Senator Koko Pimentel, the Fiddler of Manila

Who did he pledge his oath to, do you figure? [Photo source: SunStar]

By Joe America

Earth watch is important, but I can’t seem get past the people inhabiting the planet. It is like observing a wild amalgamation of Alien, The Three Stooges, and Apocalypse Now. I have little hope for the planet, frankly.

Mankind is the dominant species on the grand blue orb, and it has collectively proved to be an irrational snarling beast devouring its own children, and I mean that. As an example, pity the children who must deal with the madness left to them by the Philippine legislature, a pack of stooges with everything but the pies, and for certain, way too little democratic integrity. The death penalty is in their hands, to be thrown in the faces of their priests and the joyful, humanistic Pope who visited in 2015 to great cheering throngs who a few months later elected a man who gets high killing poor people. Kids age 9 are to be jailed rather than held in a responsible adult’s arms. A woman who walks the planet closer to Jesus than about anyone I’ve seen in my lifetime is to be impeached. Foreign investors are to be ridiculed and threatened, and the great thief China is to be invited into the parlor with a subservient bow and limp handshake.

The only thing we are missing is the helicopter water skiing in the battlefield. Folks, it is Loony Tunes in Manila.

Senator Koko Pimentel is The Fiddler of Manila, and we are allowed to watch him make his music as as the nation’s dignity and promise burn right before our very eyes.

Senator Pimentel is my favorite go-to guy when I want to witness weakness in the human condition first hand. I go to Senator Cayetano to see Bizarro in real time. He’s a guy I can no longer even look at, for he makes my skin crawl up and wrap around my eyes. This is a lawyer, a distinguished Filipino, an aspiring statesman? “Have Bible, will render new truths.” I go to House Speaker Alvarez to see the best imitation of the retardation of decency and democracy I’ve witnessed outside of the Oval Office in Washington DC. A real kangaroo court, a real senator jailed and death being legislated into the Philippine cultural foundation. What a demented soul we seem to have beating the drum for the way the Philippines marches these days.

I used to watch the Binay hearings a few years ago. You remember them? Senators Trillanes and Cayetano took turns grilling witnesses to unveil the breadth and depth of theft orchestrated by the Binay family and friends. Senator Pimentel was the mature moderator, making the proceedings look like something close to due process.

Now he is giving due process to death.

By the way, I notice that Mayor Binay was made a Dean of the University of Makati a few weeks ago.

Judge Judy must have been on the stand and drunk when those cases rolled through the courts. And the Chief Justice has the gall to lecture us about standing up for what is right? What am I missing here?

But I digress.

Senator Pimentel is one of those adults who ought to be old enough, smart enough, and principled enough to know better. But he does not. He straps the fiddle to his back and pounds a drum, too, a snare, I think, demanding that LP prove its innocence at backing impeachment of the President. Now the Senate is that neutral place that would perform as judges in any impeachment trial, so it is really weird when one judge, the senior one if we put any consideration into his title as President of the Senate (I don’t, for “stooge” or puppet seems more suitable to me) chooses to challenge the integrity of the other judges right there in the courtroom.

Please excuse that convoluted sentence. My typewriter has a mind of its own when it is indignant.

I think Senator Pimentel has lost it. By “it”, I mean everything important. Family name, dignity, integrity, mind, and ethical balance. That is just an opinion. I’m sorry I can’t cast it as fact. But I would welcome anyone proving that he is NOT a stooge.

For sure, the children of the Philippines will pay. They are destined to inherit this economically destroyed, death obsessed, lying, shooting, mess of deceits, trolls, traffic jams, storms, protected drug lords, and dirty cops who proudly cite their oaths one day and a short time later become hired killers padding their bank accounts with dead fathers and the tears of widows and children.

I see Senator Koko Pimentel as largely accountable for this condition. He has stopped representing the Senate as an independent institution of government, as the conscience and wisdom of the nation, and sold his soul to political expedience, crass obedience, depravity, death, and division.

Those who are adept at reading between the lines may detect that I harbor a slight bit of anger about this.

My son is one of the kids being dealt this horrible lot, this despicable set of values, deeds, and  . . . not security . . . but threat.

To merely say this is “disappointing” is for sure not strong enough.

And as for the Honorable Ma’am CJ Sereno, the ball of right and wrong is big and fat and squarely in your court.


