It’s Bongbong Marcos Or Bust Philippines


by jameboy

The blog recently written by chempo (Marcos Revisionism Part II) created a mini controversy after I opined that the effort to prevent the Marcoses from coming back to power has been proven ineffective based on what the Marcos family has ‘accomplished’ since returning to the country. I categorically said that witnessing the Marcoses rise back from being pariahs to position of prominence in such a short period of time suggests that efforts to prevent them from returning to power need to be reviewed and if necessary re-calibrated to address and arrest the prevailing condition that appears to be favoring the family.

I ruffled some feathers, no doubt, and have been challenged by a number of members to justify, expound and show proof of why the idea I’m espousing make sense. Some demanded that I spell out the details of my idea, how it’s going to work and how effective it will be. Others questioned or even doubted my affiliation while dismissing my view. The exchanges culminated in me accepting to ‘put myself on the line’ by writing a blog about the whole issue and be scrutinized for it.

Here goes.

The Throwback

In 1986, The Marcos family fled the country in disgrace. The option they had back then was limited to what the circumstances provided at the time. They had to be taken out of the country, they needed to run away to escape the ire of the angry populace that banded together and took over Malacanang Palace. Years of excesses and abuses and the eventual exposure of more official and personal corruption made pariahs out of the Marcoses.

Through the passage of time, old wounds heal and differences are settled as is the process of natural order. The main characters of a story die, the heroes get the accolades they deserve, the villains the disdain that accompanies their dirty deeds. Emotions subside and rationality takes over. While the situation and conditions change, the truth and veracity of events in history remains constant.

The Resurrection of A Political Ambition

That was the prevailing situation in 1991 when Imelda Marcos came back to the country after years in exile. After settling down, the Marcos matriarch lost no time in getting her political beak wet again by running for president in 1992. She lost, but turned around and ran and won as Leyte’s representative in 1995. The same thing happened with Bongbong who served as a congressman and then governor of Ilocos Norte. In 2010, he ran and won as a senator.

During the time the Marcos family was engaged in local elections, with Bongbong and Imee playing musical chairs in Ilocos, there wasn’t any talk, or at least things were quiet, about plans of the family to get back to Malacanang Palace. It was only when BB got elected to a national office as a senator that talks began to spread about the family’s plan. At her 85th birthday celebration, Imelda practically confirmed the family’s desire to get back to Malacanang when she intimated that BB was qualified to run in the 2016 presidential election. Well, he did follow this plan, not as president, but as Vice President, to the consternation of his mother. In others words, the plan for the comeback is now out in the open.

The mother has been in a hurry to get back to the Palace but the son, having known that the room is already constricted due to the tight race between the trio of Mar-Grace-Jojo, opted to go for second banana under Miriam Defensor Santiago. Initially, Jojo’s camp expressed interest in him to be Binay’s VP but Bongbong, knowing that Jojo’s image as a corrupt trapo was starting to resemble that of his father, declined the offer. His decision to slide down to VP indicates where he intends to end up eventually and he wants to make sure there will be no derailment along the way. Considering there are really no heavyweights or heavy favorites in the VP category, Bongbong, obviously, is already showing guile and ‘gulang’ character at this point. While there is a possibility of a toss-up in the presidential race, the VP race remains wide open and a ‘Marcos’ name surely will have early traction.

How I Look the Whole Picture

Let’s cut to the chase. The majority here holds a view that strongly opposes a Marcos (specifically BB) victory in whatever level or government position. I get it and I share the sentiments. I also understand the efforts to have a concrete strategy towards the goal to prevent a Marcos comeback. I really care less if people will keep on harping and reviving the father’s crimes in order to scare people while educating them of how bad the Marcoses are. If you don’t want the guy/opponent, you present him in an embarrassing or shameful manner. It happens every time in politics. Fine. But we all know that it’s not that simple if you are really after victory and you are serious in stopping something you know deserved to be stopped for the good of the country.

The issues presented in the “Marcos Revisionism Part II” is useful information to remind people not to forget the abuses and wanton disregard of decency as well as morality that transpired during the time of the dictatorship. Never again because we never forget. The blog is presented in the usual format whenever people talk about the dictator and his sins. There is an enumeration of crimes not only of Macoy, actually, but also of Meldy and their cronies. It’s the standard kind of reporting that we have seen since the return of democracy.

However, after reading the blog and realizing the development that is happening and has happened with regard to its subject matter, I began to ponder why it seems like the Marcoses, in spite of all the available evidence and facts about their undoing, the bad things they have done, etc. are slowly creeping back in our midst? How come, in the age of information explosion, people who have abused their position and power and have been discredited and rejected, get to revive, rehabilitate and present themselves in a fashion as if they have done nothing wrong?

Could it be nobody listens anymore to those repeated reports of corruption they committed during their time? Old and boring songs as some say? Are people already numb or immune to the constant repetition of narration of crimes and violations of the Marcoses? Or are they just bored from listening and looking on the same story and images of characters that are either no longer in the picture or have been reduced to caricatures? The answer could be all of those or none of those. I don’t know.

All I know is that physically there is no longer a Macoy to attach with those crimes mentioned. There is no more Macoy to interrogate and file corruption cases against about those issues (Imelda bore the brunt of all legal actions after Macoy died and we know the situation on that aspect). But his being gone is not proof that those crimes did not happen. Of course they happened. No question, the majority of the Filipinos will agree that Marcos was bad. But that angle has been rendered less relevant now because of his death. The threat from him has to be downgraded. There is nothing wrong kicking a dead horse but it has to be done within a time frame or, if that is not possible, we have to prioritize the activity to get the result we really want.

“Kenneth, what is the frequency?”

Bongbong is now the main man who represents the agenda of the family. He’s the one who stands to reap the most all the benefits of a victory. He is the gatekeeper of the family’s heirloom (stolen wealth). He is the central figure of the narrative towards stopping the Marcoses for getting back to power again. He’s the man. The controller.

Since Macoy is no more, isn’t it time for those groups who opposes the Marcoses’ comeback to fine tune their strategy by updating, if not completely changing, the methodology of their offense?

Of course, Macoy will and should never be removed from the picture. I never said that. The “gasgas” stories against him still serve their purpose. Anyone who wishes to raise and make it the center of discussion is free to do so for it will remain a part of our dark past that people will always remember with great sadness as a reminder to always be on guard to never again allow despots to rule over us. Whether we like it or not, he will remain in the conversation because he is the root of it all. He was the beginning, he was the original sin of Philippine politics.

But the reality is, he is no more. No more of the moments where even during a period where he was supposed to be dying (lupus and dialysis machine in Malacanang to sickness and old age in Hawaii) he was presented as one who is still in control, directing and leading the fight and, in the process, threatening. Those things are gone now. No more staging, no more faking. Any threat coming from the Marcoses will now originate from the living, not from the dead.

