Presidential Debate: Mar Roxas opening remarks

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By Popoy Del R. Cartanio

This piece is like a skeleton key that can be delivered fittingly as opening remarks by any or all of the Presidential Wannabes except it will sound pricey and manufactured if the speaker is not of the caliber, the competence and integrity of Mar Roxas for whom the piece is composed. Let’s listen to Mar.


My countrymen and friends watching and listening right now, here and by the internet, my fellow presidential aspirants and our esteemed moderator:

On my honor, I must and will definitely continue President Aquino’s Tuwid na Daan for the sake of our country and our long suffering people. The seeds of transformation and rehabilitation were planted, have germinated and have borne fruits. With your help in the coming six years, together we can enlarge it a thousand fold into the biggest plantation in Asia for continuing radical change and unstoppable progress.

I will magnify the process and results of Tuwid na Daan to pursue, to the ends possible allowed by law, the eradication of graft and corruption big or small in all the instrumentalities of the government. My relatives and friends and party mates should seriously consider this statement as a principle set in stone to follow if they decide to support it, or to criticize and undermine my presidency and any government institution.

Hand-in-hand with Tuwid na Daan I expect the government to achieve concrete and measurable accomplishments in: (1) livelihood, (2) education, (3) health, (4) peace and order, (5) the environment and (6) administration. These are the six pillars of the Liberal Party’s vision of the good life for our people. I consider good health, sustained education, peace and order and competent administration as pre-conditions to, and at the same time the results of, decent livelihood and protected environment. The Liberal Party’s vision (where we want to go) of the future is the good life. How to get there (the mission) will be the Tuwid na Daan of the six pillars. These six pillars encapsulate and merely re-state President Aquino’s platform of governance that guided him to where we are now, since 2010.

Let me explain why my Administration will be similar but very different from the Administration of President Aquino, because it is stupid NOT to think it would be similar. Leadership in the cabinet will not be in toto carry-over. Policies and priorities will differ in implementation and manpower. Financial resources available for governance will be higher. More corrupt officials will be investigated and brought to court, and support from the judicial and legislative branch is likely to change also. Why I am not a copycat or a stooge of my esteemed statesman Noynoy? Why does my presidency have no choice but to be better than the good administration of the last? More than PNoy ‘s six years?

I aim for a better not for a repeat performance.

My explanation or deductions will be from the broadest to the more specific qualities of governance. I believe and have practiced in my public life the accepted tenets of Democracy. To ancient Greece, democracy is simply people’s power. It’s main goal is to render the “greatest good for the greatest number”. A country’s sovereignty resides with its people. Governance must be “by the people, for the people, and of the people”. Life in a democratic country must enjoy the four freedoms. Freedom of expression not only of the press but of the citizenry, freedom of religion, freedom from fear of government abuse and freedom from hunger. There is no absolutism, no pre-destined future in the democratic form; there’s only omnipotence of day-to-day, moment-to-moment free will of the human faculty. The millions of free-will decisions of rulers and the ruled. We humbly know that people in democracies get, good or bad, the government they deserve.

The above are the underlying and foundational doctrines of the Liberal Party which President Aquino and I have shared and practiced as politicians. Take note that corruption, the unforeseen evil enemy of democracy, was not even thought of in democracy’s early history.

As the most senior member of the Liberal Party, I shall endeavor to influence and give full support to the training and enrichment of knowledge of party mates from the national to the grassroots levels, letting them know about the strength and benefits of democratic theory and practice. I will endeavor to make the party organized and stronger at the Barangay level, these frontiers of governance where the harm and dis-benefits of corruption are largely felt. The Barangays are the cutting edge and the repository of the ill-effects of Corruption at the national, provincial, congressional districts, city and municipal levels. The Barangays are where we see the ugly picture painted and framed by corruption.

Tuwid na Daan is not only a catalyst but the primary element of our governance. It is the “how to get there” of our vision of where we want to go. Tuwid na Daan constitutes the reason for being of the constitutional offices, all of which should be beyond the clutches of the three co-equal branches. COA is the watch dog of the people’s money; the Civil Service Commission ensures we get and safeguard qualified government personnel; the Commission on Human Rights protects the citizenry from abuses of the public as well as the private sector; the COMELEC protects and enforces the sanctity of the ballot; and the OMBUDSMAN sees to it the rascals, scalawags, thieves and felons in the public service are brought to courts and the guilty, punished.