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  1. ted gonzaga says:

    • The video is George Carlin’s take on the death penalty. Required viewing for the Senate, I think. I’m not sure Senator Pimentel would get it though. I’ve sort of lost confidence in his reasoning power, or values . . . hard to say which is dominating his fall from any pedestal he may have been on. It was probably not very high, though, so no worries.

      George Carlin is one of my all time favorite comedians, and I am sure his soul is ascerbic or sardonic even there in heaven.

    • NHerrera says:

      Joe writes in the current blog:

      Those who are adept at reading between the lines may detect that I harbor a slight bit of anger about this.

      I shudder what Joe will unleash if the anger is other than a “slight bit.” He may rant like George Carlin in that video. 🙂

  2. Juana Pilipinas says:

    Nene Pimentel had been very vocal lately. The father is trying to compensate for the shortcoming of the son? He said he laughed when he read about the threat of impeachment of the VP based on her UN video. He talked about respecting the right of the people to vote their leaders when he heard about PRD wanting to appoint OIC’s in barangays.

    Poor Nene. Did he read about GwenPimentel-Gana’s take on EJK’s yet?

  3. edgar lores says:

    1. I was wayward in my youth but was able to return to the path in early adulthood. Dad was never demonstrative, but I noticed he recognized my course correction and blessed me in hardly noticeable ways. A nice T-shirt on my birthday. A pat on the knee. And even a girlfriend recommendation!

    2. One can never imagine the suffering one imposes on our parents for our various falls from grace. I can easily imagine that Nene Pimentel must have been a very proud father when his son and namesake successfully passed challenging milestones in his career. Topped the bar examination at 26. Law practitioner and professor for many years. Philippine senator at 47. And now Senate President at 52.

    3. Nene was a principled fighter against “injustice, fraud, corruption and Marcos’ dictatorial rule.” He was arrested not once but thrice. He was once Senate President, and that his son occupies the same chair is one for the history books.

    4. Imagine then the heartbreak of a proud father who sees an adult son lose his way. Imagine the desolation that the political party he founded has been used to seat a fascistic murderer. Imagine the grief that principles he holds dear and sown on fertile ground being uprooted by his heir. Imagine the ashes in the mouth as he contradicts his son on the validity of Leni’s impeachment.

    5. Like me, I know you can imagine. What you may not possibly imagine, like me, is the sorrow of a father who knows his son cannot.

  4. NHerrera says:

    Juana, edgar:

    Glad you brought up the matter of Nene Pimentel, the father of the present Sen Pres Pimentel III. I can imagine the pain of the father because I have children too.

    It must be a pain to Pimentel III children’s too who I presume are teenagers who have gone to good schools and are politically aware; and are observant of the contrast between their grandfather and father.

  5. Koko is not the only one fiddling while PH burns. There is a whole string orchestra led by an unpredictable conductor making disharmonious melody. One can only hope that they are all on a dilapidated roof.

    • NHerrera says:



      I would rather he plays the fiddle and makes music like the nice, catchy tune played in “The Fiddler on the Roof” than trifle with things unworthy of a Senate President. That said, it seems a truism to say PRD fiddles with him and Alvarez. And, oh how they love to be fiddled with.


      While we are on the subject of Fiddler Pimentel, here is a thought on Trillanes fiddling in his own way:

      – Through his allies at HOR observing Alvarez et al and through his own personal observation and intelligence at the Senate observing Pimentel et al, including the mostly unsighted Cayetano except when a Matobato or Lascanas appear;

      – His intelligence on the sentiments of the AFP being a military man aided too by his Magdalo Group who has its own intelligence;

      – His stable of the likes of Lascanas, Matobato;

      – He is able to connect dots, probably better than Alvarez, Pimentel and Cayetano; and the big dot that may connect Alvarez with Marcos; including also whatever cracks there are in the Administration.

      Thus, among these fiddlers — Alvarez, Pimentel, Cayetano and Trillanes — Trillanes has probably the best sounding music from his fiddle.

    • Yes, well, I am working on them one at a time, although I’ll leave the conductor for others. I might do a category on women of the Philippines who are betraying women of the Philippines . . . unless you want to do it.

  6. chemrock says:

    “Senator Cayetano ,,,,, a guy I can no longer even look at, for he makes my skin crawl up and wrap around my eyes.'<b/"

    Joe, if you meant it literary, then we sure the same detestation.

