“That’s the Story of My Life”, an Interview with Sen. Antonio F. Trillanes IV

An historical figure already, and still young. [Photo source: ABS-CBN News]

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva

“Cannot justice be bought?” I asked, referring to his hearings at regional trial courts to determine cause for arrest.

“I’m not ready to say that. Hindi naman ako naive enough to assume that the judicial system is working perfectly, but there is always hope,” Sen. Antonio F. Trillanes IV (SAFT) said—inscrutable, shaved, not a hair out of place, none the worse for wear.

“Any white hair yet?”

“When my stubble grows, I see gray, but my head of hair is black.”

He had taken visitors before he had time for me, and I saw the man in action. A diplomat, firm, fluent in English and Pilipino. Doesn’t hesitate between words. He wears his shirt, tie and suit with dignity, crisp like his words.

As he was talking, I thought: how will this end, where is this leading to? He has been in Senate custody for two weeks and a day as of this interview. His words to the group are worth mentioning: “Just go ahead with your own efforts. Don’t worry about being disunited or scattered. Every movement, big and small will prove to be meaningful to the protest movement.”

On the Philippine Military Academy as a breeding ground for leaders:“PMA is actually a laboratory for leadership training and character building—leadership in all fields which can be used in the battlefield, combat and noncombat. It produces a certain kind of public servant. Meron siyang barracks environment; the fourth-class system creates its own subculture and value system that would help refine any raw product—a civilian—into that kind of public servant, but once exposed to the outside world, it boils down to character.

WGV: Can PMA teach character?

SAFT: It builds character.

WGV: Kahit bastos pwedeng maging disente?

SAFT: At least it tries. The PMA system takes in 17-21 year-old men and women, unfreezes them or empties them, puts in a value system, then freezes them again. Before they entered PMA, may character na, so sa plebe system, they unlearn old ways, and learn new ways, from second to fourth year when values are inculcated and cemented.

WGV: Is that what happened to you personally?

SAFT: Hindi ako ganito noon. Hindi po. Iba po talaga ang mindset ko. There are things I was able to retain despite training; sixty per cent na retain. There are things that PMA training will not touch, like religion, which is reinforced, so meron religious activities that will strengthen your faith: Catholic, Iglesia, Islam, Seventh Day Adventists.

WGV: (Exasperated) Ang corrupt ng government natin, pano ba natin aayusin ‘to?

SAFT: Dapat makapili tayo ng maaayos na leaders.

WGV: Paano natin aayusin ‘tong bayan natin using the PMA creed?

SAFT: I don’t want to fall into the trap na specific groups lang ang pwede.

WGV: Bakit nagproproduce kayo ng Palparan?

SAFT: Hindi PMAer yun. PMA tries to breed men and women of integrity, men of courage and principle, but it’s not foolproof.

WGV: Ba’t hindi sila kumikilos pag sinabi ng prez na h’wag gagalawain ang Chinese patrols?

SAFT: The army dapat is disciplined enough to follow orders.

WGV: Kahit pa counterintuitive?

SAFT: Nung sinabi niyang mag-rape kayo, they did not follow.

WGV: Meaning hindi nabili?

SAFT: Sa tokhang, hindi sumama ang AFP. Discipline-wise, mas solido ang AFP.

WGV: So yung tindig mo, yung galak mo, dahil sigurado ka sa AFP?

SAFT: There are elements in the AFP who would follow orders, kaya ang iniiwasan namin, yung miscommunication.

WGV: So no one is safe in this country?

SAFT: This situation goes beyond me. The symbolism of the bigger, more important issue of Duterte disregarding basic tenets of the rule of law, just to…

WGV: But he blinked, ‘di ba?

SAFT: He’s digging in. Nasa impasse (or deadlock – WGV) tayo which is still good, because in the mind of Duterte, he is not being followed.

WGV: Alam niya yun? Ba’t hindi pa siya bumababa, wala na siyang legs?

SAFT: Because he will be pursued, people will ask for accountability. Thirty thousand ang namatay, somebody will have to answer for that, sabihin na nilang criminal, adik yun mga yun. They are all still presumed to be innocent. There are also 30-50 kids killed as collateral damage. We have a revised penal code, where punishments for each crime is prescribed.

WGV: Eh, yun tattoo?

SAFT: Someday we will know. I know. Pero ang taong bayan hindi pa.

WGV: Pwede ba tayong parang South Korea, nagsu-suicide yung politician kapag nahuling corrupt?

SAFT: Ang culture natin, survival. Malakas ang survival instincts.

WGV: Ayaw natin mag-punish?

