Land of Illusion

Analysis and Opinion

By Irineo B. R. Salazar

“Could it be a picture in your mind, never sure exactly what I find” – these words from the Lyrics of the hit “Illusion” by Imagination, the song played a lot when I moved out of the Philippines almost forty years ago now, do these describe the Philippines best? This FB post makes me think so:

Just my observations of the differences between Yolanda & Odette 

– less TV and social media coverage (because there are no local ABS CBN stations)

– less or no international aid pouring in

– much less outrage against the national government’s inability to provide immediate and adequate on-ground action. Like I don’t see anyone hating on the DILG & DSWD heads the way they demonized Mar & Dinky. Because no one really knows who and where they are. I honestly cannot remember their names. 

– most updates are coming from the OVP

As for the President, no one really cares. Because it seems neither does he.

Gege Cruz Sugue, also known as The Reluctant Activist, hit the nail on the head once again with that. Maybe Filipinos indeed WANT to be fooled and will deride someone more for being onsite the night before, getting mad at a mayor once and falling from a motorbike once than for just flying over.

Perception is Reality © Imelda Marcos

Maybe they just don’t want to know about bad things happening elsewhere in the archipelago or to people outside their own circles, like during the days of Marcos Sr. when atrocities happening in Samar or Mindanao were as much in the realm of cautious murmurs as hunger is in North Korea.

Well, VP Leni didn’t do them the favor of getting mad at anyone, her even-temperedness or at least self-control is amazing, and her routine in dealing with rough terrain even in tsinelas or at riding at the back of a motorcycle is a lifetime of practice embodied, so the trolls had a hard time finding stuff.

All they could complain about was that she was without a helmet on one occasion, but hey isn’t that considered bad-assin the Philippines? “My favorite movie is Mad Max Fury Road” is what Yoon Seri says in a crucial scene in the K-Drama “Crash Landing on You” in the part which plays in North Korea.

North Korea on Bee Gees

To be fair, the Bee Gees were already on their way out when I left the Philippines, but then again the former lead singer of VST and Co. has almost the same haircut as back then. His voice was more like that of Barry Gibb. His brother was more like Robin Gibb and is the father of today’s Pasig mayor. 

Well, the reality of those days was so airbrushed that even we as young teens at times laughed at how retoke and clean the official pictures of Marcos buildings were. Maybe some in my generation have their nostalgia for those days as they indeed were a better illusion than messy realities later.

Damn, if over 50% of Filipinos really want Marcos Jr., maybe even huge statues of his father and him in Batac much like Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, what business of mine is it anyway now? After all, the Aquinos on the 500 peso bill are about to be replaced with a tarsier – but do most care?

Lino Brocka movies

Many aspects of the Philippines even today also seem like aLino Brocka movie where the men are mostly lazy useless braggarts while the women do most of the work, but hardly get much respect, even though the support of the volunteer centers for VP Leni Robredo is truly an impressive thing.

Hey, in my days in the Philippines a man who was serious about his work, didn’t drink or smoke or hang out with his buddies on Saturday nights had to at least have rumors of a sexy mistress spread, or risk being considered bakla, meaning weak. Nowadays Isko Moreno is at least accepted as a man.

But imagine Isko Moreno not making threats? The street might think he was a “macho dancer” once! Perception as 

Reality, Nokor on Bee Gees and Lino Brocka movies – how dysfunctional can it get?

Diskarte versus Abilidad

Mila Aguilar wrote something Joe and myself would get called racist and elitist for, respectively: 

Only half if not a slim third of Philippine society areenlightened in the ways of honesty and hard work. The sole good news is that they cut through classes and religions.

The late Edgar Lores analyzed the term diskarte years ago, in the context of Duterte saying the VP Leni Robredo had weak “diskarte”. She herself has used the term abilidad as a positive term for what the Filipino is capable of. Abilidad is more than the short-term getting by of diskarte, it is building. People who have been dealt a bad hand by history for so long – to stick with the card game analogy diskarte is based on – may get cynical about politicians, believing no one is honest anyway. Could that explain those who laughed about Duterte saying Mar Roxas never graduated from Wharton?

Battered Orphan Nation

Joe has compared the Philippines to a battered orphan while Ninotchka Rosca says battered nation. Now Ninotchka as a feminist may be thinking of the mother country as like a battered woman who likes to run on to the next asshole. Joe may be thinking of Oliver Twist falling for Fagin as “kind”.

The proven hard work of VP Leni Robredo makes her announcement of candidacy – beautifully illustrated in this video by Arnold Arre, more than just a plain motherhood statement. But the country and its people may still be, in the majority, too cynical and hardened to convince about that.

They might, to stay with the Oliver Twist analogy, think that the way of hard work and perseverance is just back to the work house (in the Philippines it would be called a sweat shop) and decide to stay with the gang of Fagin because it seems “cool” to do so. They may think VP Leni is just another version of Cory, who for many had the aura of a naïve nun who doesn’t know the street they live in. They may even call VP Leni who once successfully defended the Sumilao farmers an “elitist” because she is in the political party of Aquino and Roxas, closing their ears and chanting “Hacienda Luisita”.

Next year, Filipinos may choose illusion once more, though the reality is that the Philippines started to be overtaken by other Asian countries in the time of Marcos Sr. – maybe the main reality that has to be acknowledged is that post-1986 failed to change that, not even Duterte’s Singapore fantasy.Are the poor shabu addicts who NEED drugs to escape life’spain possibly the more realistic Filipinos than those who indulge in wishful thinking and nostalgia of a golden Marcos age that never existed?

El Dorado Fantasies

I wonder how many Marcos Jr. supporters actually believe in the Tallano gold story which has aspects of the mythical El Dorado, the golden-clad King the Spanish conquistadores looked for everywhere, though the gold-clad picture of Marcos Jr. I recently posted on Facebook should maybe wear a Rolex. Desperate people clinging to false beliefs are very possible in a country that produced an Apollo Quiboloy who calls himself the Appointed Son of God. By contrast, Marcos Jr. is not even appointed.

Rizal died nearly 125 years ago; I wonder what he would think of the Philippines in these days.

He might smile upon VP Leni Robredo who is somehow following in the footsteps of what he did in Dapitan, social work on the ground. About the rest even I who am at times morbid dare not think of. Now wait, am I the one who is an illusionist, should I start singing Bagong Lipunan instead?

Irineo B. R. Salazar

Munich, 29. December 2021

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  1. boatmik says:

    Very nice with some great observations.

  2. NHerrera says:

    Marcos Jr., the illusionist but one performed not through his own ability [his own father and his own life and actions in Oxford attests] but through the billions of money stolen by Marcos Sr. which he and his family inherited — paying the experts but worst of social media practitioners over the years, falsely creating a narrative about him and his family, using such mechanisms as Facebook.

    • The narrative started even during his father’s rule with Bulletin Today (Manila Bulletin) as one of the only papers and ABS-CBN closed. I positively HATE the Bagong Lipunan song as I often can’t get it out of my head when I hear it, it was all over the airwaves in my childhood.

      Though some of us kids at UP Elementary sung some passages this way “Madaling araw may nagnanakaw ng manok sa kulungan.. Hinuli ng may-ari, pinutulan ng..” blissfully unaware that we could get into trouble for that. Some young Igorots who sang the song as “Gagong Lipunan” in Baguio were arrested and beaten, this is something I found out later – “Gagong Bansa, Gagong Galaw, sa Gagong Lipunan..”.

      • NHerrera says:

        Thanks for the elaboration on the false narrative even during the “golden years” of “Dear Papa.” What really can we expect from the creator of zillions of war medals.

  3. “After all, the Aquinos on the 500 peso bill are about to be replaced with a tarsier – but do most care?”

    These cute little things when stressed actually commit suicide, by jumping into a nearby river or banging its head open. Thus apt for a 500 peso bill, IMHO.

    As to Philippine illusion vs. reality, and the Yolanda vs. Odette disparity , i think Yolanda was more severe thus deserving of attention, Odette though the winds were clocked at abnormal rates in the end was basically just another hurricane. So its the election cycle making it a big deal, not really its severity.

    The storm surge was what killed thousands (5,000+), compared to Odettes measly 100+.

    To connect it to the Ka Leody issue, the above blog photo of Marcos Jr. is obviously photoshopped, whereas Ka Leody did something similar except it was reality. Thus illusion vs. reality.

    The Marcos jr. supporters are just sick and tired of it all, so they’re willing to give Marcos a chance, the Devil they know, reality; vs. the Devil they don’t know , that’s VP Leni, the Pinks, illusion because in the end Marcos Jr. is carrying the mantle of his father and like or not of DU30 (via Inday Sara), thus known and

    VP Leni is not carrying anyone’s mantle (not even the Yellows, she’s Pink), so her brand is more akin to illusion, thus unknown.

    Something that has not yet transpired. So far, i don’t think VP Leni has gone from illusion to reality. Is she a Ka Leody, a Jose Rizal, a Mar Roxas/Bam Aquino, a Walden Bello, a Barack Obama, I still don’t know her vision of the Philippines and how she’s gonna birth said vision.

    All i know is that she’s even tempered, has a nice smile and is graceful.

    • ooooops, my bad Google gave me 108 (but that was just Cebu apparently), Odette death toll is 400 actually.

    • Well, Odette was not as powerful as Yolanda but the damage is immense. People are without homes in many a place and Dutz has only suggested trapal as emergency shelter after the usual flyover inspection. Siargao is flattened all the admin can think of is to prohibit people from resettling along the coast, which sounds sensible at first BUT they want to give the land to certain established settlers so it sounds like what was done to Boracay AGAIN. Lack of fresh water has led to massive outbreaks of diarrhea in a lot of islands. Palawan is in very bad shape, Amy Evangelista-Swanepoel who Cha mentioned in her article “Tito Sotto is not a Woman” – the one doing “Roots of Health” together with her mother Sue Evangelista (a Michigan woman, former Peace Corps married to a retired UP History Prof) who happened to be my mother’s best friend back in the days – has broadcast a call for help via Facebook.

      VP Leni went to the islands that were hit – Bohol, Siargao, Southern Leyte, Cebu, Negros, Palawan – like a whirlwind while Kiko was the “heavy” coordinating the donations and their packing and dispatch from the volunteer center at Katipunan. Young people – young men who look like all the weights they used to lift were at fancy gyms, one young woman whose main exercise was on her treadmill at home to lose weight who is a very active Pink on Twitter , meaning yes “bourgeousie” are now at the volunteer center packing and lifiting, making sure every donation is properly accounted for as the OVP / Kaya Natin are highly meticulous in its accounting, remember that OVP was praised by COA for its accuracy. VP Leni went back to Bohol 2 days ago after having been back in Manila and numerous volunteers have been happy to have been selfied or video selfied with her at Katipunan yesterday, she is a month older than me, exactly, I wouldn’t be able to work like that..

      ..her vision can be seen based on what Kaya Natin has done all these years, a country where everyone has a basic livelihood at least, where production is locally sourced like the PPEs she had made during the pandemic, where disaster preparedness is King. But this animated rendition of her speech announcing her candidacy gives the vision shape, she is (Kaya Natin could be seen as the Filipino version of Yes We Can) more like Barack Obama but with more grassroots work. Also a matriarch like Cory but closer to the ground.

      Marcos Jr. is a pale echo of what his father was even at his best, he is like Napoleon III to Napoleon I only much weaker. He might even lack the self-control his father did mostly have – sonny who is from the same region as Marcos Sr. may be able to say more about that.

      Of course the Marcos Jr. photo is photoshopped, I found it on social media, but it somehow illustrates the vain hopes and the entitlement of Marcos. Sometimes caricature or fiction show a higher reality than real stuff, so it isn’t an illusion in my book.

      • NHerrera says:

        Ah, yes — Leni Robredo like a whirlwind per Irineo; Leni Robredo like a typhoon per JoeAm.

        • “VP Leni went back to Bohol 2 days ago after having been back in Manila and numerous volunteers have been happy to have been selfied or video selfied with her at Katipunan yesterday, she is a month older than me, exactly, I wouldn’t be able to work like that.”


          Where are you getting these updates, facebook? cuz over at VP Leni twitter, Dec. 17 she was in Cebu but no other updates. and for me, facebook says you gotta log in to view.

          But I’m also checking out BBM twitter, and Inday Sara doesn’t seem to have an official twitter, only facebook. And whatever photos of Odette they share you got the feeling that they are not really in the thick of things.

          If they can capture this whirlwind and typhoon work that VP Leni is doing, package it up in videos or series of photos etc. etc. documentary shorts whatever. it would definitely counteract all the posing Marcos jr. is doing.

          I’m just not plugged in to the media and social media aspect of this. but yeah, traveling to and fro in catastrophic regions is no picnic for sure, where are you gonna poop, pee, wash brush teeth, etc. then on top of all that you gotta help others. that’s commendable.

          • NHerrera says:

            Incontinence can indeed be a problem in such whirlwind activities. I bet you a bottle of SanMig beer Marcos Jr. has that problem, relatively speaking. He will need a double set of nappies. He can ask dear mama for advice. 🤣

            • Ireneo (I don’t know if you’re following VP Leni live too, NH) has all this tracking of VP Leni ‘s works and sightings, but the trick is to get all these works and adventures (they gotta stress the hardships involved) to the masses. That VP Leni is putting in some serious work may not be coming across to the other side.

              Like me I’m not plugged into this, but I wanna see all this, maybe map it out, where VP Leni has been going, and map out the destruction, etc. the fact that all this is happening in Cebu area and upper Mindanao is a godsend (for campaigning purposes).

              • NH, I’m sure BBM’s Oxford tummy isn’t designed for squatting and pooping without a toilet seat (heated no less 😉 ).

              • Irineo B. R. Salazar says:

                There is the official FB page of the OVP: as well as her private FB page which among others has this summary of how she has helped during typhoons:

                What is interesting is that prominent volunteers put up a similar summary of “her typhoons” when BBM supporters said she was just politicking some days before she did her own.

                She may yet come out with her own summary of the places she was when she was done.

                One her Twitter account she does personally answer requests or ask for information.

                As someone who has followed her pages since early 2016, I did see how she shifted from being way too modest and under-reporting her stuff to at least documenting it a bit more.

                Let’s say that what happened now with Odette is like Yolanda the other way around, including those highly critical of the present opposition which was then the admin now in the position of having to defend their own side as the administration being way less effective.

              • There is also Kiko Pangilinan’s FB page which gave updates as well:

       has many reports from the ground with details on what happened there as well as updates from the Katipunan volunteer HQ.

                There is also the which is the central volunteer organization spread across the country – central because the “Team Leni” and “..for Leni” groups are more loosely connected but of course following and sharing.

                Think of the different volunteer groups as a confederation of barangays working together separately but towards the same goal, each addressing their own groups of people.

                The RPC with its local chapters is the public face of the volunteer centers across the archipelago with their receiving donations, packing stuff and dispatching it. There is also the good old Kaya Natin initiative but I admit I haven’t followed that as that is info overload.

                One can see also a number of prominent volunteers on Twitter giving updates as things go along, one key figure is @lakwatsarah who is active on Katipunan volunteer HQ.

                Sadly there are already BBM troll memes caricaturing VP Leni as cunning and grinning to the media while dangling relief goods to the poor she has her back turned to – which means that the other side and most people very well know what she is doing and it is spreading.

              • This is a volunteer posting of her on Palawan which was the last “leg” of her directly going to the typhoon area to check the situation, it is clear that the BBM troll caricature of her being fake towards people is a lie, one can see how she interacts with them in one video:

                This is VP Leni with Kris Aquino in Negros Occidental on Dec. 22nd – the rest one can piece together from different updates. I remember quite well her first island was Bohol, then she went over to Cebu, then Siargao and Southern Leyte, then I think Negros and Palawan.

