“Let’s see if I have this right . . .”


Duterte rally with flag. From video by Gershom Pertacorta.

By Joe America

I’d like to confirm that my thinking is properly aligned with, and supportive of, the Duterte Administration. You know, to abide by the terms of my resident visa.

As I understand it, that hokey “rising star of Asia” slogan was propaganda promoted by the failed Aquino Administration, a bunch of losers who allowed drugs, crime and poverty to flourish and were not able to get peace in Mindanao. Plus they offended our good neighbor China by filing a court case, and they operated as a lackey of the warmongering imperialists in America.

Our nation is actually a dirty, drug infested, crime-riddled cesspit of poverty and depraved, corrupt politicians, most of whom we have managed to switch to our side.

The Philippines is under dire threat from drugs so we should take drastic action and execute those who impose their dirty medicines on our peaceful society. Unless they are people of power themselves, and potentially useful to us. Then we should spare them. The courts are largely hopeless. Our police are better judges than our judges. They work faster, that’s for sure!

The US is a greedy, self-serving dog and has prevented us from developing as a modern, civil society. They keep imposing their colonial restraints on our innocent persons. Opening the Tacloban airport after Yolanda was a propaganda play. We’ve tried, but the Americans keep interfering. Like that gay Jew, former Ambassador Goldberg, what a jerk. We should work with China and Russia to carve out our own independence and enrichment. Japan, too, if they will loan us enough money.

Democracy in the Philippines has failed the people. We can provide a better, faster-changing government by cutting through all the red tape of due process and even laws. We know better than everybody else what needs to be done. That’s why none of us listens to anybody and why it is important to prosecute those who might get the public’s attention and disrupt our efforts. Like that sex fiend and Satan-worshiper Lila De Lima.

We have not issued any policy inconsistencies or contradictions. The media and general public are hasty and make incorrect interpretations before the matters are finalized. They should be more patriotic and patient. We will run a powerful communications program to counter the irresponsible journalists and media. Our first targets will be the investigative or fact-finding publications, given that they are not really Filipino patriots when they imply bad motives or work.

We are a completely open and honest government, with 161 exceptions.

I think I understand now, and want to be a patriot, too! Sign me up! Sign me up! I can free my schedule immediately to start spreading the Word. It will take me a couple of hours to set up my trolling program. Gotta get the VPN working right and about a dozen fake accounts. That’s the patriotic thing to do, after all.

I can stop going to church right away and set up deposit accounts for the payments I’ll get. Definitely having the right kind of patriotism pays big time.

I understand we are not supposed to use those biased Western news organizations like the Associated Press or that Frenchie agency, but should take our direction from Mocha Uson. She’s kinda pretty, although I’m not particularly keen on the picture of her with her hand down that fat guy’s pants. But, bottom line, she is a right proper Filipino patriot.

Upward Philippines! To a magnificent future under our Great Leader and the best staff, programs and patriotic followers in the universe!

Cheers to our brave legislators! They are bold enough to tear down this idiotic democracy with its irresponsible due processes and freedoms.

Hurrah to the cabinet! They stand as one, united and patriotic, even the commies!

Praise be to our Lord Duterte, the man of the moment, and the old wise-guys who surround him and interpret what he really means! Where others see a blathering psychopath, we see a man of courage and vision who represents our very souls in his every unintelligible utterance!

Fuck the Americans and the Catholic Church! God bless China, Russia and the Philippines! And Japan if they loan us enough money!

And please renew my visa when it comes due this January.



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  1. NHerrera says:

    Red-teaming? No, I believe you are serious. Hail Juan the new Recruit … err Patriot. No problemo. Visa renewed this January. No fee.

      • A response on FB that I have to share, for those who argue Filipinos don’t get satire.

        Paolo Francisco D. Villanueva Welcome to the dark, I mean the RIGHT side sir! Would you like coffee or tea while waiting for the world around you to burn? Afraid the front row seats are already taken by the Cabinet and Legislators, would third row slightly off center be okay? Thank you for your patriotic patience, entertainment, I mean propaganda, I mean current events by the Mocha girls will be coming right up. Fasten your seatbelts and return seats to upright position, the descent of democracy is approaching. Heil Pilipinas!

        • NHerrera says:

          Yes. Paolo Francisco D. Villanueva certainly knows his satire (or reality) and the choice words to go along with it.

  2. This is why foreigners cannot own any media companies here, as they would bad mouth the Filipino people. It’s obvious they can do that job themselves.

