What the heck is the opposition trying to accomplish?

Analysis and Opinion

By JoeAm

If I were to dissect the goals of the opposition to the Marcos Government based on Twitter messaging, it would be:

  1. Make sure Marcos fails
  2. Stop Marcos from revising history
  3. Stop Marcos from partying
  4. Get Marcos to pay his Tax and PCGG debts
  5. Complain about Marcos not doing enough

What the hell kind of agenda is that?

Would it be offensive if I proposed an alternative agenda?

  1. Get organized and find a leader who is not Leni Robredo
  2. Get funded
  3. Free Atty Leila de Lima; frame a human rights platform
  4. Give visibility to corruption (hidden budgets, agencies, LGUs, pharmally-style dealings)
  5. Define discipline properly; define unity properly
  6. Start recruiting barangays for 2025 and 2028 elections
  7. Deploy a coordinated social media strategy, and a mainstream media strategy
  8. Issue official opinions on Government works

Lacking organization, the opposition comes across to me as a bunch of gripers with no proper way to apply their energy forcefully. They are not dealing from strength. They are lost with nothing of importance to say.


100 Responses to “What the heck is the opposition trying to accomplish?”
  1. Micha says:

    If you’re referring to the pink/yellow opposition Joe, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re kind of lost because both Marcos and them are not ideologically separate – they operate more or less on the same ideological framework, hence their opposition is more subjective than anything else.

    They don’t like the Marcoses because the latter are political rivals of the Aquinos. Plus, his father did really horrible things. It’s not ideological. It’s personal.

    It’s a spat between families, not ideologies.

    To the extent that the present Marcos admin is shaping up to be a purely right wing neoliberal conglomeration, the only group that can be properly called opposition would be those coming from the left.

    • JoeAm says:

      Ah, very good. So the Marcos agenda is no different than the Aquino agenda, really. Fascinating insight, and it seems true. Same guy at NEDA doing the plan, in fact. Corruption is always there of course, and the Duterte murderous drug war continues under Marcos. But there is no ideological opposition to what he’s doing, just dislike of his family. Thanks for the insight. Eye-opening.

      • MLQ3 and me who are nearly the same generation share the same pet peeve BTW of Marcos and his men as wearing POMADE. Though I find that Information Minister Tatad wore it well and literally looked slick, or I am I just “bias” because he is a Bicolano?

        • JoeAm says:

          Ha, yes, I saw that tweet and smiled. Gadzooks. New fashion trends coming, I suppose.

          • So it seems. 😜

            And one critic of Marcos Jr. did know what really mattered in the first 100 days. 😉

            Seriously, I liked the way Sen. Risa Hontiveros called for De Lima’s release today, or how she questioned VP Inday Sara’s huge confidential fund. Or recent statements of Kiko Pangilinan on agricultural policy. But the Philippines gets caught easily in tsismis topics.

            • Exceptions like the one below prove the rule.. she (yes she is a FB friend too) actually is aware of Kiko Pangilinan and his Sagip Saka program, and sees a possible synergy between helping farmers and feeding schoolkids.

              Now THAT kind of stuff is what Pink especially Leni Robredo’s programs and Kiko Pangilinan’s initiatives are supposed to be about. Add Sen. Hontiveros to the mix and the opposition COULD develop towards something more centrist – social democratic in direction – the precondition being that more Filipinos learn to think in terms of programs (forget ideologies at this point, most are FAR from ready for that) instead of just personalities and personal likes or dislikes, as if politics were just showbiz or sport and history is “just tsismis” as someone recently said.

              • this is confusing, its under the OVP but its a DepED program, ireneo?

              • Micha says:

                Three food trucks Irineo. Three fucking food trucks to distribute foods for malnourished school kids nationwide.


                How many schools? How many malnourished kids?

                How often will the truck make its delivery if you only have one truck each for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao?

                This is not even a band aid solution. This is just cheap PR and propaganda for Duterte. Elections been long over and she’s still on cheap electioneering mode.

                And to think she has that multi billion budget for OVP and DepEd already!

              • @ Micha,

                The question is have they done this before? If not then it is a first, which means, it could be expanded upon or it can stop (or just be PR).