                All BBM had to show for was a trip to Masbate (which was hardly hit anyhow) showing him walking with a man on each side holding up a red umbrella for him. Pink laughed a him being such a senyorito, though some BBM/DDS trolls said VP Leni was “showboating” – the response that she has been to typhoon areas even before, consistently, came quickly, then the trolls tried to make a big deal of one time (XMas 2016) where she was visiting NYC relatives and there was a typhoon in Bicol but that it seems hardly stuck so there you go.

              • Thanks, when you link directly these fb posts I can see it. Otherwise accessing fb you gotta log in.

                Trolls won’t be able to explain why BBM/Sara weren’t around. So just focus on the typhoon and whirlwind aspect of VP Leni’s work.

                I would also like to see more focus on logistics, like how are these supplies being moved around; then the logistics of sanitation, is VP Leni’s folks also prioritizing where people poop and pee as to not incur diseases.

                And shelters, are there ad hoc shelters being built?

                All the behind the scenes logistical stuff, not just handing out stuff.

                Also to counter BBM, hammer away that he was just at Masbate and at a comfy distance no less. Why can’t the Pinks do memes of BBM in safe zones? Thus show VP Leni in shelter and sanitation building portion of all this help, the ewwww photos and videos people need to see.

                Because I’m sure BBM can’t replicate those.

              • Some logistics stuff on Twitter:

                this is an update from @lakwatsarah who is quite active at the Katipunan volunteer center:

                this is Trillanes updating on Magdalo relief ops in Palawan but showing a Leni poster too::

                Lots of stuff going on, including the Coast Guard loading stuff from the volunteer center in Metro Manila to go to the islands, stuff coming from the volunteer centers going to Villamor Air Base for dispatch, no pictures/videos I have seen yet of PAL which VP Leni also asked for help – but it is like during the Cagayan Valley floods of a year ago where Coast Guard and AFP were helping VP Leni, or during the PPE distribution of VP Leni’s office where there is a post of two female Coast Guard pilots starting a helicopter to distribute PPEs.
                Haven’t looked too much at the provincial Robredo People’s Councils yet but they play a major role in distributing stuff at ground level. What’s strange is that some people from some LGUs directly ask VP Leni (or complain about her) instead of looking at the government.

                Volunteer HQ is shifting from relief to rehab over New Year’s Eve and turning over relief to a foundation close to Ateneo which is practically just across volunteer HQ on Katipunan. Angel Locsin was seen bringing supplies to volunteer HQ, Gang Badoy Capati and her decades-old Rock Ed relief group is working with the OVP, Kris Aquino has her own thing together with the OVP and Angel Locsin recently defended her from troll criticism – there is so much going on and the focus is on work not campaign but it is still being publicized.

                There ARE memes ridiculing BBM going partying before the storm as he was foolish enough to post it publicly, a video of Imee dancing to Bagong Lipunan while the storm already had hit was on one of her pages and spread before she could take it down – now she is trying to stop people from distributing it all over FB, Tiktok etc. and of course there are memes of senyorito BBM with parasols in Masbate. The volunteers and supporters are equivalent in motivation to the citizen army they have in the Ukraine versus the Russians. There will certainly be more on socmed on the rehab aspect once that gets going – one post by VP Leni on her recent visit to Dinagat island (I think yesterday just after she was in Bohol the second time) says Kaya Natin will build a Kaya Natin village there so let us see. Just like me everybody else is trying to keep up on the fly. But as pink groups are in every town and every overseas community stuff is already spreading in its own way these days.

              • More:

                Kiko and Sharon in Cebu which was badly hit for the longest time in years.

                Electric poles were all over the streets, glass windows of malls were broken, people were trying to find places to load their mobiles, driving for long to get fresh water but running out of gas in the first days after the storm but that is how a major city is when it is hit, electricity is back but there are of course a lot of people still in a major fix, though one can hardly compare that with flattened Siargao and Dinagat islands or the major damage in Bohol..

                Volunteer saying good morning and that his main task is now stuff and water for Palawan:

                Slowly news photographers like the award-winning photographer of EJKs Ezra Acayan are covering the damage across the islands and the big picture slowly emerging is horrifying.

                Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) made a video and its main sources were the OVP – meaning that the OVP is documenting stuff as the go across the islands, even Rappler is posting OVP photos. In the absence of ABS-CBN regional channels this is how it is now.

        • sonny says:

          NH, Leni is a force (an impeller/catalyzer) and a juggernaut like no other. Her kind of attraction is compelling, straight to mind and heart. And no one is complaining.

      • sonny says:

        “He might even lack the self-control his father did mostly have – sonny who is from the same region as Marcos Sr. may be able to say more about that.”

        IMO, You got it right, Irineo, about BBM. Liguistically & originally, the Ilocos region extended from Ilocos Norte to the deltas of the Amburayan River. Ilocos Norte (where the Marcoses are from) is climatewise similar to the Grecian Isles: salubrious, moderately fertile peppered with coves (Looc) hence y-locos. Beyond Ilocos Norte the more southerly portion of the region is less forgiving.

    • sonny says:

      “so her brand is more akin to illusion, thus unknown. …”

      LC, I think illusion is the incorrect term. The things she was allowed to work on given the context of the Filipino version of the office of Vice-P we can use as official mark of when her public office started. Her initial moves are no illusion. Yet her “political vision” is stillborn but present nonetheless as definitive assessment of the initial conditions of her vision. The branding will be determined as campaigning continues.

      … Something that has not yet transpired. So far, i don’t think VP Leni has gone from illusion to reality. Is she a Ka Leody, a Jose Rizal, a Mar Roxas/Bam Aquino, a Walden Bello, a Barack Obama, I still don’t know her vision of the Philippines and how she’s gonna birth said vision.

      All i know is that she’s even tempered, has a nice smile and is graceful.

    • sonny says:

      “These cute little things when stressed actually commit suicide, by jumping into a nearby river or banging its head open. Thus apt for a 500 peso bill, IMHO.”

      🙂 LC, Your sense of humor has a Filipino flavor.

      • sonny,

        Sorry, been busy farther down on the thread did not see your posts up here.

        RE the tarsiers the Bohol folks who take care of them, have adjusted their ways since and been wary about stressing ’em out, before it used to be pictures, selfies, pet, lots of noise, etc. a regualr tourist trap causing said suicides, now their care takers know better, keeping them low stress.

        RE VP Leni farther down below Ireneo has shown me the reality of VP Leni, and now hoping others will see VP Leni in the same light I have.

        RE sense of humor, LOL! everything’s funny i suppose. But i do think after seeing those tarsiers in Bohol that they were more apt national symbol than the Monkey Eating Eagle , sonny.

        • sonny says:

          🙂 LC, I relate to banging their heads (tarsiers) open, like Filipinos like me when frustrated about the state of affairs come elections, we are perpetual amateurs at governance, law & order, etc. instead of aspiring to be the majestic Philippine eagle as a nation.

          On VP Leni, I have a foreboding feeling that even if she becomes president, the 6 years will not be enough.

  4. arlene says:

    Is there still a DSWD? Who heads it kaya? The agency is not visible.

    • NHerrera says:

      That seems to be the status and it does not come from Climate Change — Administration officials are in a persistent fog from zero visibility to near-zero visibility. 🤣

      • We all know the “less talk, less mistake” saying but it seems the “less done, less criticism” saying also applies when it comes to a major part of the Filipino public – it is frustrating.

        The latest controversy is over Dutz’s idea to give people made homeless by Odette “trapal” as temporary shelters. Pinks are now asking about their double standard in relation to how they criticized the way better but of course provisional temporary shelters in PNoy’s time.

        • Me within the twitter fray regarding double standards:

          • This shows the difference between the trapals of Dutz and PNoy’s bunkhouses:

            The tired crap that PNoy was rich and Dutz is “poor” doesn’t fly as it is the government.

            • Meanwhile, the crews at the Leni-Kiko volunteer center are doing their jobs:

              • Here’s a map I just made right now, if there’s some app developer that can make a clickable map of where VP Leni is and where her resources can be accessed that would be perfect. Great for lessons learnt to, like what’s Bohol doing, maybe it can be done over in Western Negros, stuff like that.

                This is all great, Ireneo, and thanks for curating this, but if there was a way to devise a one stop shop for VP Leni, like a clickable map, even better. Then she can use it all through out May 2022, and on.

              • (I didn’t make the map, I put the pink dots there according to the list of where VP Leni has been.)

              • Karl Garcia says:

                I guess we shoukd be thankful that the deaths were not that comparable to Haiyan, but the damage will be inherited by the next admin.


              • Karl Garcia says:

                “This is why it baffles the mind why Duterte felt threatened by the quick response of VP Leni. Duterte warned the Vice President she shouldn’t try to look good at the expense of the Duterte administration.

                Duterte forgets that VP Leni is also an elected public official, the second highest in government. She has the obligation to respond quickly to public needs. She was the face of government in the early hours after Odette exited the country. Duterte should thank her.

                Time is also of the essence. Immediate needs include ready-to-eat food, water, temporary shelter, shelter repair toolkits, hygiene kits, jerry cans, generators, solar-powered lamps, flashlights, fuel, and debris clearing.

                To VP Leni’s credit, she has transformed the OVP into an agency able to react quickly to such situations. She had been doing this over the last five years. The VP is no longer just a spare tire.

                Duterte himself belatedly admitted their response was delayed and he blamed government procedures, which he called stupid. Duterte also said COVID has depleted government funds and that there is no more money for this calamity. Excuses are not helpful.

                VP Leni’s annual budget is a minuscule P1 billion. According to COA, Duterte had 13.47 billion worth of confidential, intelligence, and extraordinary expenses in 2019. It could have only gone up by now.

                The enormity of the challenge in bringing relief to a wide area of the country demands an all hands on board approach. Every little bit of help counts, wherever it comes from. It is not about who gets the credit, but more about how to get the work done as quickly as possible.

                But it is not surprising. The Duterte administration has always found it difficult to work with other parties, including the private sector.”

              • This Odette thing is a great opportunity for VP Leni for May 2022, but looking forward surely there will be more Odettes coming in the future.

                This Tarsier 117 , set-up looks really interesting, is this just in the Visayas, or are there similar apps/groups organized like this in Luzon, karl?

                Is there a way to donate money to VP Leni’s cause? from US to Philippines, I really wanna help out now. Would even write AOC and other politicians here about all these works that she’s doing.

              • JoeAm says:

                I think foreign money and influence is against Philippine laws. I know I can’t contribute or join a campaign. Maybe marry a wife who can. 🤣😂🤣

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Re: App

                That app was tsilor made for Bohol.
                This is or was the generic one.


              • kasambahay says:

                joeam is right as regard foreigners giving personal or private monetary donations to political parties, bawal yan dahil it is construed as foreign interference in our domestic affairs.

                if foreigners must donate privately, to give the donated money to their kins, friends or relatives in phillippines. foreign ownership of money must changed hands and made local. locals can then re-donate said money to political parties; said donations will then be tallied and the total sum submitted to comelec 3months after election.

                there is limit of how much political parties can spend on election campaign, or face fine.

            • NHerrera says:

              Mrs. LCpl_X: Don’t you dare Lance or I will marry a Filipino who will donate to Marcos Jr. and feed his FB trolls. 🤣

    • kasambahay says:

      dswd is headed by rolando joselito bautista, a retired army chief lieutenant appointed by duterte. yr 2021, dswd has a budget of 176.66billion pesos.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Ako nga di ko.kilala yan. Di kasi ako nanunuod masyado ng PTV4. Kung di tinanggal ABS siguro kilala ko yan.

      • arlene says:

        Wow, ang laki pala ng budget nila. Wala yatang kumikilos ah.

        • kasambahay says:

          apparently, disbursement of 4ps ay hawak ng dswd, at ang pension fund to oldies and veterans, etc. there is also money set aside for emergencies and contingencies, though we have yet to see how contingency money is spend. coa did complain about super slowness ng dswd to submit paperwork and comply with audit.

  5. Pinoy Ako Blog made a compilation of places VP Leni was b4 Xmas:

  6. A Team Leni Robredo video:

  7. Kiko giving an update on Bohol and what needs to be done there:

  8. Logistics aspects:

    • madlanglupa says:

      If they all wonder where those spurious theories came from, the genesis of that belief was first seen in PinoyExchange, especially the 2000-2008 portion of the Local and Foreign Issues, where I am told dozens of self-styled “essayists” posted opinions on current views of the day, including those hows-and-what-ifs the Marcoses did something else, in addition to usual high-brow complaints about so-called “bakya” crowd Filipino behavior and culture.

      Amazingly the site still manages to retain those threads, many of them since 1999.

  9. NHerrera says:

    Much thanks fellows for the conversation exchanges — bringing out the whirlwind of activities by conscientious, responsible people helping out those in great need after typhoon Odette. Thanks, again, Irineo for the blog topic.

  10. VP Leni going across the islands affected by typhoon Odette:

    (LCPL_X, thanks, a GIS portrayal with data connected to it is something needed even after May 2022 to visualize what is being done across and archipelago that stretches the distance from Oslo to Rome north to south. A bit like the COMELEC GIS or map-based portrayal of who won it what area during the 2016 elections is useful for today. As for funds Joe is right re election donations, as for typhoon etc stuff the networking with Western and migrant NGOs might still have to be strengthened especially after VP Leni HOPEFULLY wins)

    • LCPL_X, thanks, a GIS portrayal with data connected to it is something needed”

      Is this easy to do, Ireneo.

      I’m sure VP Leni’s volunteers will be computer science savvy.

      But all this is not consolidated. so if one is pro-BBM or on the fence (pro-Inday Sara, anti-BBM are who we should be targeting here), it’ll be hard for them to see what VP Leni is doing.

      • Who knows, something like that may be in the works..

        Anyhow Kiko the Heavy has done a “road movie” kinda video incl. Sharon of course on the damage and the help from their side within the Pink movement:

        Robredo People’s Council has also done a “road movie” with Leni’s going around and the Volunteer Centers doing the packing:

        This is more visual and emotional than a GIS and may appeal to more Filipinos.

        This stuff is from today so for all we know they might have read LCPL_X’s comments – definitely it wasn’t me who told them, I am not THAT near the core groups at all.

        They may yet have to concentrate their efforts more, possibly the forced break VP Leni is taking from travel now may be a chance for her to regroup and rethink strategies. The agility the Pink movement has shown until now makes me optimistic. Let’s see.

        • “This stuff is from today so for all we know they might have read LCPL_X’s comments –”

          Well for sure TSOH should think ahead and craft a polite letter asking for an invite to a state dinner after VP Leni wins, Ireneo. No invites for Juan though.

        • Juan Luna says:

          They may yet have to concentrate their efforts more, possibly the forced break VP Leni is taking from travel now may be a chance for her to regroup and rethink strategies.
          I agree. Running up a campaign is a constant effort to calibrate, readjust and re-strategize because of the continuing changes in approach and targets that need to be address on time to be in step with what’s going on in the political theater.

          It’s good to be confident and be optimistic with what you have and what your people are doing BUT it must be a confidence and optimism that is reality-based. The ongoing flow of activities could introduce change rapidly on certain factors that will force a party to maintain or modify specific concern that may either positioned the party’s bet to gain advantage against opponents or lose steps in the process.

  11. Juan Luna says:

    The article covered a number of specifics that may have caused the members to digress and tackle a wide area of topics from the weather to political ads to something else other than what the idea of the write up was attempting to impart. Very noticeable was the absence, so far, of commentaries or analysis regarding the obvious allusion in the title in reference to the present situation.

    So, let me take the first bite.

    It was clear the article was insinuating that there is an ongoing impression that a large part of the population, specifically the 53% Marcos Jr. Got in the recent polls, are engaging in wishful thinking and having a feeling of nostalgia brought about by the candidacy of the son of their idol, Macoy.