This time we’re dealing with the real deal. This time the threat comes not from an aging, discredited, rejected, hated and dead politico. It is now emanating and threatening to explode from a younger source, more active and determined to get back on top and unleash once again the Family’s trademark: insatiable hunger for power and greed. This time, it’s the son’s turn to screw those who will succumb to the propaganda and pomp of the Marcos juggernaut. The killing machine has a new operator. The Greed team has a new captain: Bongbong Marcos.

The new set-up demands that the Family adapt a new strategy. While the old man may be gone, he can still be useful for the greater purpose. He will be the vehicle, the cover, the security blanket of the son. He will serve as the Teflon, the bullet vest that will deflect the direct attack on Jr. He’ll be the props. The Family is so savvy that they appear to be always a step ahead of the other side. And what’s scary is that they’re doing it under the radar. And I don’t mean ‘under the radar’ as in ‘quietly’. Nope. It is under the radar as in proxy. The fight is being led, not in front, but in the back. The son hides from the silhouettes of the good old days of his father’s watch. He is taking advantage of the emotions of the people over their fondness of Macoy or what his memory means to them. The negative publicity the father gets is a positive one for him because, aside from being talked about and always part of the conversation compared with others, he represents himself as ‘the good Marcos’. The better version of his father, the cute one. Expectedly, the pro-Marcos people sees him as the continuation of the legacy of the father by the industrious son. To them, he personifies all the good things about his father, and that’s the smokescreen he’s been using to deflect attention from himself.

While the Family has shifted gears to better facilitate the accomplishment of the objective and make it convenient for the son to glide over the rough seas, those on the other side appears to have not budged an inch as to what is happening in the Marcos camp. I may be wrong, but I am not seeing any adjustment nor anticipation on the part of those who are interested to frustrate the Family’s ambition. There’s no sense of alarm, no desire to counter to win. Yes, the offense is there, but I doubt if it can withstand the game being played by the other side. It may win small battles but, absent any change, I doubt it will win the war. A senate post is big time. For a Marcos, it’s a tall order given the track record they have to justify. But just the same, Bongbong was able to bag it.

To me, if his name were not Ferdinand Marcos Jr., he’d just be another run-of-the-mill politician. An ordinary trapo. No major accomplishment, no groundbreaking contribution or landmark endeavor under his belt. He has achieved nothing for himself. It’s all about the windfall from his father. All about the privilege and perks from the family. Bongbong Marcos, remove the talks, good or bad, about his father, is an empty shell. Behind the Marcos name, there is really nothing there. He’s all image and embellishment. The Oxford degree issue is proof of that. Yes, he looks and acts like his father but he needs to and must resort to it because its one of the effective props in maintaining the loyalty of their followers. He is their last hope and proof that Macoy can still rally a comeback.

What to do, what actions are there to justify that shifting strategy will bring different results?

I know the view I registered in chempo’s blog presented a puzzle or extreme position for some. It suggested a new arrangement or sets of actions which other people may not want to accede to because it means ‘change’ which for most is not a welcomed term for it will require overhauling of the status quo they are already accustomed to. It will require them to think outside the box, review and reinvigorate the entire offensive strategy against the Marcoses. More importantly, which is hard to admit, it sends the failure signal. No one wants to hear the ‘Things-are-not-working-guys-let’s-try-other-options’ line. Completely understandable. But the rules have changed, which we have to acknowledge in order to be able to get one-step ahead in the scheme of things. If changing of the guards cannot be done, at least, there should be a change in the mentality.

Horror stories during martial law years will still get attention but may no longer generate the same impact. Abuses committed under the Marcos regime will still rile people but may not be enough to send them back to the streets. Merely saying his father was a human rights violator and therefor he should not be voted on because of him being his son will always sound good for the anti-Marcos crowd, but is not enough to sway a greater number of people on your side. In other words, a Macoy scarecrow may not frighten people anymore to stay away from his son. In fact, it may even intrigue them into looking at the son with interest because he is projecting an opposite image of his father. See what I’m saying?

Like I said, there should be a change in focus. Take note, not in target, but in focus. Acknowledge the filial link but zero in on the son by making him explain, pick his brain and let him show who the real Bongbong is. Why is he different from his father when it comes to human rights or other issues that his father was guilty of? Does he think his father was right in all that he did during his watch? He should be press to tell the people why he is not a Macoy incarnate in terms of vicious and cunning demeanor. Questions like those will surely offend him but that’s how politics is. If he cannot be probed by deeds at least he can prove himself by words.

Another factor that seems to be missing in the present situation is the mass action movement. There is a deafening silence on the part of the Church, the intellectuals, the academe, the studentry, as well as from the ranks of the opposition, with regard to protests, rallies and demonstrations expressing indignation against the Marcoses. Bongbong is running for VP, hence, just like Binay and the rest, he should be fair game. What has happened to the so-called street parliamentarians? Where are the August Twenty-One Movement (ATOM) people? Where are the prominent anti-Marcos leaders? We need to hear from these people, not necessarily about Macoy but about his pedigree and why we should be wary of him.

To wrap up, I’m not discounting the present activity of those people who are seriously concerned about the fate and future of the country. I know and understand why they do what they do. It’s just that there are available options that they can resort to to explore and see if it can help or not. A lot has happened since 1986. The Marcoses got their comeuppance, their just deserts and they were counted out. Not surprisingly, though, they are trying for a comeback that really is an insult to all Filipinos. They can rule Ilocos and Leyte all their life but they’re off limits to the Palace of the People. That should be the message that should drive the effort in stopping them.

Never, never. Period.


111 Responses to “It’s Bongbong Marcos Or Bust Philippines”
  1. karl garcia says:

    That was not so hard, it was harder to convince you to write this piece and thanks.

  2. stpaul says:

    Thank you jameboy. I hope the fence-sitters would be much informed when they make their decision come election time.

    I am a member of ATOM, and the 3 prominent member of our movement is Sen. Butz Aquino, now deceased, Jojo Binay, now with the dark side and Reli German, who became an Estrada supporter (The Other Women, PCIJ report).

  3. BBM, in an obvious effort to make the NAIA laglad bala controversy as one of the spring boards of his campaign strategy resorted to being arrogant, not giving a chance for the cabinet member-resource persons to explain their side. Another populist candidate who enjoys grandstanding in front of the camera. I like this comment posted in philippine politics and beyond.

  4. The millennials do not belong to the group of people who have complete information of the Marcos excesses. As chempo has pointed out, they as well as the not so young who are still misinformed or were not able to have access to that tragic part of our history, are his target readers for his 2-part articles, and I see his point. The youth of today simply know nothing, either because they are not interested to know them or they simply don’t care. I. Wish some patriotic group would pool their resources and hire the director and actors of the movie Heneral Luna and produce a movie that would depict what truly happened in that 21 year period of our history. Film clips available are so blurred and boring as the youth might say, not colorful enough for their taste. This should be shown in schools, colleges and universities.

