hope that in their disappointment, they don’t become the naysayers who oppose everything that the new President would do. In your previous blog, I forgot which one, you said that you would support whoever wins because he is the duly elected president, provided, it’s not Binay.

        • Joe America says:

          Excellent point. Yes, whoever is elected has the mandate of the people . . . even Binay, if one can stretch one’s intellectual discipline that far. I hope we don’t have to. It would be a supreme test of dedication to democratic principles.

  31. nielksy says:

    In fairness to the mysterious author and in deference to his thought piece, given a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 means best, am giving him a 10.

    In his algorithm, call it that, at least he took the more balanced view, neither too high nor too low to score what a Mar 2016 to 2022 will be.

    The literary prose, much like vintage wine, indeed deserves a sip by aristocrats like Popoy.

    Spot on!

    • i7sharp says:

      nielksy wrote:
      In fairness to the mysterious author and in deference to his thought piece, given a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 means best, am giving him a 10.

      In his algorithm, call it that, at least he took the more balanced view, neither too high nor too low to score what a Mar 2016 to 2022 will be.

      The literary prose, much like vintage wine, indeed deserves a sip by aristocrats like Popoy.

      Spot on!

      nielksy has just praised the blog for its “literary prose,” given it a “10,” and called it “spot on!.”
      Earlier, Joe America praised it for its poetry.
      Even for its prose and poetry alone, shouldn’t an award be in the offing?

      btw, the author is described as “mysterious” and yet seemingly recognized as an “aristocrat”? Let alone, an important person?

      It’s interesting that Joe America would not reveal even only the author’s handle.
      As Totoy Bato would say, what gives? 🙂

  32. jameboy says:

    There has been suggestions that Mar should make himself ‘more appealing’ to the masa by being like them, speak like them or at least mouth the language they are so use to hearing. He should be tough at the same time tender. Rough and at the same time soft. In short, Mar must learn to massage the ego of the masa the right way.

    I do not agree.

    Mar Roxas has delivered the services expected of him from day one. He has accomplished the mandated tasks of his office and has been successful in what he does by being himself. He needs no theatrics nor drama to register on the appeal scale. He doesn’t even have to kiss babies just to up a notch his survey ratings. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the people have eaten Mar’s pudding in the last three administration to change tactic now. The three presidents who availed of his services did not do so on the basis of image or mass appeal. He was taken on the basis of what be can do and deliver and he did. It’s as simple as that.

    Changing tactic, image or whatever at this point will only be seen as a superficial attempt to sell someone who is ‘not saleable’ to the masa. Well, somebody has to learn at some point that public service is not all about image. It’s not all about appeal or being popular but also about what one can do. Actually do. It’s not all about form but much of it is substance. The masa, the hoi polloi needs to grow up and learn.

    Salability or winnability must be factored in, I submit, but I think it is now time for everyone to realize and learn that those two factors do not automatically make better leadership. We have to brake the cycles of having ignoramuses clogging and threatening the system of unleashing their power through the ballot box by voting for someone who, for them, is cute or one that speak their language.

    If I were to advice Mar Roxas I will tell him to stick to what he do best, which is work his butt off, than be someone that he’s not. If in the process the electorates not chose him, so be it, it’s not his lost but theirs. He has given the country and people his best effort for so many years and if it will still amount to not getting their trust and confidence to lead the government for the next six years, it’s really up to them. If they want to continue to gamble their future by repeating themselves every time they vote, it’s their call. We have to learn through the decisions we make and the mistakes we commit. We need to change and learn and realize that the power to reform and better the government is really up to us.

    If we continue to choose to crawl when there is the opportunity to stroll and soar, so be it. 👀

  33. To push the position further, it seems irrelevant for Mar to even do political campaigning anymore. For if this is so, then the accusation lodged against PNoy of the P400 billlion underspending will find its way in [political] rents shall no longer hold water, at least in the case of anointed Mar.

    Of course, it is not as if Mar had never had a string of political advertisement – past, present, future – and in fact, most are easily retrievable from memory [i.e. the man holding a hammer to fix a chair, the man carrying a sack of rice, the man who pedals a ‘padyak’, a man waving traffic flow in the rain, the man tapping a hand with a kid, the man on board an MRT/LRT, and a well-exposed bureaucrat whose line always ends with “para sa mga kababayan natin”].

    There are better benchmarks against which we can gauge the true mettle of our would-be president. It is these that we should afford to roll out in a manner that people will truly see how such acts from the man have benefited their daily lives. No need for abstraction or those grandiose mental images created to depict the man Mar as from the usual things we already know about him.

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