The executive branch should realize the huge aftermath these fundamental offices can contribute to the promulgation, interpretation and the execution of laws. In effect, the quality and high moral principles of output of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches can be positively influenced by the COA, and by the OMBUDSMAN. The judiciary should help these offices litigate and put behind cold rusty iron bars politicians and bureaucrats who bend straight laws. Pork Barrel is straight but easily bent by perjury and thievery. Be dizzy and fall from your chair and imagine ever since if and only if political devils have not feasted on the pork barrel.

The specifics, the nitty-gritty of Tuwid na Daan, lie nowhere but in the utilization and expenditure of the financial and material resources of the government where the taxes begin and cease in a never ending annual cycle. The annual budget is the lifeblood of public service. Corruption draining public funds begins in revenue collection, proceeds in budgeting and ends in auditing. Tuwid na Daan must clean these dirty by-ways to increase quality public service and infrastructures. I shall focus also on the difficult job of spending all the authorized appropriations honestly.

Guarding the money and following very cumbersome accounting and auditing rules because of corruption slows down spending. Part of required competence of departments and agencies should be spending all the money earmarked for programs and projects during the budget year. Savings will be regarded as performance shortcomings.

I’d like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to help organize, encourage and finance the use of think tanks from the academes for fields of concern inclusive of the six pillars.

On world (not just foreign) affairs, this is my take: No small or medium-size country stands alone; bilateralism is nearing obsolescence. Little countries should deliver the message: it does not pay for Goliaths or bullies to slug it alone. Two world wars have proven that many altogether is mighty. Let Mr. Big molest or assault any member of EC and NATO to see how rains of missiles and lightning from drones can extirpate leaders of bullies.

ASEAN (not a social or business club) should realize resources and armaments — not economic gobbledegook —solidify their striking and deterrent force. It is a fact that billions of foot soldiers have no match to a few nuclear blasts. Survivalism mutates nationalism into a kind of continentalism (or communitism? ) as in sub-UN aggregations, eg. Organization of American States (OAS); Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); the Australia-New Zealand – United States Security Treaty (ANZUS); etc. The global village is beginning to be wary of the village bully.

The management functions of planning, budgeting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating public services and infrastructures can be simplified by the team approach to particular programs and projects that address problems and issues of national significance calamities, and diseases epidemics.

I must end this remark with my deep understanding of Tuwid na Daan.

(1) More money, by political will, will be spent to investigate, try and convict, and put behind iron bars crooks in the government with concomitant construction of necessary penitentiaries in regional locations.

(2) For every taxpayer’s peso, the government must give back to him at all times at least 90% or 90 centavos worth of benefits, public services, and infrastructures. No factual figure is available but since the start of corruption, it is estimated that the actual leakage from the annual budget to corruption and other illegal purposes ranges from 30% to a high of 45%. That’s too much money wasted and taken away which otherwise would have improved health, education, livelihood and lots of bridges and highways.

(3) Savings or under-spending from the General Appropriations Act must be avoided. Limits will be set to unfilled and vacant positions in all instrumentalities of the government. Authorized appropriations must be spent, avoiding what might be legal, but suspiciously irregular, excessive and extravagant. Team budgeting integrates the processes of budgeting, accounting and auditing; uniformed forces, teams for peace and good order and territorial defense.

(4) Reducing poverty as priority must have a face. The newborn and infants as well as the elderly in our Classes D and E should have more attention and budgetary allocation for human development reasons. As the UN top twenty countries have shown, this has helped maintain the good life in their societies ; and

(5) Use of the inter-disciplinary or TEAM approach to execute developmental laws and implement government programs and projects to really transform the Philippine society. Study. Testing and eventual adoption of Team Budgeting among Departments. Teamwork is the resulting chemistry of cooperation and coordination.

To remove the dysfunction and political goal displacements by means of low profile, honest and honorable but effective action INSTEAD of loud whining and whingeing by lawyers and on the infallibility of the rule of law and the holiness of the equal separation of powers of three sacred cows of governance; making political dogma like the practice of celibacy by priests with de facto espouses and mistresses. My presidency shall endeavor to make the three co-equal branches more noble and useful in practice than legal theory.

My presidency shall be the potent catalyst in the enactment or amendments to existing laws governing FOI (freedom on transparency of information and freedom against information abuse by media) and support the laws governing nasty political dynasties. These are dead laws or no laws providing fabulous incomes to lawyers in upright societies in Asia and the free world.