                The next is to assume (positively) that it can be expanded upon, how to do so? is the next question.

                Are there enough farmers, what foods are being prioritized, again this all goes back to gut health, less rices more gulay, Micha.

                Don’t knock it before digging any further, I can see this scaling up.

              • Micha says:

                Yes, school feeding program was done before. Nationwide. On scale. It’s not as if Duterte is totally unaware of such a program.

                There’s an HE department in every elementary schools where the students themselves (usually the upper grade females) assist in the preparation and cooking of locally sourced fresh vegetables supervised by their HE teachers. A vitamin enriched nutri-bun is also provided during recess.

                Such a scheme can be funded out of her multi billion budget and duplicated nationwide if Duterte really wanted to do something about those malnourished kids instead of posturing a lousy and inept program of three truck deliveries!

              • I remember in the bigger cities and towns over there, there were plenty of vendors just outside of schools selling sodas poured into plastic bags with straw and then fried bananas on a stick, etc. etc.

                so theres already food readily available, just not the nutritious ones, but if you can get the kids to choose wisely their meals maybe schools can leverage supply and demand, in which more fruits and veggies are sold outside of schools.

                I remember eating balot around 12pm there, with 2 i was already full and energized i usually asked for the oldest ones with feathers already growing, Micha.

                Maybe make balot into a DepED funded program. slurping the juices was just soooo good, Micha.

                This too, Micha,

              • Well, the three trucks by Sara are mere epal, but Sen. Kiko’s Sagip Saka law is there since 2020 and states that the government must prioritize local farmers.

                The point of the one commenting on Sara’s initiative was to use Sagip Saka instead and make sure that local farmers are tapped for school feeding at the local level all over the country. Lateral thinking that is highly applicable.

              • Karl Garcia says:

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Charli balakubak! Excuuse me. More unbelievable is that no Gard pomade picture on google so this would do. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/GxgAAOSwoPJd5dZW/s-l500.png

              • kasambahay says:

                hair dyes should be advertised, methink pbbm regularly use them for touch ups, his recurring grey roots clearly visible on his parted head need to be dyed regularly and quite often. else, magmukha siyang grandfather ni sandro, lol!

              • Karl Garcia says:

                Pati si Irene mas lola pang dating kesa ke Imee.

          • Ireneo: “But the Philippines gets caught easily in tsismis topics.

    • steve says:

      Aquino was neoliberal. Marcos is neofeudal. There is a world of difference between the two.

  2. isk says:

    1. Get organized and find a leader who is not Leni Robredo
    Rep. Edcel Lagman is the new LP President . I wonder who will be their bet for the next Presidential election.
    “We are not done yet. We may not have reached our desired goals, but we have ignited a fire in the hearts of millions of our people, especially the youth, a fire for good governance and accountable leadership. That will never be extinguished, and shall in due time, spread like wildfire,” Pangilinan

  3. yes grassroots is the way. build a real party. win local elections. Part time nation building will no longer cut it

  4. Who else is there aside from VP Leni?

    And what’s their platform? good governance and accountable leadership have to be better explained, for example like include all the how-to’s and new ideas to get this done. on-the-ground level.

    Everyone’s complaining about red-tagging, are there plans to dialogue with China over Marxism, like ideas/culture exchange program. maybe this will curb red-tagging and legitimizes Marxism as a valid counter to Wall Street (read fictitious economy).

    Maybe Marxism 2022 under Xi Jinping is where De-Growth Economics can flourish and thrive as an idea. same same with MMT, then UBI.

    Hell maybe its the Pinks not PBBM that should be open to joining the SCO! 😉

  5. Juan Luna says:

    To answer the title of the article, the opposition’s main role is to question the government decisions and actions, raised matters of public importance and hold them accountable. And out of the five ‘goals’ enumerated above, stopping Marcos to revise history and making him accountable, among other things, to the lingering issue of taxes against his family falls within that description.

    There are different kinds of opposition, It maybe by reason of political or personal; ideological or moral. I would even include neutral opposition (people who disagree with you but aren’t actively trying to stop you). And in Marcos case, all of them are operating for obvious reason.