    • stpaul says:

      These millenials Ms. Mary had been targeted by the propagandists of the Marcoses as they were easily manipulated through the youtube videos for their lack of information,as well as the OFW’s whose only source of information is the internet.

      • We should counter their youtube videos with the same but depicting the truth to counter their lies, stpaul.

        • stpaul says:

          Yes. But it should be an organized counter-attack. They are employing psychological warfare and I think have a PR firm behind all these troll attacks. See also the laglag-bala, the balikbayan box and the supposed re-opening of the Mamasapano probe.

          • stpaul…I believe you see the whole picture, the forest of possible sabotage for the trees of OFW complaints..let us pray more that righteousness triumphs over lies, deceit and manipulations. Let’s pray more and walk our talk… do our utmost best and God will do the rest.

    • Tambay says:

      That avenue is not possible since the Rocha family who produced the movie is now connected to the Marcos’ by marriage of Sandra Rocha with Macoy’s grandson.

  5. romeo capilitan says:

    A good probe is Faking it. The father faked his war hero medals. the son his Oxford diploma.

  6. Joe America says:

    You met the challenge, from what I can see. I had not seen the father as a smokescreen, the people can argue about but get no traction, the Teflon cover for the son. Good point. So is the importance of revealing the son for what he is, which, judging from his Senate committee orations, is a loud, intrusive, arrogant empty suit whose larger than life pronouncements are downright scary for their lack of sense. I see him as a little totalitarian sure to push the Philippines backward..

    Other than that, he’s probably a nice guy. Mother likes him.

    • The teflon cover is the promise of shares in the loot…that is what I have observed in my frequent trips and interactions with people in our province and with the trolls in the social media. If they are not promised with financial reward, they might have been willing to at least listen.

      • Joe America says:

        I wonder how one reveals that as a process. Do people accept that as the way democracy runs here? Favors and money and votes purchased? Or is there a way to reveal an illegal way of campaigning going on that would disqualify the election manipulators? Just asking myself; I don’t expect an answer. I am so disappointed with COMELEC and the laws giving them their wimpy charter. They should take one look at the charges against Binay and say, “no, you do not represent what we expect to see in a candidate.”

        Enrile in the Senate? Good lord, where is the ethical character around here that demands legislators represent their colleagues, and the nation, well? The Senate is filled with ethical zombies as far as I can tell. They eat the nation day by day because they have no ethical fortitude.

        • The true reason why Sotto is no longer is in the Senate is that zombies eat brains, and Sotto was found not to have any. 🙂

          • He’s still in there, copy pasting blog articles, err, his staff members are..

            • Jany says:

              Heads up. I am off the topic but hope it will help: Politicians in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur interchanged between relatives. And if they have the same party, I am pretty sure they all win it because they have a tactic of paying Barangay Captains their votes and they scare the workers in the government that they must vote for them because if they did not vote for their party, they will lost their jobs. Dirty tricks, they go each house to house for each Captains and pay them their votes and hand them a number and that is what they will mark down on the ballot. My grandfather was murdered by the umbrella man of the Marcoses who until now still the current Mayor of San Juan, Ilocos Sur interchanging him and his son and now entered his son’s wife who won the election previously. Even the umbrella man of the Marcoses became millionaire if not billionaire in sum. I hope that this can be fixed by sending military personnel in the area to swap it with their officers at hand a week, a day or on or before the election.

              • Joe America says:

                Right, and the current effort to buy the election began well over a year ago as money and goods came into the local barangays to secure loyalty. That money is in the Eastern Visayas for sure. And it works.

              • Ms. Janey Jean says:


                 The one with umbrella is the current Mayor of San Juan, Ilocos Sur and he is going for a re-election. His wife was a private Nurse of the Marcoses and Bong Bong Marcos go to our San Juan to get his father’s money in luggages. Mayor Ben Sarmiento has been in power since the late 80s. The same tactics from Marcos, he goes to the opponent house and kill them. 

  7. Frustration with the problems, and not seeing what has been achieved is what makes many yearn for a “light” version of the New Society. Or a Zero Version, much like Coke Zero is Coke without the sugar, Bongbong promises to be “Ferdie Zero” for many people, but he will disappoint, just like Napoleon III was elected only a few decades after Napoleon I was France’s dictator, only to stage a coup and become a dictator once more – and finally lose against rising Germany in 1870.

    The strategy should be IMHO three-fold:


    I. Document what has already been achieved by Daang Matuwid.

    1. Police. The professionalization of the PNP, with the help of one of the world’s best police forces. Bavarian State Police, training the trainers of PNPA in Bamberg, and sending retired cops to help in the Philippines, and human rights training to complement professionalization. Peace and order is one of the major issues in the Philippines, and the one capitalizing on this is Rodrigo Duterte. His quick solutions are because police and justice system are perceived as not working properly.
    Lambat-Sibat is showing true successes, no mean feat considering slums and rampant drugs.

    2. Justice. The 2014 DOJ Criminal Code Draft, again with Bavarian help. Hanns-Seidel Stiftung. Codified law is better than Anglo-Saxon precedent law, the entire European continent uses it, while England and the USA are using the old Germanic way of jumbled, contradictory single bills. Simple laws make justice more efficient, and more secure. Even laymen know what are the rules. Justice-on-wheels is already there, helping make things easier. DOJ has a lot more being done…

    3. Disaster recovery. Project NOAH to be more anti-fragile, not just resilient. LGUs are also more prepared. Lando recovery efforts, praised by the UN even, show lessons learned from Yolanda.

    4. Social. CCT, Pantawid Pamilya and more are what is being done. DSWD for sure has more…

    5. Education. K-12, K-12+, TESDA/TVET, Dual Training based on the German model which is the most successful in the EU for avoiding youth unemployment. Again that model is better than the US model which has too many unskilled, badly trained workers. K-12 goes for strengthening problem-solving skills, and teaching in the native tongue locally in the first years helps children learn to grasp concepts better, then port that skill to Filipino and English. Very well-conceived.

