Brown noses and Senator Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts

By Chemrock

President Duterte announced recently that Senator Trillanes has offshore bank accounts in many countries, details of which he will reveal in time. Right on cue, Ben Tersiona, owner of the website Davao Breaking News, came out with ‘bank documents’ that purportedly showed the various offshore accounts of Trillanes. Radio commentator Erwin Tulfo and Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary and one time bartop dancer Mocha Uson jumped in immediately with their own disclosures.

Is Sen. Trillanes yet another trapo that is one-a-penny in the Philippines?

Do Tersiona, Tulfo and Uson represent upright individuals acting on their own out of a sense of public duty or are they nothing more than pawns in a well-oiled propaganda machinery? Or are they simply three brown noses out to please a boss?

A brown nose is an extremely obsequious person.
Obsequious — obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.

This disclosure of offshore bank accounts of Trillanes needs to be seriously addressed. Trillanes has been riding on his high horses hurling accusations that the President, Presidential son, and Presidential son-in-law, have secret bank accounts used to funnel immense illicit transactions. It is high time we peel away the facade of the crusading crime fighter and reveal his true nature.

DOJ has to set the wheels in motion to fully investigate the claims of the faithful trio. Investigations into foreign bank accounts are extremely difficult although there are some protocols for government-to-government assistance in the case of pursuit of illegally acquired wealth by officials. Much has to do with banking secrecy laws, banks who try to protect their high net-worth customers and themselves. and of course combative and un-cooperative persons under investigation. Ask the Marcoses, they have mastered the art to play the system.

However, here we have a situation where the accused is offering 101% cooperation. Trillanes has signed waivers to banking privacy for each of the accounts he is supposed to have. Don’t we wish the Marcoses too were so cooperative? The PCGG would have wrapped up their cases during Cory’s time had they been given such co-operation. We await anxiously the outcome of DOJ investigation. This should be a walk in the park as the accused has offered absolutely full cooperation.

On the other hand, Trillanes has said he has no such accounts and the bank documents presented are fakes. His claims are equally serious. In the toxic socmed world of the Philippines, the free flow of slanders and fake news from one side of the political aisle is conducted on an organized scale and state-funded. They seemingly appearing as random acts of individuals but in reality often are well orchestrated efforts intended to persuade easily-duped supporters, and to destroy reputations. It is in this light that Trillanes is to be lauded for bringing libel suits against the purveyors of fake news, in this case, the trio of Uson, Tesiorna and Tulfo. Filipinos must be educated that socmed or celebrity power is not a license to kill the reputations of people.

The more discerning people view the President’s claims of knowledge of Trillanes’ foreign bank accounts as noise to divert attention away from the raging public speculation on his son and son-in-law’s possible involvement with triads, drug trade, and corruption at the Bureau of Customs.


  • Trillanes has signed waivers to banking secrecy for each of the accounts and same has been received by Anti-Money Laundering Commission (AMLC) .
  • DOJ Sec Aguirre said the waivers are useless “because the offshore accounts are not covered by AMLA”. Many Duterte Die-hard Supporters (DDS) have similarly aired this same point.
  • In respect of those joint accounts, Aguirre also said “For the bank to honor his waiver, joint depositors must sign a waiver”. This same point has been brought up by DDS. The president has said the same thing.

The standard of legal expertise as reflected here is troubling, both from Trillanes’ legal advisors and the bandwagon of Aguirre, the President, DDS, an presidential lawyer Panelo.

Trillanes most surely had his legal team come up with the format for the waiver. Will the banks comply based on such signed waivers? Absolutely not. For the simple reason they are not addressed to them. Let’s not use the term waiver, it is obfuscating. This is a case of an account holder just trying to make a simple request to his bank to release information to a named party (authorized requester). The request must be addressed to the bank specifically, the bank must be told to whom the information is to be supplied, and the nature of the information must be stated. The information to be supplied may be specific, or it may be open. Specific means particulars as indicated by account holder, open means whatever as requested by the authorized requester. Almost all banks would in fact have their standard forms for account holders to fill out, probably named ‘Authorization to Release Account Information Form’ or something like that. Despite what one may think, it is quite routine.

All those who said Trillanes’ waivers are useless are right. but not for the reasons they indicated. Trillanes erred in form, not in substance. All he has to do now is to get hold of the various bank authorization forms and fill out in favor of AMLC. However, for him to do so, his accusers need to supply him with the proper bank names and addresses, which they never indicated in the disclosures. How else can Trillanes be assured that he is sending the requests to the correct banks, to the satisfaction of the accusers? It is apparent the accusers were never interested in accuracy because there was no factual info, the intent is simply to splash black stains on white linens.

The only reason why Trillanes signed the waivers to AMLC was the unnecessary reference to AMLA. This should have nothing to do with AMLA. The request for release of info form or format as I indicated above, would have satisfied all banks in the world. It has nothing to do with AMLA jurisdiction. In an ordinary situation, Trillanes should have authorized the release of info to DOJ who should have initiated an investigation. Unfortunately Trillanes would not even entrust his pet dog to a hopelessly politicized secretary of DOJ.

There are two types of joint accounts – Joint-tenancy account and Tenants-in-common account. In a Joint-tenancy account, the name holders (called joint tenants) all have equal rights and responsibilities. Anyone of them can operate the account with a single signature. This type of account comes with Rights Of Survivorship, meaning upon the death of one party, the money automatically goes to the other joint tenants, no questions asked. On the other hand, a Tenants-in-common account requires all transactions to be endorsed by all parties concerned. On the death of one party, the money goes to probate.

Bank joint accounts are predominantly of the Joint-tenant type with holders within families for obvious reasons. In such a case, Trillanes’ single signature is sufficient. Tenants-in-common types are rare and very short term in nature (matter of months mostly), mainly used as operative accounts amongst businessmen in a project. Note that Trillanes so-called joint accounts date back to 2013. Those in the bandwagon either have a disgraceful lack of knowledge about joint accounts or this was intended mischief to mislead the masa. It is incumbent on them to know those named joint accounts are Joint-tenant, or Tenants-in-common first, before laying judgment. Or are they used to shooting first before asking?


I list this from the waivers signed by Trillanes which I believe he transcribed from the Davao Breaking News website.

1. Country: Geneve – Certainly they don’t mean this is a country? Do they mean the Canton or the City. In English it’s Geneva the canton, with its capital city also called Geneva. UBS and Deutsche Bank accounts are in the City of Zurich, so how is Zurich Branch located in Geneve?

2. Country: Zurich – Just to help them out, I think they mean Canton, not country.

3. UBS is incorporated in the Canton of Zurich, not Geneve.

4. HSBC Singapore does not have a “Raffles Branch”.

5. Trillanes said some of the banks are fakes as there are no such banks. Legally of course he is correct. But I put it down to sheer incompetency in spelling, or pink panther clumsiness on the part of the accuser, attributable to a hastily assembled piece of work. The name errors are :

– Hong Kong Shanghai Bank — do they mean Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation?
– UBS Bank Switzerland — do they mean UBS AG?
– Habib AG Bank — do they mean Habib Bank AG?
– ANZ Bank — do they mean Australia & New Zealand Banking Group?

As for Nova Scotia Bank, mention has been made in socmed about ‘Bank of Nova Scotia’ and ‘Scotiabank’. Here’s my expert info, having worked in the bank long time ago. The correct name is The Bank of Nova Scotia. It operates under the business name of Scotiabank. There is no ‘Nova Scotia Bank’.

One would expect that something of such great bearings, when one is accusing someone of amassing wealth, one ought to be extremely careful with the details. As for names, a suffix of “Plc”, “Ltd”, “Inc”, “SAK”, “AG”, “SA” etc or a prefix of “The”, or a slight change in wordings, could mean an entirely different entity.

6. They do not have the actual addresses of the branches, conveniently placing them as the main branch of the city.

7. The savings accounts in HSBC Singapore and DBS Singapore are SGD accounts. This can’t be correct. There is such a thing called with-holding tax which I’m sure is something those spreading nasty lies are incapable of understanding. Non-resident SGD account holders pay with-holding tax of 15%. Trillanes can’t be that dumb to put his money in a currency earning about 0.5% p.a. and pay 15% with-holding tax. We know Trillanes is one smart guy. The Marcoses had USD23mm there, not SGD, which Singapore courts awarded to PNB.