    I tend to agree on that observation but more on the level of understanding it. My take on that is, Marcos Jr. or BBM, having taken the lead in the latest survey, has exposed the effort in the campaign side of the opposition not to be working as intended. With all those videos, appearances, speeches and other materials highlighting the candidate’s profile and programs BBM’s group was able to eke out an advantage over his fiercest rival in the race.

    Frankly, that’s bad news. The Robredo camp has to go back to the drawing board to find a solution to a gaping hole in their armour, pronto!

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Don’t worry about our comments too much.

    • For me I wasn’t plugged into the whole VP Leni social media/media coverage. But once Ireneo shared and curated all VP Leni’s travels re Odette after math, I was really impressed. I see now VP Leni is quarantining due to exposure.

      If she’s asymptomatic after 5 days, she can head out again (as per CDC over here). So I hope she keeps on going, but also hope her staff is ensuring she’s getting ample rest and lots of vitamins and nutrients.

      But her being in a lot of places, if VP Leni’s team can set up a one stop website or app in which no one has to curate all this, basically a running tally of her activities, anyone can just click on, I believe the next polling, we’ll see the fruits of all this hard work.

      BBM will trend down, and VP Leni up.

      Because action vs. rhetoric, people will gravitate towards that. And there should be VP Leni trolls, just as there are for BBM, and we saw this during the Ka Leody debacle there are indeed VP Leni trolls, so have them question where the hell is BBM in all this? i’ve not seen a photo of him hugging any of the C, D, or even E’s.

      Does BBM think CDE are smelly or diseased? VP Leni has lots of photos with them.

      I really wanna donate to VP Leni now because of what I’m seeing, alas per Joe I cannot, but if there are civilian foreign ways to donate, not for campaign but just say NGOs that VP Leni oversees as to guarantee no fly by night operation, I would gladly do so.

      So Ireneo if you know of any organizations I have some Stimulus money still needing a home. And no there are no Mrs. LCPL_X, NH, so no worries there, if there was a Ms. LCPL_X then hell no she doesn’t get a say in my fiscal matters, LOL!

      To Juan, I think with all this Odette action during aftermath, VP Leni in the Visayas and upper MIndanao will trend for a while, people will remember. We’ll see it in the next polling. So its very important for a one stop app/website where people can simply show others, look! LOOK at what VP Leni is doing!

      • Juan Luna says:

        To Juan, I think with all this Odette action during aftermath, VP Leni in the Visayas and upper MIndanao will trend for a while, people will remember. We’ll see it in the next polling. So its very important for a one stop app/website where people can simply show others, look! LOOK at what VP Leni is doing!
        I hope you’re right because time is of the essence. Sometimes illusion, like ignorance, is hard to fight especially if it already gained traction.

        And to indulge you further, remember the ‘dirty’ issue we had a couple of posts ago? I think the ‘getting dirty’ issue is more relevant today than a week ago. The activities to alleviate the condition of typhoon victims are fine and a good campaign materials. Your suggestion to donate money for the campaign as well as putting up a website or app for info dissemination is also a positive push that should receive a second look. However, from where I sit, I think those things should be the half or 50% of what the campaign should be doing. The other half should be reserved for the ‘dirty works’ like raising the important issues (tax evasion and disqualification, hidden wealth, abuses during his father’s watch and his role in it, his lack of potential as leader, etc.) against BBM to jog people’s memory of our not so distant past.

        ‘Pulling the bull by the horns’ is what the moment demands from the Robredo campaign to counter and frustrate BBM’s build up in the polls. And it can only be done by simultaneously discharging the duties of her office and performing the rough and edgy part of the campaign.

        • “discharging the duties of her office and performing the rough and edgy part of the campaign.”

          Is that really part and parcel of the duties of her office? if so, then yeah… but within reason, from my Googling of the tax evasion case its a big nothing, thus wasted resources.

          If VP Leni can beat BBM just by out performing him in the field Odette (and whatever comes next), and doing so publicly then, same end, BBM is defeated.

          You can control the latter, not the former (tax evasion case). Focus on what you can control. Resources ain’t free, so you gotta use wisely, not go on snipe hunts.

          • Yep, and the whole corruption stuff unfortunately is too abstract for a large number of Filipinos. For many all that official stuff is still just as far away as the Spanish or American governor general was from their province.

            Typhoons on the other hand are more than real, and leaders actually being there for them and not far away like the officials and priest in Intramuros of old is very significant – again because of how the society and culture is today.

        • Juan Luna says:

          “If VP Leni can beat BBM just by out performing him in the field Odette (and whatever comes next), and doing so publicly then, same end, BBM is defeated.”
          Outworking or outperforming your opponent to win is an ideal scenario in all line of profession but not always in politics. If you are an incumbent and running for reelection, surely, your performance is your calling card for voters to let you continue in office. But if you are gunning for a different position other than what you have, it’s an open playing field. You are not preserving an office, instead, just like the rest of the contenders, you are after it and want to occupy it. There is really no advantage for you because your present work is entirely different from the one you’re applying for.

          “Yep, and the whole corruption stuff unfortunately is too abstract for a large number of Filipinos.”
          For me, it’s not abstract. For lack of a better word it’s boring, actually. For the last 30+ years people always hear “Marcos is this, Marcos is that” imputing wrongdoings such as corruption and abuses with no worthwhile consequence happening to accompany the allegations. Nothing concrete really has been done to show people that crime does not pay. People get numbed and became indifferent as a result. Sad but true. That is why we are now in a situation that the robbers of yesterday are now threatening to become rulers over us again.

          Marcos corruption crime is real and only became stale because of neglect by those people who should have done something about it. That is now the challenge to those running against Marcos Jr., to make fresh in the people’s mind the criminal acts they committed against the Filipino people.

          How will they make people see it with fresh eyes would be a daunting task but will definitely worth it’s weight.

  12. NHerrera says:

    It may just be me — but I find the preamble in the first two paragraphs, not to my taste.

    The rest should be taken note of, however, with my remark about the note at the end, The Robredo camp has to go back to the drawing board to find a solution to a gaping hole in their armour, pronto!

    I believe in the intelligence and capabilities of the strategists at the top of the campaign, and cannot believe, they are not thinking of adjusting their moves, pronto — by way of the concept of dynamic programming.

    • JoeAm says:

      Yes, your remark is regarding Juan Luna’s comment, and I agree. As Karl points out, how, why, or what others say is not ‘fair game’ as it is judgmental. Just get to the point. Also, the official campaign period has not begun so it’s premature to come in with panicky conclusions. Her volunteers have gotten her to 20% so she’s on her target path, I would imagine.

      • JoeAm says:

        The campaign period begins Feb 8 and runs until May 7. There will be three presidential debates.

        • NHerrera says:

          I suppose verbal catapults and shields, missiles and anti-missiles, will be used by all the candidates in those three events. That series should not be missed. 🙂

          As well as the series on the vice-presidential debates.

          • JoeAm says:

            Yes, indeed. It will be interesting to see if Marcos has Duterte’s same charisma, sort of an anti-charisma. When I’ve seen him, he has orated big.

            • Juan Luna says:

              I think the charisma on BBM is there, borrowed, inherited or what not. He has been in politics most of his life and have seen close-up the antics and dramatics politicians resort to and play with to put the people in trance. My guess is, he’ll concentrate in projecting, modulating his voice just like dad’s and speak, just like him, of how great the country is and what he can do to make it more great. I’m also curious on his execution of attack on how and why he will convince the voters of what he’s going to say.

              • Not necessarily. Of course there is an almost magical belief in the Philippines that the children inherit their parents qualities. Europeans are a bit further in that regard as they have had their experience with centuries-old political dynasties aka royalty. Bavaria had a 700 year old royal house and some its last Kings were irresponsible or crazy. Though one built the castle that served as the blueprint for the one in Disneyland, though he bankrupted Bavaria with his castles and caprichos. Another spent a lot on a “dancer”..

                But also a universal experience is that those who move up from the edge can have more GRIT than those who are comfortably established. Historical examples abound: Gaius Marius who was a dictator of Rome and reorganized the Roman army way before Caesar was mocked for being a Picentine not from the city of Rome itself. Alexander the Great was a Macedonian not from the thriving urban centers of Greece. Justinian was a mere Macedonian soldier and his wife was a poor woman from Constantinople but he became the one who codified laws and laid the foundation of modern legal practice plus built Hagia Sophia cathedral. Napoleon was a Corsican mocked for his accent. Henry Tudor or Henry VII was Welsh not English but got England back on track after the Wars of the Roses. On the negative side, Hitler was an Austrian with a funny accent mocked in Berlin, Stalin was a Georgian which is an ethnicity some Russians look down upon, Marcos was a provincial politician mocked by the established elites he took vengeance on, Dutz is from Davao and was mocked initially too.

                BUT Napoleon III, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, grew up comfortably in Paris. Marcos Jr. is married to an Araneta, the family of Mar Roxas’s mother and grew up more comfortably than his father. What is VP Leni? A middle class probinsyana who lived in the dormitory at UP when she studied there. The grit of VP Leni versus the spoiled brat Marcos Jr. would be interesting to see in a TV debate. Ano pustahan tayo?

              • I think the point is lost that Napoleon III was still able to rule France, for almost 2 decades.

                He’s the reason why we over here celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and get drunk.

                And why Mexico’s still favourite royalty was this dude,

                Had Napoleon III ‘s North American endeavours been realized, the South would still have slavery.

                That’s how import Napoleon III is to North America.

              • Yes, he ruled, and Marcos Jr. may well rule.

                The daughter of populist Le Pen was in French politics.

                Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter, had her time in Italian politics.

              • All because of a name.

              • JoeAm says:

                You may be right, and I’m no expert on Filipino reactions to speeches, for I thought Duterte was a clown, stumbling and muttering and blowing six-month smoke up Filipino skirts. I only recall Marcos railing at generals for not shooting artillery into possible civilian areas at mamasapano, and railing at the Bangsamoro Law as if he were personally offended by years of hard work done by others. He’s nuts in my mind’s eye, but maybe I’m wrong again.

              • Joe, those moments you mention were when he channeled his father most.

                The memory of his father may give his lack of substance perceived substance. Because in terms of getting stuff done he is close to zero, the record shows.

              • Juan Luna says:

                Not only belief but people assume and expect the children to do better than their parents. A lot of ‘isms’ is borne out of this proclivity to relations. Nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, chauvinism, etc. No wonder, the Duterte, Marcoses, Estradas, Aquinos, Binays, Revillas, Cayetanos, Villars, Remullas, among others, have become staples both in our local and national elections. And the way it’s going and how Filipinos respond to it favorably, it looks like we’re going to have more of it for a very long time to come.

                While Leni maybe portrayed as underdog in going against a candidate from a very prominent political family for lacking the same connection, I think people will also remember that she came up to prominence not solely by her own effort but through her more well-known husband, Jesse.

                I have no idea or even imagination how Leni will pair up with Marcos Jr. come debate time. I have not seen a Youtube of her engage in a debate. As for Marcos Jr., since he has been around for centuries, more or less, I have an idea of what he’s going to do or what he’s capable of. I look at both, though, as equal when it comes to debate. Both can talk and speak well. What I’m interested more on is how they will project the ideas they have and how will their messaging reach the people then intend to convince.

                Your challenge of ‘pustahan’ is very interesting because it puts me in a situation where I have to assess deeply both candidates. That, and I’m really not a lover of debate performances after watching too many Erap encounters and snippets of Alma Moreno’s political escapades. I say, everything is up in the air, a toss-up for now.

              • I watched all Presidential and VP debates in 2016.

                It wasn’t so much one on one between Marcos Jr. and Leni back then.

                Of course perception isn’t reality but is important when it comes to debate.

                The audience may also think someone is great because he is sold as such.

                But I don’t think VP Leni would lose in the perception of people like Roxas “lost” when Dutz made fun of him by saying he had not graduated from Wharton, while possibly VP Leni could corner often evasive Marcos Jr. if she wants.

              • Also keep in mind how Napoleon III came into power, it was basically the Philippines from Napoleon I to Napoleon III. Charisma be damned , peoples were hungry. And singing and dancing cuz no food.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Lcx .
                If Napoleon was not beat. America would be just be east coast or even just Northeast (Appalachian mountain range.)

              • Yes, so true karl. there wouldn’t be any Lewis & Clark. But more importantly was Napoleon I didn’t really have plans for North America, he sold ceded France’s Louisiana territory;

                But Napoleon III had bigger plans.

                Sure Napoleon I was basically pawning his American assets because he needed money, but I can see him having Napoleon III vision of expansion too. But he had to pawn for cheap.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “…while possibly VP Leni could corner often evasive Marcos Jr. if she wants.”
                And people, not only the pro-Leni crowd, with a lot of issues hanging over BBM’s head, expects that to happen. How he will defend on an invasive and laser pointed offensive from VP Leni will be an interesting highlight. Of course, he will also have something up his sleeves that would put the VP on the defensive which will either prove her strength or expose her weakness.

                In short, we are in for a dog-fight come debate time.

              • Yes, exactly that. I recall the one Presidential debate where Binay sank like a stone in popularity after looking pedantic and defensive. Same debate where Dutz made Mar Roxas look “pikon” by playing his “joker card”.

                The advantage of VP Leni in a debate is paradoxically the same as Duterte’s – more exposure to the world outside formal politics. Though I also see Isko with his clear street credibility as powerful in such situations.

                As there probably will be tapatan between different candidates who are in the debate the tapatan round between Leni and Isko is potentially more of a dog fight. The senyorito Marcos Jr. may look as awkward to the public as elite Mar Roxas did in 2016.

                Lot of it is psychology. Both the stability of the person – witness how Binay looked wretched in the fateful debate – and public mood will be decisive. Mar Roxas at the end of that debate came out with disente and was lambasted after BTW.

                MLQ3 (Manolo Quezon) has said Philippine politics is a blood sport. It definitely is. Though let’s also not forget that VP Leni was an active part of her husband’s campaigns before she went into politics. And they defeated the established Villafuertes. Let’s see.

              • isk says:

                @ Juan Luna RE: 2016 Vice Presidential Debate

              • Juan Luna says:

                Thank you very much for the video. I did not see it before. Watching it gave me an idea what to expect in the coming debates.

                Happy New Year, my friend! 🇵🇭

          • “I think people will also remember that she came up to prominence not solely by her own effort but through her more well-known husband, Jesse.”

            Focus on the work being done now. that’s all. Marcos jr. has name recognition, VP Leni has six years of solid service.

            But what matters is now.

            And VP Leni is putting in the work.

            I have a theory that BBM cannot cannot physically hug a C,D, E person. So keep hugging C,D, E people for VP Leni. That will eventually become apparent, and BBM will have to hug CDE folks, and I think he’ll puke. Finds them repulsive.

            Google it, there’s none– thus this is a weakness for BBM.

            there’s a couple photos where he’s ambushed, but none where he is actually hugging back.

            • Yep, that is truly his weakness. I have seen photos circulated by Pinks that show him with a disgusted face towards a poor old lady.

              VP Leni truly can hug people though now some Marcos trolls are trying to make her – and her daughter Tricia who is positive and isolating but wasn’t with her before that – into a kind of “superspreader”. Shows their desperation. But their lies are very dangerous.

              In a group chat with some other Pinks here in Europe I told the others we have to share what we can as quickly as we can to establish that VP Leni does stuff. BEFORE trolls manage to create a fixed bad impression which they are of course trying to do.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Plus the picture where he had an umbrella boy when he was in the typhoon afflicted areas.

              Side by side with leni without an umbrella boy or girl.
              As if Marcos does not play golf at all.

        • Juan Luna says:

          The campaign period begins Feb 8 and runs until May 7. There will be three presidential debates.
          The campaign is ongoing right now. The Feb 8 to May 7 is a memo that serves as a guidepost to parties to openly do their thing and undertake their respective missions to succeed the election. Even the debates, for me, is happening as we speak only on the level of second hand information rather than direct confrontation because, again, there is an official memo on that.