SAFT: In Cory’s time, the primary preoccupation was how to restore democracy. I was 15 years old then. I was plebo in 1991. My father (Philippine Navy Capt. Antonio Floranza Trillanes, Sr., PMA Class ’59) ) joined the EDSA revolution; he was one of the first to do so. Like every teenager, I was basically oblivious to what was happening.

WGV: Hindi ka political animal at all?

SAFT: Hindi po. Pag may coup d’état, equated namin sa walang classes. All these things are quite new to me. Growing up, in 1991-1995 I entered PMA, then I was aboard ship for five years. After that, in three years, kulong na ako. My political realizations came much later. Hindi ganun ka deeply-rooted, in fact just recently, I had a realization, based on my reflections, on how AFP worked—rigid, hierarchical—it made me conclude that it was Marcos who ordered the killing of Ninoy.

Composite units ang ginamit sa operation. Somebody must at least represent the commander-in-chief. “Kailangan malaman ng mga units kung sanctioned ni Marcos,” yan ang sasabihin ng military.

The script was badly done: a Communist hitman—Galman—holding a revolver (voice rising), papatayin si Ninoy, alam naman natin na restricted ang tarmac, how could somebody like Galman know the flight schedule; that the military escorts will lead Ninoy to the stairs instead of the passenger bridge to exit? How would he know that?

The script was so badly written. If you would look at the nanlaban script, planted evidence, kita may marks ng handcuffs, because of the sense of impunity, sila-sila rin naman daw ang nagimbestiga kaya pwede nang bara-bara.

Makikita ang parallelism sa nangyayari ngayon. Ultimately, kung hindi si Marcos ang nag-utos nun, dapat magalit siya. Kung hindi si Marcos, the dictator—meron gagalaw, na hindi niya alam?

WGV: But he was in a coma…

SAFT: Hindi naman nangyari yung planning on the day itself lang, sabihin mo weeks bago umuwi si Ninoy. Kunwari yung general na gagawa ng pagpatay, he would have to get a confirmation. Si General Ver naman would have to get a direct order from Marcos himself to execute such a blatantly illegal order like killing Ninoy. Hindi susunod yun kung si Imelda o Danding lang ang nag-utos. Ver is extremely loyal to Marcos. Otherwise, kung walang order si Marcos, for sure, he would not hesitate to punish anybody who undermined his authority. Remember, Marcos was a dictator.

Galing akong AFP, papatayin ninyo ang opposition leader? They will make sure may chain of command. Now, if Duterte would like to have me killed, ang iisipin ng mga mag-eexecute, papano na kung wala na si Duterte.

WGV: Hindi naman naparusahan sila de Mesa…

SAFT: They (Aquinos) were making sure they would not be perceived as vindictive. Kung na-incorporate sa 1987 Constitution na up to the fifth generation of the Marcos family, their allies and cronies are barred from holding public office, wala sana tayong problema. However, the euphoria that came after EDSA I overwhelmed a lot of people, they were preoccupied about day-to-day governance, naiwan na ‘yun. Everybody assumed that people will never forget. (Emphasis mine.)

I cannot blame the Cory administration, now that we have the benefit of hindsight. We could say that they should have done it this way or that way.

WGV: Sasama ka sa pagkilos kung tatanggalin si VP?

SAFT: That should be a red line. We as a people should not allow that to happen. Ibig sabihin, tumawid na sila ng guhit. If no one pushes back, he (Duterte) keeps on pushing, pero kung may pushback, aatras. Kaya nga I have been standing up and fighting him at different levels and at every turn, hindi lang subtle, gusto ko head-on confrontation para umatras. All his life, since he became mayor, hindi niya na encounter ang opposition. We’re in the thick of the fight.

WGV: Ikaw lang, sa Senate?

SAFT: Dumadami na kami.

WGV: Uncertain ang outcome?

SAFT: Uncertain ang outcome. (Emphasis mine.) If we emerge victorious, yung overreach niya na-check natin. Parang Russian winter, nung tumama kay Hitler ang tag-lamig, he wasn’t able to expand anymore. Wala nang blitzkrieg.

WGV: Yung mga judge mukhang nabili na?

SAFT: (Thinking, not committing.)

SAFT: You can perceive the Senate as predominantly Duterte territory, but who would imagine that it would push back against Duterte? Even PNP, it was a clear order, he wasn’t followed. At least not yet. It makes Duterte uncomfortable.

WGV: Talk to the Filipino nation? In case mahuli ka na, your instructions?