  3. peminista says:

    You forgot all about categorizing who’s human and who’s not. For sure, nothing will happen to us humans since we’re law-abiding, hardworking residents/citizens, right? The executed subhumans deserve it really, after all they rape babies.

  4. edgar lores says:


    I cannot possibly top Paolo’s comment, so I shan’t.

    • Great work!

      But you missed the mouse in China, “”I’ve realigned myself in your [China] ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to (President Vladimir) Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world – China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way,” Duterte said.

      This cartoon image keeps popping into my head. A mouse is “leading” two elephants with a string. The elephants are looking at the mouse with total disbelief and wry amusement. Then the elephants break out laughing at the absurdity of the mouse and the entire situation.

      The Filipinos I have told this too have all broken out laughing except for one old fascist, a local godfather of sorts.

      • edgar lores says:

        I am LOL-ing!

        Is it… is it the mouse that roared?

      • NHerrera says:


        • edgar lores says:

          Awesome illustration!

        • karlgarcia says:

          They say elephants are scared of mice.

        • BFD says:

          Is that a mouse? Much like a turtle to me. Or is it my eyes that’s playing tricks on me?

          • edgar lores says:

            D is for dinosaur? It looks like a small dinosaur to me. A dilong.

          • NHerrera says:

            Hi BFD, glad to see you back. Missed seeing that unique avatar. That is a unique blue animal which changes by the minute — a turtle, edgar’s small dinosaur, etc — much like the character it represents. 🙂

        • andy ibay says:

          I speedread this piece of Joe Am. Jetspeed thoughts came to mind. Like writing making anthills into elephant mountains. After all it doesn’t and can’t happen to turn elephant mountains into molehills. To zoom in could reveal elephant fleas. Those who deal with numbers for snacks, C/B Analysis comes to mind reminding one of tangible and intangible costs and benefits. This piece on the dock may be considered elaboration of INTANGIBLE COSTS that’s likely to be spawned by parthenogenesis of the Duterte’s political kind. Do the unthinkable (Duterte’s) and expect too this unthinkable (JoeAm’s) sarcasm response of erudition.

          On another matter like diplomacy, I can not fault USA or any country in the way for decades on how they deal with sissies who practiced “SIPSIP” diplomacy. It is not like people getting the government they deserve; but more like a friendly subservient country needing cultural basic assertiveness training on quid pro quo bilateral relations. Looking before a mirror might inspire someone to rake over the coals the foreign affairs saga of the Philippines.

      • Ah, such a great visual.

      • Ah, such a great visual. Nails it.

  5. chemrock says:

    Thank you Joe, for clearing your mind at last and joinibg our forces for change. So you see, we indeed can make change pretty fast and you are a splendid example. You have changed within what, 4 months? Had you gone to a psychiatrist it would have taken you at least 2 years lying on that couch, and millions of pesos, to help you clear your mind.

    You are a valued turncoat, Joe. No I’m sorry, I’ll retract that. Oops sorry — reinterpretation is a bad habit of ours, but you understand . Turncoat is a bad word. You are born-again, and deserve a fist salute. Henceforth, you can sit on my right

    Now to serious matters. For want of a better name, we shall call our force Dutertism. Let’s avoid any western sounding ‘ism’ out there. Dutertism has a local appeal and it demonstrates clearly our sovereign independence. Since there is no objection, Dutertism it is then.

    Every ‘ism’ has to be celebrated on a special day so people can rejoice and remember what it stands for. We should thank Joe for enumerating our ideologies. Now I propose that we do what Emperor Constantine did. In case you people don’t know, he made the Roman Empire celebrate Christmas on Dec 25 which was the day Romans celebrated Sol Invictus, the sun God. By doing so he made the conversion of Rome to Christianity more amenable. You see, I do read a lot. Now, I want Dutertism celebrated on October 3st henceforth. It is a hallowed day that people are already celebrating, the costumes are befitting as they show who we really are, the trick-or-treat ties up so well with our ideology. Most importantly, majority of people currently don’t really know what they were celebrating. After 6 years people will unconsciously celebrate October 31 as Dutertism Day. I think I’m a genious, yet many are those who still discredit me.

    Fist salute, everybody

    • edgar lores says:

      Sieg Heil!

    • fedelynn says:

      (1) Dutertism — sounds like a new mental illness, but I read it’s just a new name for an odd illness which manifests every now and then in history. Was the last time in Nazi Germany or North Korea?