    I’m not sure if there is lack of organization within the ranks of the opposition. As far as I know all the groups that comprises the anti-Marcos movement are still in existence. Could be they are just dormant or in hibernation due to the normal ebb and flow in the political environment. Every administration experience a sort of honeymoon period, a break, from media and political rivals as part of the transition cycle.

    Once everything is settled, meaning the president’s team is complete and fully functioning, and the bureaucracy starts to roll, I think we’re going to get a better view of the kind of opposition PBBM will contend with in the next six years.

    • The opposition this very second can be exposing and

      lodging complaints in areas where bureacracies are now mired in corruption and inefficiencies, and then take credit for said exposure, sure the politicians in power will also take credit for the fix, but expose powers is also powerful,

      right now they can do that, find something like Joe’s issues with not being able to get appointment for his son’s passport. Expose that and offer fixes, and get heads and politicians involved.

      that they can do right now, as opposition. fixing little things that add to bigger things. easy deliverables.

      • kasambahay says:

        true dat, fixing little things can lead to big things; any exposure is better than no exposure.

  6. Karl Garcia says:

    Make sure it will not be Sara vs Imee.
    Am sure one will play victim and one will play hero.

    One will act as a whistle-blower of the anomalies.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      Before the midterms unfortunately another series of investigations in aid of re-elections either for personal interests or presidential candidate of choice’s interests will happen. Nothing has changed.

      The templates were Lacson and Gordon. Trillanes maybe a template too but his investigations are not for reelections in my not so humble opinion.

      As of now honeymoon period. Praise 100 days then after 250 +- days praise the first SONA then scrutiny time for future former allies after the first SONA.

    • kasambahay says:

      blood is thicker than water, if push comes to shove and though the marcos siblings may not see eye to eye, brother and sister could well gang up on sara. pbbm has his sons to back him up, his sister will back him up too albeit grudgingly. sara is in the lion’s den and more or less isolated, unless her father’s party steps in.

      inday is already complaining her 1st 100days felt like 100yrs kuno! and people being people could well play sara vs imee, pit the two together and see who’ll crack 1st.

      and chances are, sara will be flooded with work! taking over pbbm as officer in charge each time pbbm feels like going awol. and with her deped portfolio, sara could well be spreading herself thin. she would just have to lean on pbbm’s executive secretary, bersamin, and work him real hard. make him her whipping boy, lol!

      but, if bersamin hits back and refuse to play 2nd fiddle, inday’s consolation is the luxury helicopter ride back home to dabaw. probly in such a state that her deped undersecretaries will be cautious to approach her, and pile her with their own problems, lol!

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Good one kb

      • Karl Garcia says:

        The Arsenio Lacson is the father of Imee will explode once she declares candidacy.But BBM camp might have a damage control plan like saying It’s true it’s true but I still love my ate.

        • kasambahay says:

          kung gusto ni imee na lumamang at ipakita na hindi misplaced ang tiwala ng daddy sa kanya as the wiser of his kids, imee can well lead the call and ask that de lima be freed – now!

          de lima is hot topic and imee could well be the bravest among the braves; the best man to free de lima could well be a woman and her name is imee!

          the honor of having the guts, the gumption and the glory of having freed de lima might well belong to imee and that could well be imee’s slogan for her to have a go for highest office. she is the lady justice!

          • Karl Garcia says:

            You are giving her PR ideas. Right now under rated ang US visit nya. That was powerful.

            • kasambahay says:

              she is already thinking along that line and can turn the table; she just need a little more courage and a little more push. go, girl, go!

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Sara must declassified her confidential funds if she wants to be president it is a ticking time bomb or a not so hidden ace for Imee or a bullet in the chamber. Saying she forced mu brother to do it and told congress no questions asked.

        • kasambahay says:

          you are right, sara has to step up and declare what her confidential fund is for even though honesty is not her best policy.

          and imee needs to watch her words, saying her brother was forced to give in to sara’s wish of having confidential fund could well mean her brother is weak, easily lead by the nose and has no mind of his own!

          as president, pbbm is supposed to lead, not the one being led, hoodwinked, blackmailed or threatened.

  7. Karl Garcia says:

    Sandro swearing in New Ncionalista members must have had the consent of the Villars’

    • kasambahay says:

      sandro is his father’s side kick. next time his father goes on blitzkrieg sabbatical maybe for another bout of grand prix overseas, sandro will probly tag along. and if sandro goes on the path well trodden, he will have the most absences in congress!