    6. Infrastructure. PPP approach has enabled building stuff very quickly, like Daang Hari. DPWH…

    7. Technology. DOST is doing an excellent job here. The DOST AGT may be the Philippine jeepney on rails, more suited to Filipino riding habits and with a small footprint for tight spaces. DOST Advanced Metallurgy Research means that a lot will be manufactured locally, and the skills learned will be useful for local industries. DOST AGT and Roadtrain are helped by this project. DOST ASTI (helped by Bam Aquino) is pushing Internet progress and connectivity, ongoing…

    8. Industry. This is where Dual Training, K-12+, TESDA/TVET come in again. Dual Training means on the job training plus theory, and usually companies that train people do it to employ them later. Skills learned here are useful to German firms in the Philippines, but not only. People with skills like that can be very useful for building own Philippine industries, maybe even as suppliers of components and parts to Japanese and German firms that are increasing Philippine presence. Manufacturing that leaves China could go to the Philippines. EPSON already is on its way…

    9. Opportunities. Points 4,5 and 8 make it possible, 6&7 even better, 1-3 secure them, while Philippine Competition Act, Negosyo Centers – both Bam Aquino stuff – make it even easier for those who want to rise through business, especially returning migrants and OFWs with capital. Many migrants and OFWs have wanted to return but have found the access to the market blocked by fat cats and by the entitled, and decided to go back abroad or not return at all….


    II. Document how little Bongbong has really done as a Senator.

    1. BLBAR as a foil to stop BBL completely, not as a constructive suggestion for lasting peace.

    2. What else has he really done in all these years? Contrast that with Section I.


    III. Be open about the stuff that still needs to be fixed.

    1. Corruption. Is ongoing but is still there are too many levels. Customs, NAIA still not good, BIR improved, PNP constantly fighting it internally and doing very well etc.

    2. Citizen services. LGUs have been improved in performance, but the interface to the citizen is what is causing a lot of headaches and complaints. This has to be addressed by Roxas asap. Considering his work at PNP, I am confident that he will do something about this as President.

    3. Communication. The government does not know how to communicate what it has really done. Aquino’s SONAs are way too long and boring for me. Summaries like Section I are what I like.

    4. Legislation. The 2014 Criminal Code Draft is stuck somewhere in Congress I guess, like FOI. Congress should stop concentrating on which consuls to approve appointment and how to name roads and do its real work. There should be more documentation on what bills really pass.

    5. Budgeting. Again a bad legacy of the USA, among a lot of good legacies. I could hardly believe it when there was a government shutdown in the USA because the President and Congress could not agree. This is close to impossible in Europe. Disbursement procedures need to be simplified.

    6. Metro Manila. The city is already sinking because of groundwater being tapped by buildings, and the sea is rising. Decongest asap. Would improve traffic, improve air quality. But create opportunities in other parts of the country and in Mega Manila. Do not go for a too car-based approach. Again a wrong legacy of the USA and the US-oriented blinders of many educated. United States has around 200 million people in an area a bit bigger than the EU, while the EU has 400 million people in that area, we would choke over here if we went for the same approach as the USA, so public transport is the key. Germany is a bit larger in area than the Philippines with 80 million people, only about as big as Ohio, so imagine if we went the American way totally… Approaches should be appropriate to the parameters of a country, and space is one of them.


    Now if you don’t like Europe, take Japan as an example. Heavy public transport. Congested but efficient. If you follow their justice system, you will find out it comes from Germany originally, just like that of South Korea. National IDs probably exist there also, like in all Continental Europe. Many educated Filipinos think anything that is not exactly like the USA is not a democracy, slavishly follow the American way even if it is NOT always right. Gun control? Most of Continental Europe has strict gun control laws and good policing. OK Donald Trump just said Paris would not have happened if everybody had handguns. Believe him if you want, mis-“educated” Filipinos who believe everything American is perfect… sorry I had to do a German version of MRP right now…

    But much Respekt for Aquino and Roxas for taking the German model in those areas where Germans are known to be the best – in policing and laws, in teaching and training. Following best-of-breed solutions is the modern management way to go. I am sure they are doing it in other areas as well, but my perspective happens to be Filipino-German, so I obviously have dug out the stuff I could easily find. JICA from Japan is also doing a lot for the Philippines. So are the Germans and Japanese now colonizing the country? Maybe the countries that lost WW2 are closer to the Age of Partnerships than those that still are militarily active. The USA its on its way to the Age of Partnerships, but Donald Trump may want to go back to the Age of Empires again.

    China is there, the elephant in the room. China policy also means everything, Reporters should nail Bongbong and everybody else on that. At least China and Mary Jane Veloso have made the “Ingleseros” (sarcasm warning) aware that the Philippines is sitting in Asia and is not Hawaii or Guam. Used to be that the mis-“educated” elite knew more about California than about Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan etc., but reality is catching up with everybody now. Indonesia is challenging China big-time now, time to strengthen the alliance with them, like the alliance with Vietnam is being forged. Looking down on these countries because they don’t speak California carabao English is passe. English is a good thing, having the USA as allies is good also.

    But the Philippines should start defining itself better, know where it stands in the region and in the world. It should also start defining who is Filipino much better. It should start including more those who have been marginalized or still feel that way, become more inclusive. Lumads and more…

    Those who are richer, whiter, more educated etc. should not look down on those who are poorer, darker, less educated… and equal opportunities should help reduce crabbing by the latter against the former. More hands-on, not walking on chairs like Binay, but in the mud like Leni Robredo is the future of the country. Because you have to walk in the mud to clean things up. Much to do, but not through dictatorship or revolution. Sustained hard work is the key. That’s my summary…

    • a picture entered my mind, after eating at McDonalds – too bad Jolibee is not yet coming to Germany, but it IS coming to UK and Italy soon, so I must be patient…

      Aquino, Roxas and the rest of the LP “gang” are doing an excellent job of fixing the rusty ocean liner that is the Philippines while it is on the high seas…

      It looked like it would become a mixture of Titanic and BRP Sierra Madre, but if Roxas becomes President it will one day be sleek and modern like the DOST AGT…


      MTU turbines, Japanese propellers, German control systems, while feeding the lower decks with CCT and Pantawid Pamilya – K-12 and more to bring them up to the air…

      While Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza play a more confident, upbeat version of the romance on the Titanic which sank – the Philippines will not sink I now truly believe…

      Aquino made sure the Philippines is not too close to the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, went to court, but not to the basketball court and may very well win there.

      Has the Yanks to back him but at a safe distance in case Trump becomes captain of the American aircraft carrier and wears a three-cornered pirate hat again like Dubya…

      Has alerted the Vietnamese on land to have them as “restback” also just in case…


      Why is it that so many back home don’t see the big picture and sell it to the doubters? From the mountains of Bavaria, it took me some months to see it with my telescope…

      Sure, parts of the Philippine ship are still congested, some stink, fights in many parts…

      The fore side of the ship (Manila) and the aft side (Davao) are not talking to each other very well, and there are rabble rousers in the lower and lower middle decks who want to mutiny and be the captains without knowing how to run a huge ship. That’s my picture…

  8. andrewlim8 says:

    Well done, and well argued. Justified our request to develop this fully so that the discussion can be more meaningful instead of just buried inside the thread on another blogpost.