      (2) Roman Empire & Christmas — “By doing so he made the conversion of Rome to Christianity more amenable.” Or made it easier for Pagans to hide in plain sight?

      • Troy says:

        I guess I’ m becoming “Dutertic.”

      • Duterectomy. That’s what is being done to the nation.

      • Sherry says:

        hahaha. You nailed it Fedelynn. Though i’d go ahead and claim that Dutertism is indeed a new mental illness. A mind boggling mental illness!!!

      • Thea says:

        I have my share-

        1. Duterty (n.) an old settlement from Mindanao residing in Malacanang.

        2. Duternial (adj.) describing group of people with 18th century belief who reside in Malacanang and far-away lands like United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Italy and other parts of the globe. Example:Duternial Senators (DS), Duternial Overseas Workers(DOS), Duternial Fil-Ams. These groups are submissive to their Dutert or superior.

        3. Durooking (v.) defaulting promises by cussing and flip flopping decisions.

    • Salute widda fist! (And I actually snorted at the “I read a lot” remark.)

    • Sherry says:

      You are a genius Chemrock! If I may make a suggestion, everyone must own and wear the Duterte Halloween mask on Dutertism day. It will add more oomph when executing the fist salute. In fact, our legislators should pass this as a law. Ohhh I’m so excited.

      Heil Lord Duterte (***rolls eyes and well alright, doing that lame fist salute).

  6. brianitus says:

    “in robot voice” Take me to your leader.

  7. Fedelynn says:

    *vomits* Sorry, Joe. This article ratcheted up the acid building my stomach for 4 months now. (Political Maalox not enough, I need food change.)

    Can’t leave my PHL, though. But I plan to invite to the country all the Ancient Aliens who seeded this part of Asia several millenia ago and, I don’t know, convince them to conduct around 16M mass abductions?

  8. chemrock says:

    Having a religion without a church is meaningless. We are in the process of constructing one. Inspired as we are by Anton LaVey, we actually wanted to site this in a remote area, possibly on one of the artificial islands developed by the Chinese. We’ll see how the talk goes.

    Meanwhile we have set up our Facebook. Click on the below and like us.


    • fedelynn says:

      Sorry, but that Church of Satan is fake. I did not endorse it. (I applied for Hell Lady Boss after I read Mr. Duterte boasting that he will kick Lucifer’s ass out of Hell. I wrote in my CV that I plan to put him, Bato, and all the EJK supporters in the 9th Circle of Hell. I will free them for Heaven’s plans when they have learned their lessons. *blushes* I was accepted by H’s HRDO. Btw, Luci now has a series on TV.)

    • Photos give me the heebie jeebies. I clicked off and went for a walk.

      Some people at FB are encouraging me to set up a fake news site, like to spread the word about Duterte’s possible peace prize nomination and his rumored knighting by the Queen in England. Something about brothers in spirit, telling the establishment to kiss off.

      I think with you, Edgar, Andrew, NH and others putting out articles, we could quickly rise to the level of Mocha Uson.

  9. Sup says:

    Tomorrow 8 pm GMA news a program about internet trolls…

    Investigative Documentaries: Trolls sa Social Media

    Uploaded on Nov 02, 2016 03:52 pm

    ilalanin si Harry, isang certified troll sa social media. Alamin ang kanilang mga gawain ngayong Huwebes, 8 PM sa GMA News TV.


  10. fedelynn says:

    Sir, by putting up a fake news site, wouldn’t that make The Honor Society as guilty as President Duterte Supporters on FB? It also makes me think that such a site can be used by pro-Ds as proof that THS is a destabilizer.

    • Good point. I may do more satire, because writing straight is tiresome given the lunacy of what is going on, day after day. But the fake news idea is gone gone gone. Thanks for the counsel.

    • chemrock says:

      Nothing that you read here is to be taken in good faith. When serious people here write in this funny style, they are driven by exasperation.

      No TSH members here will resort to posting fake news. The reason is simple. It’s simply out of character. It’s called values.

      • fedelynn says:

        Aye. But some Pinoys have difficulty differentiating satire from ‘seriously’ fake news (the destabilizing kind), esp. if it’s in a foreign language.

        • chemrock says:

          Haha whilst you are correct, we exist not to please the ignorant. What’s important is our motive. Are we out to cheat and trick? Of course not, it’s just having fun letting go of steam. Satire existed long ago as a form for subtle critism of overlords.