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Together with uncle Martin.

        • kasambahay says:

          uncle martin is mayhap, dangerous! he was with pbbm in singapore for the grand prix and god knows, what uncle martin has been whispering to pbbm outside the hearing of the officer in charge back home.

          apparently, the singapore trip was not only to see the grand prix, it was also to for other ‘purposes’.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            Of course the ES even said that the cost of going and staying there does not matter because it is for official use also.(funds)

      • Juan Luna says:

        sandro is his father’s side kick.
        – – – – – –
        To be accurate, he is his father’s Imelda. PBBM, like his father, has no appeal or personality. Yes, when he was young he is cute, more cute than Sandro who looks like his mom. But now he’s just a politician lacking appeal. The reason Sandro tags along with his dad, aside maybe from early onset of ambition, was he attracts people especially the young ones. Like Macoy with Imelda, there must always be a focal point of attention that has nothing to do with politics that balances the equation. Imelda is beautiful and really an attention getter while Macoy is the ever guile politician which makes every gathering an experience. Same with Sandro who is in the apex of his youth and has the looks to charm crowds the way his grandma used to do back in the day.

        Back then, people call Imelda the ‘secret weapon’ of Macoy because of her pull with her charm and wit. I don’t know about Sandro. All I know is he’s always there even if his presence is really not necessary. He’s more of a version of Bong Go but in steroids.

  8. Karl Garcia says:

    If PDP laban will be a house of cards in a few months, Koko Pimentel might reclaim the party he lost.

  9. Karl Garcia says:

    Risa Hontiveros rapport with Pimentel might lead to good things ahead. Will Pangililinan Lagman join the ride or stem the tide?

  10. Juan Luna says:

    Would it be offensive if I proposed an alternative agenda?
    1. Get organized and find a leader who is not Leni Robredo
    – – – – – –
    Some quarters may find that proposal offensive for it definitely implies that Robredo does not fit to be the leader of the opposition. It also strongly suggests that she is the reason why the opposition lost in the last election. How the Pinks will swallow that idea is beyond me.

    On the other hand, I find percipience in the proposal because it is a valid observation. Once a political party loses the next best thing to do is overhaul the entire system of the campaign, to change leaders to the point of upsetting everybody concerned for the sake of the party’s survival. Replacing the actual and nominal party leader is possible but how to execute it remains a question.

    I say, go slow on drastic steps that might create problem instead of solution. As it is, Robredo is still capable to lead the opposition but the system of approach should need to be reviewed. The opposition has to remember that the war is now against the son and not the father. Times have changed, the old materials is passe. They have to come up with something current and realistic to fight the president that will focus on his person, his misdeeds, his weaknesses and not bombard him with issues that relates to his father.

    • I think Joe sees that Atty. Leni effectively doesn’t want to lead the opposition anymore based on her actions so far, which is also what I see.

      There is after all an unwritten rule in Philippine politics that those who lose a Presidential (Miriam) or even VP (Mar) election don’t make a comeback. Filipino political culture does favor the llamado and dislike the talunan.

      Atty. Leni no longer leads the LP, she has passed the baton to Lagman and Kiko. Through Angat Buhay Foundation she does retain influence of course. The rest might be happening already, far from the madding socmed crowd.

      • kasambahay says:

        so true! leni retains influence, still highly regarded and is often sought out for her comments and opinions on the state of our nations aside from the opinions and comments of analysts both past and present.

        leni is the one to be compared with, has walked the talk and has set the standard of what is ideal and proper.

        and if leni has turned her back on politics; well, one does not have to be in politics, win office and serve term, just to do good service to our people.

    • JoeAm says:

      Robredo did not want to run in the first place, ran hard in her style once chosen, but the delay in her decision-making left her with 6 or 7 months to run against an entrenched 6 year Marcos campaign. She lost and moved on, expressing zero interest in running or leading anything but her charity program. And yet, she is the lingering de facto leader of the anti-Marcos brigade. My point is that rinse and repeat is a losing proposition. Someone should be organizing a 6 year effort.