  7. karlgarcia says:

    I remember that I used to fell bad about Koko Pmentel being a victim of dagdag bawas in the 2007 senatorial elections with Migz Zubiri benefitting from it.
    Fast forward to present times, he is now a stooge a rubber stamp and what have you.
    He is the fiddler on the roof, which Juana hopes is dilapidated.

  8. OT rant: meanwhile, someone from the Philippines basically tells the EU Parliament to watch child porn. As if watching porn in any Parliament or Congress were a normal thing to do.

    To put it in a high-context language, she basically said: “anong reklamo NINYO sa EJK NAMIN, eh KAYO mahilig magsamantala ng mga bata.” Or in plain Tardistic language “EU is hypocrite”!

    Nice that there are no more hypocrites in the Philippines, just plain old bad people nowadays.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Maybe she is hyping that the government banned Pornhub and Xvideos, as if they are the only pornsites on the planet.

    • ASec Badoy is catching huge heat yet again today for that remark, as is her boss for excusung the remark as ‘sarcasm’. Sec ‘Judy’ took the standard Admin approach of demonizing the critics.

    • edgar lores says:

      When a President recognizes no boundaries for decency — neither in thought, in tongue nor in action — then his supporters will naturally follow.

      The wall of civilized behavior has been breached by the barbarians, and the barbarians are no longer at the gate. They are inside the gate, inside the walls, and rule the castle.

      • sonny says:

        “… The wall of civilized behavior has been breached by the barbarians, … . They are inside the gate, inside the walls, and rule the castle.”

        Also for everyone’s consideration, another that resonates edgar’s thought:

        “Modern Barbarians –
        Normally, we think of being barbarians as something negative, a kind of us-versus-them phenomenon. It applied very well during the Cold War era when the West was threatened by the savage forces of communism. The label fits for today’s terrorists, gangs or drug dealers. However, it is not often used for middle class youth. It is hard to imagine how anyone inside the gates would want to be a barbarian outside—on purpose. …”

  9. Sup says:

    I dearly miss Miriam Santiago these days…..She knew how to talk to ”those” cabinet members, congressmen and senators….. 😦

  10. andrewlim8 says:

    OXYMORON: a combination of words with opposite meanings


    1. Clean coal
    2. President Trump
    3. Honorable Senator Pimentel
    4. Senator Manny Pacquiao
    5. Smart Filipino voter

  11. Thea says:

    This present administration is somehow similar to a cult. Followers could change overnight from good to bad. From independent-minded individuals to blind and selfish defender of the President.
    It amazes me how they think like one, as if when they open their mouth there is only one motive and that is “loving” Duterte. Is the President this dangerously charismatic?

    • What a Turkish exile journalist says about Erdogan also applies to Duterte: “they found in him a kind of leader that gave them a kind of self-confidence and that’s why they’ve been so supportive”. The principle of HE is strong so WE are strong. Even if it is an illusion.

  12. NHerrera says:

    Hi guys:

    The following link reports that PH does not only have 7,107 islands but 7,641 islands.

    According to my Chinese friend, we can have the difference and they generously promise not to interfere there; they will just take the 7,107.


    • NHerrera says:

      They will further stipulate that the TSH can stay in one of those 7107 if it behaves; they sorta like the guys there; but they will definitely exile Mocha Uson and Badoy in those other islands — no more need for their loud noise when they take over.

  13. Bill In Oz says:

    Meanwhile a long way South of Manila, the seas between Mindanao & Sabah are ‘the most dangerous in the world’ So says the BBC in the news today.

    • karlgarcia says:

      The author suggests we forget our claim to Sabah and coperate with Malaysia and Indonesia. If it were put to a vote between Malaysians and the Filipinos this will be a time we would be thankful that we are more populated, we out populate them 3:1.

      The Philipines wants super power help from both China and the US.

      ok to put this on topic.

      Senator Pimentel must prove me and other’s wrong that he is a stooge and the senate is a rubber stamp by expediting any interagency and tri-partite agreements to solve piracy once and for all and at the same time get rid of the abu sayaff problem.

      • karlgarcia says:

        I my what if scenario of a vote-off, where we out vote the Malaysians for Sabah ownership, then the Chinese saw how it worked and asked that a vote-off sould also be done to resolve the WPS issue.

        Ok, it is good that it will never happen.