          In any case what difference and harm can there be when a particular segment of Filipinos does not want to read anything that has something to do with the truth.

  11. karlgarcia says:

    Be careful in practicing Dutertism, you might become a Dutertict.

  12. a distand observer says:

    I just loved the sarcastic undertone. Thanks for the good laugh!

  13. Waray-Waray says:

    Five months! That’s how it took you JoeAm to realise that you are in the wrong all along. Anyway all is not lost, you Johnny come lately!

  14. caliphman says:

    So how do we know the same Russian hackers wno broke into Hillary’s campaign computers are not working with their Chinese counterparts and have now seized control of Joe’s keyboard? How sure are we this is good old Joe writing in sarcasm and satire? Karl, are you privy to his mother’s maiden name, his first car, his favorite kindergarten teacher? Maybe the blogsite Tanod can message this Joe and verify this is not a dirty trick by out new allies in China, Russia pitted against the rest of the world. Perhaps I can check Wikileaks for any secret Joe email exposes. Belated Happy Holloween everyone!

    • a distand observer says:

      I sense here a subtle reference to the kinds of “truth seekers” who always suspect some secret plot behind any action.
      Caliphman, this comment of yours and the Guy Fawkes mask on your profile picture makes me wonder whether you do possess some abilities in the realm of programming.

      • karlgarcia says:

        Per NHerrera, he is an engineer, and from his lawyerly comments,we can conclude that he is also a lawyer, who knows what else caliphman is capable of? 😉
        Maybe programming is one of them, well If I recall,he has a wall street back ground.
        Wait, I am sounding like a profiler…. nah,I just pay attention.

        • caliphman says:

          Umm Karl…leaving out economics expertise from the monetary theory debates or military historian from my Mamasapano battlefield insights? How disappointing. But to answer DO, no I was not born with the name Jason.

          • karlgarcia says:

            Dang! But I did mention wall street, (excuses,excuses)! …… But your last name maybe Bourne, you must be his uncle, unless you are talking about the Friday the 13th series.

            • a distand observer says:

              Thanks Carl and Caliphman for the reply. I understand that some commenters prefer to remain anonymous, as does our host, JoeAm. Hence I didn’t manifest my curiousity as a question, but a mere statement of curiosity 😉

              • caliphman says:

                No problema, ado. You can always ask for my real name or Joe’s. You can also ask us for a million dollars. Or you may ask Margot Robbie for a night of hot sex with you. Perhaps when pigs fly, such prayers may get answered…hehehe.

              • karlgarcia says:

                No problem.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Hahaha caliphman! We have been compromised! 😜 The usual verification is mother’s maiden name and date of birth, but for robots, we have recaptcha, we need only to check all the pictures asked, then copy the code in a box. hehehe.Trick or Treat!💀👺👹😈

  15. madlanglupa says:

    (Offtopic) Well, this means BBM isn’t getting the seat this year. How’s that for “moving on”? Haha!


    • NHerrera says:

      Yes. Round 1, and the fact that we have only 2 months this year.

      I have not followed this case, but votes from some provinces/precincts are being recounted at the SC-PET due to BBM’s complaint, at his considerable expense isn’t it? So, may be next year the result may be known?

  16. NHerrera says:

    Off topic

    On the last five days of the campaign for the US President, barnstorming across the US are some names shown in the table below. What stands out is obvious. Not that this item matters with issues on both sides exploited to the max.

  17. LG says:

    Bravo👏 TSH! This satire is catharsis that perfectly nails the hammer on the head. Encore that.

  18. josephivo says:

    Which country does the most good for the world?

    A 17min TED lecture by Simon Anholt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X7fZoDs9KU

    This lecture explains my fear. People want to deal with “good” people, and this people live in “Good” countries. Good as opposite to selfish, good as in contributing to the common, the good of goodwill, not the good of good, better best. And there is evidence that good countries pay less interest and make more favorable contracts.

    The president should invite the inventor of this index and evaluate if his wild statements grow or shrink the international perception of the Philippines as a “good” country. Shrinking the perception will cost in the long run and make international trade more difficult. Or does the president wants to add some extra weights while exercising to proof how strong he and his country is?

  19. jeorge says:

    Theories on why he plans to step down in approximately 3 years, after the implementation of federlaism.

    1. Keep his trust rating high for his next term.

    2. To create his own kingdom in Mindanao was the real plan.

    3. His role in China’s plan to fragment the country has been accomplished.


    • chemrock says:

      And for those interested, the sandiganbayan had also rejected the prosecutor’s attempt to call Ernesto Mercado as a witness on some technical grounds. In Philippines, cases are won or loss on technicalities, not on legalities, evidence, and sound reasoning.