      • Juan Luna says:

        Very interesting observation, I’ll take that to mean Leni Robredo is solely to blame for the opposition’s lost. I mean, if she did not want to run initially but enticed or forced to, the question is who did the enticing or forcing? On that issue alone the opposition should have made a comprehensive strategic review in the aftermath of the election to be able to avoid the same mistake in the future.

        • JoeAm says:

          Well, sole blame is harsh. Perhaps the lesson is that the campaign is more important than the person selected, and the total devotion to one person means the devotees were to blame. Or you can say LP is to blame for losing in 2016 and then quitting.

          • isk says:

            “the lesson is that the campaign is more important than the person selected, and the total devotion to one person means the devotees were to blame.”
            It appears that the democrats made a mistake in opting for Biden last 2020.
            This video is almost 30 minutes

            • JoeAm says:

              Nonsense. You can believe what you want, but don’t bring Fox News and right wing pundits to this blog or I’ll send you on the way of chemrock and i7sharp. To think Biden is an autocrat while Trump is a real American is about the scariest, most insane bit of thinking since Germany fell for Hitler. Biden is a dignified man, a fine President, and y’all don’t deserve him.

            • chemrock says:

              @ TSK

              Careful friend, you are at risk of being cancelled.

              Joe is right. Lies and misinformation should not be allowed.
              That’s why Zucker and all those liars at CNN have been given the boot.

              If you want to know the truth, tune in to the trial of Igor Danchenko now ongoing. The trial is Revelation 101. Truth is being ferreted out slowly but surely. But MAY not lead to any conviction and you should know why.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          Remember Juan, She talked to Lacson and I forgot who else. Many took that against her like Senator Trillanes until cooler heads prevailed. The one opposition candidate against supposedly Sara Duterte is another road to perdition paved by good intentions that get misinterpreted along the way.

          Last time the opposition’s target was Binay but in the end we got Duterte and preparing for another Duterte presidency gave us BBM.

          • Karl Garcia says:

            The other two were Sotto and Gordon.

            • kasambahay says:

              leni’s party did everything, even knocking door to door, except cheat and buy votes, lol!

              aba, bangsamoro supported pbbm lulled by big promises made. and now post election, bangsamoro is waiting and wondering, waiting and wondering . . .

  11. Karl Garcia says:

    Nigeria and Algeria could make up for the gas oil requirements of Europe.
    They can not commit because of domestic issues like oil theft, socio-political-economical domestic issues. Algeria is all sand.(almost).Planned pipeline will take years.
    Past underinvestment reality bites.

  12. Micha says:

    Four months on, what the heck is the junior President trying to accomplish in the agriculture department?

      • kasambahay says:


        only one year? pbbm ought to make it three years, one year moratorium on land amortization is not enough.

      • Micha says:

        There were much anticipation on what he might want to do in that department given his public pronouncements of priorities. Turns out it’s all smoke and no cowboy (mixed metaphors intended).

        Agree with Tiglao on the hubris aspect of it. Interesting that a former Arroyo lackey is, on the surface, now a Marcos constructive critic. Unaware of the political dynamics of this but what’s going on with the Uniteam?

        • If PBBM lacks vision, then here’s one, Micha:


          just blame technocrats if it doesn’t work. but with the Arctic also now in play, I gotta feeling the SCO will win. so no need to blame technocrats, but for sure give LCPL_X a Filipino citizenship and a plot of prime real estate on Mango Ave. if it does work.

          lots of gas and oil for the Philippines. and build build build. like Mordor.

          • This is the only UNCLOS issue the Philippines needs to worry about and its clearly delineated. so long as gas and oil flows freely, PBBM need not fret.

          • Micha says:

            When it comes to foreign policy, Junior already casts his lot with Uncle Sam, having learned the hard lesson from his father’s experience that you don’t get to blackmail the US by seeking alliance with its cold war nemesis and get away with it.

            Now that we’re having this cold war 2.0 (more likely going to turn hot), Junior knows where his and his family’s best interest lie.

            There’s also the probability that he’s trying to legitimize some residual (and unaccounted) ill-gotten wealth still hidden in foreign western banks so he needs to be in good graces with Washington.