8. Most banks’ customer boarding procedures require the physical presence of the account opener. Thus a comparison of the account opening dates to Trillanes’ passport would have easily settled all matters. However there are some banks that allow non-residents to easily open accounts without being in the country, Banks in Canada and Switzerland amongst them. But for Switzerland, an apostille on the authenticated copy of the passport is required, and the Philippines not being a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, it means Trillanes cannot open an account by mail. He had to make a trip there. Did he? That’s easily settled by verifying his passports. He certainly didn’t have the kind of wealth like “William Saunders” and “Jane Ryan” to entice Swiss private bankers to fly in to process his account opening.

9. Savings account numbers:

  •  For the Singapore accounts, the codes are incorrect. The number of digits is wrong and the banks’ branch codes are missing.
  • For New Zealand accounts, the account numbers are standard 16 digits. Wrong again!
  • For Swiss accounts, all the account numbers do not conform to the IBAN format. Fakes again.
  • For Canadian banks, Scotiabank and Equitable Bank, branch numbers are not there. Wrong again.


Tersiorna posted on his website Davao Breaking News what he claimed are authentic bank documents and it has to be this posting that Trillanes based his waivers on. I personally have not seen these documents on the DBN website. The site seems to be temporarily unavailable. Tersiorna also posted on his FB account but all the images are no longer available. He now claims FB took down the images as they violate their policy.

FB will only take down those images if there have been mass reports against his postings. There was none. FB has no AI technology that can discern an image as violating their policies. For if it were so, many sexually suggestive images of Mocha Uson would not have surfaced on FB. It is apparent Tersiorna is running tail between legs in the face of Trillanes’ libel suit. He is scrambling for cover, deleting anything that may be considered defamatory.

Whilst he has made the images disappear, he is making further accusations by:

  • Insisting that the waivers Trillanes signed are not what he posted which were fully verified bank documents. What is the purpose of this claim? To deflect responsibility, and to further insinuate. In black propaganda, details are not necessary. It thrives on nuances, insinuations, innuendos. Truth doesn’t matter.
  • He made further postings on his FB of purportedly unknown persons transferring money into those accounts successfully, implying those accounts do indeed exist. This is hogwash as I explain below.

Assuming that he indeed defamed Trillanes, in the eyes of an unbiased judge, his non-remorse and further accusations would have made him a recalcitrant, earning him heavier damages.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think Ben Tersiorna is a journalist. At least CNN Philippines has openly declared he is not on their payroll. He thus cannot hide behind the right to protect his source. It will be interesting to find out from whom he obtained his ‘bank documents’ and who was the person who purportedly transferred money into those accounts. Trillanes’ libel suit is in good time. Let’s cut the bs and find out once and for all the truth in the courts.


Hard-hitting radio commentator Erwin Tulfo also ‘exposed’ Trillanes bank accounts and he also posted bank documents on his Facebook Account. I am also unable to see these documents on said Facebook. I was able to see said documents on site which posted the documents taken off Tulfo’s FB, which apparently in turn, were lifted off Ben Tersiona’s websites. These are the images I saw:

If these look like bank documents to you, your name must be Gullible. These perpetrators of fake news are really insulting Filipino intelligence. But that’s the purpose of black propaganda. Just throw anything in there and say you have the proof and 16m will believe you.

Perhaps in Joe’s Comical Phil, a judge may accept that as banks’ documents on Tersiona’s say so. Any judge outside of the Philippines would have flushed those documents down the toilet within one second. But let’s just assume Tersiorna really has authentic bank documents, which he summarized into those images. What can we make of his summaries based on the above images ?

  • Date of account opening: From where can he see this in a bank document? Statements of accounts do not show this information. For what purpose is the inclusion of the dates here? So that it ties in nicely with the President’s post-fact disclosure of the Trillanes getting dirty money from China during his back-channel communication over Scarborough.
  • Periodic daily average (3 months) : This implies that he has 3 months statement of accounts. One is in awe at his capabilities. It is impossible to obtain information on balances alone, but he is able to obtain statements of accounts for 3 months. One also wonders how he can obtain statements when, in most cases, Savings Accounts come with a passbook and no monthly statements. (I note the Philippines is an exception).
  • Remark on accounts: I wonder whose remarks those are. If they are the banks’ remarks then I wonder on what type of bank documents do we see such remarks. I have never seen one in my life, having worked 25 years in banks. Yet more telling is the fact that the banks seem to have similar, almost word for word, remarks. How uncanny. On the other hand, if they are Tersiorna’s remarks, then how can these be banks’ documents? If they are Tersiorna’s remarks, from what type of documents did he obtain the info? There are no routine documents that ever contain such info.

If by authentic bank documents in his possession he is referring to those images above, he is taking everybody for a fool. THOSE ARE NOT BANK DOCUMENTS.


To further the slander, Tersiorna posted on his Facebook what he called “bank transfer receipts” evidencing transfers of cash into Trillanes’ accounts. That, he said, demonstrated the accounts are real. The remitter’s name is blacked out and Tersiona did not say who gave him the documents.

THOSE ARE NOT BANK TRANSFER RECEIPTS. They are nothing but remittance forms of Taishin International Bank that prove nothing. They do not prove the remitter actually sacrificed by handing over cash to the remittance company. Anybody can get hold of those forms. The tiny rubber chop on the form doesn’t mean anything. To prove cash was handed over, please show Taishin International Bank’s reference number for the remittance. Even if the remitter was a fool and parted with his cash, the law is very clear on this. PROOF OF DELIVERY IS NO PROOF OF RECEIPT. If anything, it shows receipt of money from remitter by remitting agency, it does not show receipt by beneficiary bank and funds applied to accounts.  To illustrate, if you were an OFW in Dubai and you handed a fellow OFW returning to Philippines some cash for your family, your friend’s acknowledgement is no proof that your family has received the money. There is a world of difference.

Here’s the joke. Only the beneficiary will know of the receipt into his account. But since Trillanes claims he does not own the accounts, nobody can prove the transfer went through. Brandishing these remittance forms and telling everyone viola here’s the proof is an insult to our intelligence.

Don’t be idiots. There is a simple way to prove the account existence. Show us a bank deposit slip with the bank’s machine print. By the way, don’t date it on a public holiday; don’t repeat the fiasco on Lilia DeLima’s bank accounts.

Here is again the Scotiabank issue. In this form the remitter filled up beneficiary bank as “Nova Scotia Bank” and said it went through, thus the bank is real. This is merely the form filled up by the remitter. The proof is in the pudding and that is in the SWIFT payment executed by Taishin where they would have indicated correctly the beneficiary bank as The Bank of Nova Scotia. I REPEAT, THERE IS NO SUCH BANK CALLED NOVA SCOTIA BANK.


I say they are lying through their teeth and they can’t sue me for libel. This remittance form to ANZ bank is proof. GOTCHA. According to Tersiorna’s ‘bank documents’, ANZ account was closed in December 2016. They managed to deposit cash into a closed account. Geez such bumbling nincompoops.


In response to Trillanes’ counter-challenge to the president to bare his accounts, Presidential lawyer Panelo insists Duterte’s waiver to his accounts at BPI is still standing. Is it really still standing and is it the waiver that Trillanes want?

Firstly, DUTERTE NEVER SIGNED ANY WAIVER, period. He signed an SPOA, a special power of attorney for Panelo to obtain certain info from the bank. The SPOA was specific to info, which was simply bank balances, not bank statements. The balances would have shown nothing or small sums if the cuckoo has flown the nest. The SPOA to Panelo means nothing as the latter is an interested party. It is Duterte requesting the bank for info to be given to Duterte. It should be a request addressed to BPI authorizing the bank to release whatever information requested by a named party (an investigating agency).



If Trillanes indeed has those millions, he would be a fool to park them in savings accounts earning pittance. He would do better to learn from fellow Senator Erjecito how to hide and invest the money in offshore trust funds. Offshore bank accounts and offshore investment accounts under trust funds are different animals. Ask Erjecito, ask Imee Marcos.

The inclusion of those Chinese names as joint account holders has only one purpose — innuendo to tie him to people he is supposed to be dealing with. It would do well for those guys mentioned to similarly sue for libel.

Trillanes may have jumped the gun to act against those concerned. He is hitting the marionettes, but the master puppeteer continues to hide his hands. He should have waited till the President himself make public the details of the offshore accounts. We know presidential listings are always in auto-edit mode.

Trillanes’ decision to Sue Sue Sue is a good move, nevertheless.  Indeed, the Philippines should put a stop to fake news once and for all. It’s left to be seen how Malacanang will throw the trio lifelines, or perhaps treachery may prevail as, after all, the President has never publicly identified those offshore accounts. Now that Trillanes has the goods on the brown noses, he should rub it in. Only then can the truth prevail — whether we have a trapo politician or 3 brown noses.