      The fall and fall of Philippines in slow motion before our eyes

  21. NHerrera says:



    25.45 million shares of SMC turned over to the government to eventually benefit coco farmers suffered a big blow:

    “Instead of compelling SMC to obey and comply with the ruling that has become final and executory, the Supreme Court shamelessly reversed its decision, ironically citing a clear [denial] of due process to one of the country’s most powerful conglomerates,” KMP secretary general Antonio Flores said.

    Due process too for those who died during police illegal drug operations, you asked? Those dead got their due process. WHAT? You gotta be kidding. Didn’t you hear of NANLABAN DUE PROCESS?

    • NHerrera says:


      Inquirer got it all wrong, citing the improbabilities of the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom and nine bodyguards. GOODNESS. Haven’t Inquirer or its staff heard of Lotto. The probabilities are very small but there are winners, an example of very-small-probability events happening.


    • edgar lores says:

      Denial of due process? So in the final and executory decision in 2001, the SC thought everything was proper and correct. Now it thinks the Sandiganbayan did NOT observe due process.

      Which means that the SC did NOT observe THEN — and is NOT observing NOW — due diligence and due process.

      This is Nanlaban against itself!

      • chemrock says:

        Wow they’ve done it. The managed to confuse one of our best thinkers.

        Edgar, when the dust clears, all that this drama established is that in Philippines, the Lower Courts can override the decisions of a Higher Court.

        • edgar lores says:

          OK, I reread the article. There is confusion as to what “the court” refers to, whether it is the High Court (the SC) or the Low Court (the Sandiganbayan).

          1. The issue has to do with 25.45 million shares of SMC stock alleged to be part of the coco levy.

          2. In March 1990, these shares were the subject of a compromise agreement between SMC and UCPB. The agreement was that the shares, originally belonging to UCPB, would be transferred and held by SMC (?).

          2.1. The agreement was disapproved by the Lower Court (Sandiganbayan) a few years later. That is, the shares should have stayed with UCPB.

          3. On Sep 14, 2000, the High Court supported the Lower Court and ruled that the 25.45 million shares were indeed part of the coco levy. The High Court ordered SMC to return the shares to the government, that is to UCPB. (The government owns 72% of UCPB.) By this ruling, the 24.45 million shares were ceded back to UCPB and thus to the small coconut farmers.

          4. On April 17, 2001, “the Court” – presumably the Sandiganbayan and not the SC? – denied SMC’s motion for reconsideration (MFR).

          5. On June 27, 2001, an entry of judgment was made. That is the Sandiganbayan ruling – and consequently the SC ruling — became final.

          6. Last month, on Oct 5, 2016, “the court” — presumably the SC and not Sandiganbayan? — reversed its 2000 decision. It rejected the government’s bid to take back the shares from SMC. The reason given for the reversal was that SMC was denied “due process” by the Lower Court (the Sandiganbayan) for its denial of the motion for reconsideration.

          This is my reading of the article.

          o In item 3, the High Court supported the Lower Court’s decision to return the shares to UCPB.
          o In item 6, the High Court did not support the Lower Court’s decision to reject the MFR. In effect, it reopened the case.

          • chemrock says:

            I’m the one that’s confused and jesting a serious event. That’s bad. Thanks for the timeline.

            You left out the pre #1 events – How the 25m SMC stock came to belong to the farmers. I understand you cut short the narrative, but boy, such a colourful tale.

            Are there more twisted case worse than this. The ending part, is the redistribution to farmers, is going to be one big heahache. Just who the hell are the farmers. I’m reminded of a story I read long ago. Insurance claim in NY is full of trickery. When there is an accident involving a bus, there may be say 10 passengers in the bus. By the time the drivers sort out the unfortunate affair, there will be 29 pax in the bus Lots of pain in the neck claims for sure.

    • chemrock says:

      You guys just don’t get it. Where do you think the CO in COconut trees and COconut Farmers Bank come from? It’s COjuanCO, actually without the middle name it’s COCO.

      The INC protest couldn’t do anything, but a different president works wonders. Does it prove Duterte is greater than God?

      • edgar lores says:

        But… but Duterte is on the side of the farmers.