These opening remarks shall be mine and my Cabinet’s Sunday prayer to be said and reviewed in solitude weekly to keep my presidency’s securely glued to Tuwid na Daan (Straight Path) . There is no paradigm shift from what President Aquino started and adhered to during his presidency. It is still the constitution, the derived policies, translated into programs, specified into development and routine projects, refined into activities and tasks; all consuming scarce resources under studied time constraints. Literally governance is not an investment or business for PROFIT. Governance is goods and services ALREADY PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS AND MUST BE RETURNED DOUBLE FOLD .

Thank you.

71 Responses to “Presidential Debate: Mar Roxas opening remarks”
  1. i7sharp says:

    This piece is like a skeleton key …

    “skeleton key”?

    Why not “master key”?

    “master” is two syllables only – instead of four – and would not likely bring to mind scary stuff.

    Governance must be “by the people, for the people, and of the people”

    An attempt to improve on this one?:
    “Government of the people, by the people, for the people …”?


  2. andrewlim8 says:

    Wow. Was expecting another wacky Popoy article. But this one’s substantial. Kudos to you, man.

  3. rosario says:

    “As the most senior liberal party”, i asked Gov. Umali, to go to jail for he was convicted for plunder by the sandigan bayan.” Yan dapat isama nya sa speech nya.

    Narinig ko kasi sa interaksyon news na convicted na raw pala si Gov. Umali for plunder pero hindi pa rin daw nakakulong, at sige pa rin ang posisyon nya sa liberal party as treasurer.
    Mga ganitong balita ay nakakasira at makakasira. Kaya pala natataguriang selective justice ang tuwid na daan.

    Kaalyado ni Pnoy, guilty ng pandarambong by branden milla

  4. “Governance is not an investment or business for PROFIT. Governance is goods and services ALREADY PAID FOR BY TAXPAYERS AND MUST BE RETURNED DOUBLE FOLD.”

    Lead with that.

  5. Excellent now someone please translate this to Filipino Cebuano Bisaya Waray ang Ilocano.

    • Bert says:

      Right. And distribute to all LGUs with Mar Roxas’ signature on it, :).

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Only very few Filipinos listen to speeches. Filipinos know it is just another hollow promises.

      God promised us heaven but a lot of hard work.
      Politicians promised us progress provided Filipinos triple the hardwork going to heaven.

      Of all the Filipinos hardwork, God and politicians get the credits. Of course, God is the first astute politician:

      Politicians says:
      1. Filipinos are given FREE WILL to help themselves;
      2. Politicians help those who help themsleves;
      3. Politicians says, Those who believe in them will live a life worthy of heaven
      4. Do not ask politicians what they can do to you, instead, what you can do to the politicians so they can get RE-ELECTED.

  6. NHerrera says:

    Popoy, I believe you did good work there. But I was waiting for something that will be stirring, and I believe this is one aspect, if it can still be done with the limited time, Mar should work hard to deliver on special occasions such as the opening remarks on the Presidential debate.

    Theoretically, the intent of Presidential debate is so the public, the voters especially, can weigh the candidates from their program of government once elected. To the more discerning hearers, there is always the weighing as he hears of these sweet words, the do-ability of these programs. The content of the remarks or speech cover a lot of grounds. But do-ability and in what sequence — considering the natural limit of the resources is important to me as a listener-voter.

    But other than that I want to be impressed by this Leader through stirring words from him. Poe can do the same about contents and lists. Even a Binay can list all the wondrous things he will do once elected, even exceeding by much the content of Mar’s list, but I doubt if Binay can get me impressed, try hard as he may.

    A good read, nevertheless. Thanks.

    • Agree on good read.

      I watched the Republican debates a couple weeks ago and I don’t remember opening statements being this long.

      I’m a visual type guy, so stories (word pictures) are really important, especially when speaking about policy and other abstract notions–I’m sure I’m not alone.

      Former Pres. Bill Clinton is really good at breaking down complicated stuff for the regular folks,

    • edgar lores says:

      Don’t need to consult my subconscious.

      This says it all.

      Thanks, Popoy and NHerrera.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      For Popy’s declaration to have a bite, I’d suggest Mar’s speech should be Trump-esque. Issues like, 1) Charge those scoundrels like that little lady in red for stealing the bank account of Corona, then prove why sue her;
      2) Sue those cabinets that intentionally leaked Binay investigation to name-and-shame his name while the OMbudsman is still gathering evidences;

      These two should rile up the electorates … of course … like Trump, it would cost him votes yet this way it would educate the Filipinos with SHOCK-AND-AWE POLITICS.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        3) Impeach Trillanes for ignorance of law by visiting BinayLand just to prove it really belongs to Binay. I do not know how, maybe Trillanes can show us the way
        4) Impeach those who took down the name of Benigno Aquino from Wikipedia after the Mt. Makling accusation fiasco that fizzled.