199 Responses to “Brown noses and Senator Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts”
  1. andrewlim8 says:

    This is so good, so detailed and so backed up with factual info, I have to reread many times.

    For now:

    1. Duterte’s trolls cannot even ensure correct names,spellings, grammar etc. Always the waterloo of trolls. Remember “bias media”?

    2. Duterte’s trolls have no banking/finance experience at all.

    3. Light will defeat darkness, truth will defeat lies, information will defeat ignorance.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      Another dead giveaway at the stupidity of Duterte’s trolls: when they indicated the following info:

      Periodic ave daily balance (3 mos) : HIGH FIVE DIGITS

      What kind of bank uses language like that on forms? ha ha ha ha ang tanga tanga

      • chemrock says:

        You are observant. When one lies, the get caught by the details.

        Statements do not show the averages, so it’s the troll’s input.
        Banks have management info on daily balances on weighted basis in some internal reports. That is for proofing interest computation.

  2. andrewlim8 says:

    they probably were rushing, and couldn’t figure out how to work back a credible three month daily balance, so they just put “HIGH FIVE DIGITS” !

    ang tanga tanga!

  3. Chempo, excellent. Unfortunately, the farce of Duterte and trolls is enough to make most typical OFWs ‘bilib’ – or am I being elitist?

    Hopefully the likes of Pinoy Ako Blog and Madam Claudia take the time to explain all this to the Filipino man on the street, eventually.

    • chemrock says:

      Thanks Irineo. May the truth prevail.
      Unfortunately, in Comical Phil, truth may not necessarily win in the courts.

    • I think Senator Trillanes’ travels today will enlighten a LOT of people as to the fraud being foisted on the Senator. He is verifying what Chemrock has noted, the banks holding ‘his accounts’ don’t even exist at the listed locations.

      • He has understood that fights for Filipino public opinion are street fights.

        The culture assumes by default that most are crooks, so you have to prove your Innocence quickly and combatively.

        • It would seem so. He is certainly stirring up attention, pro and con. The ‘con’ has to figure out how to digest the budding bank scandal in which the President may have overstepped.

          • To that point, here is Senator Trillanes’ statement upon completing a day in Singapore to try to find the accounts he was accused of using to hide funds:

            “Naipakita ko dito sa pagpunta ko mismo sa DBS bank Alexandra Branch dito sa Singapore na hindi totoo ang paratang ni Duterte na meron daw akong bank account dito. “No such accounts exist” ang sabi ng bank teller ng ipinakita ko ang aking passport kasama ang dalawang account numbers na galing kina Duterte, Erwin Tulfo at Mocha Uson. Niliwanag ko pa kung meron bang Antonio F. Trillanes IV or Antonio F. Trillanes either existing or closed accounts and whether single or joint accounts sa kanilang bangko, upon checking in her computer, ang sagot muli ng teller ay, “No such accounts exist.” Ito ay narinig at nasaksihan ng ilang media reporters na kasama ko sa pagtatanong ko sa bank teller.

            Pinuntahan naman namin sunod yung sinasabi nilang Hongkong Shanghai Bank Raffles Branch na kung saan ay meron din daw akong account. Subalit, walang ganitong bangko kahit saan man sa mundo. Kaya pinuntahan na lang namin ang Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) sa Raffles City Tower na ito ang lumalabas sa Google. Subalit wala ring HSBC branch sa Raffles City Tower. Pinuntahan naman namin ang HSBC sa Raffles Blvd. pero ATM lang ang meron doon. A quick check at the HSBC Singapore website showed that there is no HSBC Raffles Branch. Again, ito ay nasaksihan ng mga kasamahan kong media reporters.

            Maliwanag na nagsisinungaling si Duterte at gawa gawa lang nila ang mga paratang niya na meron akong mga foreign bank accounts. Ito ay ginagawa niya para siraan ako bilang kritiko niya at para malihis ang atensyon sa involvement ng anak nyang si Polong sa illegal drug shipment at sa BOC smuggling; at sa paratang ko na meron syang bilyon bilyong pisong deposits sa BPI accounts niya.

            Mr. Duterte, pusoy ka na. Checkmate ka na. Wag ka na magpalusot. Pumirma ka na lang ng waiver para malaman na ng mga loyalista mo kung gano ka kakurakot.”

  4. karlgarcia says:

    The only possibility of why they used Geneve for the branch is, it is actually a branch for a luxury watch store.

  5. chemrock says:

    As we speak, Trillanes is right now in Singapore to visit the banks and show up the lies for what they are. How powerful is this video?

    I’m in Spore and was tempted to check out the accounts myself personally. But I draw the line between working on keyboards and actual physical involvement. Plus I have my own problems to attend to, and also my wife will kill me if I step out of line.

  6. arlene says:

    Wow, so everything is FAKE. But trolls and Duterte’s minions readily believe it’s true.

  7. Sup says:

    Chemrock rocks!!

    Is this the reason there are plans to impeach the ombudsman?

    Published August 12, 2017 6:04pm

    Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Saturday claimed that the Office of the Ombudsman was in possession of official Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) records of President Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged flagged bank transactions.

    In a statement, Trillanes asked the Ombudsman to release the documents, which supposedly shows the President’s flagged transactions in various bank accounts involving P2 billion in deposits and credits.

    “Based on credible sources, as early as April last year, the Office of the Ombudsman has received official AMLC documents showing flagged transactions in Duterte’s various bank accounts which totals more than 2 billion pesos in deposits and credits,” he said.

    “I now call on the Ombudsman to release these documents so the public would know how corrupt Duterte is,” he added.

    • chemrock says:

      I am quite sure AMLA had those records all the time. If not, then the Philippines anti-money laundering reporting system and all protocols has been a total systemic failure. The question is why did’nt the Pnoy admin act on them? It’s all political balancing. LP needed the support of the strong man in the south at the time. I would put this down as Pnoy’s greatest blunder and failure. What a sad tale because many top people are complicit in the hush-up.

  8. Edgar Lores says:

    1. There is a pattern in the Duterte regime of creating and planting evidence against its critics.

    2. Not only against critics but also against victims of the war on drugs.

    3. This modus operandi has been a practice of the President, by his own admission, since his days as a prosecutor in Davao.

    4. Fortunately, we have in Chempo a one-man criminal investigation unit — a CSI: Metro Manila!

    5. If only the “investigators” in the NBI, the Ombusdman Office, the Lower House, and the Senate had a tenth of his financial forensics skills. Imelda, Erap, Gloria, Jejomar, Tanda, Sexy, and Pogi would be behind bars… rather than drinking at the table across the bar and lording it over the masses.

    • chemrock says:

      Re 4/5 — Edgar, there are thousands of Filipinos with equal if not better skills at tearing these fakeries apart. They choose to remain silent.

      • karlgarcia says:

        When financial forensics were mentioned, it reminded me of R. Hiro.
        I only found out when I googled him a few minutes ago.
        Rest in peace, R. Hiro.

        • Ah, that is sad to know, but it is good that we are informed. Indeed, RIP, Hiro. You were a part of our thought-provoking dynamics.

        • Edgar Lores says:

          “All Buddhas in the past, present and future
          by practicing
          the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore
          are all capable of attaining
          Authentic and Perfect Enlightenment.”

          Heart Sutra – Translated by Thich Nhat Hanh

        • andrewlim8 says:

          In honor of his memory, I recall one post he made (naturally, it was on economics) where I was so impressed that I urged Joe to make him contribute a piece to the blog.

          It was during the US election campaign, and I remember asking if he a Vermont accent, since his views were close to Sanders’.

        • chemrock says:

          RIP RHiro. We crossed swords here, but never in anger. Thank you for some enlightening moments.

  9. gerverg1885 says:


    Thanks for this detailed article…as well as it’s being highly informative for us non-bankers.

    It’s long but a really pleasurable reading.

    • chemrock says:

      I write because I share the intense pain of right thinking Filipinos at such blatant assaults on the characters of people who hold opposing views to the Admin. I am partisan to what is right, not personalities. If Trillanes is a crook, I would gladly see him pinned to the ground with solid evidence, not absurd schoolboy fakeries.

  10. NHerrera says:

    It is reassuring here in TSH — where Trillanes has been given a reasonable amount of credibility — that we have a chemrock to check on this latest trick by the Administration on the Senator. Ordinarily, on an article like this, I need to re-read to get a full measure of understanding. But one reading + the chemrock authorship is enough for me to give it a Aaa credit rating.