SAFT: Somebody once said, the limits of the tyrant is defined by the patience of the people he oppresses. Ako, I committed no crime, he puts me away on a whim, a bogus proclamation that will basically substitute for a warrant of arrest, if the people are comfortable with that, one day they’ll wake up, and all liberties would be gone. Duterte has been pushing and pushing his limit.

WGV: Tatanggapin ba namin ‘yun, sa tingin mo?

SAFT: Paghindi nakalabit ang puso, para na tayong mga Jews na naglalakad papunta sa gas chamber.

WGV: President 2022?

SAFT: Hahaha. We have to make sure we have a democracy first, we have to unite for the 2019 elections. VP Leni is the antithesis of Duterte. We have to unite the people under her.

WGV: Hindi weakling si Leni?

SAFT: Definitely not. Lumalaban siya but she does it in her own style.

WGV: Parang ginigiba ka na, pero nakangiti pa?

SAFT: Opo. It’s easy for a politician to just bow to Duterte. Madali lang yun. But she chose to be the leader of the opposition. People should give her credit. That’s the new symbol of standing up, deciding to be with the opposition. It takes a lot of courage to oppose somebody like Duterte.

WGV: Toxic?

SAFT: Hindi ho. Marami lang gagawin. Nung kami, pag war gaming, ano ang pwede mangyari? (Talking about the alleged offshore accounts as exposed by admin.) Nung ginawa yun, I was pleasantly surprised, because I knew they would be burned. It was a major black propaganda operation. My informants thought I would be obliterated by the sheer force of the government propaganda machinery. Nag-ready na ako kung ano ang mga gagawin pag nilabas nga nila. “Sigurado ka na covered ka rito?” tanong ng tao ko. Feeling daw niya, tatamaan ako. But I thought they would surely be burned. True enough, ginawa yun. Alam ko kasi yun dulo nyan I will be on the side of truth, there will be divine intervention. Even netizens helped out in disproving the black propaganda. It was one big miscalculation.

WGV: Bakit tayo winawasiwas ng kasamaan? Ano ang problema natin?

SAFT: This is the first time that we experienced this. Na meron presidente na tahasang manloloko, yung previous (Marcos), subtle pa. Ito, derecho. Sabi niya, I will get rid of crime in three to six months. The Filipino people gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Sabi ko sa diehard anti-Duterte, h’wag sisisihin ang mga bumoto. Para tayong na budol-budol, pero people learn from experience. Sa politics, first time ito. Sama sama tayo dyan. Pagtutulungan natin para hindi na maulit muli.

Yung blog ni Joe America, yung sinasabi niyang tinitira ang imperfections of a good person, kahit na ang daming accomplishments, tapos yung bad person, bale wala lang ang bad attributes. Intellectual dishonesty ang tawag ko dyan. Just because they are biased, they come up with all sorts of justifications. Yun bang deep in your heart, alam mong mali, pero kinoconvince mo ang sarili mo na tama pa rin.

At ito pa: yung mga bata, we will have a new policy just to make sure that kids will unlearn what they learned with Duterte at the helm. Palamura. Mali ‘yan. Yung rape joke, twisted. Deal breaker na sa akin ‘yun pero naniwala ang tao kay Duterte.

Nagkausap kami ng one-on-one (sa Ortigas). Akala yata, bayolente ako dahil military ako dati. Ang mga kwento…

WGV: Example?

SAFT: Inarmalite daw ang mga holdupper, nagkalat daw ang utak. He was bragging, sounding like it’s normal, and sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi na pwede to, may dipirensya ‘to. Kung tatakbo ‘to, hitman ang mentality. Kaya eventually when he decided to run, I thought the country is in trouble. The propaganda machine, the myth they perpetrated was very effective…

WGV: Napaka glaring?

SAFT: Ang daming red flags! Halimbawa, pumayag magpakasal ang babae kahit na nananakit ang lalaki. Ok lang naman daw na sinampal siya kasi kasalanan naman daw niya, ang katwiran ng babae. Kaya ayan, bugbog-sarado siya, wala na siyang magawa.

WGV: Malakas daw ang people skills?

SAFT: Yun ang pang disarm niya, para ma off-balance ka. Nakita ko ang big-bike collection. Harly-Davidson bikes. Collection! Pano ‘yun? The bank account, billions ang pumasok. Pero sa kulambo raw natutulog. Naloko tayo.

WGV: Ba’t ang ibang senator hindi ka tinutulungan?

SAFT: Marami naman ang tumutulong ngayon. Nauuna lang talaga akong tumayo at lumaban. That’s the story of my life. But there is hope. Since June 2016, yung cult following niya, nagsimula nang padausos. Once it reaches a certain point, pabagsak na talaga. Hopefully itong third quarter, survey results will show that.