        “President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has directed his legal team to initiate moves to ensure that assets allegedly acquired illegally using a coconut levy imposed during the martial law years—now worth more than P100 billion—are released to the country’s coconut farmers, according to Emmanuel F. Piñol, the incoming agriculture secretary.”


        The “biggest joke to hit the century” is now turning into the biggest turd to come out of the Supreme Court.

        (The PAL FASAP case involved peanuts (P15M). The COCO case involves billions.)

        • NHerrera says:

          DUE PROCESS LANG YAN. Hindi ibig sabihin mas malakas ang nagpapalakad ng SMC keysa ang Pangulong Duterte. Hindi rin ibig sabihin mas mayaman ang SMC keysa ang Pangulong Duterte.

        • chemrock says:

          Yes Edgar, I did notice that the decision went against the boss. That’s the proof that we psychiatrists have been trying to tell everyone. When the boss pushes too hard, sets high quotas on EJK, threatens people, flip flops on his pronouncements and putang everyone, the pressure mounts and people can go coconuts.

  22. NHerrera says:


    Ferdinand Marcos before he died expressed the wish to be buried in Ilocos. (It is only the living Marcoses who insist on FM being buried at the LNB at an obvious “non-political” reason.)

    President Duterte,

    – expressed the wish that when he is gone his ashes in an urn be placed beside his parents tomb (an echo of FM’s wish).

    – expressed his preference for FM to be buried in LNB but that he will respect SC’s decision on the case.

    which items in effect, in my opinion,

    – shows SOME indifference to the case, while giving some “pangpalubag loob sa Marcoses,” or a

    – subtle signal that SC may rule in favor of those against FM being buried in LNB.

    IF HOWEVER THE CREATIVE IMAGINERS AT SC FAVORS THE MARCOSES, it does not mean at all that the Marcoses are more “influential” than The President at the SC.

    This writer notes the recent spate of legal creative — or non-creative, if you wish — decisions of this last bastion of Philippine Democrazy.

  23. NHerrera says:

    There is something wrong with this survey. My spy at Mocha Uson’s gigs tells me the numbers are not right. The numbers attached to YES and NO have been reversed — inadvertently — by Philstar.

  24. karlgarcia says:


    Trillanes is wrong. Why call them apologists when they are not apologizing?

    • NHerrera says:


      I was born in Visayas; my wife is from Manila — but she has not thoroughly weaned me to Tagalog. Isn’t there a saying — bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay huwag magalit (or ang tamaan ay pangit? 🙂 ). May tinamaan yata si Trillanes.

  25. karlgarcia says:


    The UN is now getting ready to answer all the questions of Duterte.

    • NHerrera says:

      I commented on the PSEi index below. The investigations by the UN and EU groups, can either buoy-up/ support the index or make it further go down depending on their findings/ report.

      More fun in the Philippines on the economic front! When it rains it pours!

  26. karlgarcia says:


    Investors were already told not to listen to political noise

    • NHerrera says:


      A none expert on stocks talking here. The Philippine stock index is being hit by a double whammy, from events,

      – local: uncertainties related to US-Philippine relations and possible impact on the economy through BPO, etc.

      – US-related events, specifically the uncertainties associated with the US Election: I understand that even a Clinton win may carry some problem in the wake of the very heated politics surrounding the campaign. I understand too that even the stock players in the US are cautious — making the PSEi catch cold from the Dow’s sneeze; same with the stock indices in other countries.

      Interesting of course is what happens after the US election. From the looks of it and what I read, Clinton, if she wins and with her experience from Nasty Trump, may vent her venom in ways and scale that we may not know.

      • karlgarcia says:

        are you sure you are a non-expert? 😉

        • Sup says:

          I think NHerrera is Warren Buffet, enjoy your meal.. 🙂

        • NHerrera says:

          Karl, sup:

          It would have been nice if I am. But then again I will have some problems if I get into plenty of moolah.

          I understand Gates and Buffet are working hard to dispose of their considerable considerable wealth through philanthropy before they enter the Pearly Gates, gifting their children with relatively small amount of Trust Fund (wise of them to do that, unspoil them unlike what happened to the Marcoses and the Binays). That is hard work. I would rather take my daily walk or stationary bike exercise and fiddle my computer keyboard to communicate with you guys.


      • Ms Clinton does quiet burns, not loud ones. But she deals on policy and principle, not personally. She’ll be glad to have Trump out of her face, but won’t seek revenge. She will likely lean on the Philippines, through her Sec of State, Defense and whatever trade/commerce leverage she has through the business community. She may not go directly to Duterte, but probably work his cabinet and opinion leaders. It’s good to have an Asian Ambassador. Not so easy to insult for Duterte.