    The timeline of Duterte, Tersiona, Tulfo and Mocha Orchestra on the alleged Trillanes bank accounts is noteworthy. Goodness, can’t they seriously discuss with a finance-bank savvy guy before they make their assault.

  11. josephivo says:

    If the trolls are too shy to ask a Marcos or Estrada on how to hide money, they always could read “The Wolf of Wall Street”, it is written by an expert, Jordan Belfort. The book is full of detailed information describing plenty of different ways to hide money… and his crucial lesson that for every piece of hard evidence you need to have a “plausible explanation” in mind for every detail, even before you produce it.

    Amazing that people do not use benchmark information when they start inventing.

  12. gerverg1885 says:

    Mistakes are oftentimes made by people in a hurry and those people who prepared the documents purporting Trillanes had those bank accounts were no exception. They were always ill-prepared to do battle in the long run which they have to face when the senator had filed the cases against them.

  13. andrewlim8 says:

    Here’s the latest on this, and it shows how pathetic Duterte has become on this issue:

    He says he made up the account numbers, and Trillanes fell for it.

    Doesn’t make sense at all, which means he has lost this issue big time.

    • andrewlim8 says:

      That picture of Duterte holding up a sign that indicates the actual account no, what he claims he made up, and what media reported reminds me of the time when Gloria Arroyo’s spokesman, Ignacio Bunye tried to fool the public regarding the Garci tapes on election cheating.

      Duterte is so laughable on this one, to save face he has to do that! It serves no purpose at all! Only idiots will fall for it!

    • chemrock says:

      The joke is not on Trillanes.
      The joke is on Tersiona, Tulfo and Mocha.
      They fell for it. And they gonna pay for it.

      Bee Gees in concert in Malacanang.

      • trebor9 says:

        Certainly the credibility of Duterte is doubtful when he sourced his information from an incredible Moncha Unson. I find more jesters in Duterte’s palace, but there acts are not funny.

    • Edgar Lores says:

      Yes, it’s pathetic.

      Yes, it’s laughable.

      And yes, it’s criminal.

      The President is The Joker.

      In a wider sense, the joke is on the Filipino people.

      • Sup says:

        The same ‘ease” of explaining this bank account debacle is also used to explain the killings, economy, de Lima, planting evidence,tax increases, loans/project from China etc etc…I am in shock to find out how many people are still thinking Trillanes is at fault in comments in the newspapers and on social media like facebook …defending the un-defendable. Sabtang Basco types…bah…..It will take forever to become an nation as one again, maybe a war will do it?

  14. Sabtang Basco says:

    Chemrock is insinuating if one is anti-Duterte accusation against Trillanes is null and void. Just like Joeam, never attack President Aquino that patted his back.

    • Like the President, you make things up that support your cause. I have criticized President Aquino for being too loyal to friends, and not cleaning up Customs. Probably some other things that escape my mind since that was so long ago. Which also makes me wonder why you need President Aquino to prop up your position.

    • chemrock says:

      Insinuating means suggesting something bad. That’s what Tersioa, Tulfo, Mocha and the President did as regards the subject matter here. Stating facts is’nt. Please point out which part above which I stated is wrong.

      You still don’t get it, it is never about attacking anybody. It is criticising issues. And the issue here is blatant lies and fakeries.

      About criticising Pnoy, read my comment above. September 19, 2017 at 12:57 pm

  15. Boy Lange says:

    You Chito is a paid liar writer. You shut-up. You are also a Dog like Trillaines. You are depending a dog without same. A traitor to the country.

  16. popoy says:

    The POTUS just finished his speech at the UNITED NATIONS. I summed it up this way. His speech just proved in this TSOH and other blogs, and in those in attendance in the august Hall of the UN, that a GOOD number of THEM were not only snoozers in noodle but habitual bed wetters of the juice called political correctness- the noble term for at worst GREED, at the very least SELFISHNESS as measured against patriotism, human integrity and honor.

  17. popoy says:

    Any nation big or small, (or billionaire businessman) a million US Dollar is peanuts and can ask any tom, dick and harry to deposit it as joint account of Trillanes in a few foreign banks. Now, that Trillanes is personally checking those accounts, HE CAN JUST WITHDRAW those falsely deposited in his name, bring them home and give them away to charity; the squatters, patients in UP-PGH. The snoozers as usual will think it’s really his money and Trillanes is only trying palusot. Yoodeh!

  18. popoy says:

    here’s a poem that befits TnT, Trump N Trillanes because of parallel events:

    Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    William Ernest Henley, 1849 – 1903

  19. andrewlim8 says:

    OFF TOPIC (but very important)

    The perils of build, build, build

    And we add, if it is founded on the bones of the dead, it will crumble, crumble, crumble.

  20. andrewlim8 says:


    A Filipino in Vancouver tried depositing $20 into Trillanes’ alleged account in Bank of Nova Scotia.

    SAME RESULT: No such account exists.

  21. Sup says:

    I think the impeachment against Bautista will be killed…The Congress people did get too many bad comments this last 2 weeks over CHR and immunity against traffic violations… 🙂

  22. Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

    He joked about killing, and the PNP and other vigilantes obeyed him…he “joked” about destroying De Lima and Congress and the courts obliged…he joked about Trillanes’ bank accounts and his trolls prepared spurious documents and spread the same in the social media… now he makes fun of Trillanes for going to Singapore to clear his reputation…how malicious and evil can a President be?

    • chemrock says:

      Duterte gives “Lying in state” an entirely differing meaning.

      All politicians lie, they just don’t get caught.

      Even all great leaders lie.

      As a young boy, George Washington chopped down his father’s cherry tree. Dad asked “Did you chop down the cherry tree?”. Rather than lying, the boy replied “Yes”. This story went round to demonstrate the moral qualities of the first president of the USA. Well, the truth is, Washington neither told the truth nor a lie. The story was a lie. No such incident happened. It was just myth.

      Great leaders lie to pursue or protect an agenda or policy that they felt was in the best interest of the nation.

      Lesser leaders lie to protect personal interests. Such lies often end careers. It ended Nixon’s, almost ended Clinton’s.

      Lies of national leaders, when exposed, often lead to failed policies.

      • The underdog identification of Du30 will cover up even for that, if he can make people believe it is anti-elite vengeance.

        Even corruption, as long as it is seen as stealing from infinitely wealthy elites. How to puncture THAT mythology?

        • Crab mentality will even put holes into the boat all are in as long as there is the mean-spirited and stupid satisfaction of seeing the ‘elitists’ fear drowning, even if all will end up struggling in the sea.

          • NHerrera says:

            ONE MAN’S VIEW

            When we come down to the reality of the situation, it is not a fight of the pure of heart with idealist principles and superman capabilities against the evil one with comparable capabilities. It is rather the fight of a Trillanes with probably less than a pure heart and idealist principles against one with practically no scruples but with a vast arsenal at the moment. For practicality sake, I say, a critical mass should array itself with Trillanes, along with Robredo, Hontiveros and the like, against that group with practically no scruples if we hope to turn the tide. In a way, we are doing our bit here in TSH.

        • Francis says:

          “The underdog identification of Du30 will cover up even for that, if he can make people believe it is anti-elite vengeance.”

          I’ve come to two conclusions:

          >Either the elite somehow develop a “counter-masa” narrative, transcending class. Or liberalism somehow gets reborn in a more vernacular form.

          I notice how Filipinos sometimes critique Duterte in a very Filipino way: “masyadong mayabang” si Duterte—proving in a way that there are certain Filipino sensibilities that are offended by the current path of the administration.

          I can’t but wonder what would happen if you welded Filipino sentiments like that to the liberal critiques of the opposition. A fur ball in my mind: perhaps, a better way of justifying an institution like the CHR is probably explaining it as something meant to restrain the pride of public officials/politicians from violently hurting you. Restated: Proteksyon ang CHR laban sa (posibleng marahas na) kayabangan ng mga trapo?

          >They capture the nationalist zeitgeist so much that they succeed beyond belief. Hegemony is theirs. “We” had “our” turn as “yellows” with the roughly 30 or so years of the post-EDSA order; now, it’s “their” turn.

          The laurel looks light to those who haven’t worn it.

          • Some interesting points. Let me see if I can wrap my mind around them.

            1. Liberal elite need to connect with the masses. This requires a rebel. Poe touched it. Miriam Santiago also did before she got desperate. Trillanes and Hontiveros are close. Leni Robredo is not a rebel, but she is closest to BEING masa. Bam Aquino doesn’t connect, although he is the brightest, most focused of the lot. Mar Roxas did not connect. Binay did, for a while.