    The argument to put more emphasis on Bongbong the person, the politico is justified. I have also thought of a few other things which I’d rather not discuss first here so as not to preempt things and lose effectiveness. They require more preparation.

    But just the same the fight versus revisionism should continue.

  9. josephivo says:

    It is so simple. Or he doesn’t know where his wealth comes from and then he is too stupid to be VP or he knows and then he is too dishonest to be VP. All the rest is irrelevant.

    • edgar lores says:

      He knows.

      We know.

      Many know.

      But he, we and many are… in denial.

      • I think this was chempo‘s planned third installment of the trilogy– flipping that “denial” on its head.

      • josephivo says:

        ” Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam” Cato started every speech with this sentence, “I believe that Cartage must be destroyed” and eventually he got Rome rearming and Cartage was destroyed.

        “I believe BBM must explain his wealth”. Forget denial, just keep repeating it as often and in as many places as possible.

  10. NHerrera says:

    Jameboy’s current blog is complementary to chempo’s recent two-part blog on Marcos revisionism — meaning to stop the Marcos Jr. tracks to the Vice Presidency thence to the Presidency, focus not only on Marcos Sr. sins and BBM’s part on that but on the candidate BBM himself as a very bad choice for VP compared to the alternative candidate such as Robredo (or Cayetano). That is, a hybrid consideration of Marcos Sr. and BBM the VP candidate and his mostly shallow, noisy, forgettable performance in public office — recent examples of which are his BBL and bala-bala-laglag (also a BBL) Senate investigation performance.

  11. Another idea to make certain things clear about Bongbong. Make a comic of Ferdie and him, playing Cronypoly, the Marcos version of Monopoly. Bongbong wins against FM, first time ever.

    Bongbong: yehey Dad, I won!

    Ferdie: Good hijo, you now know all you need to know to rule the country. You do not even need to finish school like I did, I tell you, it is a waste of time…

  12. Daisy Amos says:

    Granted that the main culprit, the dictator himself, is dead, the Marcoses have been the face of corruption in the Philippines. Granted that some of the loot have been found and recovered, the Marcos family appears to have been able to outsmart the Government. As long as they go unpunished, are able to hide and use ill-gotten wealth, and some of the Filipino people sickeningly continue to “forgive and forget” (and even kowtow to them and elect most of them to public office!). they will embolden, encourage and “inspire” the likes of Binay and friends, and all those crooks dreaming of vast, stolen riches for themselves and generations of their families. As long as the status quo remains vis-à-vis the Marcos family and no matter how loud critics scream with their scholarly rants, there will never be closure to corruption in what will sadly continue to be perceived as a corrupt country Despite the heroic, anti-corruption efforts of PNoy’s Daang Matuwid, the corrupt will always be seen as the powerful winners. Which is infinitely tragic for the Filipino nation…

  13. Batangpaco says:

    Its the failure and emergence of a monstrous corrupt system, worse than it was during the dictator’s time, is the reason that actually gives a window of opportunity to the Marcoses to stage a comeback. If there was a inkling of improvement that can be felt in our country right now, then the Marcoses of now are irrelevant. Its chaos, the gap between the rich and the poor is the widest since 1986. Poverty feeds the corrupt system of our government unfortunately, it strips you naked of dignity and self worth. There is still HOPE and please the Aquino’s of now and of late (Cory) had their chances but the corrupt system takes a toll and destroys their sincere goal to unite or transition. This makes me think based on our culture and recent past perhaps…. DEMOCRACY is too open and probably too much for Filipinos to handle. Blame the history of foreign colonizers 400-500 yrs ago but its not the solution. Its time to close our doors and heal ourselves, earn back the Filipino dignity and self worth. Take Japan post World War 2 as a springboard of an example to start, how this country transitioned and heal then later emerge as one of the strongest nation in the world.

    • This comment points to have a DU30 as a president, although most of us here are wary of his predicaments and posturing he still is the best when it comes to disciplining the pinoys. With all the arguments and debate favoring Mar Roxas but some with reservations that he will not be a teka teka person!!! All of us would like to have a better or a much much better philippines which is doable depending on who will run the country next year. I still feel that we should have a president who has the balls to say no, fire cabinet members like Abaya/Honrado, kill those hopeless drug dealers, correct our justice system that is like a sarswela, protect our shore from the chinese incursion, dismantle the unreasonable control of the oligarchs (ex PLDT) and so many others.

      • chempo says:

        Don’t forget Duterte endorsed Bongbong. What does that make him?
        Don’t forget the incident of the police superintendent who manhandled his wife — Duterte practcially said it’s OK for a man to discipline his woman.

  14. bart reyes says:

    Firstly the P10M pdaf case vs BB is being readied with the Ombudsman. Secondly, auction of confiscated jewelry and paintings but no fanfare needed as media attention could blow up their persecution and contined netizen bombardment of factual evidence to disprove and spread truth instead of lies.

  15. Found this as very inspiring. I just hope we can get them to write about these things so that people can read about the good work being done.

    • Great stuff – shows that the legacy system that is the Philippines is being upgraded in a very professional manner. The main problems is that the user interface is still not that good in many parts (Negosyo Centers are a good example of how the whole can become), some administrators are still using manual workarounds, many users as well. User training and expectation management still need some improvement to increase full user acceptance.

      Like in many software projects, certain interest groups want it to fail, because of their own interests that are gravely endangered, or their cozy niches that will no longer be there. Proper handling of support cases and smooth communication is imperative in this situation.

  16. “They can rule Ilocos and Leyte all their life but they’re off limits to the Palace of the People. That should be the message that should drive the effort in stopping them.”

    Thanks, jameboy. I was hoping you’d have more as far as angles of attack specific to Bong-Bong Marcos.

    To piggy-back on your strategy of focus on Junior, I think the question of why he (not his dad or his family name) but Bong-Bong enjoys popular support in Ilocos (who among in their family is in Leyte politics?), no doubt the field was cleared by his eldest and beautiful sister Imee–

    but how are those two siblings still able to garner support? Is it just name recognition and brand loyalty, or are there tangibles, like infrastructure, good schools, alternative energy, business opportunities, etc. that justify the population’s support. That’s the first question.

    If there are measurable tangible results present in the districts they govern that justify such popular support, then the question is why these results cannot be translated to the rest of the nation– that’s the second question.

    • Ilocos seems to be well-run, and they do have wind energy in the northern part, but who knows how much it is owed to the general conditions and to the national government?

      Well I have my personal theory – there are communities that have cohesion like Davao under Duterte, Clark under Gordon, Albay under Salceda, Ilocos under Imee, but that will not scale nationally because the cohesion at national level may still be missing. What I am saying is that it is easier to get people to cooperate at a certain level. Nationally you need institutional measures, plus a unifying figure like Leni Robredo to build national community. Bongbong would be divisive, not have the institutional capability like Mar, and would fail.