      • chemrock says:


        From one non-expert to another non-expert —

        What caused the PSEI to go on a loosing streak? The answer depends on who one asks – a monkey or a coconut. Causal factors for stock exchange have often been twisted by lobbyists and those with agendas.

        The US election — my guess is that by now, this has all been factored in long ago.

        Local conditions — my guess this is the major cause. There are simply too many negative issues brought about by the admin – non-clarity of direction, poor economic sense, knee jerk policy making, EJK (EJK itself is not a problem for business, but people are wary of the world’s reaction and Intl Common Human Rights), etc etc. It’s local dust that’s pulling down the PSEI. The admin is still in denial.

        External influence — under normal circumstances, US economic data has much impact on major financial centres and bourses in the world. When I was working in the bank, we used to watch very closely US economic data. Each time the US announce data, such as labour figures, it impacts the way we run our treasury books.

        As you mentioned above, the US election is causing jittery in US markets. Now when things look bad in US, investors and fund managers reduce their US exposures and the need to park their funds elsewhere. So they go anywhere they deem the risk returns are better. So are any US funds coming into Philippines? We know the reverse is happening. There is capital flight that’s been ongoing for a while.

        Now those with ostrich heads continue to dig into the sand and say part of the problem is appreciation of US dollar against all currencies across the board. But I notice that my regular Sing dollar inward remittances is now much more in pesos. I’m not complaining

      • chemrock says:


        Sorry left this point out

        Clinton is one of the architects of Obama’s pivot to Asia policy. The importance of Philippines in this US policy is the provision of bases for US military. So it’s left to be seen what Clinton will do VI’s a VI’s Philippines. My guess is nothing much since the US and Vietnam are now warming up to each other

        • Andres10,000 says:

          So the interest of US with Philippines is mainly military bases. US investment with the Philippines i think is only at around $5B as of 2015, compared to US investment with Singapore at around $200B for the same year. Way back in the 80s, we are among the Top 5 of the US investee here in Asia, now i think below Top 20.

          • chemrock says:

            As I mentioned elsewhere, major reason for China’s rise is that it allowed foreign manufacturers into the country and became the factory to the world. In the process, if lifted billions of Chinese out of poverty within one generation. Sure there are negative side effects.

            And what has all these got to do with Philippines? Learn the lessons. FDIs are great. China rode on the back of cheap labour, but now their cost competitiveness has weakened, as it would when its economy matures, and restructure they must. All successful economies go through this cycle. So as China weakens economically and they restructure from export-oriented to domestic consumption strategy, Philippines has the opportunity to attract FDIs here. But we need to get a lot of things right, such as energy sufficiency, infrastructure, good sea and air ports, corruption, ease of doing business, laws, public transportation, etc. We have wasted 2 generations. A 3rd generation is in the process of getting lost.

      • NHerrera says:


        Good to know about the inflow of more pesos via your SD. How but your Chinese Yuan/ Renminbi, how is that going? 🙂

        I am sure starting with the PH Presidential Election campaign, US eggheads went about their What-If analyses because as far back as that time they must have already a whiff of Duterte’s mind, or their US Embassy (and covert workers) are not doing their job. The Chinese may have their Go Game, but we are sure the US has its own equivalent.

        • NHerrera says:

          Dang this keyboard:

          How but your Chinese Yuan = How about your Chinese Yuan

        • chemrock says:

          The US has an army of Intel workers who gathers and sift through all sorts of data everyday. With every important event they go through what-if analysis. Security natters are briefed to the President every morning.

          You can bet your last peso they had a dossier on Binary, Poe and Duterte long ago. As Düterte’s percentages shot up in the run up to the election, his dossier possibly got thicker. Obviously all sorts of scenarios have been dissected by the US including options B,C, or D. What they say in public is just to be politically correct, but in their private corridors of power, they must have their American versions of PI when discussing Duterte

          I have no renminbi. The challenge of the renminbi to the US dollars is now passe. The stability of the Chinese ccy is now very questionable for 3 reasons – the financial world now understand that Chinese economic data are unreliable and untrustworthy, the Chinese fiscal and monetary management skills are suspect, and a big banking crisis looms ahead.