            2. Weld Filipino sentiments to liberal critiques. Example, justify CHR by explaining human rights can help protect against violent politicians. This does not seem possible to me. But the concept that ANYONE in power is the evil that must be defended against is fascinating. It points back to the need for a rebel, like Duterte. And it says that Duterte at some point becomes the enemy.

            3. Autocrats capture the nation for the foreseeable future. Then they get to wear the laurel, or yoke. It’s heavy.

            What I see developing is a lot of elite pushback against Duterte building right now, a strange mixing of leftists, Muslims, yellows, and certain journalists and opinion makers. Will the masses rebel against this, or find it a form of rebellion they like? That is, is Duterte becoming the enemy already? Is he losing his luster with teens being killed and him caught in lies and Trillanes assuming the mantle of the rebel with the balls to push back?

            In the circles or cycles of power and rebellion, I’d say the playing field is still open and I would not bet on anything or anyone.

            • Miela says:

              Mar was able to connect with the “masa” when he was senator. He used to be very popular as “Mr Palengke” (yes, he was THAT cheesy). I don’t think Mar is someone who is hard for ordinary people to connect with. From my observation, he is able to connect “intellectual ideas” to many people. What did him was the character assassination of the Duterte/Marcos PR team which started at the later part of Aquino’s term.

              The problem I see lies on the electorate. Basically, despite being more exposed to the world through social media and the internet, critical thinking is way down in the gutter. I’m not even referring to the “masa”, but critical thinking seems dead among the upper and middle class.

              Bam Aquino, I think is also a victim of anti-Aquino advocacy that has been happening since 2010 (sponsored by the Marcoses). Bam Aquino is a gamer and promotes the gaming industry. And gaming is big in the Philippines! If you filter the anti-Aquino sentiment, we will be able to see Bam connecting with the people, particularly the youth. But Philippine social media is too littered with anti-Aquino, pro-Marcos and, pro-Duterte messages. See, even the picture where Mar Roxas was eating from a cup was ridiculed. Couldn’t get more “masa” than that.

              If order to “counter” these messages, Mar Roxas and Bam Aquino will have to “go low” in tactics. But I don’t think they’re intersted in that.

      • Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

        “Eh sa limang salita, dalawa lang ‘yung tama niyan, ‘yung tatlo puro kalokohan ‘yan. (In every five statement I make, only two are true while three are just jokes),” the president said during the 115th anniversary of the Bureau of Customs in Manila.

        Now, that seems to be our national problem. Unless he says he is not serious and just joking, all his statements will be deemed statements of policy. That’s what the PNP did when he says kill, kill, kill. The result? over 12K dead thru EJKs. Tragic…truly tragic….so not funny at all.

        Now, his lie about Trillanes’ bank accounts, is it just for the purpose of having fun, to laugh at the expense of someone else’s reputation? Can’t Mocha and the rest of his propaganda trolls discern what is true and what is a lie and act accordingly? Are they all thinking that governance is a joke and not to be taken seriously specially if lives and reputations are at stake?

        Where is decency?

        • “Where is decency?”

          Here is a proof that most Filipinos are decent and honest people. Miguel Syjuco writes the real and truthful version of the state of the nation. No sugarcoated rhetorics, just the straightforward Joe Friday style.

          “Logic and common sense dictate that the president either sanctions the killings or is incompetent to stop them. As commander in chief, he bears ultimate responsibility. But the popularity of his style of governance makes his war on drugs neither legal nor right. It simply broadens the culpability to those who defend his words and actions.”

          • Thanks for posting that article here, Juana. It is busy getting big reads today, I think.

            • Interesting side note, Miguel and I have shared correspondence in the past. He has gone out of his way to be understanding of Duterte supporters. Always, always trying to be considerate. Then he opposed the cut on the CHR budget and the trolls descended on him in droves. He wrote something like “Fuck it, I’ve had it!” I thought he was fleeing the scene. Just the contrary, he stopped playing the middle ground and went full bore on the side of the Constitution and human rights. His article is a fine response to the trolls. “Hey, you want some of me? Here’s some of me!” NY Times.

              • NHerrera says:

                We need more of those admirable kind: the previous sympathizers who have had enough. They are big guns in the arsenal because — knowing the elements of both sides — they can more effectively argue their way, but finally arguing for that higher human value, after the accumulation of wrongs that cannot be ignored anymore.

              • I am glad he decided to fight back with truth and facts. The trolls are allergic to them so he chose his weapons wisely. I bet the trolls will dogpile on him again after they read this article but I am glad that he knows how to hit them where it hurts.

  23. andrewlim8 says:

    There’s a video of Honeylet Avancena in NY and she is asked by an ANC reporter if she is part of the General Assembly. After saying yes, she was asked what visa she was using and if the Phil govt was paying for her stay. She then hurriedly walked away,with her companion attempting to stop the reporter from filming. The reporter insists “this is the US, you can’t stop the filming.”

    DFA says she is not part of the official mission to the General Assembly but she was invited to attend side meetings as part of her advocacy work.

    This will raise a lot of hackles on both sides of the political divide.

    (I dont know how to attach the video here but look for it on ANC online or their twitter account.)

  24. Sabtang Basco says:

    Chemrock beat Fake News’ Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism ? GUESS SO. Never believed in PCIJ it is FAKE Investigative Journalism at its best. There are plenty to investigate in the Philippines and they should start at their door step: FAKE IRRESPONSIBLE NEWS!

    Lookit, I am not trying to be a member of Mutual Admiration Society here this I can say this piece must be good though I did not read it considering the veneration, appreciation and screen grab.

    Let us assume Duterte did these mudslinging it is because FAKE NEWS fall for it and Filipinos, thankfully not Duterte’s fans which is the majority, love stories that USUALLY NEVER PANS OUT because they do not do Mueller-like or American-like investigation.

    THEY HAVE THE INNUENDOS, THE FACTOIDS, THE CONSPIRACY AND PSEUDO-INVESTIGATION OUT IN THE OPEN that the suspects and accused would know how to parry it. It is like retaking Scarborough Shoals and telling the Fake News when and how Filipinos going to retake it.


    • You are on moderation, Sabtang Basco, because I am not confident you are here to debate earnestly and honestly. This is not an echo chamber, but it is a place where there are rules. The most important rule is to distinguish between the issue and the person making it, and address the issue, not the person. Your prior comment stated a falsehood, that I never criticize President Aquino. It was wrong and an attack on character. Kindly address my response to you and how you reconcile your statement with what I said.

      On this comment, you take up the position that PCIJ produces fake news. That is a serious charge. My own reading of the site is that they produce the kind of investigative report not found elsewhere, and did a lot of work critical of President Aquino. So kindly substantiate your accusation.

      Your “Mutual Admiration Society” remark is a character assassination of all who contribute here. We’ve had arguments that get nearly violent, so I know for sure it is not true. You have just not been here to witness them and are personalizing the argument because you know you get objection when you post. Consider why you get objection, and don’t lay the blame where it does not rest by suggesting people here cannot think for themselves.

      The “Fake News” commentary is interesting, and for sure, the fakery is in the mind of the reader a lot of the time. If you believe there is a viewpoint that needs to be blogged, you can write it up and propose it. If it is to an issue and well-written, I’ll publish it and we can have the discussion you seek. One thing I cannot do is think in the same path you do because it seems, to me, that you see white as black and black as white. So you have to paint your own pictures.

      • andrewlim8 says:

        Is Sabtang Basco Mariano Renato Pacifico? They have the same linguistics.

        • josephivo says:

          Yes, also MRP’s way of thinking and hiding his message “how is it possible that professional journalists do not consult experts and refer to facts instead of opinions?” With all due respect, but Chemrock is not the only one with knowledge about bank accounts (although maybe the best 😉 )

          I had a similar reflex at the other side, “how is it possible that professional trolls, as DU30’s aids, do not consult experts and make sure they have the facts right if even a simple book as The Wolf of Wall Street give plenty of detail how to hide bank accounts and what details are relevant/needed.

          As a big fan of MRP I hope that he keeps contributing but in a more direct way and with a better balance between waking up people and shutting down readers.

          • Sabtang Basco says:

            Watching American movies and reading American newspapers make one intelligent …. Watching, listening and reading anything Philippine media spews out makes one cynical ….

            • karlgarcia says:

              I actually agree, especially nowadays when everybody just threaten each other.

              So much hate, it is just getting crazy!!!!!😡😡😡

              • Sabtang Basco says:

                So much hate … so much suggestive innuendos … gossips … venom that are made into news without vetting with extreme due diligence.