WGV: Natanong ka kita dati, pero uulitin ko: Madasalin ka ba?

SAFT: Spiritual, pero hindi religious.

WGV: Pero tanggap mo na may divine intervention?

SAFT: Opo. Tutoo ‘yan.


133 Responses to ““That’s the Story of My Life”, an Interview with Sen. Antonio F. Trillanes IV”
  1. Andres 2018. says:

    Did Trillanes lawyers did not emphasize in their submission that only the DND have the copy of that application and that the applicant (Trillanes) did not received a duplicate? Did Trillanes lawyers did not emphasize in their submission that they received certification from the DND personnel that time that certifies that he personally received the application of Trillanes and it was filed in order? What did Judge Alameda of Makati RTC 150 opinion on this submissions?

    If Judge Alameda favors Duterte’s Executive Order 572 on the grounds of the certification issued by DND that the copy of Trillanes application could not be found, did Judge Alameda never considers the possibility that it was lost, or maybe lost on purpose?

    Lots of legal and factual questions about this case.

    Was Judge Alameda pressured, like a threat to the judge life or whatever?

    • Don’t expect to find rational answers to an irrational political act.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Should I be bringing my Transcript of Records from my university when I show an article I had written? Cannot the article speak for me, my research, reflection, readability? Who cares where JoeAm graduated from? He is a walking, talking representation of the educational institution, his family and friends, his beliefs and contribution to society. If President Duterte wears a scapular, exhibits knowledge of the Bible in his armpit, does that make him less of the sinner that he is? Acts make a man or woman, his certifications from the past a distant memory, good only when family and friends eulogize him, but then again, no. His acts, just his or her acts are all that matter.

  2. arlene says:

    What a touching interview Wil. Despite all the odds, the guy stands tall and with our help and prayers, we will get through this.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Something about the man, Arlene. The incandescence, the standoffishness, the looks that pierce heart and soul, these things make him larger than life. He is Arthur that just lifted the Excalibur.

  3. edgar lores says:

    1. Superb.

    2. Reveals the depths of the trickster.

    3. Reveals the character of the hero.

  4. Grace Lim Reyes says:

    To Sir WGV,

    Thank you for sharing your face-to-face with SenTri.

    Let me quote my favorite lines from Ecclesiastes

    To every thing there is a season,
    and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
    A time to be born, a time to die;
    a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
    A time to kill, and a time to heal;
    a time to break down, and a time to build up;
    A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
    a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
    A time to get, and a time to lose;
    a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
    A time to rend, and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
    A time to love, and a time to hate;
    A time of war, and a time of peace.

    (Accessed from https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/ecclesiastes-31-8)

    They have the upper hand today, but walang forever, bes.

    Kidding aside, I feel the decision of the judge was self-preservation and perhaps fueled by personal ambitions to advance in his profession. Disregarding the facts and truth may in the end result in positive outcomes because it may open the eyes and ears of our people.

    If not, then the Filipinos deserve the kind of government they have and they can blame no one but themselves.

    BR to everyone.

  5. LG says:

    Am so so, so sad about the arrest of SenTri today. God bless this HONORABLE man always, assure his safety and keep his wisdom amid the terrible injustice of his arrest.

  6. andrewlim8 says:

    “Pres Duterte only wants laws faithfully executed” .- SolGen Calida

    Executed as in killed, dismembered, quartered, drowned, poisoned, shot, guillotined….

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      How can they even say those things. It’s like saying black is white, black is white, over and over again. And they seem to believe it.

      • Tweeto Wakatono says:

        Kung yan ang tuwid na Pinoy jurisprudence, aba eh baluktutin na yan, baka marespeto pa tayo ng ibang bansa.

        Ano ba yang mga international courts daw, wala naman bansa yan, hindi naman pwedeng mag aresto ng tao yan, wala naman sariling pulis at mga kulungan yan. Sino ba ang matatakot diyan at maniniwala diyan?

    • chemrock says:

      Laws are implemented, enforced or administered.
      Only wills (pertaining estates, not the writer) are executed.

      Is this layman wrong, or is it taught differently in Philippines?

      • karlgarcia says:

        For this layman in the Philippines- Executive branch executes, and not just be cute.