          In short, with apology for my understanding of the ongoing events, the battles are going on and it will go on until the culmination of the actual war on May 2022.

          • kasambahay says:

            it is much cheaper to campaign now and for candidates to book venues earlier and be changed at 2021 rates rather than the going rates of 2022.

            by feb 8, 2022, prices of media exposure will more than double the asking price!

        • Juan Luna says:

          The campaign period begins Feb 8 and runs until May 7. There will be three presidential debates.

          The campaign is ongoing right now. The Feb 8 to May 7 memo serves as a guidepost to parties to openly do their thing and undertake their respective missions to succeed in the election. Even the debates, for me, is happening as we speak only on the level of second hand information rather than direct confrontation because, again, there is an official memo on that.

          In short, with apology for my understanding of the ongoing events, the battles is going on and it will go on until the culmination of the actual war on May 2022.

          • I agree, don’t play by some arbitrary “rule” date; its going on right now de facto or de jure, same same.

            • Miyako Izabel posted on Twitter that based on analysis of surveys past, Filipino voters have three major phases.

              Preliminary selection until December, reconsideration until February and the undecided decide until May. Based on that the next two months are crucial, hoping the campaign folks of VP Leni realize that too, we will see,

              • NHerrera says:

                A truism — in war as it is in this campaign, time waits for no one; time is the enemy or friend depending on how one creatively and effectively uses it. Many ideas are suggested; the magic formula can only be analyzed and tried.

              • Yep, and LCPL_X is right resources should be used wisely. And like in war, Clausewitz’ adage holds – every plan becomes theory as soon as it starts. This is where I see the agility of VP Leni as an advantage, a bit like Ali’s footwork. BTW this announcement by Balik-Muslim Joey Ledesma is BIG. The Union of Imams of the Philippines is supporting VP Leni because of what Dutz did to Marawi – and is painting their mosques pink.


              • Karl Garcia says:

                Or Tyson’s every one has a game plan until yoy get punched in the face.

          • “Yep, and LCPL_X is right resources should be used wisely. And like in war, Clausewitz’ adage holds –”

            This one in Cotabato has been around since 2014 (and I wouldn’t be surprised if GWOT American money was used to fund it, to include Arab money).

            But if they can paint all mosques Pink from here on out, perfect situation for VP Leni. I’ve never seen a pink mosque myself, all white one, even green. No Pink, so I hope all mosques get Pink there, it’d be a Philippine stamp on Filipino Islam.


            And Pink is certainly bold.

  13. Kiko giving an update on water on its way to Surigao from Baseco:

    • Ireneo,

      Another aspect in all this that would be great to promote is VP Leni’s command and control, the Israelis do command and control really well. info goes in and then action/missions get disseminated. aside from the mapping of all this, if Filipinos see VP Leni’s command and control, HQ, mobile or static Russian STAVKA, that would be great!

      • PNoy and Mar did show their Command and Control centers, during the Zamboanga siege for instance. But I wonder if Filipinos could relate to it.

        These pictures show the Katipunan volunteer center as seemingly chaotic but super motivated, more like the rebels in Star Wars than the Empire in the Death Star, but those who tweet from there say every package is accounted for meticulously.

        • The Rose Parade in Pasadena is gonna happen in 2 days, and in the local news here they are showing frenetic volunteers trying to get everything done in 2 days. But every year its always the same coverage freneticness of it all. And every year the parade is always good.

          So my point is, it doesn’t have to be military Command & Control, just some notion that theres a method to the madness. And the above is it, but show the method too.

  14. “How does it work?

    Architecture student Henry Glogau has developed a ‘skylight’ which produces drinking water alongside light.

    The Solar Desalination Skylight works by evaporating seawater using heat from the sun.

    During the day, seawater trickles through a pipe into the bowl-shaped skylight. The salt and pollutants are removed and clean drinking water is extracting via a tap at the Skylight base. The leftover salt brine creates ‘seawater batteries’ which then power the light at night.

    Henry plays down his invention, “It was not about trying to reinvent the wheel by any means. But it was about trying to combine these simple ideas, which have been around for hundreds of years, and apply them into a context that is not currently using something like this”

      • (Watch)

        I was thinking more along what VP Leni , et al can do right now, karl.

        with trapals and clear plastic and water bottles, you can replicate the above design and get water via solar still method. Now sure the sun has to be out.

        I don’t think there are foggy areas in the Philippines, well maybe the mountains,

        so seawater where Odette hit is plentiful. DU30 said he’s gonna provide trapals, all we need are clear plastic that will have sunlight enter, then act as drain to the center, for the fresh water reservoir.

        I don’t know if fresh water is in dire need now, but maybe for future Odettes and calamity, something like the above would be useful.

        • Actually, karl, maybe it doesn’t have to be clear trapal, whatever trapal DU30 provides will do. Cuz heat is what causes evaporation not necessarily the sunlight. But sunlight has to hit trapal, thus causing heat, thus evaporation. Then its just directing the H2O w/out salt into the center. And Fresh water!

          • Karl Garcia says:

            I see, thanks for the lowdown.

          • kasambahay says:

            konting ingat lang po, maybe trapal is not meant for food handling purposes. the colorants and additives therein like waterproofing has not been ascertained to be safe for human consumption. when heated by the sun, trapal may release chemicals that when mixed with water and thus consumed, may not be good for human health. toxic and may cause diarrhea.

            • The idea here is more vs. dehydration. So dehydration in 3 days or less vs. maybe cancer 3 years later. Take care of dehydration first.

            • kasambahay says:

              karlG, diarrhea aside, people have successfully sued firms and manufacturers that make products that harmed people’s health and well being. and in order to lessen liabilities, firms and manufacturers make declarations on thier products, e.g. use by dates, some carry labels like for topical application only, flammable, etc.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                You said flammable, most recycled plastics have fire retardants and that makes it worse.

              • kasambahay says:

                fire extinguishers have retardants too. those expose to harmful amount of the retardant over a long period of time, and proven to have gotten got sick can sue the manufacturer by taking class action.

                these days, plastics such as outdoor plastic furniture are UV stabilized and last longer.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Class action suits most often fail to launch in PH.

      • 1 – PET or PETE: Polyethylene terephthalate is used to make rope, clothing fibers, drink bottles, medicine bottles, and some food containers. It can absorb odors and flavors from the things it’s exposed to. It also breaks down over time when exposed to sunlight, cold temperatures, and other factors. This may lead to some leaching.

        2 – HDPE: High-density polyethylene is one of the safer forms of plastic as studies find it doesn’t leach chemicals into foods or liquids. You’ll find this type of plastic is often turned into milk jugs, packaging for soaps and other beauty products, and cleaners.

        3 – V: Polyvinyl chloride is best known in PVC pipes used for your household plumbing. It’s not a good plastic to have in gardens as it can leach chemicals. Phthalates are the danger with PVC because studies find phthalates damage the kidneys, liver, and lungs in animals.

        4 – LDPE: Low-density polyethylene is the plastic you’ll find is used to make sandwich bags, bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags, squeeze bottles, and cling wrap. It’s one of the safer forms of plastic.

        5 – PP: Polypropylene is a plastic designed to withstand heat and cold. It’s harder to recycle. It’s what bottle caps, plastic lunch boxes, and syrup bottles are often made from. Some tarps are also made from number 5 plastic. It’s one of the safer plastics to have around gardens and frequently used outdoor spaces.

        6 – PS: Polystyrene is the plastic used to make plastic takeout containers, plastic drink cups, packing peanuts or foam, coat hangers, and plastic knives, spoons, and forks.

        7 – Other Types: Polycarbonate and polylactide are two of the other plastics that are categorized as number 7. They’re hard to recycle and tend to include discs, reusable bottles, and storage containers. Some of these plastics leach bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is a chemical used in plastics that has been found to impact children’s brains and prostate glands. Mayo Clinic also reports there could be a link between high blood pressure and BPA.


        kb, karl, et al.

        Those are the types of plastics for your consideration. Now I still maintain that in emergency situations you can die within 3 days of no water, you can go for 3 weeks w/out food— and 3 minutes w/out oxygen.

        Again I don’t know how dire the need for fresh water is post-Odette. of course if not needed don’t use. But if you’re around your 24 hours of no water, and you have a tarp or 2 and you’re next to sea water, then by all means produce water, then worry about cancer later. if you incur diarrhea then in this same scenario you’re gonna die any ways.

        that’s the calculus.

        But there’s an emergency component and a good design component here, namely that glass container you can add seawater to and drink from. post- Odette and for any future -Odettes looks like a good idea and design for Philippines.

        This looks like an idea VP Leni can partner with say San Miguel Corp and other glass manufacturers there, and maybe even improve on it for Philippine setting to add water catchment.

        But the bigger idea is not the tarp, its the glass, the tarp is there because DU30 said to drink seawater and he’ll provide the tarp, my point there s how you use the two in conjunction.

    • here’s a good infographic on types of plastics:

      • Water evaporates from room temp to boiling, but Philippine climate tend to hover around 80 degrees Fahrenheit , so based on the above chart I think tarp will hold within its max temp threshhold, meaning you guys don’t get to 120 degrees Fahrenheit there not like our deserts.

      • Micha says:

        Very useful chart, thanks Plastics are everywhere and the fact that it’s being used as food containers or wrappers and its toxic chemicals could leach into your system could very well account for increased cancer cases and other health disorders.

        • LOL!

          Exactly , Micha! you spend your childhood drinking soda like this,

          and cooking rice and sinigang in aluminum pots. Hello, cancer!

          But seriously that max and min temps is helpful in considering all this. what’s useful, what’s not.

          Of course you’re right, there’s radio waves, radiation, air pollution, acid rain, etc. you gotta pick and choose. weigh the risks. you’re already fuck if youre thinking plastic toxic leakage. its everywhere already. just be practical i suppose.

          • Micha says:

            All those toxic chemicals from plastics seeping through our food intake are direct examples of neoliberal deregulatory mania hitting home. It used to be that the FDA strictly implements regulatory policies and monitors practices of food industry that are deemed harmful to public/consumers’ health and safety.

            Today, even apples from Costco are laced with wax to lengthen its shelf life. Ditto with vegetables that have been soaked with pesticides and herbicides.

            • Awhile back i remember reading about this, and so i started going to weekly farmer’s markets all over Socal. And felt good eating all these veggies and fruits grown directly by farmers, and then in the news they exposed these farmers buying the same fruits from Costco and a bunch of groceries stores local here.


              So I just buy whatevers in season, seemingly local, not necessarily farmers market, Micha. It’s all fucked. I can be angry all the time like Greta, or just be happy like Malala.

              But i agree, free market is free market, i read awhile back that Kraft parmasian cheese was mostly of wood chips pulp, LOL! and our cows here are getting fed candy and trash, LOL. Who needs regulation?!!! people care about other people and the environment, Micha! Wagyu, more like fuck you.


              “Cattle farmers struggling with record corn prices are feeding their cows candy instead.
              That’s right, candy. Cows are being fed chocolate bars, gummy worms, ice cream sprinkles, marshmallows, bits of hard candy and even powdered hot chocolate mix, according to cattle farmers, bovine nutritionists and commodities dealers.

              “It has been a practice going on for decades and is a very good way to for producers to reduce feed cost, and to provide less expensive food for consumers,” said Ki Fanning, a livestock nutritionist with Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc. in Eagle, Neb.

              Feeding candy to cows has become a more popular practice in tandem with the rising price of corn, which has doubled since 2009, fueled by government-subsidized demand for ethanol and this year’s drought. Thrifty and resourceful farmers are tapping into the obscure market for cast-off food ingredients. “

              Walden Bello would never let this slide, i dunno though with VP Leni. 😉 see how i connected that to the current blog?

              • Micha says:

                Yup, who knew that eating apples and vegetables can be harmful to your health? Or drinking bottled water from Nestle water factory.

                Thank you free market. Thank you neoliberal crap.

              • kasambahay says:

                pls note po, that foodstuff as apples, bananas, etc are subject to testing. if found to have excessive amount of banned chemicals, they are withdrawn from the market.

                as well, imported produce are also subject to rigorous testing and control. if produce exceed the necessary allotment of chemical as preservatives, they are destroyed as per custom regulation.

              • If you think about it free market and corruption are really one and the same. so that scenario you’re elaborating, kb, its all arbitrary realistically, depending on how much is slipped to the right authorities. over the table, under the table, as well as the table. 😉

              • Karl Garcia says:

                This is what I hate about free market. Africa has only 5 percent of the continent vaccinated. They have to rely on donations! Why is that?

  15. I am not in charge of anything but I am cautiously optimistic based on what I have seen so far. The rest is in the hands of those running the campaign.

    And a lot is in the hands of the Roman goddess of luck, Fortuna.

  16. madlanglupa says:

    As an aside, although I have no plans going out casually, most other people’s plans have been thrown out of the window, now that the DoT secretary publicly verified the rumors of a woman violating quarantine and is now the second-most-hated person in the country.

  17. Re debates BTW there was a debate in 2019 where Chel Diokno took Imee apart but she had pity on her side and got into the Senate. For many it looked as if “elitist” Diokno was “bullying” poor Imee. Politics is unpredictable at times.

    • kasambahay says:

      fil-am quarantine violator aka poblacion girl has been outed and named: gwyneth anne chua as per karlG’s post above. violator has probly infected 15-20 people and will now face fine and other consequences. pinagmayabang pa ni poblacion girl ang koneksyon niya, thusly giving her privilege to break quarantine. kaso, the virus does not care how privilege poblacion girl is!

      maybe army should be guarding quarantine hotels, not just sekyus.

    • kasambahay says:

      maybe imee won because she sided with duterte along with bato and bong go et al, they got into senate. imee pulled along by the sheer nuances of their dominant political clout. duterte was such populist at the time, all that bravado, all the fist pumping, the dancing girls, the hype of dabaw being safest city, the promises of china bringing so much prosperity to our shores, etc.

  18. Doctors for Leni gives out tips on how to deal with omicron:

    And Doctors for Leni singing Jim Paredes’ hymn composed for Feb. 1986

    Ninotchka Rosca did say every campaign is a culture war.

    So it’s now Marcos’s Bagong Lipunan Song revived..

    Versus Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo rebooted.

  19. Happy New Year to TSOH. Time for me to sign off too as shops close at noontime today here in Germany and will stay closed till Sunday. Grocery run in an FFP2 mask and clean house before New Year as I am a BIT superstitious.

  20. NHerrera says:


    • Jeep says:

      Happy new year! Thank you Joe and everyone for this amazing space – where ideas and discussions are enriching and great learning experience. Been a follower since the time when MRP (Mariano Renato Pacifico) was still around ahaha. Wishing everyone good health and hoping for a better a Philippines under VP Leni. Ingat po tayong lahat!

      • JoeAm says:

        Ah, MRP, keeping us off balance, and amused. Thanks for following and being a member of our society, Jeep. Have a great 2022.

    • JoeAm says:

      That’s the loudest I’ve heard you be, NH. Thanks. Happy new year!!!

    • sonny says:

      Dedicated to the “people” who keep me “grounded” when I am tempted to kvetch about politics & economics: NH, Karl, Irineo, & Micha, LC –

  21. Re Marcos corruption I agree that due process was very slow..

    But the fallacy that nothing happened at all is the wrong impression.

    Meilou Sereno’s FB page is the go-to place for matters Marcos now.

    Below posting summarizes hidden wealth recovery and sentences so far.

    There is even the jail sentence against Imelda that never was followed.

    • kasambahay says:

      if imelda is that serious of seeing her only son get to malakanyang preferably before she kicks the bucket, of course she can! and all she has to do is make the supremest of sacrifices like what most mothers do: front up and own her family’s shortcomings. she can be the bravest and be martyr of all mothers, be the hero of her family: volunteer and present herself humbly for the much longed by the court sentencing, acknowledge and accept jail sentence, but. if she prefers to sit on her a–, and be above the law . . .