  25. I have to express my appreciation to Chemrock’s excellent work of financial sleuthing to unravel another wool pulled over Filipino’s eyes.

    Another grateful nod to Vera Files (VF) for their FACT CHECKS. The link below is about Mocha Uson stating that her use of the word “ALLEGED” rendered Trillanes’ libel suit against her moot and academic. Fact is, she is still liable for trying to destroy Trillanes’ reputation and Trillanes’ has firm legal legs to stand on.

    Gerverg’s theory, that there are only a few real live propagandists and trolls for the administration and there are more real breathing and living principled Filipinos against its excesses, is coming to fore. Today, September 21, 2017, that theory will be tested. Though there are lots of news about righteous organizations banding together, the proof is in the pudding. This is the day to stand and be counted. Let the mirage that propagandists, trolls and bots outnumbers honorable and patriotic Filipinos shatter in pieces. Let a peaceful assembly be the symbol of every Filipinos’ outrage and strength.

  26. Sabtang Basco says:

    This what I can say about Trillanes, he is not smart ENOUGH to open offshore bank accounts, therefore, he has no offshore bank accounts, here are whys:

    1. He was not smart enough when he attempted to take down a government. He got holed up in a hotel where his ilks were drinking like crazy and the hotel was never paid. That is a fact. It was in the news. I hope it was not faked news.
    2. He failed in his crusade against Binay. Though, he was able to crucify Binay and besmirch his name which anti-Binay drooled and rolled over themselves.
    3. With his power as lawmaker and Senator, he failed to ask Register of Deeds to ask for a copy of Transfer Certificate of Land Title of the BinayLand
    4. Instead, he asked the accused, if I remember right, sounds like a “Tan”, to produce the TCT to incriminate the accused and hang himself
    5. When TCT was produced and it was original he was so mad
    6. Trillanes went to BinayLand to determine who owns BinayLand because he must be expecting properties in the Philippines are emblazoned with the owners name
    7. When former President Benigno Aquino said “stop the drip-drip of accusation”, Trillanes meekly acquiseced

    Given all the facts, I conclude Trillanes is not smart enough to even know what “offshore bank” is. Maybe he think a bank out in the ocean.

    The verdict is: NOT GUILTY

    • Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

      Mariano is alive!

      • karlgarcia says:

        At first I said maybe not, but when he mentioned that the antipinoy site was gone and now the word “lookit”.
        In addition his hacienda Binay arguments are very MRP.
        Sabtang Basco, I have to call out an fb post(You know whose)wishing an earthquake to happen in the Philippines as too much.

    • The “not smart” accusation is very popular among trolls these days because they are desperate to hit back at the Senator who is scoring heavy points against President Duterte. You may mock his visit to the Binay Hacienda, but he got media time for several days, something that Mar Roxas was not bold enough or calculated enough to do. It is where he is winning the debate today, getting the air time and the reporters ganging around him for new pithy questions. So that suggests “smart” to me, and if you actually read the reports here rather than persist in your own private echo chamber, you would understand that your characterization is wrong, and projects only the bias of the writer.

      • NHerrera says:

        Considering the Philippine setting, I agree that being “smart” relates not only to intelligence and being sharp-witted; it relates to timely action against, say, a person with no scruples, considering that in the PH, rules and logic are not only set aside but twisted (Exhibit A — Aguirre of the Department of Justice). Trillanes is one SMART cookie. Lacson is a smart cookie. Gordon is not.

        • Haha, Gordon is a dumb cookie. I know that the people at Get Real Post were angry at Aquino because he aced their guy out of the presidency, their guy being Gordon. Now I understand why they liked him. Birds of a feather, and all . . .

          • Sabtang Basco says:

            Can’t believe Gordon became a degenerate from top of the candidate that Aquino was even afraid to debate in some presidential campaign back when. Gordon even challenged that mainstream news network right in their turf and they quiver and knees turned into jelly.

            Thank goodness Gordon did not make it. He got that arrogant look pot belly smirk and all.

        • josephivo says:

          The difference is not in smartness but in the advisors they seek, Gordon seeks advisors who admire him and thus gets the traditional “experts” looking for their own interest. Lacson has professionals, Trilianes hard working idealists.

        • Sabtang Basco says:

          In the Philippines “Smart” is derogatory. If I recall, a Filipino friend told me that “Smart” in Filipino lingo is “Wa-is”. “Wa-is” or “Smart” in English is the adjectives how crooks, drug peddlers and liar are described.

          Like “intelligence” describing a Filipino is taboo. Someone saying “he (a Filipino) is intelligent” brings derision and ridicule then they (Filipinos) begin testing the persons’ intelligence.

          Why is that?

          Maybe Filipinos totally agree that there are no intelligent Filipinos ONLY SMART FILIPINOS.

          • karlgarcia says:

            Sorry, I have heard that song before.

            “Mariano Renato Pacifico
            July 19, 2017 at 06:43 · Reply
            Former despot ex-dictator President Ferdinand Marcos son BongBong Marcos is SMART. IS SMART. HE IS SMART. WISE. YES, HE IS WISE. EXTREMELY WISE ! Nope! I am not backing away from my statement. You people are going to hate me for stating lies and falsehood. Hold that fist. Let me continue.

            The Filipinos pronounce “WISE” like this, “WA-IS” ! Now, I see your fist has softened up. Good.

            Vice-President Contender and Loser Bong Bong Marcos is WA-iS !!! Using the word Wa-is is somewhat an offense. Derogatory. Wa-iS should not be used to characterized a Filipino because it is bad ! It is offensive. An insult. It has the same meaning of WISE. WISE is an adjective to describe a person of highest-esteem. WA-is are those that characterize a SMART Filipino who are corrupt and never get caught or get caught but still able to wiggle out of the mess.

            WA-is is in the same category as Pilosopo. Pilosopo is an insult and offensive. Pilosopo is literal translation of Philosopher. Philosopher as a word can only be used to describe a person of academic pedigree. Pilosopo are those Filipinos who apply the tenet of Philosophy so they can get away of their crookeries.

            SMART-WISE-WA-is-PHILOSOPHY-PILOSOPO …. If used in English, GOOD. If it is in Filipino NOT GOOD.”

    • NHerrera says:


      Reminds me of my math class. Correct answer but the procedure leading to the answer is incorrect.

    • This came across my news feed today. It adds depth to the discussion as to Trillanes ways and means. Sorry if it is uncomfortable for you.

    • chemrock says:

      There is no veneration of Trillanes in this article. It is issue focussed. Are there offshore accounts?

      Other incidences and events you indicated may be good for a separate round of discussions. But I just like to add one point here. Certainly Trillanes pursue of truth against Binay and Duterte is in the nation’s interest, isn’t it? In case you haven’t noticed, Philippines is now a nation of cowards, one sonofabitch and two heroes, one languishing in prison one in making a stand.

    • Rank says:

      Re point 1 of Sabtang Basco, some would say that it was really smart of the Magdalo Group to occupy Oakwood instead of a military installation, or even a public communications facility. Instead of coup d’etat the group was only charged with mutiny. But they achieved their purpose, just the same, which was to proclaim their complaints.

      • Sabtang Basco says:

        That was funny fake news at its best. There was this blogger who was ahead of Donald Trump time, he called Philippine journalists as “PEKENG-PERYODISTAS” or FAKE JOURNALISTS.

        The news media cried wolfe until their throat became hoarse: COUP D’ETAT! COUP D’ETAT!

        The news wire ignored them because the international news wire knew then like now that Philippine Media has propensity of irrational sensationalism it not even hyperbole. They were are and will be a bunch of sensationalist.

        After they realized Philippine Media was ignored they downgrade COUP D’ETAT TO MUTINY … then … to putz … disgruntled soldiers …. and it went pffft ……

        THIS IS WHEn TRILLANES GOT MIFFED AND TIFFED BY JEJOMAR BINAY ….. to quote” unsubstantiated gossip as told by Trillanes:

        “His decision to renege on his word is nothing new to me. If you remember the Manila Pen incident in 2007, Vice President Binay was among those who planned it.

        On the eve of the Manila Pen incident, we had our firearms inside the Makati City Hall so we could use them when we launch our mutiny. Up to that point, it was clear he was with us. But when we launched the mutiny, we no longer saw Vice President Binay. He put the entire group in danger. If it weren’t for the media, many could have died that day”

        BINAY STOOD UP TRILLANES. When Trillanes became Senator he came after traitor Binay with his comical INVESTIGATION.

        There was a falling out of Binay and Trillanes in that Coup.