        • Tweeto Wakatono says:

          Oy Karl sinong may sabing cute ang branch na yan? Tama naman eh. Yung Kongresso nag iisip, gumagawa ng butas, este batas, yung Hudikatura naman eh nagii- interpret nang batas, pero ang executive branch taga sunod lang sa butas, este batas.NA IDINIDIKTA NOONG DALAWA, Kung yang tatlong branches ay pawang matatalino, sino ang pinaka bobo? NL (nagtatanong lang eh).

          • karlgarcia says:

            Sino ba talaga ang gumagawa ng budget?

          • Tweeto Wakatono says:

            Sabi kasi ni Joe Amerika, ako daw ay riddler, taga hasik ng riddle (bugtong). Example: Noong wala pang ginto noon nagpalalo, nang magkagin-ginto ay doon yumoko. Ang sagot ay PALAY. Rice plants starts as straight leaves proudly pointing to the sky; but after it grew its panicles of golden palay grains, it humbly bends with its weight. .

      • In Dutertestan, the Executive executes drug addicts, dealers and laws. /borat

    • madlanglupa says:

      Calida is nothing but a Marcos puppet.

  7. manangbok says:

    Thank you for this interview Mr. Villanueva. Today is a sad day for democracy — they just arrested a man for the flimsiest of reasons. I would like to believe that the majority of Filipinos are not represented by those I see in social media who just laugh and do the thumbs up sign at this travesty of Mr. Trillanes’s arrest. Where do our country go from here I wonder? What sort of values do we have as a people that we can continue supporting a monster like Rodrigo Roa Duterte?

    I just realized that what I hate most about this administration, more than the incompetence (though there sure is a lot of that); more than the corruption; more than the EJKs; more than the kowtowing to China — what I hate most about it is that is has tapped into the dark side of the Filipino soul that we (or at least 16 million of us?) can rejoice when a blatant display of injustice happens.

    Some of my friends are saying Trillanes is so contrarian, maingay, puro presscon, reklamador blah blah blah. These friends are professionals who are educated and (I assume) can think critically. But they can accept this silencing of dissent in a supposedly democratic country. What is wrong with them? Are we even living in the same universe?

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      You’re welcome, manangbok!

    • Mb, I think if ever, American consumerism was the thing most Filipinos adopted – democracy is just skin-deep among many, or most.

      And at most being pro-US was about siding with the winner, like the “supermajority”.

      Kung saan masarap ang hangin doon sila.

    • Tweeto Wakatono says:

      Excuse me. Hello? Sino ang mas maingay? Nosy or noisy? Trillanes is asking only one thing each of the father and the son. Just sign the waiver and show the tattoo. He is not even bawling like a child. During Trillanes days In Fort Del Pilar, the bow wow (regimental adjutant) or the Baron will just singsonng two words: Passinnnng Review and entire long gray line will right face and march in precision under the symphony of El Capitan. All’s alright, Sirrrrrr.

  8. NHerrera says:


    Very timely. This interview reveals more of the character of Trillanes as compared with Duterte. The interview series is getting better as in a symphony and I believe more will come until we hear cymbals and drums. Again, thank you.

    In a way the order of arrest by Makati’s RTC 150 seems to fit with the drama of the story of Trillanes’ life. It adds more spice to what is to come in the life story of one of the few good men and women of the country. And you are a chronicler of this few good people through your interviews. More, more, Will.

  9. canadadry says:

    Thanks Will for a timely article, thanks Joeam for sharing…

    In 1986..
    I remember when Ninoy was shot, I was in disbelief then disgust..then I just found myself joining rallies.Wala akong kasama just my way of protest. Inside the rallies, I was not conversing with anyone I just felt my presence kind of fills the longing in me to matter. When the EDSA revolt happened, against the warnings of my worried mom for her kids not ever to go near EDSA. Pagka alas singko ng umaga after the call of Cardinal Sin, I just found myself there in EDSA…

    The helplessness of Ninoy was what drove people out and mutter within themselves “hindi ka nag iisa” while feeling the outrage bursting inside.It became more of a personal thing-the feeling that “nagpapakadisente ka, binababoy ka naman ng gobyerno, ano pa ang saysay ng buhay na ito kung puro nalang pangaapi,pangloloko,panglalamang,pananakot..”.