            • kasambahay says:

              junior has been going overseas, trips sometimes uncalled for. maybe the trips were done for him to see how the family’s ill gotten hidden wealth is going along, to renew or move investments. could well be the reason why junior often looks distracted at work, his mind not on the job, lol!

  13. Micha says:

    “Without a political leadership that is guided by a clear vision of what it wants to accomplish, the German theorist Jürgen Habermas has warned, “a technocratic administration of industrial society would deprive any democratic decision-making process of its object.”

    “Technocrats who join government without bothering to ask what the vision of the political leadership is risk being used as deodorants for a corrupt government, or, worse, as scapegoats for its failures.”


    • chemrock says:

      Thanks for the link. It’s a good read. Something we at Singapore needs to be wary off.

    • kasambahay says:

      ahem, the best and brightest techies hired by pbbm are seemingly quite happy to attend meetings, twiddle their thumbs and collect their pay.

      god knows what vested interests and private deals they have made on the sideline, with pbbm p’haps non the wiser.

      national ID is supposed to go full strength ahead – if they can find a decent printer! as well, sim cards are to be registered with multiple sims belonging to just one person is allowed.

    • ‘Here at home, we have allowed homelessness to fester as a social wound, mainly because previous governments have lacked the political will to defy the logic of the market and the entrenched interests of private property developers in order to build affordable public housing for the poor in the heart of the city itself.”

      Oh this issue is a Left coast specific issue as well, Micha.

      I can report that this November, homelessness or what do about homeless is at the fore front. that and whether Indians (Native Californians) should have a monopoly on gambling. and even that they are trying to connect to homelessness, i guess because a lot of them are homelesss? or will be homeless if online gambling wins.

      San Fran is already voting more folks serious about getting people off the street; same in LA and in San Diego; Portland seems to love homeless people just living on their side walks;

      But Seattle has been the most significant about face 180 turn on homelessness, they’ve pretty much gotten rid of their homeless with few pockets here and there , but I suspect they’ve just moved them towards Portland a couple hours away.

      The answer seems to be in tiny homes, but recently here in the VA homeless encampment, lots of vets also homeless i guess, one tiny home burnt and it spread thru the encampment, so maybe too much privacy is not the answer as these homeless

      are usually suffering from mental illness or just general stupidity lack of common sense as humans,

      so I’m thinking maybe not tiny homes but capsule hotels ones found a plenty in Tokyo is the answer and just ensure the barriers are made of concrete and have them facing a public open path so each capsule is easily visible.

      I can report that over here there are no families or women with kids you’ll see on the streets, unless of course they prefer living on the streets in which case police and county officials child protective services will swoop in arrest parent(s) and send kids to proper housing,

      karl, Google Welfareville in Manila, I believe that was their answer to child homelessness there before, not sure if it s still in operation.

      So maybe more of those, expand more Welfarevilles, just swoop in get kids off the streets, but set-up the compound with more visibility and cameras as to prevent abuse, over here juvenile halls are divvied up into child criminals, and child victims and they don’t see each other. but both populations are helped.

      Prioritize children , women with children and families,

      then prioritize women with no children, because rape is common in this population.

      Then the guys with no family.

      these guys should be last, but you can easily house them cuz a dorm capsule hotel set up is totally fine with them; but women with out kids they would be better off in tiny houses, except for the crazies, they’ll just burn down their tiny homes.

      But yeah, things burning is a common occurence amongst the homeless, so design housing around burning.

      • kasambahay says:

        design housing around burning, that’s funny! burning mostly occurs dahil the homeless cannot afford to pay for heating, gas and electricity kaya they often cook on open fire sa luob mismo ng bahay, paminsan right on the floor and sometimes on the carpet, thus burning the floor, carpet then the walls. and then, they stood back and watch the fire burning and enjoying the warmth lalo na if the weather is cold. provide them with another house and they’d could well burn it again, and the cycle goes on.

        some of the homeless have mental issues, have altered reality and will always slip through the cracks. mental health have been made mainstream health, and rarely institutionalised now. kaya, we see these homeless with mental issues wandering in the neighborhood, supposedly not discriminated and less stigmatised, functional and able to fend for themselves, highly valued members of society too as most govt would have us believed, thus saving bigger bucks.

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