      • That’s what I was thinking, man. I’ve never been up there or to Leyte, but there were a bunch of military and police types who swear by the Marcos siblings (mostly Imee) as good executives, ie. good roads, education, etc. So when attacking Bong-Bong Marcos directly, that part has to be addressed—- ie., if he’s such a bad guy (and his family) how are they getting things done in Ilocos? or Leyte? (is Leyte seeing progress as well?).

        I’m a lot more interested in how certain folks are getting things done over there, than all the efforts at demonizing. “Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People”— who said this, by the way, is this one of Voltaire’s?

        • As far as I know BBM can not be credited for the Ilocos wind farms, now numbering 3 (Burgos, Bangui and Pagudpud). The Marcoses were invited to the inaugurations of these wind farms only because they play political roles in Ilocos.

          The wind farms in Ilocos are part of the private-public partnership program by the administration (1996-present) to shore up the inadequate energy resources of Central Luzon. The Ayalas owned Pagudpud wind farm and recently sold their shares to Mitsubishi.

          • So there’s no direct connection ala Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, but Bong-Bong and his beautiful older sister were in office when these projects went up, so what exactly were their roles in these 3 wind farms?

            This Puerto Galera Wind-Farm project gives full credit to the politicians (as well as the companies) involved,

            “On March 7, 2012 in Mindoro, Philippine President Aquino signed the Proposed Luzon Mindoro-Interconnection (LMI) project with the full support of Cong. Rudy Valencia, Cong. Rey Umali, Governor Alfonso Umali, and the Local Government of Mindoro. This agreement will allow for excess electricity to be transported to the nearby island of Luzon, home to the nation’s capital and largest city Manila. “Before I end my term in 2016, I want to see Mindoro exporting its surplus power to Luzon,” commented President Benigno Aquino III during a recent signing ceremony.”

            Maybe the Marcos siblings can take similar credit?

            • Juana Pilipinas says:

              The contention, LCpl, is that BBM seems to be taking FULL credit for these wind farms. His trolls believe it so they are spreading this misinformation on social media. The Marcoses are Ilocos politicians and their support is needed for the wind farms placement on their turf but the projects are not their brainchild.


              • Exactly, Juana. Like the Oxford degree, a big diff between an Associates degree and a Bachelor’s. But the difference between an AA and BA or BS is clear— politicians the world over take full credit for all kinds of projects that happen in their area.

                Which goes back to my original point, are things really better in Ilocos than in other parts of the Philippines, if so why? and can the Marcos siblings take partial to full credit? then the follow up is why this success isn’t apparent in other parts of the Philippines?

                ex. Why was Ilocos the first area to produce windfarms, aren’t there equally wind-rich regions of the Philippines?

              • What sets PNOY apart from previous presidents is the fact that he does not favor his own region or the regions of his political allies in the releases of development assistance, there is no discrimation as to whether allies or opposition, releases are made on time with no strings attached. Marcos did that in Ilocos and Visayas, Arroyo did that in Pampanga and suburbs, etc, etc. mainly to maintain their political hold in the region. The current president sees to it that no region is left behind in releases of budget allocations, a process so prevalent in the past when those in the opposition suffered through the non releases of development funds. If I understood it correctly, budgets before were not prepared on time so much so that it was always a reenacted one, releases of which are under the sole discretion of the sitting executive.

                The result is a continuing development of the already developed regions while the rest are still catching up.

              • Ms. Janey Jean says:

                My question is- How did the Marcoses acquire the Mariano Marcos State University if, it was a merged schools of the city. When Marcos became the President, he named it after his father.  So, is the funds going to the Marcoses now? Mariano Marcos State University – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Mariano Marcos State University – Wikipedia, the free en…The Mariano Marcos State University is a multidisciplinary, state-funded institution of higher learning that serves the Ilocos Region and its surrounding regions in… | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

        • karl garcia says:

          Eleanor Roosevelt. the great minds…..
          A few years ago a blogger named Benigno kept repeating it as if he he is the ine who said it.

          • Benigno Aquino?

            I had to re-check it, karl, but here’s the best I got:

            “In conclusion, Henry Thomas Buckle was the originator of the three-part maxim published in 1901. He was building on earlier guidelines about desirable forms of conversation. After 1901 the statement evolved, and the category “things” was changed to “events” in the most common modern version. James H. Halsey and Hyman G. Rickover employed instances of the adage but did not craft it. The connection to Eleanor Roosevelt was spurious.”

            Another favourite of mine was,

            “I Am an Old Man and Have Known a Great Many Troubles, But Most of Them Never Happened” ( but I’m sure this would mean more if said by you, or your uncle in Chicago )

            I’ve always attributed it to Mark Twain, but…

            “There is no substantive evidence currently that Mark Twain wrote or spoke this statement. Winston Churchill did write a version but he did not claim coinage. Thomas Dixon Jr. did employ an instance in 1903, but the saying was already well-established before that time.” (that’s a handy site right there).

            • karl garcia says:

              No,a blogger named Benedict Ignacio who shortened it to Benign0.

            • karl garcia says:

              Santayana was credited for learning from history ,but if you browse brainyquote
              you will see that it was Edmund Burke who first said it.

              Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.
              Edmund Burke

              • karl garcia says:

                Lord Palmerston Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.

                Henry kissinger made it all about America.

        • Bert says:

          “I’m a lot more interested in how certain folks are getting things done over there, than all the efforts at demonizing. “Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People”— who said this, by the way, is this one of Voltaire’s?”—LCpl_X

          LCpl_X, I smile a bit on that. :), I mean this part, “…than all the efforts at demonizing.”. And then this part of your quote, “…Small Minds Discuss People”, as if demonizing someone is akin to discussing people, hehehe.

  17. andrewlim8 says:

    Hear, hear!

    My former economics prof, Emmanuel de Dios of UP School of Economics on economic conditions. based on hard facts and hard economics during the Marcos years:

    Young Marcos loyalists have two qualities which no person should have: youth and stupidity at the same time.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      I posted this comment for Mary Grace in “Who Among…” but she said I should copy and paste it here, being on topic:

      You know, Mary Grace, if it’s true that your trolloyalists are young, this could be their profile: spoiled, money supply from OFW parent, weak value system, subconsciously resentful because of lack of parental presence. So it’s really a revolt of the OFW kids whose only contact with the world is via push button gadgets. They don’t care what happens to the country. They just want a change of scene, just like browsing websites, wala lang. If that’s the case, MarLen propagandists should create fireworks, something that will draw their attention. Arguing our case against Marcos will only whet their appetite, make them circle their wagons, fight it out for logic or emotion until election day when they check Bongbong’s name with defiance. It’s good that Mar is ascendant, and Leni has got magic. Be strong everyone.