    Eerily, when I heard Trillanes was ordered arrested by the court, I’m sensing a feeling of déjà vu.. all over again…

    The salvaged victims of 1986 is replayed by today’s 30,000 tokhangs of poor nanlaban “addicts” and protesters. Ninoy’s call of protest on corruption of Marcos cronies brought back to life by today’s Marcos and Arroyo comeback and Duterte’s oligarchs led by Calida, Bong Go, Frat brods shameless “tayo naman”. The 1986 sliding economy with Marcos Swiss wealth growing brought to life by today;s economy and Duterte’s “no one looks at my bank account”. While Marcos has his smugglers, Duterte has his billion dollar shabu importers and the treasonous giving of Philippine territories to China. While Marcos shamed and unjustly imprisoned Ninoy, Duterte has his shaming and unjust imprisonment by Delima and shaming and ouster of Chief Justice Sereno. While Marcos’ Military court sentenced Ninoy, Duterte’s courts today’s justified the arrest warrant to Trillanes of a crime already amnestied and approved by Congress many years ago….

    Mr. Duterte, do not ask for whom the bell tolls..it tolls for…

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Without words for what you wrote, canadadry.

    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      I had to return to your comment, canadadry. Going by the chronology of events, we can see in plain sight that when the knight is captured, the queen will be easy prey. Will we see a repeat of EDSA One? Our response will determine our destiny as a nation.

  10. Filipinos are being cooked like frogs.

    Each successive episode accustoms to more impunity, “resilience” makes it the new normal.

    I fear hardly anything will happen when BBM is declared VP, there will be socmed anger, some demos and then it dies down without effect.

  11. caliphman says:

    Will, I sense the alacrity and hope in Trillanes’ words in speaking about the country’s continuing descent into the darkness of Duterte’s dictatorship. That Filipinos main concern is their family and own survival as the Duterte regime strips the country of its civility, self-respect, and constitutional protections against tyranny and persecution. That the fear is that the deafening silence of the masses and those sworn to defend them and their laws will sound the death knell of all that remains of constitutional democracy in the Philippines. His hope is that there are or will be others like him who are willing to resist if not oppose Duterte and his minions, as they muzzle him and others with the acquiescence if not support of what may be nothing but just a country of carabaos.

  12. Thank you, SenTri for being the voice for all voiceless Filipinos, for sacrificing yourself for the betterment of all Filipinos and for showing the masses what is admirable about being a Filipino. A lot of people are proud of you and are behind you. Please hang in there.

    Thank you, Kuya Will for sharing this interview with us. The more we know about SenTri’s philosophy and motivation, the more we appreciate him for what he is doing.

    No ML needed. The creeping dictatorship is slowly but surely being established day after day with just a faint dissent. Bayan ko, kailan mo ihihiyaw and iyong dalamhati?

  13. NHerrera says:

    I do not know how Rappler get the data for this chart, but Rappler indicates it reflects the mood of the reader-voters on the top 10 Rappler stories. The note on the chart says:

    Displaying votes from 06:09am September 25, 2018 to 06:09am September 26, 2018

    I am posting it for whatever it is worth.

    • Rappler’s readership is more yellow than not, I think. That’s the great difficulty. They write sense but it never gets to the masses.

    • edgar lores says:

      Nowadays, yellows have only two moods. Mostly red.

    • LG says:

      Were the predominant color an indication…..?…

      • Juana Pilipinas says:

        Malapit ng mapuno ang salop… Those who are tagged “yellows” are in the simmering stage.

        • Not only.. just two examples:


          A woman in a white blouse and who appeared to be in her 40s bravely went onstage and faced the President.

          Without identifying herself, the woman told the President that she and her neighbors at Barangay Tinaan wanted to put a stop to the quarry operations that they blamed for the massive landslide.

          “Stop the Apo Cement quarry. That’s what I’m asking. We don’t need food. What we need is for the quarry to stop because I believe if the people would just work, we’d still manage to eat,” she said as the crowd cheered.

          With the President looking at her intently, the woman continued and said she did not think heavy rains had triggered the landslide. They’ve been through a lot of typhoons, she said, but no tragedy had struck until the quarry operations started.

          Pink nail polish

          “I believe what you say,” the President told the woman. “But look at your nails. I guess you were at the beauty parlor when the landslide happened.”

          He then pointed to her pink nail polish.

          When the woman left the stage, the President went on to say “Maayong pagka-training ni sa kuan … (She’s well trained by the …).”

          He then asked the crowd: “Are there any New People’s Army [communist rebels] here?”



          It’s not even funny.

          ACTS-OFW Representative John Bertiz thought the new batch of agricultural and biosystems engineers would get excited if he asked them if they knew Special Assistant to the President Bong Go.

          After all, Go had sent Bertiz as his proxy to the mass oath-taking of the licensure examination passers on Tuesday, September 25.

          “Bong Go ako nang Bong Go. Kakilala niyo ba kung sino sinasabi ko?” Bertiz was heard saying over the microphone. A social media user, who refused to be named, posted the video on Twitter.

