The Professional Heckler is an institution, Panelo a passing fancy

Spokesman Panelo [Photo from PCOO via Manila Bulletin]

By Joe America

The Duterte Administration is getting very sensitive about criticism.

  • Vice President Robredo criticized the drug war and the President threw a hissy fit, tauntingly offering her the job of drug czar. You can see the burning anger in his eyes when he talks about it, a woman, after all. The trolls, of course, all take his lead and pounce on the Vice President with a smear campaign.
  • Propaganda Chief Martin Andanar stood at a podium and criticized a fake news story that popped up in Thailand. The story claimed the Thai king had ordered the President “to behave”. Andanar demanded an end to this, and more respect and loyalty toward the Administration. He, of course, is the guy who employed Mocha Uson as Queen of Propaganda with the main objective of smearing and diminishing prominent yellows. Truth was and remains irrelevant, even today. Talk about a blow-hard hypocrite with double standards, that’s Andanar.
  • Yesterday, Presidential Spokesman Sal Panelo called out “The Professional Heckler” for a satirical tweet about a video showing President Duterte not receiving a sports jersey at an ASEAN presentation, quite an awkward moment. Well, that moment was humiliating for the President, even if he did finally get a jersey. So the Heckler poked a very sore, self-pitying Administration. He made the sore sore.

Spokesman Panelo pouted like a two-year old: Palace slams ‘Professional Heckler’ tweet on Duterte receiving FIFA jersey

Panelo obviously is not a literary man, even if he has spent years making up stories in defense of crooks. He claims the Heckler was associated with the Aquino Administration which proves for a fact he does not know what he is talking about. The Heckler was on the Aquino Administration’s case for six years with sharp, award-winning wit. Kris Aquino (“Krissy”) is a favorite subject for him. Such easy satire material, that lady.

The Heckler is an institution in Philippine political/literary circles. A genius wit. As popular among literary buffs as Pacquio is among people who like to see men beating each other’s brains out. No subject escapes the Heckler’s sharp eyes and ability to twist nonsense into hilarious sense and sense into an amusing lesson.

Panelo is not an institution. He is just passing through.

He would do well to work on his humility and respect for Filipino arts.

And he would do well to instruct the President to grow up.

And get some good work done.

And stop mistaking blustering blabber for accomplishment.


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