        • Bill In Oz says:

          Sabah was occupied by the British in the 186-70’s when it was named “British North Borneo”. So British North Borneo predates the Philippines Independence movement of the 1890’s by 20-30 years. Apart from the Japanese conquest & occupation in 1942-5, it remained British till 1968 when it voluntarily became part of Malaysia along with Sarawak. In 1974 when I was there for 7 months the population was 600,000 mixed Christian, Muslim and animist.

          Now Sabah’s population is over 2 million and about 400,000 of them are either Filipinos or children of Filipino migrants or refugees from the wars in Mindanao. Many of them have Malaysian citizenship and have benefited greatly from moving to Sabah. Their children go to school and learn Bahasa Malaysia and some English. There is no war there and the economic conditions are far far better the in the Southern Philippines with less corruption.

          If a referendum was held in Sabah about becoming part of the Philippines, I think it would be rejected almost universally by the Sabahan people. And the Sabahan people are the one’s who are the key players in this discussion.

          Given this context the Philippines claim to Sabah is quixotic and frankly bizarre. But it also creates distrust in the minds of people in neighboring countries. It is also an illustration of how out of touch many Filipinos are with their closest neighbour, Malaysia. It takes just 8-9 hours to sail by boat from Sabah to Sulu. Or 1.5 hours by plane from Manila

          The existence of Filipino Abu Syaff piracy on such a big scale in the seas between Mindanao and Sabah also demand action by the Philippines. After all all the coal being imported by the Philippines from Indonesia, goes through the straits between Sabah & Mindanao. And now all the ships doing this are accompanied by armed Indonesian naval ships to deter and or kill any Filipino Abu Syaff pirates. That protection comes at a cost of higher electricity prices for Filipinos especially in Manila.

          • karlgarcia says:


            The deal between the British and The sultanate of Sulu happened in 1878, and the sultanate claims that the British leased it from them.

            Personally, I would give the opinion that the inhabitants there will also reject being part of the Philippines if a referendum will be held today.

            Setting aside the Sabah Ownership Issue, Back to the Sulu sea piracy.

            Even if clean coal is an oxymoron and we are lightyears away from being fossil fuel free, our energy requirements rely too much on coal.
            Aside from a policy shift to purely renewables in our energy mix we must fix the maritime issues in the Sulu Sea.

            This issue is important Bill, thanks.

            • Bill In Oz says:

              An off topic : Just before we came here to Oz last July I read that there were 15 coal fired power plants then being built or in the planning stage in the Philippines. ..So renewable energy (Co2 free) power is a long way off in the Philippines. ( BTW Japan has 45 coal fired plants in the pipeline, as they move away from nuclear power. And I herd that about another 110 others are being built in Asia…

              So climate change is inevitable I suspect.

              Meanwhile here in Oz we are closing down our generating electricity plants to reduce carbon emissions. In place we have solar cell and wind generators. And power costs to consumers have jumped by around 200% in 4 years. Not a very smart move. And upcoming state elections will see governments being given a big electoral kick up the arse because of this.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Thanks for that.

              • NHerrera says:



                A look at the map of Australia gives immediately a reason for Nuclear Power to have a place in its Power Plant mix:

                * It is a vast country with lower population density;

                * Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) may be located around the country near the shore for the needed cooling water from the ocean;

                * Because of the big area, NPP can be located far from the populace;

                * Power transmission cost is significant but in the scheme of things is not that big; the country is close to being a circle which unlike the Philippines makes interconnection rather convenient;

                * Australia is technically advanced and the people to run the NPPs can be trained at the best management of NPPs with its risk;

                I am pretty sure Australia has looked at the NPP angle, but my point is that the Wind, Solar power and other RE sources cannot provide the base load. And as you pointed out the electricity cost will be high with its present power plant policy.

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Thanks N’herrera, yes Nuclear power would be a good surce of base load power…especially as here in South Australia we mine lots of Uranium yellow cake..In fact one of the best global sources in the world.. But for political reasons it is ‘verbotten’..The local greenies are too scared it might blow up or create nuclear weapons.

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Sure Karl,,I’ll see if Irineo is interested.

              • karlgarcia says:


                Irineo B. R. Salazar
                April 16, 2017 at 11:42 · Reply
                Bill has not yet written me, but he of course may write a piece on the Moros.

                BTW that word for lease (pajak) used in the treaty means kicking into the air in Tagalog.