          (I keep on saying Bong Go. But do you know who I’m talking about?)

          Several people in the audience were heard saying “no.” Bertiz then tried to make a light “threat” to force them to acknowledge Go.

          “O ‘wag na nating ituloy ‘to. ‘Wag na bigyan ng mga lisensiya ‘to. Ulitin ko ha: ‘Yong ‘di nakakilala kay Secretary Bong Go, walang PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) license mamaya. Sino nakakilala kay Sec Bong Go?” he said.

          (Then let’s not push through with this. Don’t give them their licenses. I’ll repeat: Those who don’t know Secretary Bong Go will not get a PRC license later. So again, who knows Secretary Bong Go?)

          Another person close to the camera was still heard replying, “Wala, wala (No one, no one).”

          The video of Bertiz has since gone viral, garnering around 203,000 views on Twitter as of Wednesday, September 26. Another Facebook user reposted the video and has so far gotten a total of 149,000 views for the video.

          Bertiz and Go drew flak online, with several social media users slamming the two officials for making light of the PRC license.

          “With so much time, effort, money, and resources put into working for a license, you can’t just take this lightly and make fun of having a license. You absolutely cannot disrespect what they earned,” said Twitter user @MadamJo1.


  14. Gemino H. Abad says:

    With Trillanes, I am proud to be Filipino! THANKS, Joe America!

  15. andrewlim8 says:

    A great read, on how the false idea that authoritarianism means competence blows up:

    ” At a moment in history when a growing number of countries are investing their hopes in personalities over institutions as the secret to success, the present tumult in Ankara therefore offers a timely reminder of where this kind of rule usually leads.

    Strongmen imagine themselves as indispensable national saviors. But more often than not, they turn out to be time bombs—blowing up in the face of those unwise enough to wager their future on them.”


    • Wilfredo G. Villanueva says:

      Thanks, Andrew!

    • NHerrera says:

      A highly recommended reading fare. Thanks, too, Andrew.

      The article provides a likely pattern on how the future will be for the Philippines — the early manifestations are already there. Unless we can still turn the tide.

      Yet the problem with concentrating power is that the appetite tends to grow with the eating. And the more concentrated power gets, the more unaccountable it becomes. Meanwhile, personalized rule almost always subverts the very institutions that provide the real long-term foundation for sound public policy and economic dynamism: an independent, professional judiciary; a free press; and apolitical, qualified civil servants, regulators, and security services.

      The result, unsurprisingly, is that while strongman regimes can be successful for a while, sometimes dazzlingly so, they usually end up reproducing the problems they were supposed to solve.

      This is tragically what seems to have happened under Erdoğan, whose decision making has grown capricious and reckless in almost direct proportion to his degree of control. With the narrowing of the inner circle around the Turkish president, moreover, capable technocrats have increasingly given way to inept cronies and yes-men, while the extraordinary methods used to stamp out corruption and criminality have created irresistible opportunities for new, even more spectacular manifestations of it.

    • Thanks for the link, Andrew. A very insightful article.

  16. andrewlim8 says:


    Iniwan ng maayos,
    Ngayon ay busabos. (phil economy under pnoy vs du30)

    Tatay, tatay
    Bakit mo pinamigay? (West Phil Sea/China issue)

    Binalik ang korap,
    Kaya ang lahat naghirap.

    Kunektado ang presyo
    Sa asal ng palasyo.

    Authoritarianism Does Not Mean Competence!

    Kapag puro bagsik
    Ekonomiya ay tatalsik.

    • andrewlim8 says:


      Kung ang ipinaglalaban mo ay tao,
      Para ka lang isang aso.

      Ipaglaban ang prinsipyo, hindi isang tao!

      Pam-balanse ng senado
      Kay Duterteng mapang-abuso (for the election candidates)

      Isda na natin
      Bakit kailangan pang angkatin? (fish catch in West Phil Sea bought from China)

  17. madlanglupa says:

    Offtopic: Finally, the tables have been turned.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, Lord God pls have mercy on us, the just and unjust, may you intervene in our country, our beloved Philippines !

  19. andrewlim8 says:


    ” When Duterte offered rice in exchange for our freedoms, Filipinos ended up having neither rice nor freedom, “

  20. karlgarcia says:


    Is this what being a prosumer is all about?
    Boycotting because it is owned by Enrile.


    We need more prosuming to do,
    Boycotting all Dennis Uy products, Dennis Uy being a Duterte crony.

    What else?