        Mar, if you love this country, PLEASE EDUCATE THEM. It may hurt your presidency but lookit this way, YOU ARE A MARTYR. And we will always remember you.

      • Joe America says:

        I think Duterte is a bit Trump-like. Probably shoots a gun better, though.

  7. i7sharp says:

    “Let me explain why my Administration will be similar but very different from the Administration of President Aquino, because it is stupid NOT to think it would be similar.”

    How about using another word? Say, foolish? Or, “not right”>
    I hope this administration will not be using “stupid” a lot.

    “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb,
    sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”
    Proverbs 16:24 KJ

    “similar but very different from”?
    How about …
    “similar to but very different from”?
    (Not that I think it wiould help explain the thought of the sentence. )

    Salamat po.

  8. chempo says:

    With all due respects, seems more like a lecture, Where is the punch, Where is the hook that will renonate in people’ mind long after the event.

    Have no quarrels with the phd content except —

    “Savings will be regarded as performance shortcoming” —

    I understand where this is coming from, The ingenuity of past and present administration to budget for something and then not spending or under-spending and the savings simply diverted somewhere.

    Management gurus will point to 2 definite outcomes – efficiencies penalised and wastage everywhere.
    1, Saving opportunities will be simply overlooked. If its budgetted at xxx peso, xxx it is, Does not pay to be too smart to bring the cost down.
    2. Come fiscal year end time, every financial manager will be looking at where they have underspent and then try to spend spend spend to use up the funds. I saw this as a 10 year old kid and even then I could not understand why the British army worked that way. My dad was a transport contractor for them. Each year end the cam[ commanders simply threw away lots of stuff – cutleries, curtains, furniture etc — just so to replace them with new and clear their funds,


    • Joe America says:

      Interesting. That was my favorite line in the speech. I relate it to LCpl_X’s Level 5 leadership. “Let’s get to work. Enough with the traffic jams and poor irrigation system and falling short on rice harvests.” It is so opposed to the laid back mentality here, reactive. It screams be proactive.

      The assumption is, as guided by elements of the speech, thou shalt not be corrupt and thou shalt not play lose lose the taxpayer’s money. It is, after all, THEIR money.

      The line shows a clear appreciation for metrics, and performance based on them.

      • edgar lores says:

        I had the same reaction as Chempo.

        Government procurement is usually done by bidding, and the job is normally awarded to the lowest bidder. Not realizing savings, where it can be done, is inefficient.

        (Disclosure of bias: I’m an Ilocano.)

      • Level 5 Leadership was sooo last blog, Joe, let’s apply the other factors now (that Collins’ research found) —
        People, Stoicism, Momentum (I think this is more to Primer‘s points below), Focus, Technology & Discipline Culture (this one we’ve been hammering away for awhile now, needs more examining, that’s for sure).

        How do the candidates measure up (or down) to these other 6 “drivers”:

        Not by Level 5 Alone

        Level 5 leadership is an essential factor for taking a company from good to great, but it’s not the only one. Our research uncovered multiple factors that deliver companies to greatness. And it is the combined package—Level 5 plus these other drivers—that takes companies beyond unremarkable. There is a symbiotic relationship between Level 5 and the rest of our findings: Level 5 enables implementation of the other findings, and practicing the other findings may help you get to Level 5. We’ve already talked about who Level 5 leaders are; the rest of our findings describe what they do. Here is a brief look at some of the other key findings.

        I. First Who

        We expected that good-to-great leaders would start with the vision and strategy. Instead, they attended to people first, strategy second. They got the right people on the bus, moved the wrong people off, ushered the right people to the right seats—and then they figured out where to drive it.

        II. Stockdale Paradox

        This finding is named after Admiral James Stockdale, winner of the Medal of Honor, who survived seven years in a Vietcong POW camp by hanging on to two contradictory beliefs:
        His life couldn’t be worse at the moment, and his life would someday be better than ever. Like Stockdale, people at the good-to-great companies in our research confronted the most brutal facts of their current reality, yet simultaneously maintained absolute faith that they would prevail in the end. And they held both disciplines—faith and facts—at the same time, all the time.