      I suppose people patas (leveled) imelda. if she cannot walk, crawl, and observed what we sanctify and hold dear, her son will not make it. so near and yet so far. she should know by now that throwing money to pave bong marcos path to malakanyang dont work, lol!

  22. “The Fed is now in a vise. Inflation is rising faster than the Fed believed it would even a few months ago, with higher prices for gas, goods and automobiles being fueled by the Fed’s unprecedented money printing programs. This comes after years of the Fed steadily pumping up the price of assets like stocks and bonds through its zero-percent interest rates and quantitative easing during and after Hoenig’s time on the FOMC. To respond to rising inflation, the Fed has signaled that it will start hiking interest rates next year. But if that happens, there is every reason to expect that it will cause stock and bond markets to fall, perhaps precipitously, or even cause a recession.

    “There is no painless solution,” Hoenig said in a recent interview. “It’s going to be difficult. And the longer you wait the more painful it will end up being.”

    To be clear, the kind of pain that Hoenig is talking about involves high unemployment, social instability and potentially years of economic malaise. Hoenig knows this because he has seen it before. He saw it during his long career at the Fed, and he saw it most acutely during the Great Inflation of the 1970s. That episode in history, which bears eerie parallels with the situation today, is the lodestar that ended up guiding so much of Hoenig’s thinking as a Fed official. “

    This one’s for VP Leni, et al. Please seriously study MMT, CBDC & UBI. it’s time. be ready.


    • Micha says:

      To the extent that the Fed coursed its quantitative easing through Wall Street financial giants instead of, say, industrial and manufacturing expansion, thereby exacerbating wealth inequality is a valid critique.

      However, the article is incredibly off the mark in its inflation mongering – different periods have different causality and blaming the Fed’s policy does not add up. Volcker effectively tamed inflation in the 80s through steeper interest rates. The 70s was largely due to shortages in oil supply and the turmoil in the middle east. Present day’s spike is driven by pandemic restrictions and its effect on the supply chain.

      It’s good that Hoenig acknowledges the money creation ability of the Federal Reserve.

      • True dat.

        But upon reading said article, I still thought the solution he’s looking for is MMT. not more of the same, at least that was the take away for me, Micha.

      • JoeAm says:

        Thanks for that analysis, Micha. I was going to express skepticism but it was just a hunch. In these days, it is important to start by questioning the bias of any pundit before deciding whether their commentary is objective or pushing agenda. More and more are pushing agenda.

  23. Juan Luna says:

    Next year, if things turned out not to our liking, we’re going to enter a new territory. The political and social environment will undergo a complete overhaul in the sense that the ghosts of the past has come to haunt us begging the country to allow them to again get a hold of the lever of governance in order to rule and exercise control over us.

    It may or may not happened defending on those people who are trying to prevent the realization of such grim scenario. I’m of the opinion, late or early, that the campaign against stopping the return of the dynasty has not gained traction, so far. The ultimate offensive may come eventually but it has to come soon because the enemy of democracy is knocking on the door as we speak.

    The only consolation I have whenever I think of the negatives is that, I’m confident and feeling content knowing that the Filipinos are resilient and relentless. If worst comes to worst, we can always have an EDSA 4.

    Happy New Year Everyone! 😎

  24. NHerrera says:

    Just two days ago the Administration news was that Alert Level 2 stays till January 15. Now it says the Alert Level reverts back to Alert Level 3 till January 15.

    Stay safe everyone. Go out only if absolutely necessary and wear a good-fitting good-grade face mask when you do, avoid crowds if possible, and bring along a small bottle of alcohol to use often if you can’t wash your hands when outside. [Sounds like a teacher of me; sorry, folks. 🙂 ]

    • NHerrera says:

      If you are in Metro Manila and have a car, you can have vaccination or booster shot via NPF (Nayong Pilipino Foundation) Drive Through Vaccination Center.
      Register through the link below [the advice about having been vaccinated not less than six months from the last second dose of primary vaccine should read “not less than 3 months” — that note has not been updated in the link].

      Use one email address and one mobile number per person. You will be given a patient ID and QR code when scheduled for an appointment. If the note back says your appointment for 1st vaccination is scheduled, ignore that, say it is a booster shot you need to the staff at the site. Bring along an ID and your previous Vaccination Card.

      My wife and I had the booster shot last week after registering through the link about a week before that.

  25. Reports from the socmed front:

    1) within families there are discussions between those who believe lies that VP Leni “did nothing” for Odette relief versus actual Robredo volunteers:

    2) infamous DDS influencer Jam Magno alleges that VP Leni only did an empty handed photo op in many islands while VP Leni debunks it in this Tiktok putting together Jam Magno’s lies and VP Leni’s counter.

    • Seems to me that this Jam Magno is pro-DU30, and DU30 is not pro-BBM, so Jam Magno may be pro-Sara, but not necessarily anti-VP Leni,

      thus what is the advantage of going after her, or giving her some spot light (from VP Leni) if she’s a pro-DU30, and DU30 is not running in 2022?

      just focus on Marcos jr. and in trying to win over Inday Sara supporters. Forget DU30. it’s 2022, times up.

      • Unfortunately Jam Magno IS very heavily going against VP Leni. Search Tiktok and you will find countless hate-filled diatribes. Some lies need to be countered since as one can see from family arguments some people believe them.

        Strangely enough the anti-Leni stuff comes from Du30, BBM and even Leody supporters so if one hears them all and only them one might get a very wrong impression of what VP Leni actually is. This is yet to heat up more.

        • But she’s not pro-BBM , correct? Cuz DU30 is anti-BBM. thus if she’s pro-DU30, she cannot be pro-BBM. cocaine , etc. etc.

          Though she could quite well be pro-Sara, due to affinity to pro-DU30. so to counter her propaganda is just simply to repeat DU30’s anti-BBM stance.

        • kasambahay says:

          mother of one jam magno is so like mocha, halos walang inhibition, lol! at halos kasing-edad sa bunso ni duterte. jam is mayhap countering noele duterte.

      • “1) within families there are discussions between those who believe lies that VP Leni “did nothing” for Odette relief versus actual Robredo volunteers”

        As for this one, this should be easily proven correct? because there’s less proof of BBM in the typhoon hit areas. I think the latest was they went to Palawan, but VP Leni and supporters can list (or should be able to) all the places VP Leni rendered aid while the getting was still good. not when roads and electricity’s back up.

        And certainly again as expected BBM is not hugging any C, D, or E folk.

        • Not only that, in these two families/clans shown in the example I posted the one arguing for VP Leni is an actual volunteer who packed relief goods.

          Actual testimony > videos > foots > written stuff in The National Village.

          And re Jam Magno the mistake Liberals made in 2016 and partly in 2019 was to stay silent for way too long. In The National Village if you hear someone is spreading rumors even in the palengke on the other side of town you either go to the other palengke and confront the person or at least give your version in your palengke on your side of town, staying silent is seen as not being able to counter and National Villagers can see that as weakness or even that the rumors are true – that’s just the way things are over there.

      • Juan Luna says:

        @LCpl_X (@LCpl_X)
        You’re looking at it on a faulty lens. Jam Magno is obviously against VP Leni. That’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter if she’s pro-Sara or anti-BBM, the main thing is she’s spreading lies against the VP. That’s wrong and it needs to be corrected.

        As to the suggestion to just focus on Marcos Jr. and try to win over Sara’s supporters, that’s practically saying VP Leni should dump Kiko. With due respect, that’s a suggestion that doesn’t make sense.

        • Well then troll her and ask her if she’s pro-BBM.

          When she says yes BBM is number one! Then you have a flaw, precisely because DU30 is anti-BBM.

          That’s how you counter that.

          As for dump Kiko, that was exactly my blog 2 blogs ago.

          • Juan Luna says:

            “As for dump Kiko, that was exactly my blog 2 blogs ago.”
            And it still doesn’t make sense now.

            • Kiko’s like in 4th place!!!

              • Juan Luna says:

                Kiko’s like in 4th place!!!
                Umm, I need a predicate to know what the sentence clearly implies. Thanks.

              • That his winnability factor is not there! thus use him some other ways.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “That his winnability factor is not there! thus use him some other ways.”
                Like dumping him? And VP Leni should preside that? She should be the ‘berdugo’ to do it? I don’t think that’s the kind of image people want to see and think about the VP.

                Just to make this issue of dumping reach it’s conclusion, may we know of any example in the past that dumping a partner in a presidential race happened?


                By dumping Kiko, I don’t mean for VP Leni to leave him out to dry. Kiko will play martyr go above and beyond for VP Leni, thus will be promised a position of his choosing once VP Leni wins. its all outlined in that blog, Juan.

              • Juan Luna says:

                If VP Leni wins and Kiko lost, he still get the chance to be appointed to any cabinet position he wants. So, why will he play martyr?

                LCpl_X, sir, the dumping position is untenable because I’m pretty sure even VP Leni does’t entertain such option.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                I say do not dump. Stick with him win or lose. Kiko can wait for three years to be appointed if he will lose. he can do good as a private citizen in thise three years. But I still hope people won’t look at winnability in voting.

              • Kiko’s not gonna win.

                Leni-Sara 2022 looks likely because Filipinos voted Duterte-Leni 2016.

                So fundamentally, Filipinos know not to vote tandems.

                Once you accept that fact.

                You’ll be more practical in considering that as a VP Leni supporter, you’ll undercut BBM by so promoting Leni-Sara 2022, that’s the sabotage here.

                Because in the end, BBM is still the dude to beat, once the next surveys come out and show VP Leni winning, then sure promote Leni-Kiko to your heart’s content.

                But you gotta ask yourself when was the last time, Filipinos voted tandems P/VP together into office???

              • The heart of the matter, is what are you going to do to ensure BBM doesn’t win.

                Kiko is not even a variable in that calculus.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                If all people would look at winnability instead of who can really deliver the goods or qualified to lead and not do qualifies theft then all quality candidates will lose.

                That vicious cycle must be put to a grinding halt. Throw a wrench to that cycle.

              • Juan Luna says:


                “Leni-Sara 2022 looks likely because Filipinos voted Duterte-Leni 2016.”
                I don’t discount the possibility of a Leni-Sara pairing. What I disagree with is the idea that Kiko must be dumped in order to realize such pairing. For me, it’s a dirty act and to propose such step is practically undermining the success of the Leni-Kiko team. Kiko’s followers will not take it sitting down once they feel that there is a conspiracy to dump their idol. It would greatly erode confidence on the Leni-Kiko team that easily pave the way for a grand slam BBM-Sara win.

                In other words, the tactic of dumping Kiko will actually sabotage the Leni-Kiko team making it weaker and at the same time make the BBM-Sara team stronger.

                “But you gotta ask yourself when was the last time, Filipinos voted tandems P/VP together into office???”
                Cory Aquino and Doy Laurel
                Gloria Arroyo and Noli De Castro



                RE Noli de Castro, that would be like saying Mar Roxas and PNoy ran as tandem, no?

                I think its still Marcos/Lopez.

                I don’t accept your answer, Juan.

              • Juan Luna says:

                I have two answers, which one you do not accept?

              • Juan Luna says:

                Ah, ok. Anyway, I don’t know the percentage of the pro & cons of a Leni-Sara in terms of opinion here but I have an inkling that no one is amenable to your suggestion of dumping Kiko to give way for a Leni-Sara tandem. It’s feasible, why not, but not in the way how you suggest it.

              • JoeAm says:

                I’m amenable to it. It’s a bold, smart proposal. It just rankles conventional thinking.

    • Micha says:


      At the outset I was really uncomfortable with all those typhoon relief operations by both candidates as that can easily be called electioneering.

      It’s the national government’s job. There’s a disaster relief agency with multi billion budget. They should be the ones at the forefront of those operations – not the candidates’ campaign apparatus wanting to outshine each other in the hope of collecting votes.

      • VP Leni has been around doing relief operations for a long time and gets stuff done, tons of relief goods have been moved to the affected provinces by now and next thing the Kaya Natin foundation will be working on is rehab.

        The national government has been hardly responsive at all compared to the Yolanda response which was by comparison heavily criticized.

        • Re water this was one of many actions done:

          This is another action going to Surigao.

          In this day and age if there is no photo or video “it didn’t happen”..

          • This is an incomplete list of typhoons where VP Leni helped:


            And this is for LCPL_X:


            (still is she worth getting Covid from?) 😁

            • I don’t know if you know, Ireneo, but our CDC over here just dropped quarantine time from 10 days to 5 days (if no symptoms). So these quarantine times are arbitrary really, it used to mean 40 days like literally.

              So I would add that if you’re as hot as Ms. Chua, 2 days tops! So long as asymptomatic, but if she’s coughing up a lung (or two), ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! stay in your room , girl (but ensure you’re doing deep breathing and getting fresh air, open a window or go to your porch, or walk around in the yard, just get fresh air).

              • That looks like a private party she attended.

                So unless those folks who are X’ed out are complaining that she’s positive and blaming her, then I don’t see an issue. since its private.

                Because then you stumble on to this notion of PCR false positives, and positives but asymptomatic. And whether or not if she was the one that infected the X’ed individuals, that they weren’t already positives before exposure to her, etc.

                In the end, do you live your life holed up or keep on living.

                And I think this is where VP Leni is right now, whether she’s taking this quarantine as opportunity to rest, etc. the number of days to quarantine is totally arbitrary. so long as asymptomatic, so if she doesn’t need the rest,

                it behooves VP Leni to get back out there. Don’t worry too much about quarantine number of days, because CDC just proved that that’s totally arbitrary. 14 days, to 10 days, to now 5 days. eventually it’ll be 3 to 2 days only.

                If you’re feeling sick stay home, if you wanna party party it up with close friends, close friends who’ll not cancel you on social media. Quarantine days is arbitrary.

                So my question is are any one of those X’ed complaining about Ms. Chua, because if none are then, Ms. Chua’s totally blameless IMHO. She’s young vibrant she’s doing what she’s suppose to be doing, living. So long as its private.

              • p.s.— they do this a lot here at CNN and MSNBC too where they confuse number of positives and number in hospitals, or number actually sick (from asymptomatic to mild to severe to 6 months in ICU).

                Are any of those X’ed seriously sick or in hospitals, cuz then maybe we can crucify her or burn her at the stake. or follow the instructions in Leviticus…

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Dura lex sed lex
                Arbitrary or not.

              • Fine, then you have to name the enforcement agency or authority for enforcement of said law, karl. They should also be held responsible. Over here, police and Sheriffs have already washed their hands, they are not enforcing health codes. nor any CDC recommendations.

                Thus only CNN and MSNBC are scapegoating people.

                Ain’t no enforcement here, karl. I think i read somewhere barangay tanods enforce for neighborhoods there, but does this apply , barangay authorities for Ms. Chua’s case? private subdivisions don’t fall under barangays no? hotels?

        • Micha says:

          Then it’s the national government that must be called out for not doing its job with the attendant implication that whoever candidate it chose to endorse will pay the political price of not being worthy of people’s votes.

          Leni is the incumbent vice president, so her actions re typhoon relief is somewhat justified, I agree.

          Marcos Junior is just plain electioneering. A senator is supposed to legislate; not hand deliver sardines and noodles.

          • DU30 just explained it , Micha, the national gov’t is broke, hence trapal and drink sea water.

            Fuck DU30, it’s 2022, focus on beating BBM, that’s it. the game is that simple.

            • Micha says:

              The national government is not broke. The disaster relief agency has billions allocated for just such a scenario. They must be called out. Audit the motherfuckers.

              Congress should make emergency legislation and allocate more money if needed. Deploy MMT.

              • According to (I can’t scroll down, unlogged) DU30 thus the national gov’t is doing lots of stuff.

                I don’t know either or, but the moment VP Leni pivots towards DU30, BBM will slide. that’s why I’m saying leave DU30 alone, once VP Leni wins, then she can do all this retroactive stuff, but win she must first. otherwise all moot.

                BBM is the focus.