            • Bill In Oz says:

              Karl.. You wrote earlier ” The deal between the British and The sultanate of Sulu happened in 1878, and the sultanate claims that the British ‘leased’ it from them”

              This is largely true. The language of the agreement between the Sultan of Sulu & the British was in old Malay. What you translate as ‘lease’ also means ‘grant’ in old Malay. So Malaysia believes Sabah is a legitimate part of it’s territory. Another part of the agreement states that the British would pay an annual payment to the Sultan of Sulu in exchange for his granting of Sabah to the British. And Malaysia has continued to make those payments every year to the Sultan’s descendant.

              The important thing is that the Sultan of Sulu was independent of the Spanish rule in 1878. In fact most of Mindanao & the Islands of the South were ruled by local rulers ( Datus ) who never recognised Spanish rule and were independent of Spain and the colonial government in Manila. The only Spanish outpost was Zamboanga where there was a spanish fort and colonial troops.

              Mindanao really only became part of the Philippines after the USA invaded in 1898. And it took American organised forces till 1915 or longer, to conquer & ‘pacify’ this area. Settlement by Filipinos especially from Visaya speaking areas, then started in the 1920’s.

              can you see how the the Philippines claim to have residual sovereignity over Sabah is again bizarre ?

              • karlgarcia says:

                If you are up to it, you could blog about this at Irineo’s.
                So you,me,Irineo,Sonny and others can discuss this further.

              • sonny says:

                Modern eyes tend to impose lenses that may or may not be valid on events of eras past. The Moro situation is one such era. I welcome a discussion on this subject. The caveat for this reportage is always: we were not there. 🙂

              • karlgarcia says:

                @ Bill, I copy pasted this discussion to Irineo’s blog site , we will just wait for his response, unless you already emailed him.

  14. NHerrera says:

    Off topic


    Small time illegal occupants

    The Kadamay poor took over the unoccupied NHA housing unit in Pandi, Bulacan.

    Reason — the housing units were idle or unoccupied and they needed shelter.

    Big time illegal occupants

    China after agreeing with PH to both withdraw from Scarborough Shoal, stayed and occupied the Shoal and build facilities there in spite of an International Ruling to the contrary.

    Reason — that Shoal is theirs or whatever is the latest fashionable thing to say.

  15. NHerrera says:

    This piece of the veteran and respected investigative journalist Marites D. Vitug expresses what may have been expressed by the more erudite and language fluent in the TSH. Nothing new but you may want to savor the piece entitled “Paranoia drives Duterte’s politics.”

  16. madlanglupa says:

    With many statesmen-sages gone to the other side, we have to put up with a government now run mostly by vindictive right-wing money-grubbing jackals occupying much of the executive, the cabinet, the legislature, the judiciary, and law enforcement, all propped up by equally maniacal social media jackals.

    Some of them may soon fight over the carcass… Oh, wait, that hatchet-man Alvarez going against the banana prince Floriendo just because of their ladies entangling in a squabble. They’ll also be fighting over Chinese largesse, on who should get the juicy contracts… Just like Northrail.

  17. Sup says:

    Alvarez and Floirendo……………….

    Could we start addressing them as your odor instead of your honor?

    • NHerrera says:

      Here is another.

      One said to the other: “Let’s discuss this matter as gentlemen .”

      That is an oxymoron of a word to use.

      • Sup says:

        Ok…..You take an oath as lawyer…..get married….start working for the government….make babies with your wife…after having stolen enough tax money you kick out your wife after her body is less attractive due to your babies and tell the people ”All lawyers have girlfriends….

        And now you are the only one who thinks that you still deserve the title ”your honor”…….

          • Sup says:

            I hope they have aircon in congress capable of cleaning the air….it smell like hell in there with all those” your odor’s”… 🙂

          • Sup says:

            Only the female mayors don’t have mistresses….hahahahahahaha 🙂

            • Bill In Oz says:

              But many many Filipino women ( whether mayors or politicians or lawyers, or doctors or nurses, or teachers, or cleaners, or just check out girls, have second partners or de facto partners. It’s normal. That’s why divorce law reform is needed in the Philippines.

              The present law of only allowing very, legally tortuous expensive ‘annulments’, is kauna-unahan, primiive !

          • Sup says:

            Speaker Alvarez to file a complaint before the Ombudsman against Floirendo in connection with a graft-ridden deal of the latter’s banana firm.
            “Diyos ko naman. Kayo naman, sino bang walang girlfriend? (My God, come on, who doesn’t have a girlfriend?)” Alvarez said.