        III. Buildup-Breakthrough Flywheel

        Good-to-great transformations do not happen overnight or in one big leap. Rather, the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel in one direction. At first, pushing it gets the flywheel to turn once. With consistent effort, it goes two turns, then five, then ten, building increasing momentum until—bang!—the wheel hits the breakthrough point, and the momentum really kicks in. Our comparison companies never sustained the kind of breakthrough momentum that the good-to-great companies did; instead, they lurched back and forth with radical change programs, reactionary moves, and restructurings.

        IV. The Hedgehog Concept

        In a famous essay, philosopher and scholar Isaiah Berlin described two approaches to thought and life using a simple parable: The fox knows a little about many things, but the hedgehog knows only one big thing very well. The fox is complex; the hedgehog simple. And the hedgehog wins. Our research shows that breakthroughs require a simple, hedgehog-like understanding of three intersecting circles: what a company can be the best in the world at, how its economics work best, and what best ignites the passions of its people. Breakthroughs happen when you get the hedgehog concept and become systematic and consistent with it, eliminating virtually anything that does not fit in the three circles.

        V. Technology Accelerators

        The good-to-great companies had a paradoxical relationship with technology. On the one hand, they assiduously avoided jumping on new technology bandwagons. On the other, they were pioneers in the application of carefully selected technologies, making bold, farsighted investments in those that directly linked to their hedgehog concept. Like turbochargers, these technology accelerators create an explosion in flywheel momentum.

        VI. A Culture of Discipline

        When you look across the good-to-great transformations, they consistently display three forms of discipline: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. When you have disciplined people, you don’t need hierarchy. When you have disciplined thought, you don’t need bureaucracy. When you have disciplined action, you don’t need excessive controls. When you combine a culture of discipline with an ethic of entrepreneurship, you get the magical alchemy of great performance.

        • Joe America says:

          Gadzooks. I’m still digesting Level 5 and now its hedgehogs and flywheels. 🙂 🙂 🙂 These are excellent lessons and techniques. I think an experienced “Level 5” kind of guy finds them in due course. Discipline in the skill set of providing good customer service is where I think most Philippine government units need to focus. The flywheel is at a dead standstill. The hedgehog is drunk on tuba.

        • chempo says:

          Your “culture of discipline” is absolutely true. Examples abound everywhere. Look at the ancient Spartans, the Japanese people. My jobs in the past involved visitations to many companies and it’s very obvious to me those very successful ones had these disciplines.

          Word of thanks Lcpl. Of the some many things I have learnt here, the few words in this para are the best that I’m taking away from this blog…..thus far.

          • Joe America says:

            Well, clearly you have not read any of Angry Maude’s wisdom . . . ahahaha

          • You can thank Jim Collins, chempo. I’m just copy/pasting articles and links.

            I’m still trying to look for an article about how the Japanese at the turn of last century re-branded themselves. Supposedly they were known as prostitutes, pirates, criminals, low-class in general, in Asia (and also in the Americas), and then (I think it was the Emperor) decided he had enough of it, and recalled everyone, re-branded themselves as One and from then on out kicked ass all the way through WWII–ethics was probably what was missing in the run up to WWII.

            So it can be done. The Spartans practiced eugenics by throwing unqualified babies off cliffs, that’s probably going too far, but quality control is your friend in this endeavor.

  9. Vicara says:

    The line that leaped out at me, too. Acknowledgment of complaints, including complaints regarding donor monies for Yolanda victims stuck in the pipeline, etc., and the determination to do better. Would suggest, though, getting an editor to simplify the management guruspeak and trim the cascade of “isms.” Looking forward to a televised debate by the top presidential candidates. (Will it ever happen?) President Aquino has set the bar high for extemporaneous speaking in Pilipino.

  10. Johnny Lin says:


    Pero sa tingin ko dapat Tagalog, pareho ni PNoy, para di mukhang matayog sa dukha at salot sa aral.

  11. Jean says:

    Is there a difference between who a man is and what a man represents?

    I have been actively trying to stay my hand from commenting from Pro-Mar pieces since my inclinations have been called to question before. Alas, one can only hold off for so long before an itch needs to be scratched.

    So here I go.

    From much of what I’ve read from Pro Mar articles (this one included), the impression I get is that the people who would support Mar are those who believe in what he represents. This I consider understandable.

    What I can not fathom, is how these people are confident that Mar is what he represents or Mar can deliver what he represents.

    I sometimes fear people would vote for Mar the idea rather than Mar the man.