              • Micha says:

                Well, Jam Magno is bullshitting so don’t take her word hook line and sinker.

                In any context, your pivot suggestion is unworkable.

              • I’m saying not to pivot, stay with BBM. Only BBM. keep counter him.

          • Juan Luna says:

            Marcos Junior is just plain electioneering. A senator is supposed to legislate; not hand deliver sardines and noodles.
            I beg to disagree. In times of calamity, it is normal for everyone to extend help to the victims and the needy. Irrespective if you’re a postman or a senator or janitor, distinction and function of office is thrown aside in moments like this and just push forward and share whatever you can to help alleviate the situation.

            If Marcos Jr. distribute goods, like what the VP is doing, it should be commended and encourage because the event is not about them but about the people in need in times of crisis. The same goes with other presidential contenders. We should all forget titles or expertise and just dive in and help our countrymen.

            • Agreed. its the 2022 election, what do you expect him to do? To not electioneer?

              But again focus on BBM, how many C, D or E people has he hugged, keep a tally on that. That’s BBM’s weakness apparently, thus VP Leni should blow it up.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “But again focus on BBM, how many C, D or E people has he hugged…”
                That’s a ticklish one. Pandemic, you know. If other people cannot even hug their parents or relatives, I don’t mind politicians not doing the same for fear of the virus.

              • I agree, and if you watch videos of VP Leni doing it, it’s usually generated by the folks first, and VP Leni just hugs them, real hug, not like BBM’s ewwwww you kinda stink C, D, E person… I just want your vote, not your COVID.

              • Very impersonal. Lacking of empathy. and it shows.

                Which VP Leni should exploit.

              • Juan Luna says:

                If VP Leni is doing it (hug) and people initiate the gesture, good for her although it is risky. If hugs collect votes VP Leni is the winner. But it’s not.

              • Hugs do get votes, just like cursing gets votes, in the end the Filipino electorate just wants to see passion, whether empathy or fighting spirit, whatever. This is why Mar Roxas lost, no passion. You gotta show it man, its the Philippines, you don’t get points for being aloof.

                Every time I said, ti-ti to working girls there I always got hugs and laughs. You gotta connect, man.

              • Juan Luna says:

                Every time I said, ti-ti to working girls there I always got hugs and laughs. You gotta connect, man.
                That’s funny man!

            • Micha says:


              What you’re advocating here is chaos in the relief operations. Are you saying anyone from other places could all descend to Cebu or Siargao and personally deliver relief goods as Marcos Junior and other candidates do?

              That’s the reason we have a national relief agency – to coordinate and centralize operations and leave politics out of it.

              • Juan Luna says:

                Chaos will only be relevant if there is interference in the gov’t. function of relief distribution. The relief agency has procedure on how to implement relief operation. Unless there are people or groups who intentionally sabotage, obstruct or disrupt it, I don’t see any reason for any chaos to happen.

                If anybody who wants to help will go to the areas affected by calamity and comply with the authority in the area, I don’t see anything wrong there.

              • Micha, what are you talking about , man. When hurricanes and tornadoes and recently take the Boulder/Denver area fires yesterday, any one who wants to help can come. ain’t no rules against this.

                This guy just drove with his truck full of meats and bread, with BBQ pit in tow, and set up shop in the middle of the destruction.

              • Micha says:


                “If anybody who wants to help will go to the areas affected by calamity and comply with the authority in the area, I don’t see anything wrong there.”

                Picture all the good hearted janitors, and postmen, and bus drivers all over the country descending to Siargao to hand deliver their noodles and sardines.

                You don’t see chaos or anything wrong with that? Seriously?

              • I’ve never heard of FEMA saying, Hey you guys can’t help, give it to us and we’ll make sure they get it.

                Anyone can help.

              • I have heard of the Red Cross make announcements though, saying we’re getting way too much stuff now, please if you wanna help just give blood or give money here or here… We don’t need anymore stuff.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “Picture all the good hearted janitors, and postmen, and bus drivers all over the country descending to Siargao to hand deliver their noodles and sardines.”
                Sorry, my friend, I don’t want to go there. We’re already treading on preposterous territory, I’m afraid we might lose the main issue.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “When hurricanes and tornadoes and recently take the Boulder/Denver area fires yesterday, any one who wants to help can come. ain’t no rules against this.”
                And that is what usually happens. Help is help in whatever form or shape.

            • Juan Luna says:

              “its the 2022 election, what do you expect him to do? To not electioneer?”
              In a sense, one cannot escape that (electioneering). It’s election season and you’re running for office, hence, everything you do that are people-related can be called electioneering. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

      • Juan Luna says:

        It’s election time, whatever one is doing can always be accused of electioneering. If you don’t do anything to help, you’ll be blamed lazy and lacking empathy; if you help, you’re electioneering. Which one will you choose? The choice is obvious.

        If I’m running for public office, why will I be bothered to think that I may be accused of electioneering. Because I’m distributing relief goods to the victims? It’s not my problem if people will suspect that I’m doing a bad thing by doing a good thing helping people in need.

        What’s wrong is if you have a reputation of being stingy or it’s in your nature not to get involve in relief operations and suddenly since you’re running now, you’re so active in distributing relief goods. No doubt, that’s electioneering.

        Question, is VP Leni like that? (that’s an honest question because I really don’t know her).

        • Micha says:

          No Juan, if you’re a politician running for upcoming election, it’s not your job to distribute relief goods. If you have money or sardines and noodles to spare, dump it in the national relief agency and let them do the distributing.

          Stop abetting the dysfunction of government by your advocacy of outsourcing relief to politicians running for elections.

          • Juan Luna says:

            I think you forgot that anyone’s job is irrelevant when it comes to helping others.

            If I’m a politician running for election, it’s not only my job but my mission to help people. I don’t even need to be in politics to do that. I’m not going to mess with the national relief agency in times of crisis because they are very busy to waste their time on me.

            Since I’m helping, meaning I have the capability, might as well do it myself. People cannot wait for gov’t. (usually overworked and understaffed) relief. Private individuals, by doing their fair share, is actually helping government facilitate relief distribution.

            Be careful because what you’re actually espousing borders on politicking.

            • Micha says:

              Juan have you already been to Siargao to hand deliver your mineral water or whatever it is you intend to give?

              • Juan Luna says:

                I don’t get the gist of the question. Does it pertain to politics or to my capability as a volunteer to help?

              • Micha says:

                Forget the gist dude, just answer a simple question. Have you been to Siargao to hand deliver relief goods? Yes or no?

              • Juan Luna says:

                No and I don’t know where you’re going.

              • Juan Luna says:

                No and I don’t know where you’re going with your question.

              • Micha says:

                Why not Juan? Are you not one of the good hearted people who want to personally deliver relief to typhoon victims? If janitors and postmen can go, why not you?

                Okey don’t bother, I’ll answer it for you. This one’s easy.

                Because the “anyone-can-go” of your contention is wrong. Not anyone who wants to help can go. They have the option to just deliver sardines and noodles to a relief processing center for coordinated (and preferably monitored) distribution. Gets?

              • Juan Luna says:

                “Are YOU not one of the good hearted people who want to personally deliver relief to typhoon victims? If janitors and postmen can go, why not YOU?”
                Remember, the issue is not YOU (me) but ‘electioneering’ and the role of the national relief agency.

              • Micha says:

                No Juan, your “anyone” is a broad umbrella. That includes me and you and Satur, and Juana, and Pedro, and Antonio, and Fergie.

                You should own the fallacy of “anyone” in disaster relief operations. Nuff said already.

            • isk says:

              @ Mr. Juan and Mr. Micha
              I think anyone who has resources and ability to donate relief goods is okay but should be coordinated with the local community leaders for logistics needed.

              • Juan Luna says:

                I agree and more often than not LGUs have system to accommodate private or volunteerism efforts in affected areas. In other words, it go hand in hand, volunteers come in and people in the area welcome them under a procedure to facilitate the relief effort.

          • Juan Luna says:

            I think you got confused with your stand on the issue of politicians (i.e. Marcos jr, VP Leni) giving relief goods to typhoon victims. I suggest you go back and read your posts again and see how you lost your way in the discussion.

            • Micha says:

              How did I lost my way Juan? State the case. Specify.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “At the outset I was really uncomfortable with all those typhoon relief operations by both candidates as that can easily be called electioneering.”
                That was your response to Ireneo. The ‘electioneering’ part is what I disagreed with you.

                You got lost because you seemed to have forgotten that part.

                Anyway, it’s just a minor discussion we’re having and I hope readers enjoyed the exchanges.

                Happy New Year, my friend!

              • Micha says:

                On the contrary Juan, I haven’t forgotten that part at all so I don’t know wtf you’re talking about losing my way.

  26. Micha says:

    “Sorry, my friend, I don’t want to go there. We’re already treading on preposterous territory, I’m afraid we might lose the main issue.”

    What’s being preposterous Juan? Who is being preposterous?

    It was your contention that “anyone” in times of a disaster could go and personally deliver relief. “Anyone” like janitors and postmen (your choice of words). “Anyone” is the operative word.

    And you don’t see anything wrong with “anyone” descending to Siargao to express their good heartedness even if that might pose transportation, logistics, and/or lodging problems in an area where houses and infrastructures were already severely wiped out.

    See the preposterousness of your position?

    • Juan Luna says:

      I think the proper contention was not WHO is helping but WHAT helping is all about.
      You expressed discomfort on relief efforts because you alleged that it can easily be called electioneering which I disagree with. Critics can label whatever they want on what you are doing but so long as you are helping I don’t see any problem with it.

      You are insisting that we should channel the effort with the proper agency, which I think is also correct. However, since you are already helping, why not deliver your help to the people and make the distribution more faster.

      • Micha says:

        No Juan, I expressed discomfort on relief efforts specifically by politicians running for elections because that can be called electioneering. Stop the disingenuousness and your ambivalence between politicians and the lay public.

        Stop referring to Marcos Junior as just another “you” or “anyone”.

        Marcos Junior is a politician running for election.

        • Juan Luna says:

          “No Juan, I expressed discomfort on relief efforts specifically by politicians running for elections because that can be called electioneering.”
          And I happen to disagree with you on that. During election season, a politician cannot escape the allegation of electioneering. And even if it’s not election time anything a politician, active or inactive, does can be labelled electioneering. It comes with the territory.

          In other words, you concern is valid but can be ignored in the meantime because relief distribution is more important than questioning the efforts of those doing the relief work. We help first, then we politicize later.

          • Micha says:

            And that, Juan, is what I call abetting the dysfunction of government.

            That is also called validating the corruption of politicians who runs that dysfunctional government.

    • Juan Luna says:

      “And you don’t see anything wrong with “anyone” DESCENDING to Siargao…”
      Nothing is wrong in Marcos Jr. or VP Leni giving relief goods. On the issue of ‘descending’, I don’t know about that. Seriously.

      • Micha says:

        Well Juan, when you descend that presupposes you’re coming from a higher altitude – meaning you get your ass there by flying.

        But of course you could always paddle your way down there too – you can descend from Manila (north) to Siargao (south).


        • Over here, in Santa Monica and Melrose Ave after the BLM riots 2 summers ago, people descended with their brooms, big dust pans and trash bags and commenced cleaning up storefronts, many burnt some just vandalized.

          You see this type of response every disaster here in the US.

          You guys have bayanihan over here its known as a barn raising basically when communities come together. And gov’t authorities let this happen, now sure looters and more chaos are kept at bay, but usually help non-gov’t help is let in.

          This is generally allowed, Micha. so i don’t know what your issue here is, i get that the national gov’t may be overshadowed by the citizenry or NGOs, thus released from its responsibilities. But national gov’t and local gov’t are doing things (how much i dunno).

          So to make your point, you have to prove that that is in fact what is happening that DU30 is not doing anything because VP Leni, BBM, et al. are doing it for him for the election. Until you prove that, you’re flapping in the wind, Micha.

          • Micha says:

            Holy crap corporal, spare me the stupidity of that “anyone-can-go-help” cracker please. What you have there is close community spirit – people most probably from close vicinity pitching in to restore order.
            But when you scale up that “anyone” to include those coming in from, say, Alabama or Missouri or Ohio such that their numbers could swell into tens or hundreds of thousands then you will be creating more (logistical) problems than what you’re trying to solve.


            My issue is largely focused on Marcos Junior’s brigade and less on Leni because the latter is concurrently serving as Vice President and she’s actually doing the relief effort on that capacity, I presume.

            But both can be held to a different degree (because they’re both candidates for election) as to their real motive.

            You cannot say with a straight face, for example, that Marcos Junior is doing all that relief stuff out of the goodness of his heart. Does he genuinely care for those miserable typhoon victims or is he merely out to collect the goodness of their votes? Is he merely trying to project an image of a benevolent patrician for the rest of the country by distributing noodles and sardines?

            Would he be doing that if he is not running for election?

            • Juan Luna says:

              Just to put in context the discussion, we are all on the positive side of relief distribution. Starting with Irineo, who obviously applauds the VP in her effort to go out there in the frontline to make people feel the presence of the government. LCpl_X and yours truly, I assumed, both think that nothing is wrong in politicians doing their bit in emergency crisis, regardless of what critics might say. Micha, on the other hand, while also thumbs up on relief operations, opted to be technical about it and espouse the view that only the national relief agency should be the one in control of relief distribution and expressed suspicion of politicians running for election engaging in electioneering just because they opted to help personally.

              Micha smells a rat in singling out Marcos Jr. in helping in his personal capacity. He suspects that Jr. is engaging on electioneering and accused him of bad faith.

              And there lies the problem. If you get technical to one, you should get technical to all specially when they are all of the same kind: politician.

              Why hold a ‘different degree’ in judging VP Leni and Jr. when both are politicians running for office? They should be judged on the same standard. If Jr. is just electioneering by helping, same accusation should also apply with the VP who is also helping. So is Pacquaio, so is Isko. Clearly, the technical stand cannot be sustain for lack of concrete and unassailable basis.

              • “their numbers could swell into tens or hundreds of thousands then you will be creating more (logistical) problems than what you’re trying to solve.”

                Then you have to prove that there’s 10s or 100s of thousands, Micha!

                Because one thing with disasters is that you gotta be a serious looter/privateer or a real bleeding heart volunteer to want to camp out and incur diarrhea and not sleep on a bed.

                So this notion that theres 10s and 100s of thousands descending is a bad assumption on your part, Micha. check again.

              • Micha says:

                No Juan, Leni is doing it as part of her job as Vice president. She is in the executive branch of government and her position fits her right for just such an operation.

                Marcos Junior, otoh, is incumbent senator. What legislative function is he doing distributing sardines in Siargao with cameras and photo ops but for plain electioneering?

                Like the good hearted janitor who probably wants to donate 5 kilos of rice, he should just dump those goodies in, for example, a Red Cross relief center, get it all boarded up in an Air Force C-130 or one of those WW2 vintage LST transport ship of Philippine Navy, turn it over to local processing center in Siargao for direct and prompt distribution to the victims. No fuss. No cameras rolling. No headline grabbing from politicians.

                In situations like that, efficiency of distribution should be the guidepost. Get as many goods and services to affected areas with minimum personnel as possible so they do not compete for resources badly needed by local population.

              • You’re arguing numbers (unproven) and optimization, Micha. re optimization, it’s the Philippines!!! 😉

              • Micha says:


                Well then corporal, if the Philippines hope to get out of the rot, it should start aiming for optimization and efficiency.

                And if you’re not for that, then screw you, you’re not helping. At all.

              • You don’t even have skin in the game, Micha!!! 😉

                Seriously, Micha…

                BBM has as much right to show off his machinery as VP Leni does. If we follow what you’re suggesting and have BBM hole up, then his Pulse Asia polling will just keep on getting higher. that is the illusion that Ireneo has written about.

                This way with BBM in the field, we see him not hugging and we see him with umbrella, etc. thus we can troll him, VP Leni can be the opposite. We can see their machineries too, who’s more optimized, whose faking it to make it.