      • And the teachers failed these OFW kids, too. I was shocked and scandalized when somebody shared a story that teachers are a party to the revisionist efforts of the Marcoses, singing praises to the martial law regime and the “disciplined society” during that period, in the classrooms.

      • karl garcia says:

        I can say that even those home schooled can be more dangerous,all they learn is what the parents indocrinate them.Homeschooled can have the tendency to be anti social and can have an alternate reality.Those street kids can have an advantage,they learn the way of the streets.OFW kids have their extended families to take care or not take care of them.
        As to the millenials, they are mixed, those homeschooled,Products of OFWs and those who are none of the above.No street kid would classify himself as a millenial,I don’t know if others can too.

    • josephivo says:

      Joeam should put this link in the “Must read” column.

    • Joe America says:

      Ignorance is an acceptable condition. Stupidity is ignorance with deafness attached.

    • chempo says:

      Andrew the last couple of para in that link gives a very interesting way to present a storyline of Macoy that Filipinos will love.

      Plot is like this:
      Macoy a great statesman…before marriage and kids.
      Then enter would be beauty queen.
      Sub-plot — how beauty queen used beauty to secure beauty queen title.
      The Mr & Mrs living in style in Camelot
      Then Macoy’s decline — dove lovey eyes closed to machinations of first lady.
      Then the power behind the throne, demanding more power.
      Power behind the throne prods up ailing Macoy.
      Then helicopter ride to notoriety.

      Throw in the love scenes with great passion. In between scenes show the horrors thats going on. The corruption, the human rights, the cronyism, the pluders, etc Just show these in background, the love scenes as main plot. Filipinos will abandon Aldub to watch this for sure.

  18. chempo says:

    Thank you Jameboy for taking the time to write the article. The ‘Revision 2’ article did’nt create any controversy. It generated a healthy discussion.

    I absolutely agree with you on the idea of a direct attack on BBM. Andrew’s article on “Return the ill-gotten wealth…” was in that mode. And there should be more of these. You have shown us the WHYs and some HOWs, but lacking in the WHATs. Was hoping you can come up with some pointers that we can go BAM BAM BAM. Andrew seems to have something up his sleeves that he is withholding for the while.

    Direct attack on BBM sure is necessary. But let’s face it – we have the same problems with true blue loyalists. It’s a lost cause, don’t bother with this segment.

    Now, are we saying don’t repeat the same Macoy stuff over and over, people get dulled and immune to it. But at the same time, loyalists are spreading the same anti-anti-Macoy stuff all over everywhere. Why allow one side to stop and the other to persue un-challenged. We all know, lies repeated too many times, become acceptable.

    We are in an age where dog bites man is no longer news, but man bites dog will get readership. That is in the same vein of your ‘kicking a dead horse’. And so the enumeration style in “Revisionism 2” is a lost cause. But I wonder if you have seen internet chatter, and been involved with local chit-chats (not with intellectuals, but ordinary average citizens) where in discussions over BBM someone, whether loyalist or not, points out the “nothing to apologise” quote of BBM, and Santiago’s related quote, the others clam up, because they have no defense, or they can’t articulate against. Or in the case of what Mary said, in the class where a teacher preaches Macoy good deeds and all students are dumbfounded. ‘Revision 2’ provides a reference point for them Imagine a student asking that teacher to refer to this Society blog. Does’nt mean just ‘Revision 2″, but anyone who can put up BAM BAM BAM style counters.

    i have read many BBM rebuffs by greater minds, some professorial disectations, all these got lost in some middle pages of newspapers that most ordinary Filipinos don’t get to read. Some are heavy materials. None cover every conceivable aspect. For example, I have never seen anyone refer to the IR8 argument that I brought up. That would have exposed the lie easily. There is a crying need for someone to come up with a BAM BAM BAM version of these enumeration in ‘Revision 2’ plus more points that I left out, and written in a more youth-tailored linggo. No intellectualisations.

    The one important aspect that I did not manage to cover is a repudiation of “The old days during Macoy’s time was better”. Someone with more local knowledge should write something on this. Because most people get stopped in their tracks whenever someone said this. Get something out so that people who are sick of this argument can simply cut and paste the link to rebut.

    For me, I believe that there is still great value in kicking that dead horse. It’s a question of how to kick it. Here’s the proof :

    A young UP grad returned to his province. On the way he met a farmer with a horse. He bought the horse for 100 peso from the farmer and arranged to collect the horse the next day. Next day, the farmer brought him the bad news that the horse has died.
    UP grad: Well, then just give me my money back.
    Farmer : So sorry, I spent it already.
    UP grad : Ok, then, just bring me the dead horse.
    Farmer : The horse is dead, what can you do with it?
    UP grad : I’m going to raffle him off.
    Farmer : You can’t raffle off a dead horse! !
    UP grad : I just won’t tell anybody he’s dead.

    A month later, the farmer met UP grad.
    Farmer : What happened with that dead horse.
    UP grad : I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at 10 pesos each and made a net profit of 4,990 pesos.
    Farmer : Didn’t anyone complain?
    UP grad : Just the guy who won. So I gave him his 10 pesos back.

    UP grad is now working in a government agency.

    • NHerrera says:

      Hahaha! 🙂

    • Joe America says:

      Hahaha, MRP will appreciate this factual testimony.

      • is he on a self-imposed sabbatical now? I don’t see his post in this article. Usually, he is flooding the commentary section by this time with his bam bam bam comments, he post then reply to it, then begin another thread, and reply to that again.

        • Joe America says:

          Ah, Mary Grace, don’t make it a personal war. He understands all of this and is no more dominant that others. It just seems that way for the emotional energy expended perhaps.

          • I didn’t… see I did an MRP a while back as NH noticed. I also post in bursts. I described it today because he hasn’t post any today, as compared to before. Then again, when I am busy at work, I am quite silent.

    • karl garcia says:

      Don’t feed MRP any more ideas.LOL 😜

      • As a genuine U.P. brat, Area I, 65 Gomburza Street, I have heard that is taught in the unofficial U.P. curriculum, Applied Crookery 102. Maybe Andrew Lim can tell us more, I never studied at U.P., just enrolled and left, so I was (un)fortunate never to learn crookery.

        There is a story about Ateneo and La Salle though, coming from within U.P. I believe, our folks have moles even in comfort rooms. An Atenean and a Lasallista piss, side by side. The Lasallista goes out first and washes his hands, the Atenean just passes by him.

        The Lasallista tells the Atenean: “our friars taught us to wash our hands after pissing!” – the Atenean answers “our friars teach us to piss without making our hands dirty!”. 🙂

        My intelligence tells me the Atenean was Noynoy, the Lasallista was Karl Garcia.