          Contrary to my expectation of a gradual declining of the US dollar, the greenback has been appreciating recently. My long term view of the dollar remains unchanged, in that the overhang of the huge US debt will diminish the strength of the currency. Current strengthening of the dollar is not a reflection of the strength of the US economy, but the absence of an alternative strong currency of refuge.

          • caliphman says:

            Chemmy, no one truly knows whats going on with stock markets, US or Philippines. Except of course the sentiment is bearish and they are weak. It is no secret that the US elections are a big factor and whatever the outcome the national debt, the government gridlock, and interesr ratess will increase. It is worse in the Philippines because there is so much political and economic uncertainty due Duterte’s bizarre behavior and controversial changes he is making. Investors hate risk and given the opportunity to place their money where the yields are the same, they will choose whereever there is less risk. That translates to dump Philippine stocks and reinvest in the US where the climate is more stable even if growth is more sluggish. This is not rocket science even if understanding investor behavior is not synonymous with predicting stock prices.

  27. Sup says:

    Spending Pinoy’s savings.

    And try to get credit for it.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      The nonsensical thing about that graphic is that it compares what is budgeted for (under Duterte) to what was actually spent in the other administrations.

      No one does that comparison.

  28. NHerrera says:

    For information I got the information below from Francisco Tatad’s article in Manila Times. I converted the information in tabular form.


    Tatad writes that DU30 seems determined to lead a socialist revolution. He writes that this is spelled out in the organizing document of Kilusang Pagbabago (Movement for Change), the mass indoctrination movement under Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr., … which is now being organized at barangay level throughout the Philippines.

    Tatad states that the popular impression in the media is that only four active CPP/NPA/NDF members have been named to sensitive government positions. The latest secret document from highly authoritative sources belies this. Tatad then goes on to list the government officials and their affiliations.

    For convenience I converted the officials and affiliations named by Tatad in tabular form shown below.

  29. OFF TOPIC: This is how a President acts. He defended a Trump’s supporter heckling him at a Clinton rally. President Obama is a class act. He will be remembered fondly and history will be very kind to him.

    • NHerrera says:

      I agree!

    • The response of a representative of today’s real Filipino values would be:

      “wala iyan, talunan kasi, kaya nagpapakumbaba. Buti pa si Du30, matapang lahat binabara!”

      • Juana Pilipinas says:

        For sure, Ireneo. That is sad though. This negativity is now front and center with PRD ‘s tirades reverberating around the world. Our hard earned global reputation of being hard working, cheerful, smart and cooperative is now suspect every time PRD spouts vitriol.

  30. NHerrera says:


    Duterte to soldiers, civilians who back US: No need for coup, I will swear you in.


    But what I believe is significant is the undercurrent behind the words.

  31. NHerrera says:

    Will somebody kindly answer this question with a simple YES or NO. (Forgive me for being google-lazy.)

    If say a US State has 1,000,001 voters; all voted with all votes valid. Presidential Candidate A got 500,001 popular votes and Candidate B got 500,000 votes. Will, say, 5 Electoral College votes of the State go to A?

    • andrewlim8 says:

      With the exception of two states, it’s all or nothing in getting the electoral votes, regardless of the margin.

      • NHerrera says:


      • NHerrera says:

        At this time, in this supposedly tight US Presidential Race, any source of comment or data may be debatable. I just read David Chalian, CNN Political Director (Updated 1823 GMT November 4, 2016) and his “Road to 270: CNN’s latest electoral college map” giving electoral college votes:

        Solid Republican——–157
        Leans Republican——–47
        Battleground states—–66
        Leans Democratic——-68
        Solid Democratic——–200

        So Trump gets (including lean-to numbers) 204; and Clinton 268. Thus ASSUMING these numbers are realized (solid plus leans numbers), then the Battleground states is the game, with these numbers:

        Battleground states:

        Arizona (11)
        Florida (29)
        Nevada (6)
        Nebraska 2nd Cong District (1)
        New Hampshire (4)
        North Carolina (15)
        Total (66)

        If Nebraska 2nd Cong Distr goes to Clinton and the 65 other BSs go to Trump, we have a tie at 269 each. If all the BSs go to Trump he will just make it with Trump 270; Clinton 268.

        Next in consideration of course is the migration of the lean-to States from one camp to the other.

        I don’t know how good is David Chalian, CNN Political Director, is in his starting numbers, but if I put some reasonable credibility on his starting numbers and if I were a betting man, I will bet on Clinton.

  32. An-Marie Villarin says:

    Summary on point. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or pull out all my hair. I definitely won’t last six years like this.

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