            Read more:
            Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

          • Bill In Oz says:

            “Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales has slapped Mayor Denny Refol of Altavas, Aklan province, with the administrative sanction for carrying on an affair and even fathering a child with a woman not his wife.

            The municipal mayor was found guilty of “disgraceful and immoral conduct” because of his “illicit relationship,” the Ombudsman’s media bureau announced on Monday.”

            What a wonderful example this Ombudsman is of a Catholic Church servant. The problem is she’s an employee of the Filipino people who in vast numbers, think that Catholic law of divorce is utter bloody nonsense. They also act on that thinking in vast numbers.

            So her decision on Mayor Refol is sheer arrogant Catholic nonsense too. Sheer Idiocy !

        • Sup says:

          Ladies and gentlemen………………The Cheater of the House……………..

        • Bill In Oz says:

          When will the Philippines allow divorce ? Then these sort of issues could be resolved with some honesty, equity and dignity by those involved. Now if Duterte organised to change this law, he would be making a huge improvement to the Philippines. At the moment it is the only country in the world ( apart from the mini-state, the Vatican ) which forbids divorce. Why, even the Italians threw out Catholic doctrine & law on divorce 30 years ago.

          • karlgarcia says:

            I avoid commenting about divorce because I am takuza, Bill ask your lady what that means.

            • Bill In Oz says:

              My lady smiled when I asked her just now about ‘takuza’. Are you scared Karl ? Really ?

              I suggestyou take your stand with the Angels karl ! All the millions of Filipinas who have been abandoned by husbands, all the women who cannot marry because their partners cannot get a divorce or afford an annulment under the present corrupt law.

              In this matter any churchmen who condemn the introduction of divorce law reform, are truly devils in disguise. They condemn millions of Filipina women and Filipino men to sorrow, loneliness & financial hardships. And that is no joke !

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Joe I did not initiate this “off topic’. If you look my comments about the need for divorce reform law, flowed from the comments of others here, on politicians who have ‘mistresses’. And my query about members of TSOH being frightened was a response to Karl saying that he was “takuza”. And my query was way of expressing doubt that this was true.

                I agree that a post specifically on Divorce in the Philippines would be helpful and anchor the discussion. However it is clear that I am not the person to put such a post together as I lack any awareness ( or perhaps respect ) for the sensitivities of the subject in the Philippines.

                Meanwhile here in Oz my lady & I move among a circle of Filipina/Australian couples, where divorce is not just normal, but universal.

              • Others recognized it as off topic and complex, suggesting it be moved to another forum. I know of no one in this forum who is frightened to discuss ideas. Being respectful of the blog is just the opposite. It is strength of principle.

                It is up to readers to write guest blogs. I already have mine lined up, and divorce to me is so obvious that I don’t care to deal with the resident intransigience. I don’t mind if no one discusses it.

            • NHerrera says:

              Karl, you too, a takuzza? 🙂

              • Bill In Oz says:

                You too, a takuza N’herrera ?

              • karlgarcia says:

                Yes. 😄

              • NHerrera says:

                @Bill, Karl and I are members of that same club. Hahaha. 🙂

              • sonny says:

                I’m not admitting to either. I’m a chemist. ha ha

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Well I am surprised Karl, N’herrera and Sonny. I have been reading your comments on Joe Am for almost 2 years.

                Never before have you been too frightened to speak your minds aloud about an issue. Even the possibility of Duterte’s mates having a go at you has not deterred you.

                And I notice that almost everybody else who usually has an opinion, is completely silent and saying nothing at all. Even the strong women like Madlanglupa !

                So here on this issue, you are really scared ? What is it about divorce law reform that is so threatening ? Or is it simply embaressing ?

              • The allegation of “frightened” is personal aspersion and is the kind of judgmental quality I try to keep out of the blog. They are being respectful that it is a major issue, off topic, and have proposed a solution that fits within the blog’s editorial guidance, as they understand it.

              • As background, I have had trouble with off-topic issues dominating the discussion recently, particularly some of LCX’s rather ‘far out’ ideas, and have tried to restrain that to deal with the issue raised in the main article. Conversations are free form and can go off topic in the natural course of discussion, and that is expected. No problem. They sometimes lead to ideas for new articles. But divorce is a major, intricate issue, a completely new topic, that is best anchored with an article (either here or Irineo’s is fine). I would add that matters pertinent to the Catholic Church have been addressed on numerous instances, and can be pulled up by going to the home page and doing a search on “Catholic Church”, or other topic of interest.