        The Straight Path gets an entirely new meaning in that context, and Noynoy’s grin as well. Some say that he learned it from Fr. Bernas, S.J., father of the 1987 Constitution. Amen.

    • NHerrera says:

      Goodness gracious. First, I noted a while back, Mary Grace P.Gonzales doing an MRP. Now chempo is doing an MRP on UP graduate.

      Joe, karl: shouldn’t there be a blog rule on copying a posting-style patent here?

      • Ha ha ha ! I did an MRP when I repeat so many times my idea of the expanded sin tax to cover all junk foods and soda drinks to make up for the reduction of income tax rates. I kinda liked the idea of promoting public health and at the same time increasing government revenues.. Win Win solution. Alas! Businessmen will complain and they fund the election campaign of legislative wannabees.

        MRP replied, “It’s ok to repeat, it’s called rubbing it in”

        Just the same, I thougted that I need to repeat it again and again for the second time, third, etc, etc. times.

      • Joe America says:

        1. Let us refer that to the rules committee which meets every February 29th.

        2. Edgar can also register complaint, I suppose.

        • karl garcia says:

          No one can enumerate,except Edgar. I heard that on the February 30th meeting.

          • edgar lores says:

            1. Copying styles — whether in earnest or in jest — is hunky-dory.

            2. The following are encouraged:

            2.1. Enumeration — a la edgar
            2.2. Statistical analysis — a la NHerrera
            2.3. Educational jokes — a la chempo
            2.4. Insights — a la Irineo
            2.5. Reasoned arguments and rebuttals – a la most everyone

            3. What should be avoided are excesses in:

            3.1. Superciliousness, put-downs and lack of courtesy — a la Primer, RHiro
            3.2. Willful deception — a la Primer; MRP on EDSA
            3.3. Unfounded assertions or criticism — a la MRP on Korina’s citizenship
            3.4. Repetition ad nauseam — a la MRP on UP graduates, affidavits, etc; i7sharp on KJV
            3.5. Incessant contrariness — a la Jameboy
            3.6. Too many postings — a la Irineo
            3.7. Use of multi-syllabic words — a la edgar
            3.8. Misspellings — a la Mary, Karl and MRP (this could be style?)
            3.9. Graphic sexual content — a la LCpl_X
            3.10. Self-serving URLs — a la i7sharp
            3.11. Word overuse — a la Joe Am and scurrilous
            3.12. Personal attacks on other commenters and host — a la i7sharp; edgar in this post
            3.13. ???

            • My posting style is the equivalent of the Drunken Master Kung Fu style.

              The too many postings are like drunken movements, the insights are the strikes…

            • NHerrera says:

              I thought you will spare the flagellant whip on edgar lores. But you did not (ref: Item 3.7). Good enumeration ala edgar.

            • Joe America says:

              Yes, but scurrilous is such a wonderful word and there are so many running around earning the tag. Still, as I feel you have “nailed it”, next time I run into a scurrilous rascal, I’ll pull up the thesaurus. You are not one, I might add, but you do have a mischievous twinkle in the eye, sometimes, I think.

            • 3.9. Graphic sexual content — a la LCpl_X

              If you guys remember, karl was gone for a bit. So my intention for posting these (usually in context, than not) is to ensure karl keeps on coming back— and doesn’t leave us again.

              Though we all know that karl’s a goot boy now, it helps to titillate the long term memory. So rest assured I have karl’s health in mind.

    • Then let’s beat this dead horse Marcos any way we can.

      “We have the same problems with true blue loyalists. It’s a lost cause, don’t bother with this segment.” – chempo

      When I have time, I engage a few of them, my thinking is I am engaging the other readers indirectly. I was rewarded by those who did not participate in the exchange but took the trouble of reading all my comments to that true blue loyalist and hit the like button. They ignored the loyalist.

      It’s quite satisfying when I comment to pics, links and memes posted by others and when I glance at my FB notifications, I see a lot of “likes” in my comments. That encourages me to make comments to as much posts as possible.

    • “UP grad : Just the guy who won. So I gave him his 10 pesos back.
      UP grad is now working in a government agency.”


    • sonny says:

      that’s a three-knee slapper! (the third knee can still be the same person) 🙂

  19. Bing Garcia says:

    The report pointed out, however, that confidence levels across the 21-economy Apec bloc remain uneven, with the Philippine CEOs, in particular, standing out.

    Fifty-one percent of business leaders are very confident of business growth in the Philippines during the next year: this compares with 34 percent in the US and 20 percent in China, PricewaterhouseCooper’s annual Apec CEO Survey said. Nov 16, 2015

    • NHerrera says:

      Of the 3 APEC countries mentioned — China, USA and Philippines — with the respective percentage of those reporting business confidence of 20%, 34%, 51%, it is interesting that the population (year 2014: 1394m, 326m, 100m) weighted average is only 24%. This shows that China’s economic sneeze does catch everyone in the region. Good for the Philippines though with its 51%.

      • chempo says:

        The good and the bad
        Philippines is more of a domestic economy, so when the world suffers economic hiccups, Philippines is spared.
        But when the world takes off, Philippines is often left behind.

  20. NHerrera says:

    Off topic


    The APEC Economic Leaders Meeting scheduled for this week comes at a time of the terroristic acts in Paris in which some 130 died and a few hundreds injured. We hope that with the preparation of the Philippines and prayers of Filipinos we end the week relatively well and achieve most of what the senior officials of the 21 APEC countries have been preparing for about a year.

    On the political front we have the meeting of the nine-member Senate Electoral Tribunal scheduled for tomorrow, November 17. We hope that in so far as the SET is concerned a definitive decision is made in tomorrow’s session.


    (For those who dislike algebra and probability assessment, please skip with my apology.)

    Also, for this part of my post, I lay the blame on @edgar lores, for his note of encouragement above.

    G = probability of high-level critical thinking of Poe’s disqualification (DQ) in accordance with the Constitution, other laws, and evidence, such as for example agreed by the three SC members of the SET.

    v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6 = probability that the respective Senator-members makes the correct opinion.

    Using the usual assumption of independence, etc, that comes in a calculation of probabilities such as I am doing here, the probability that Poe will be disqualified on the basis only of the six senator’s joint judgment is

    P-DQ = A/B, where

    A = G*v1*v2*v3*v4*v5*v6 (* for multiplication)
    B = A + (1-G)*(1-v1)*(1-v2)*(1-v3)*(1-v4)*(1-v5)*(1-v6)

    INPUTS (my own)

    G = 0.8
    v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6 = 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, 0.9

    Calculated result

    P-DQ = A/B = 0.73 or 73%


    This is not a forecast. It is a probability assessment. And as we all know probability assessment is very risky, even useless in political situation.

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