  21. andrewlim8 says:

    Now for some lighter moments…

    ” Call centers and other back office service providers “need to concentrate on activities that have more brain power and more human skills.to survive digital shift and automation ..” Pricewaterhouse Coopers study

    So how in the world can the troll farms of Duterte survive this? More brain power, more human skills? How, Nic Gabunada and Pompee La Vina? 🙂


  22. andrewlim8 says:

    It finally happened! But I’m confused. Was it the mouth talking about the asshole or the asshole talking about the owner? At a gastroentorology forum in Cebu:


    That’s why the economy is in the toilet! 🙂

  23. botskie says:

    hoping against hope..but they’re applying full pressures to 150 & 148. what’s the pleasure of the dominant religious sector about all this brouhaha? any idea ladies & gentlemen?

  24. andrewlim8 says:

    This news got lost amidst the sinking economy, du30’s sinking approval ratings and the Trillanes case. :

    ” The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Russian company BiZone Limited Liability Company (BiZone LLC) to enhance the country’s cybersecurity.”


    The name of the company is Bizone LLC, headquarters in Moscow. Anybody has any news on this?

    Can these guys be trusted? Wasn’t there an issue with Kaspersky (another Russian company) before- that its security software were actually spying on the companies it was installed in?


    Isn’t there a danger it will get involved in our electoral system?

    Aren’t these guys as dubious as Huawei? Isn’t it true that nothing gets done in Russia without Putin’s involvement?

    • canadadry says:

      Could Du30 be in panic mood? Had to ask Trump’s friend for help as China seemed swaying to GMA? Hmmm..as Trillanes observed last week “situation is very fluid”. The coup may not be coming from dilawans but from within..could be from the lady who disrobed the Pantyman? Wha happenin?

  25. canadadry says:

    The Duterte Bulutong is about to burst-but document everythng

    Some of my friends have been sounding pessimistic with what is happening but I feel differently. What I sense is similar to a bulutong, this duterte era is nearing its demise. Palala ng palala yung situation as in garapalan is the name of the game, Well, this is similar to palaki ng palaki yung bulutong, pero may hangganan ito, puputok din ito.

    So this is the best time to focus and record Duterte Gang worst practices..Sa mga nagtatrabaho sa government agencies from Supreme courts to RTCs especially those in 148 and 150, to AMLC, PCGG and even banks, document, keep records of anomalous behaviors of the MAD (Marcos, Arroyo and Duterte) and kapanalig In these times na akala nila sigurado na sila, and In a situation where it seems ordinary citizens cant get protection from police and AFP,, records and observations are the only refuge of truth. Observations and documents cannot be changed. Kaya sila Enrile and Bongbong are having a hard time revising history because of records kept by those who took time. To my friends, have faith. Let it all play out. They can be brazen today as much as they want, parade and bully and shout victory as much as they want but lets make them accountable later on-each and every one of them.

    The Bulutong has no way to go but burst. History will always be on the side of those who believe in freedom, justice and respect for human life….and the whole world is watching…

  26. karlgarcia says:

    Still pessimistic for now.

    The ones leading the surveys, paid or otherwise are not that encouraging.

    John Nery explores why so.


    • LG says:

      🙏that the AFP and DND heed to SenTri’s “Show some balls”. Show you are indeed PMAers.

      Karl, Re, my Sept. 26 entry above: ‘stat’ may not be googleable. When such word is written after a doctor’s order, s/he means ‘NOW’.

  27. Madz says:

    The marks of a real hero – selflessness, courage, perseverance, a defender of righteousness, a beacon of light during these dark times! This is the kind of leader the country needs. He is awakening the ignorant and leading the flock away from danger in his own way. How many people could do what he is doing? He is taking the bull by its horns while banging the church bell continuously with his metal spoon to warn us of the looming dangers. He reminds me of Gandhi (and other heroes) who stood up against an institution bigger than himself. May God protect and help him and the people win this war against evil! Thanks for sharing this interview!

  28. Roberto Caragay Ciencia says:

    Kung ipapapatay ni Marcos c Ninoy, di na nya pinayagang pumunta pa ng USA para sa kanyang sakit sa puso. C Ninoy kasama cna Victor Corpuz at Dante Buscayno ay nasentensyahan na ng Military Tribunal ng kamatayan.
    Hakahaka lang para sa kin mga cnabi ni SAFT.
    Bago umuwi c Ninoy ay binalaan sya ni Imelda na huwag muna bumalik dahil may banta sa kanyang buhay. Sakripisyo na para kay Ninoy mapatay man sya dahilbatid nyang sa janyang sakit di naman na sya tatagal, at iyon ay makatutulong pa sa pagpapabagsak kay Marcos.

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