        SO, NEVER CROSS and scorne Trillanes. Walk along with him hand-in-hand and everything will be alright.

        • karlgarcia says:

          Sabtang Basco,
          About pekeng peryodista, you were so way ahead of Trump.

          Renato Pacifico on September 22, 2008 at 11:57 pm
          MILF attrocities? NAH!!! The Association of Coin-Operated Pekeng-Peryodistas is to blame. WHAT???? Yes, they are to blame. Remember when Coin-Operated Pekeng-Peryodista Ces Drilon was kidnapped? The ASSoc of Coin-Operated Pekeng-Peryodistas decided to hold a news blackout because it might anger MILF or Abu Sayaff????

          Ha!ha!ha!ha! Well, they did angered MILF and Abu Syaff because they published Ces Drilon Kidnapping which these so-called rebels relish publicity. Ha!ha!ha! COIN-OPERATED PEKENG-PERYODISTAS DON’T HAVE LOGIC.!!!!

          Lucky we have the 5th Estate to watch and correct the so-called 4th Estate.

          Renato Pacifico on September 23, 2008 at 12:00 am
          Does anyone know why I didn’t get password to pekeng-columnista Ellen Tordesellas? Because I was sooo embarassingly critical to the logic of our proud and arrogant pekeng-peryodista. THAT’S FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The pekeng-peryodistas has FREEDOM TO BE DUMB AND STUPID. Fortunately, for these coin-operated pekeng-peryodistas majority of the Filipinos are dumb and dumber.


          So Filipinos are Dooomed and Dooomer

          You also go by Pobrenalindahaw.

          PobrenAlindahaw said:
          Oct 7, 2008
          LISTEN!!! There is no credible newspaper in the Philippines. PERIOD!!!!

          Read the following:

          FACT: Mayor Isjani lives in Jolo so is Abu Sayaff. Any who crossed Abu Syaff is dead meat. Major Isjani is accused by FBI-Academy-Trained-PMAyer graduate of pocketing a portion of the Ransom Money. Until now Mayor Isjani is still alive, UNLESS ABU SAYAFF DON’T KNOW HOWW TO COUNT HIS RANSOM MONEY OR HE GOT TIRED OF COUNTING THE 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

          Did the pekeng-peryodistas looked at this angle? NO. They went sideways.

          FACT: Ces Drilon News Blackout. The ***. of Pekeng-peryodistas says they imposed news blackout so Abu Sayaff will not get angry. FACT: Abu Sayaff like to kill people and publicize it. They call the pekeng-peryodistas so they can oggle and jostle and take pictures of beheaded soldiers and italian priests. So therefore Abu Sayaff like publicity of Ces Drilon kidnapping. O, ano, sino ang niloloko sa mga pekeng-peryodista? Tayo or si Mr. Abu Sayaff.


          FACT: Joey de Venenta de Numero para sikat whistleblowed on GMA’s ZTE bribery. Who did Pekeng-peryodistas attacked? OF COURSE, THE PYANNGA-PANGO-PUN KED-NOSE-BROWN-SKIN FILIPINO GMA!!!!! FACT: Justice Sabio whistleblowed on MERALCO’s Borja’s attempted bribery. Whom did the pekeng-peryodistas attacked? The pyanga-pango-punked-nose-brown-skin-curly hair Justice Sabio. Why did they not attack MERALCO? Because MERALCO’s owners are tisoy and tisay, mestizo andd mestiza.


          FACT: Penensulares coup-coup-roo-coup-coup;. pekeng-peryodistas shouted to the whole world we have another coup-coup-rooo-coup-coup … International News wires ignored pekeng-peryodistas scream of coup-de-ta’tarat tarat. And what did the pekeng-p-eryodista did? They downgrade it from coup-de-t’at to STAND-OFF ha!ha!ha!

          I got plenty more …….but some other time … HA!HA!HA!

          • karl,

            I think he has another nom de guerre at PDI. His comments are mostly anti-Trillanes if not anti-Filipinos. He is trying to change his linguistics style but he’s not very successful in masking it.

            • karlgarcia says:

              He has a lots of them.
              He does not cares if people notice.
              He is enjoying being a native of his virtual home, Basco in his exchanges with Sup.

              My longtime guess for who that mask man is, is BongV of antipinoy.
              I maybe wrong, but he has never denied nor confirmed it.
              Mr Vicente lives in Jacksonville Florida and his family is from Davao.

              • Very interesting, karl.

                I am reading some of the old comments here at Joe’s and I am getting more acquianted with the genesis of political bloggers in PH.

                Thanks for the info.

              • Filipino Voices (Nick ?) spun off AntiPinoy (Bong V), Get Real Post (Benigno), Pro-Pinoy (Cocoy), and eventually The Society of Honor (JoeAm). [Actually, Get Real spun me off when Benigno banned me for calling him a hypocrite.] Karl and I first met online at Filipino Voices (2008??), where he was always genuinely searching for objectivity whilst the rest of us were finding flags to wave. BongV provided lots of statistics. Benigno was cerebral until he went pro-Gordon and anti-Aquino, and turned nasty troll along with his nastier wife, Ilda. Cocoy has been steady in support of democracy and Aquino. I am pro-democracy and pro-knowledge. Karl remains a rock of impartial sense.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Thank you Joe for that confidence and morale booster.
                I really appreciate it.

              • Just reporting the facts, glad they align well with your aspirations and successes.

              • @ Joe

                Thanks for the short but comprehensive introduction to PH political bloggers. The comments provided me with some insight on their inner motivation(s). They are very fascinating to read, that is if they are for real. MRP seems to weave yarns that are half-sensical, half-ridiculous and troll-like. I would like to see him be true to himself and abandon the pretenses. Why not just state his piece without the condescending and negative rant? We are all “work in progress.” In this post-truth world, it is refreshing to read civil, respectful and honest bloggers.

  27. andrewlim8 says:

    Question to the floor:

    Is Duterte’s recent statement that he has ordered the PNP to kill his son if he is involved in illegal drugs a confirmation, or prima facie evidence that EJK is a POLICY of this administration?

  28. andrewlim8 says:

    I just saw a picture of Mocha Uson with Giselle Bundchen in NYC. If Giselle only knew what kind of politics Mocha engages in….. (she convinced hubby Tom Brady to skip the White House event with Trump)..maybe those with twitter accounts or facebook can message her…

  29. andrewlim8 says:

    I have a pet Rottweiler. She enjoys my trust and confidence. She is my staunch supporter and ally and would fight tooth and nail for me.

    Now Martin Andanar on Mocha Uson: ” She enjoys the trust and confidence of the Pres. She is a staunch supporter and ally and would fight tooth and nail for the Pres.” (statement to Senate, defending the PCOO budget)

    But the big difference there is I do not send my Rottweiler to the UN, and nor does she come up with fake news, while holding the rank of PCOO official.

  30. andrewlim8 says:

    This is so good,so well written and captures the mood of the times. Sung to the tune of Les Miserables’ “Do you hear the people sing?”

    This generation’s Bayan Ko.


    • andrewlim8 says:

      for some reason, it got taken down. but here’s the lyrics:

      Di niyo ba naririnig
      Tinig ng bayan na galit
      Himig ito ng Pilipinong
      Di muli palulupig

      Dudurugin ang dilim
      Ang araw ay mag-aalab
      At mga pusong nagtimpi
      Ay magliliyab

      Ikaw baý makikibaka
      At hindi maduduwag
      Na gisingin ang mga panatikong bingi’t bulag
      Kasinungalingan labanan hanggang mabuwag

      Di niyo ba naririnig
      Tinig ng bayan na galit
      Himig ito ng Pilipinong
      Di muli palulupig

      Dudurugin ang dilim
      Ang araw ay mag-aalab
      At mga pusong nagtimpi
      Ay magliliyab

      • andrewlim8 says:

        Ikaw by ay dadaing na lang
        Kimi’t magmumukmok
        Habang nagpapakasasa
        Ang mga trapong bulok
        Gisingin ang puso
        Galitin hanggang pumutok

        Repeat first two stanzas.

        Lyrics/translation: Vincent de Jesus, Rody Vera, Joel Saracho

        • Micha says:

          By all measures, Duterte is the lowest of the low that has ever happened to this country.

          And yet…and yet, the monster is polling what, 80% popularity?

          What in the world is going on?

          • There is a lot of support for Duterte among those who are unhappy with their lot in life, for whatever reason, and the lingering bitterness toward corrupt establishment players. Duterte is still considered a “rebel”, not establishment. How surveys were constructed, and who paid for them, have not been examined, to my knowledge. I’ve read they are ‘sponsored’ by Duterte backers. Also note that there have been no surveys for some time, and there may be a reason for that. Collapsing numbers.