                Thus you are wrong, Micha. Free market critiques you’re generally right, but propaganda is kinda my thing here, Micha.

              • Micha says:

                Beso-beso politics eh?

                Is there a plan B or something?

              • Yeah, MMT/CBDC/UBI. but for this IMHO, cool infographics is enough, talking about it with C D E will make their heads explode, Micha. but for sure VP Leni should have a think tank already gaming MMT/CBDC/UBI really drilling down on it.

              • Juan Luna says:

                “No Juan, Leni is doing it as part of her job as Vice president. She is in the executive branch of government and her position fits her right for just such an operation.”
                Yes, she’s doing her job but does that preclude other people to do their share in the relief operation? Are you telling us here that the VP is the only qualified person to help because of her position in gov’t.? Umm, that’s new to me.

                “Marcos Junior, otoh, is incumbent senator. What legislative function is he doing distributing sardines in Siargao with cameras and photo ops but for plain electioneering?”
                Micha, the guy is a politician. Everything he does that involves people, helping or talking or being with them, can be labeled electioneering. You mean to say that if I am a senator it’s ok for me not to help my people because helping is not part of my function as an elected official?

                And in this day and age, where even children have their own cellphones with cameras, you want to ban cameras in relief operation?

                Help is help, my friend. Once you get technical about it, you are putting politics over and above humanitarian efforts. Very bad.

              • Micha says:

                For the nth time Juan, what is it you don’t understand about channeling help through the Red Cross or the duly constituted government relief agency?

              • Juan Luna says:

                “For the nth time Juan, what is it you don’t understand about channeling help through the Red Cross or the duly constituted government relief agency?”
                I’m more focus on the ‘electioneering’ allegation you first raised as an issue. I say, it’s not important and you say it is. You alleged that politicians, like Jr., are engaging on it. But you stop short on your accusation when it comes to VP Leni.

                There’s no problem utilizing other institutions in relief operation and it’s actually being done almost every time there is calamity. But if private individual or groups or even politicians want to step in and volunteer personally or through those institutions, I say, let’s have more of it.

              • Micha says:

                And for the nth time Juan, why are you failing to recognize that Leni Robredo is currently our Vice President? Her spat with Rodrigo Duterte over party politics prevented her from doing much of anything so she devoted herself to organizing civic and philanthropic activities – typhoon relief operations included. She has both the experience and the stamp of authority of OVP to deliver aid in this latest occurrence of natural disaster. She has full executive justification.

                Marcos Junior is a senator. What could possibly be his legislative justification?

              • Juan Luna says:

                Leni Robredo is our VP. Whatever relations she have with Duterte is of no moment. Her experience or whatever and her effort to run a relief operation as VP is also not being put to question. What we’re discussing here is the relief operation which you alleged was tainted with electioneering because of politicians like Marcos Jr.

                You keep on insisting that legislators, in times of crisis, should remain in their function and not participate in whatever capacity in the relief operation because it’s electioneering. And I vehemently disagree because it is morally wrong to insert politics in moments when people should be coming together and helping each other.

                In time of crisis and calamity such as we have right now, no right-thinking person will think and refuse the help being given to them because the politician extending help is just electioneering.

                Let me tell you this, even if a politician, like Marcos Jr., is electioneering in giving help to the typhoon victims, I don’t see nothing wrong with it because people are not receiving the relief goods inside the voting precinct that would make it possible that they are being paid to vote for the politician. If my guy is Isko and Marcos Jr. is giving me relief goods, I will accept it but still vote for my guy. There is no connection between the two. You allegation has no legs to stand on.

                I suggest we move on in other issues because it’s not good to inject politics in situation that demands people’s unity and cooperation to help their fellow human being.

                Juan Luna, out.

              • Micha says:

                Yes Juan, it is electioneering because you cannot provide legislative justification in Marcos Junior’s agenda for distributing sardines.

                Nobody here is saying people in Siargao should refuse the goodies that he want to donate. All he has to do is channel it to relief processing centers and it will be promptly distributed, politics free. How hard is that to understand, Juan?

      • You’re thinking like a Filipino lawyer, Micha and finding faults in technicalities.

        Start thinking in terms of who can win May 2022. this if its good for the gander, pot calling kettle black line of argument, is a dead end.

        VP Leni has to get back in the game and perform and do coverage. To say that BBM technically cannot do electioneering is moot.

        Just beat him, via hugs and umbrella (or lack thereof). that’s it. Your technicality argument is like BBM tax evasion argument. it takes 20 Filipinos to run a friggin’ gas station, Micha.

        Focus on the hugs and umbrellas. that’s it.

        • Micha says:

          You’re advocating for a race to the bottom corporal. Patronage politics. Same old, same old.

          • I’m saying focus on May 2022, Micha. Stop BBM, elect VP Leni. all else til May is moot.

            • Micha says:

              Stop Marcos by beso-beso. Sweet.

              • Marcos Jr. is not sweet. That’s his weakness. He’s like Mar Roxas, ruled over by more powerful women in his life. at least PNoy was technically an orphan and unmarried.

              • Micha says:

                Marcos’ 3 sons have achieved a sort of pop idol status. Good looking charming teenagers in their dad’s campaign trail luring drooling school girls and kolehiyalas who’ve not been born in martial law years.

              • Well that’s like the Ms. Chua situation, Micha. Gen Zer’s gonna simp. that’s what they do. Which is another topic of interest, worthy of a PhD study.

        • You’re right , Micha. I had to Google what the fuss was about, but yeah you’re right to worry here. Especially the farthest one to the right.

          We need to seriously roll out KC now. Is Ms. Chua pro VP Leni or is she BBM?

  27. Robredo People’s Council shifts to rehab and names partners for further relief efforts:

    Interestingly Gang Badoy Capati’s Rock Ed is mentioned in the list. Gang’s group not gang worked together with OVP until now. Angel Locsin did as well.

    ICYMI an incomplete list of typhoons where VP Leni has helped, going back to Reming in 2006 – in Bicol. Dealing with storms is second nature to those who grow up in Bicol.

  28. @sonny, how much of a force VP Leni is surprised even me when I watched below video. Especially the Pampanga sortie shown, last before they stopped and shifted to typhoon relief, shows her presence onstage before people.

    Many might not know that VP Leni won in 2016 mainly due to her ground campaign – somehow old school in today’s socmed world, but that is where one gets nearer to the people and gets to feel their pulse.

  29. sharing this.. I believe one issue which ANY President has to contend with is an inherently slow and hidebound national bureaucracy.

    VP Leni being more efficient than the government with her own NGO, the neoliberal workarounds like PPP and utilities in private hands all have their roots in a government that is a creaking old machinery built in 1935.

    Micha is right it would normally be better if the government handled most stuff but as of now it can’t. Giving aid to LGUs is good in principle except for mayors who repack relief goods with their name, or give more to their supporters..

    • Juan Luna says:

      “Micha is right it would normally be better if the government handled most stuff but as of now it can’t. Giving aid to LGUs is good in principle except for mayors who repack relief goods with their name, or give more to their supporters.”
      But calamity and crisis demands more than what is normal. All hands should be on deck. We utilize all channels and means to reach and extend help to victims promptly and quickly. Delay is no excuse.

      Agree, there will always be unscrupulous people who will take advantage of the situation. But that is what oversight is for. The law is not suspended during crisis, hence, inspectors and investigators, especially netizens continue to work and keep an eye if abuses and exploitation is being committed.

      • Micha says:

        “All hands should be on deck.”

        Not so fast Juan. Population in Siargao pretty much remained intact – not all got swept by flood and wind. Last thing they need are battalions of janitors and bus drivers and politicians from Manila.

        • “Last thing they need are battalions of janitors and bus drivers and politicians from Manila.”

          Where is the proof of this?!!! that there’s 10s or 100s of thousands, or battalions of bus drivers and janitors from Manila??? wouldn’t Manila be all like, Hey where’s our darn janitors and bus drivers?!!! you guys can keep our politicians. LOL!

          • Micha says:

            That’s in reference to Juan’s “anyone-can-go-and-help” contention. Anyone, he says, even janitors and bus drivers.

            And that’s offering only half the picture because even if they can, the next question is, should they be going?

            To hand over 5 kilos of rice and a pack of noodles personally to the victims?

            • If you’re just handing stuff over, most people will say fuck that I don’t want diarrhea.

              But if you’re a janitor thus have something else to contribute aside from handing stuff over, like cleaning up or fixing stuff; or if you’re a bus driver, and people need to be ferried around to hospitals or where water is, etc.

              then those skills are needed I would say. But handing stuff over, no need to be there if thats all you’re gonna do. but if you have sweat equity to contribute, then I’m with Juan the more the merrier.

          • Juan Luna says:

            “Last thing they need are battalions of janitors and bus drivers and politicians from Manila.”
            I think Micha is trying to divert the issue of the discussion. We say, in the spirit of bayanihan, let’s unite in times of crisis irrespective of political color and Micha say “not so fast I have to distinguish first.”

            That’s your opinion, I don’t respect it but it’s your right to express it.

            • I respect it, because Micha’s coming from this notion that national gov’t should be strong that’s Micha’s angle; i’m more for de-centralization myself.

              You’ll not have bayanihan or barn raising in China, because China now will insist that the national gov’t will handle things. So the fact that there’s semblance of less optimization means there’s more democracy than not– you don’t want the China model. that’s optimization.

              So Micha’s ideals are fine, just not factoring in the fault of too much optimization and too strong a national gov’t. that’s China. also Micha’s not factoring in Filipinos and the Philippines.

              • Micha says:

                I’m for efficient functioning national government – arbiter of both economic and judicial fairness, corporal. That’s not different from more modern and progressive countries like Switzerland, Japan, or Singapore. What’s your beef with optimization?

              • Soylent green was optimizaiton.

                My beef with it is someone gets to say , youre not optimized, this one is optimized— you see, its qualitative masked as quantitative, thus its bs. Singapore is the way it is because (as you’ve said) its tiny, Japan is due to homogeneity, so too the Scandanavian/Nordic countries.

                Switzerland isn’t really optimized, just doesn’t side with anyone and have profitted from that policy and banking secretly. theres also homogeneity, but decentralized too– if anything its like the Netherlands during VOC.

                Sparta was optimized but think about how many babies they had to throw away, same with Iceland re their Mongoloids.

                So your mission now to prove your point re optimization is from whence comes it? How does a people and country achieve optimization?

              • Micha says:


                There are obviously different flavors of optimization. I could identify at least three. Resource. Function. Computation. For the purpose of this topic I am only interested in functional optimization of governments. How to achieve that might require full academic course on governance but bottom line is to make it work for citizens and not for itself, that is to say, the PTBs.

                Why are you opposed to efficient delivery of government service and function?

              • kasambahay says:

                tama si micha, what locals in siargao most need is for power to be back, not more people who will only get in the way, taking selfies of themselves for their vlogs, instagram and twitter accounts, competing with locals for meager resources, making the siargaonons feel more sorry for themselves. siargaonons traumatised once again, reminded of their loss, how so very unfortunate they were to be in the path of nasty odette. their mental health and well being made longer to recover.

                siargaonons want prayers, the rain to stop falling and wetting the 40 sacks of rice destined for island lgus. they want materials to protect themselves from the elements, yero for roofs, planks, nails, cement, etc. able bodied siargaonons can organize and do their own bayanihan, do the clean up themselves, used to their own flora and fauna unlike outsiders who may get sick when exposed to the local environ, and clog up their barely existing health facilities.

                if outsiders must come to siargao, check with lgus 1st, and come only when siargao is ready to receive visitors, their infrastructures up and running.

                and if siargaonons want more bodies, they’ll ask.

                already there are newsreporters in siargao, vetted quasi volunteers like electricians, building engineers, logistic people, etc, their presence approved.

              • “more people who will only get in the way, “

                kb, do you have an actual count of these people getting in the way? How many of them are there?

                “Why are you opposed to efficient delivery of government service and function?”

                Optimization is what Marcos sr. attempted to do in the 70s. Even he wasn’t able to accomplish this. American FEMA is pretty good, and even during Katrina and on, they’ve been found wanting.

                Israelis and Japanese do catastrophies really well. Speaking only of optimization during calamities, these two countries are your go to. Theres homogeneity, they all speak the same language and see themselves as one people.

                Thus optimization for calamities or even say for taxation for gov’t services like Nordic countries (Finland is no Scandanavian country), the precursor for said optimization is homegeneity.

                Homogeneity is not in the Philippines DNA, thus optimization must be done via the Pol Pot method. Are you ready for that kind of optimization, Micha? So I say be happy with the system in place now its not perfect, but things are getting done,

                ala 20 Filipinos making a friggin’ gas station run.

                My point, bayanihan and barn raising is optimization enough. Not perfect, cuz perfect will be worst. Unless you can explain to me Micha that given the culture and traditions in the Philippines how you think optimization will play out, w/out going all Pol Pot on people. How do you think that will play out?

              • Micha says:


                When you already have defeatist approach to modernizing governance, you’re just advocating for same old same old. And no, the system currently in place is not getting things done – it has the same hierarchy of ills worsening the conservative divide.

                The attempt at optimization in the 70s (if you can in fact call it that) was designed to fail because it was conceived, funded, and terms were dictated from outside. Once the spigot closed, it all came crashing down.

                So, a locally sourced visionary government with strong moral and legal authority is our best shot without it having to go chopping people’s heads off. We can be an easily compliant race when the leader leads. Could Leni fit the bill? Perhaps. With some prodding. And lots of help.

                The need to optimize and modernize is non-negotiable if we are to have a progressive and just society so stop paralyzing the effort by stringing what homogeneous countries did or did not do.

                We create our own destiny.

              • Micha, i agree.

                I like ideals too, but as a realist, IMHO you gotta work with what you have. thus far what you’re saying is wishful thinking. So just focus on May 2022, if VP Leni loses then everything youre talking about is 10 years back (if you’ve played Snakes & Ladders, its like landing on snake, back where you started). if VP Leni wins, then maybe your ideals will be realized (landing on ladder, you jump a bunch of squares, move way forward).

                So all talk now should just focus on VP Leni, Micha. And how to bring down BBM. You don’t bring him down on technicalities, like he should be back in Manila in the Senate, doing senate stuff. Again this is all moot, if VP Leni don’t win, Micha.

  30. The kind of meme about BBM vs Leni that LCPL_X is looking for exists:

    The parasol one not the no hug vs hug though I have seen it somewhere.

  31. NHerrera says:

    Here is an illusion (check link) if you want to call it that and thus may be taken with more than a grain of salt, because:

    – not conducted fairly throughout the PH since it is biased towards Twitter users
    – not random, I believe and reports only responses on Twitter
    – the statistical methodology used may be wanting
    – etc

    But it reflects what one may guess from a Twitter Survey as against say a FB survey. Notwithstanding my comment above, I hope the election in May 2022 will reflect something close to those numbers.

    • NHerrera says:

      The link above gives the following Manila Bulletin Dec 27-30 Twitter survey numbers:

      35.9% ROBREDO
      28.0% PACQUIAO
      20.0% MARCOS JR
      15.0% DE GUZMAN
      00.7% MORENO
      00.4% LACSON

      It reflects qualitatively if not quantitatively the positive and negative comments on Twitter about those Presidential Candidates. I wonder what the result would have been if such a survey was conducted by MB on Facebook on the same dates.

      It is probable that come May 2022, the first 3 and the last 3 are reflected in the May 2022 election results — not necessarily in the same order in either half.

      My New Year’s Wish is that Robredo remains at the top.

      • NH, aside from Pulse Asia, how many other respectable pollings are available there?

        Here’s one polling you might be interested in from over here,

        “Deaths per 100,000 people in about 3,000 counties across the US since May 2021. According to NPR, 1 May was chosen as the start date as it is roughly the time when vaccines became universally available to adults.