            • sonny says:

              It’s the Gordian Knot, Bill. Alexander chose to cut it with a sword. The big D is one those unpredictables: who gets hurt matter a lot; what’s the Cost/Benefit really like. (just my take)

          • It is politically difficult for legislators to advocate for divorce because there is no redeeming authority to stand with them and provide cover, as there is on the death penalty. Therefore, they would stand alone and bear the heat of the Church and its outspoken members, as was the case when the Reproductive Health Law was proposed and passed. Some wanted to excommunicate President Aquino on the matter. Sense, the welfare of families, what the rest of the world does . . . all become irrelevant. It is not an issue of reason, but the emotions and needs (and politics) surrounding faith.

            • Bill In Oz says:

              Here’s a bit of direct ‘advocacy’ Joe. Directed exclusively at President Duterte ! After all, his mates read this blog and maybe he also does as well.

              “Come on Dutters ! Do something really useful and good for once for the Philippines. And get a bit of respect back internationally.

              Introduce Divorce law reform.

              After all Dutters you have a long term girl friend don’t you. Don’t you love her ? Do her a favor ! I’m sure she will thank you among many millions of Filipinos and Filipinas.

              As for the fearsome church, give them the flick. They are not your friends anyway. You blew your stack about the traffic chaos, when Papa Frank visited Manila back in 2015. You lost all the clergy then and you will never get them back.

              • Good luck. I’d recommend you throw in something about how it will make Federalism stronger, or cite as and example that he will win friends in Beijing by going secular. I can’t figure a drug angle though. Unless he sees advantage, he won’t do it. He is not a do-gooder who does things to help people.

                I asked my bookie Sal for odds that Duterte will pass a Divorce Law, and he said “it is not as low as you might think. If the Church keeps raggin’ on him about EJKs or the death penalty, he may do it for spite.”

                You might try taunting him about how he is letting the Church push him around and suggest he whack them upside the head with divorce.

                Just brainstorming this a bit to assist you in your advocacy.

              • Bill In Oz says:

                I don’t think that mixing in all those other issues would help with Dutters Joe.

                But there is another way. I remember reading once that the women of ancient Greece black banned sex with their menfolk for something very, very stupid that their men had done..

                And it worked out very well… The Greek blokes backed off smartly. Sex was too important.

                I wonder what would happen if Dutters long term lady/ girl friend began a similar national media campaign in the Philippines to get divorce law reform by black banning sex ? She would almost certainly gain huge support from millions of Filipinas.

              • The presidential dude sucks oxygen when he sleeps, so I think he’s already not getting much action. Try again. haha

              • Bill In Oz says:

                Ahh well I guess old Duters is missing out already.

                Really he needs daily low dose viagra to get his arteries pumping oxygenated blood properly. But I forget, viagra is banned in the Philippines. A bit silly, it’s the best prescription drug for anyone ( male or female) with arteriosclerosis…..It causes the endothelium of the arteries to relax as th heart pumps, allowing blood to flow much more easily.

  18. Bill In Oz says:

    Mar Roxas is reported to have . said something like “The Philippines is a great nation. We can do better than this.” It’s absolutely true. And having divorce laws that are inspired by 16th century Roman Catholicism is a major area where the Philippines can do better.

    There are millions of Filipinas and Filipinos who’s lives are buggered around by the current law, creating hardship, sorrow and blighted lives.

    A minor example is my mother -in-law. She was abandoned for a younger women when my wife was 12. He has gone on to establish a new family and home. And good luck to him with that. But my mother in law through hard work established her own business and then bought her own home in a gated village. She is now getting on and has to deal with the legal reality that her home of the past 19 years will be inherited by her ‘husband’ under Philippines law : the bloke who who left her in 1987 ! Now that is a complete stuff up. And makes for interesting family tensions as well.

    The Philippines as Mar Roxas, said can do better.

    • I’m reminded of basketball players who argue with the referees. The refs never change the call, but sometimes assign technicals for too much arguing, when they deem the player is ‘showing them up’.

  19. This picture from the EU in the Philippines page from Wednesday says it all… Gordon and Pimentel talking to EU Ambassador Jessen, who hasn’t had an easy job in the last months.

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