          • karlgarcia says:

            offtopic: Have you seen my post above about RHiro?

            • Micha says:

              It’s sad indeed to hear about what happened karl. I remember we have had interesting and passionate discussion on this site just a few moons ago and in the latter part of his postings here I have sensed he might actually have accepted the utility (and validity) of MMT.

              Condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues advancing the cause of economic justice.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Yes, it is sad .By the way, I noticed from reading his tribute that you actuallly have a lot in common in terms of advocacies.

              • Micha says:

                I need to brush up on Tiu Laurel’s group, but yes, if we were able to continue the conversation, I am sure I will realize we do in fact share common interests and advocacies.

                For isn’t it an obvious truth that all life forms and all matter are diffused expressions of the same cosmic singularity.

              • karlgarcia says:

                Yes indeed. Thanks Micha.

  31. andrewlim8 says:

    The strongest message yet from the church on the China-Duterte regime:

    “We are losing our national soul to the Father of Lies and Prince of Darkness. They are killing the poor and poisoning our consciences. We must return to the Lord and regain our national soul,”

    Still looking for the next Cardinal Sin? It is Archbishop Villegas.

    Who is the Father of Lies and Prince of Darkness?

  32. Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

    Off-topic but can’t resist sharing my post at FB this morning:


    “A yearly income of P150,000, “3-in-1” coffee and inherited property valued at up to P5 million are exempt from personal income, sweetened beverage and estate taxes, respectively, under the Senate version of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train).”

    …haaaist! The Senate version of the comprehensive tax reform package sucks!

    FYI, the minimum wage earners are currently already exempt from tax (153K plus, still above what you proposed!!! are you kidding us, what kind of tax relief for the middle-class salaried employees is that!!!!!! You just burdened us with heavy consequences of the fuel and gas excise taxes without any tax relief!!! And how about the jobless people who will ultimately pay for the additional cost of subsistence…The already rich are all smiles with the 5M exemption of inherited properties !!

    Discuss this more at the plenary, please… your version is more anti-poor and pro-rich than the HOR version. And it also sucks, to begin with. We thought taxpayers can expect more from you, are we sadly mistaken? Ano beh!!!

    • Sup says:

      We need tax for Build 3x…..?

      Maybe first fix this?

      PCCI: Drug-related killings, congressional hearings are scaring off investors

    • Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

      cost of subsistence, not existence…arrgghh! just ignore me and my typo infested comments.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      There was one time when Donald Trump copies Duterte:

      similarities of Trump and Duterte
      1. Duterte beat Poe like Trump beat Hillary
      2. Duterte elected by 16 million brown uneducated Filipinos like Trump elected by uneducated whites
      3. Duterte is crass like Trump with no class
      4. Well wishers, supporters and applicants lined up in a Davao Hotel to see Duterte like Russian Ambassadors, spies, hangers-on, Bannon and others at Trump Tower
      5. Duterte fly home to Davao every weekends like Trump to his golf curses
      6. Duterte appointed inexperienced cabinet like Trump
      7. Duterte love commies like Trump hates Comey
      8. Duterte loves to touch women inappropriately just like Trump
      9. Duterte loves the P-word like Trump loves the F-word

      Now, it is Duterte copying Trump about tax reform?

  33. Sup says:

    Pia Ranada

    Updated 2:04 PM, September 21, 2017

    Uson zeroes in on one particularly “noisy” critic of the President’s – Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who was the primary subject of Duterte’s recent television interview aired on government station PTV-4.

    She asks for her companions’ messages for the opposition lawmaker.

    One of them tells Trillanes to stop what he’s doing and even warns him of the consequences of his incessant criticism of the Chief Executive.

    “Kailangan magtago ka na! Ibalik ka namin sa pinanggalingan mo! (You should hide now! We will return you to where you came from!)” says the woman.

    • I notice that threats of killing are becoming common these days. One guy recently threatened to kill former President Aquino on sight. A few “yellows” I follow on Twitter are also issuing threats to Duterte and others. It is disturbing and reflects the tenor of conversation set by the President himself.

  34. andrewlim8 says:

    This Interaksyon/TV5 editorial is one of the hardest hitting, extremely well written essays I have read in recent times…

    “When enough people make false promises words stop meaning anything and then there are no more answers – only better and better lies.”

    • andrewlim8 says:

      If you are based in the US, or for anyone who reads this, this can be verified via direct inquiry with the White House, or if not, an FOI filing (US FOI law I mean, not Duterte’s law. ) 🙂

      The payment for her hotel stay can also be inquired from the hotel where she is staying. If the payee is the Phil govt, tsk tsk tsk.

    • karlgarcia says:

      Melania’s speech was about cyber bullying, I doubt she invited Honeylett to listen to that, well I almost forgot she should have made sure that Donald listened.

  35. andrewlim8 says:

    See? Body bags can cause the country’s exchange rate to plummet.

    A writer from Nikkei Asian review thinks so.

    • Micha says:

      Duterte will sink or swim depending on how the economy performs after 2 years in office.

      That’s enough time for the masa to reckon whether they’ve helped install a savior or a Lucifer in Malacanang.

  36. Sabtang Basco says:

    One of those many things that is wrong in Philippine Media is it takes one plenty and plenty of time to sift thru the lies and facts and Google every bits factoids to piece all things together.

    The Philippine Media is far far away from media coverage of Russian investigation … despite their bias and political leanings they are still objective may they be Breitbart or Fox or CNN. But in the Philippine Media …. they squabble backstab and block that they do not agree with.

    Well, that is what we become when they get that Filipino virus.

    • Sabtang Basco says:

      .. and oh, the American Media has fact checkers …. in the Philippines there are no fact checkers because these are not facts at all they are simply gossips innuendoes tittle-tattles fish-wives tales.

      • karlgarcia says:

        So this whole exercise is not factchecking to you, but you are correct many believe what they want to believe.
        That is why I Chemrock took effort to fact check. He may not be Filipino, but at least he does not pretend to hate eveything Filipino.

        • Mary Grace P. Gonzales says:

          There’s Vera Files, too…and Meme Buster, and Pinoy Ako Blog, etc.

        • Sabtang Basco says:

          We have a word to “…believe what they want to believe” and allow me to add … read what they want to read …


          I read all sides to get a balanced attack. If one reads only Duterte because they love Duterte they do not get balanced view.

          • karlgarcia says:

            Thanks for the lesson. You get entertainment from all angles.

            • karlgarcia says:

              Thanks for cognitive dissonance- it could also mean believing in one’s lies.

              “Pero kailan man, I’m just a socialist. Anak lang ako ng mahirap eh. Anak lang ako ng migrant sa Mindanao. Ang tatay ko galing Cebu… Paano ako magkaroon ng mindset na isip mayaman? So always ang ano ko is ‘yung namulatan ko sa mata ko ang hirap (I will forever be a socialist because I was born poor. I’m just the son of a migrant to Mindanao. My father came from Cebu…How can I have a mindset of the rich? So I was made aware of poverty from a young age).”
              (Source: Speech of President Rodrigo Duterte during the Meeting with the Filipino Community in Singapore, The Max Pavilion and Hall 9, watch from 47:05 to 47:30)

  37. Miela says:

    Just a note on the images.

    Isn’t it funny that such “statements” from different banks have the same font style and font size and exact formatting? Also, don’t bank statements typically have their logo/heading? And the wording, too!

    • chemrock says:

      Haha pile it on. Tersiona probably want to be the first off the block breaking the news when they had the green light from whoever. Wekkllll he beat Mocha and Tulfo to it.

  38. chemrock says:

    To round off the discussion if I may.

    Trillanes entourage to DBS Alexandra Branch in Singapore scored well for Truth. He carried the fight to the opponent.

    The sight of Duterte on TV to explain how he ‘tricked’ Trillanes is so pathetic in the visuals and the logic.

    This episode shows up without a single shred of doubt now that DDS utterances and disclosures all emanate from Malacanang, something we all actually knew all along. It tells that all DDS characters on socmed are nothing but unthinking pawns being used by political machinery. But some are smarter than others –
    – Erwin Tulfo has learnt his lesson I’m sure. He knows he has been taken for a fool by D30.
    – Tersiorna knows he is in deep shit and needs to covers his ass.
    – Uson is the dumb ass who enjoys being used, as long as she gets on those foreign trips and get the chance to pretend she is someone important in the cabinet.

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