        The study found that areas that voted for Trump by at least 60% in November 2020 had death rates 2.7 times higher than counties that voted heavily for Biden. Counties that voted for Trump by an even higher percentage had lower vaccination rates and higher Covid-19 death rates.

        Charles Gaba, an independent analyst who helped review NPR’s methodology, said that in October, the reddest 10th of the country saw death rates six times higher than the bluest 10th.”

  32. Another Tweet, this time from older fotos but still the same point that LCPL_X thinks should be emphasized and so do I – the genuine empathy of VP Leni:

  33. Karl Garcia says:
    The author pointw to disinfo abd misinfo, and I beg to differ, no matter the educational attainment people believe what they want.

    • Micha says:

      That Raul Manglapus quote is apt :

      “You accuse me of ignorance, but I am ignorant because my master finds it profitable to keep me ignorant. Free me from bondage, and I shall prove you false.”

      • Karl Garcia says:

        True dat Damn Straight.
        How many amos have their kasambahays educated? Sanne with Landowners and other masters.

        • “Free me from bondage, and I shall prove you false.”

          This is a conditional (if/then statement , must it be thus? ).

          Why not,

          ” I shall prove you false, regardless if bound or not.” Where the point is proving others false.

          So just stop watching stupid TikTok videos and start learning things. if you can watch TikTok videos, you can free yourself from bondage, IMHO. no need for others to have to free you.

          This is why VP Leni has to push for more internet, faster more reliable. What’s her platform on internet for all? is she partnering with private sector? what about Microwave internet for places without cable/fiber? How about satellite internet? etc. etc.

          In the end, VP Leni has no power in whether or not the Low

          keeps on watching stupid stuff online, or they get into say Veritasium youtube channel and access the many books and videos online, but she has to provide the means, so she needs to talk about internet connectivity more…

          “Even after enormous upheavals and seemingly irrevocable changes, the same pattern has always reasserted itself, just as a gyroscope will always return to equilibrium, however far it is pushed one way or the other.

          The aims of these three groups are entirely irreconcilable. The aim of the High is to remain where they are. The aim of the Middle is to change places with the High. The aim of the Low, when they have an aim – for it is an abiding characteristic of the Low that they are too much crushed by drudgery to be more than intermittently conscious of anything outside their daily lives – is to abolish all distinctions and create a society in which all men shall be equal. Thus throughout history a struggle which is the same in its main outlines recurs over and over again. For long periods the High seem to be securely in power, but sooner or later there always comes a moment when they lose either their belief in themselves or their capacity to govern efficiently, or both. They are then overthrown by the Middle, who enlist the Low on their side by pretending to them that they are fighting for liberty and justice. As soon as they have reached their objective, the Middle thrust the Low back into their old position of servitude, and themselves become the High.”

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Yes as if they are saying give me enough money to last a lifetime and I will stop asking for money. Makes sense.
            But still does not recognize that there is a vicious cycle of master and servant bondage going on for many a millenia.

            • That vicious cycle is real. I agree. Not a lot can sabotage said cycle cuz it all starts from 0-5 years old, nutritioun, nature/nurture, lots vs. no stimulation for the mind, etc. etc.

              But internet connectivity is like the gun in the Wild West, its like the great equalizer, as such VP Leni should talk more about it, easier to talk about compared to economics or servant bondage dynamics, etc.

              “I’m gonna make sure everybody gets fast and reliable internet!!!” — VP Leni.

              then explain how.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                For one she proposes more underground utilities (cabling( as opposed to the electric posts and tower transmission. Maybe partner with billionaites for drones and sattelite internet.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Any ideas for vaccine inequity in Africa? Because that is the most glaring BS happening.

              • Just Googling it, it’s a supply chain issue. too many dirt roads not enough dirt bikes, i suppose.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Thanks but zoon in if it is a failure of free markets

              • Well just off top of my head,

                Logistics/supply chain is the stuff of free markets, meaning if theres a profit to be had there will be UPS/FedEx , etc.

                The only profit to be had in welfare type handing outs of FREE vaccines is that you’ll some how stop this pandemic, but as we’ve seen with Omicron, the world can just as easily shut out Africa,

                and things will continue to run (meaning Africa isn’t really that important). so what’s the need for vaccines? so its a bit of both i think, karl.

                I also read the not only amongst Republicans/Trumpists who don’t get vaccinated here, but also among the Afro-American community, pretty high percentage not too many are getting vaccinated, so maybe theres an element too of that going on in


                I mean Melinda/Bill Gates did attempt to sterilize them before their divorce. If I was African i too would be wary i suppose, karl. just general suspicion.

              • It’s like that BLM talk we had last year or 2, karl.

                BLM presumes most blacks die from cops; but if you really think about it it is really at the hands of medical professionals, either due to abortions in Planned Parenthood facilities in black neighborhoods or shoddy ER/hospital care due to lack of insurance in county or regular hospitals.

                So if i were head of BLM, i’d drill down on medical professionals.

                And so I think this is what youre seeing in the low vaccination rates among blacks here.


                “Racial disparities in vaccination rates have narrowed over time and have nearly closed for Hispanic people. Between November 29 and December 13, vaccination rates increased by 1.0 percentage points for Black people (from 50.3% to 51.3%), by 1.1 percentage points for Hispanic people (from 55.3% to 56.4%), and by 1.2 percentage points for Asian people (from 75.3% to 76.5%). In contrast, they remained roughly stable for White people (at 58%).”

                and here,


              • Karl Garcia says:

                Thanks for your time.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Not as bad as I thought.
                (Africa’s vax sitrep)

    • Jeep says:

      That’s true. I know a lot of educated peers/schoolmates who are lawyers/accountants and are proud DDS/BBM supporters. At the height of Pharmally fiasco, a friend working as bank auditor – even defends the transaction despite the red flags unearthed. They don’t even get money or benefits as most are overseas. They just love Du30 and BBM and hate to hell VP Leni. Sad reality also getting reflected in the surveys.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        You said it: sad reality

        • kasambahay says:

          the reality is standards are still there, legislation still reigns supreme and mandated reporting is still paramount. in the end, the only option the darganis have got left if for them to run away in the middle of the night, umarkila ng private plane bound for malaysia, but huli rin. tapos bumuhos pa ang luha ng magkapatid, they were to visit their ailing mother kuno, in kuala lumpur?

          the mother probly got sick knowing what her stupid kids had done, what unsavory things the newspapers will be saying about them, and what their nosy neighbors will be whispering behind their back. it will be hard for the darganis to do business now, their reputation ruined and rarely anyone trust them now. any transactions they make will be scrutinized till thy kingdom come.

          on top of everything, the darganis have to pay fine, and be punished for wrongful actions.

          as for the yangs, duterte paid dearly too. he lose clout and relinquished his candidacy. his hope of extending his power beyond 2022 is also fast diminishing.

    • in principle I agree, Micha.

      I think Bezos just by his very existence is wasting oxygen on Earth; same same with Bill Gates.

      But Elon Musk, is something different, he’s plowing through with new stuff. Steve Jobs i don’t think came up with new stuff, just user friendlier designs.

      Elon Musk, is gonna send us to Mars, is gonna get everyone driving EV (thus pissing on the fossil fuel dudes), and is gonna make the brain/information interface a reality, Neuralink.

      I don’t know if that’s a good thing necessarily, but all i can say is its gonna upend current status quo– which I’m already not a fan of.

      My point here is not all billionairs or millionaires are the same, some are actually pushing new world orders. good or not, I dunno, not my point here. The assumption is that something new is better than status quo.

      So because billionaires like Musk are upending old systems, he should be allowed to do what he envisions. Sure tax him, and catch as catch can re Panama/Pandora papers, but not all of these guys are liability to society is my point.

      But for sure Bezos and Gates are, those two are fans of optimization, Elon Musk too, but Bezos/Gates/Jobs haven’t really pushed anything new and did not really upend old systems, just added to it. Whereas Bezos and Gates’ optimization is sterilization and more slaves.

      I’m more forgiving of the Paypal Mafia, Micha. But Steve Jobs will always have a special place in my heart due to his products enlivening my appreciation for fonts and design. But its all made in China, so i’m kinda neutral when it comes to Jobs. but hate Bezos and Gates.

      • Micha says:

        You’d have a more coherent understanding of this plutocratic phenomenon if you focus less on individuals and more on the system, the capitalist system. Wealth concentration in the hands of the very few is the natural outcome of capitalism predicted by both Smith, Locke, and Marx.

        To mitigated that outcome, government must intervene to moderate the greed. But if Trump instead gives them more tax breaks and loopholes to hide their wealth, that’s upward intervention to perpetuate gross plutocracy.

        Bernie or Warren would have at least gave them a kick in the chin.

        Meanwhile in Brazil, Lula is ascendant in the polls, garnering 50% against the right winger Bolsonaro’s 20% for the upcoming October 2022 election.

        That should give Leni’s campaign strategist some clue. Turn left and the votes will come rushing in.

        • “You’d have a more coherent understanding of this plutocratic phenomenon if you focus less on individuals and more on the system, the capitalist system.”

          I get it. You’re saying general , I’m pointing out that theres specifics here in which the same system, re Elon Musk will create its own demise– like Neo (or now Trinity) in the Matrix.

          Individuals make the bigger difference, Micha, thus specific instances matter. Both AOC and Musk I’m sure agree with UBI, and MMT. so it pays to study individuals.

          Broad sword vs. scalpel. Policy vs. individual works (ala Musk).

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Explain Venezuela.
            Socialist and with lotsa lotsa Oil and still poor no matter who the leader.
            Is it the fault of US that central to south america remain poor that they alll rush to America?

          • I’d add UK to that list, karl.

            • “The above map shows, in green, countries that administer some sort of universal health care plan. Most are through compulsory but government-subsidized public insurance plans, such as the UK’s National Health Service. Some countries that have socialized and ostensibly universal health care systems but do not actually apply them universally, for example in poverty- and corruption-rife states in Africa or Latin America, are not counted.

              What’s astonishing is how cleanly the green and grey separate the developed nations from the developing, almost categorically. Nearly the entire developed world is colored, from Europe to the Asian powerhouses to South America’s southern cone to the Anglophone states of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The only developed outliers are a few still-troubled Balkan states, the Soviet-style autocracy of Belarus, and the U.S. of A., the richest nation in the world.

              Socialism’s not so bad, karl.

              • So socialism is not the problem per se but 3rd world corruption. In Venezuela’s case i think also American meddling from Monroe doctrine to Banana republics to the Cold War to IMF/WB bs.

                Not sure about India though. they were non-aligned, so maybe their Swiss strategy back fired on them, not being aligned equals hung out to dry. just off the top of my head. But Venezuela for sure we’re complicit.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Socialism supposed to remove inequity, but you say if there is 3rd world corruption it won’t work?

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Can we have good governance without democracy?

                Click to access Thompson-27-1.pdf

              • karl,

                That’s what me and Micha were talking about just above RE Optimization,

                Fascist/Authoritarian gov’ts tend to do optimization real well, which tells me be wary of it as a “good” thing.

                As for corruption and socialism, socialism tends to do well in homogeneous countries– IMHO, becuz homogeneity comes with it equity already. thus socialism is just building on that.

      • this is definitely something the Philippines can build upon, karl. since its already in existence there, but might be in danger with the mall and condo model (stay away from the North American model). this is something I enjoyed in the 3rd world. I kinda wish it here, w/out the dirty/stinky canals and all the dog poop though (dog poop i’m seeing more in gay & trendy areas here, but Philippines is still worst for dog poop). plus stand-by’s & siga’s getting drunk at 2am.

        “The pockets of retail & restaurants dotted throughout residential neighbourhoods in the Netherlands bring a liveliness and utility to the neighbourhood – and even help solve traffic congestion. Learn how this kind of urban design has been illegal in most of the US and Canada for a century, and why it should be brought back.”

  34. Karl Garcia says:

    Re: Electioneering

    Paquiao being documented giving away money pissed me off, but when he gave a plane load of relief goods I had a different reaction (more on the positive) then he said that he would not show himself to avoid criticism.
    Nahiya pa sya.

    Chavit Giving away thousands via his money gun is the reason to hate billionaires if you are middle class, but if you are poor and some rich dude does that you will fight for the money.

    Dang, the comelec was asked about Paquiao giving away money said that there was nothing illegal since the campaign has not started.

    Now if BBM gave a way the Tallano or even the Yamashita gold, let him.

  35. I wonder if Kiko Pangilinan read the discussion between Juan Luna, Micha and LCPL_X but as a Senator he has called for a Senat hearing to realign government funds and improve government and private sector cooperation:

    • Does this mean that the Senate can ask BBM,

      What were you doing all the way over there handing out stuff?

      to which BBM will answer,

      They needed my help and also janitors and bus drivers apparently.

      Kiko will ask,

      Did you see me over there?

      BBM will ask,

      You mean electioneering?


      I’m in 4th place I should be doing something like that, but no, my point is I stayed near Manila where the Senate is located, you should’ve done the same!

      BBM will respond,

      But I read LCPL_X saying there was this black dude in Kentucky after the massive tornadoes who brought his BBQ pit and some meats, and offered victims free barbeque. His name was James Finch.

      Kiko will then ask,

      Do you know how to barbecue?

      BBM answers,



      Then what the hell were you doing there?!!! Tell me the truth!!!


      You want the truth, you want the truth?!!! You can’t handle the truth, I was electioneering, something you should be doing too since you’re in 4th place!!!


      Case closed, lets all get back to work— whatever that means… (4th place… I’m in 3rd place, ahole).


      I submit this photo of James Finch cooking BBQ:


      I accept said evidence. And lastly Leni-Sara 2022! Wu-tang clan!!! F U BBM!

      • kasambahay says:

        ditch sara! bong marcos and gloria arroyo are behind her! sara has their agenda at heart.

    • “sara has their agenda at heart.” Remember kb, Inday Sara could’ve chosen to run for Pres. but she didn’t, so no one knows her agenda at heart. I’ve already posited mine. I think yours is less likely. because we know Inday Sara is fiercely independent.

      So I’ve already prepared a design for the Leni-Sara 2022 campaign, I hope Kiko (not Kiki ) promotes it soon.

  36. “..In the Marcos web of lies, the 1970’s is portrayed as the Philippines’ golden era. It was the time when the country was prosperous and when poverty did not exist. It was the era when impressive edifices like the Cultural Center were built. It was the time when our people were most disciplined and criminality was non-existent.

    Kyle, I was alive in the 70’s and let me tell you how it really was. During the 21 years of Marcos, the economy grew by an average rate of only 3.8 percent. We were left behind by Thailand and Malaysia, whose economies grew by six to seven percent. The Philippines was not prosperous under Marcos, it was in fact losing competitiveness.

    Marcos made it appear that the economy was progressive. He used foreign debts to create an illusion of progress, which is why he built the CCP, the Manila Film Center and many others. Most of these projects failed to contribute to job generation and economic productivity. By the time Marcos ended his presidency, our national debts multiplied by 46 times to a shocking $26 billion from only $500 million when he took over. The country was drowning in debt that it was only in 2006 that we were able to repay them. This is why government could not spend much on infrastructure or social services from 1986 to 2006.

    Data show that from the time Marcos became president in 1965 up to the time he was ousted in 1986, the peso depreciated by 500 percent. What people could buy for P100 in 1965 was only worth P27 by 1986. Unemployment surged 460 percent to one-third of the population. Poverty rates ballooned by 613 percent to a staggering 44.2 percent after Marcos’ reign.

    Marcos wrecked our once strong economy – and the records prove this. He sequestered successful enterprises and gave them to his cronies, all of whom ran them to bankruptcy due to corruption and mismanagement. As a result, we lost competitiveness in sugar, coconut and rice industries as well as manufacturing. That is why there were no jobs in the Philippines by the time Marcos’ presidency ended..”

  37. Re illusions of a golden age:

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