    Mar can talk the talk as seen on many occasions but has yet to walk the walk in as many.

    To win my vote and those of a like mind, Mar needs to come across as genuine. I don’t get that from him.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Legitimate opposite view needing appreciation, unlike Nielsky whose barrage was unreasonable direct total denigration of Daan Matuwid.

      Counter position.
      ” Mar can talk the talk as seen in many occasions but has yet to walk the walk in as many.
      To win my vote and those of a like mind, Mar needs to come across as genuine”

      ” I fear people would vote for Mar the idea rather than Mar the man”

      Conceded is that Mar has good vision for the country with integrity and dignity but his image does not reflect his ideals. Similar to the beauty of a woman, pretty and clean on the inside, ugly on the outside.

      You have already analyzed how to appreciate your ideal candidate.
      Now, compare Mar with Binay. I won’t mention Poe or Duterte. Just Binay. Is he also similar to a woman? Only this time- pretty on the outside, ugly and dirty on the inside.

      Who will you vote?
      I leave you this view:

      Harry Belafonte:
      if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
      never make a pretty woman your wife
      So in my personal point of view
      Get an ugly girl to marry you

      • cjm says:

        @Johnny Lim: why can’t I accept your description of Binay. What I can see is like a woman—ugly outside and more so inside. And I am so serious. No joking! You hit the nail on Mar, though. Unfortunately, I am not a Ph voter.

        • Johnny Lin says:

          You misread, please read again pretty on the outside, ugly and dirty inside

          • Johnny Lin says:

            I might be the one who misinterpreted you.
            You mean ugly on both sides.

            Remember he is attractive to CDE beholders on the outside because of promises of dole outs.

        • Johnny Lin says:


          You are not PHL voter. As long as you tell relatives or friends in the Philippines to vote for Mar, your silent contribution will surely be helpful to the cause.

          That’s everyone’s motive, help the nation elect leaders with dignity and integrity.

    • andrewlim8 says:


      How reliable are impressions? Don’t you want to evaluate things based on more objective criteria? What does it take for someone to come across as genuine to you?

      When I was little, I had the impression that bearded men were all bad, because in all the shows I watched the good guys were clean-shaven. 🙂

      • Joe America says:

        Well, I am certainly glad you got rid of that gross misconception.

      • Jean says:

        Let’s see. When Mar and his spin doctors tried to portray him as Mr. Palengke, or him plying the streets on a tricycle or him insisting on going to the fore front of disasters areas. They seem like shallow attempts to portray him as something he is not. Then there are the accounts of friends, who have either worked or have been involved with projects where they got to observe him. Let’s just say their stories don’t line up with whats been projected on media.

        Anyhow, I don’t really expect Mar to be all that, all the time. I know people are different based on who they are with at any given point in time, human nature and all. I mostly base my assessment on how I have heard him speak on tv and on the radio. I always feel he is reading lines. His smile doesn’t reach his eyes. I know those are lousy ways to judge eligibility… but what can I do. Feelings are my natural/instinctual way of measuring people up. My spider senses are all tingly with Mar.

        I like what I’ve heard (Words) from Mar, its what I haven’t heard(tone) which holds me back.

        I’m not here to debate though, Im glad for the people who have found their candidate. This is my attempt at due diligence

  12. Johnny Lin says:

    Binay: “I made Makati rich” –

    Late Butch Aquino last wish: “Mar Roxas for President”

  13. Bert says:

    I know for a fact that a debate can make or break a candidate. But a speech including the most brilliant ones are dime a dozen and can be bought along Recto Ave., Manila.

    A speech is as effective only as the credibility and the sincerity of the person and how the audience view the delivery and body language of the speaker. This is the challenge that Mar has to take into consideration in the campaign period to be able to gain ground into the minds of the electorates. I’m hoping he can do it else Binay will eat him alive. If that happen, woe to us here in the Society who are cracking our heads seeking for who’s best for our beloved nation and people.

  14. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “(1) More money, by political will, will be spent to investigate, try and convict, and put behind iron bars crooks in the government with concomitant construction of necessary penitentiaries in regional locations.” – POPOY

    Ladies and gentlemen, more money to be spent on looney investigation. Meaning more money to buy witnesses, turn crooks into state witnesses so they can go home free kiss the children goodnight and keep the loot in exchange for government version of the crime, hire typists to type affidavits, the thicker the affidavits the guiltier the accused. Of course, Mar Roxas government will not spend for forensic evidences like proving if Binay really pocketed the overpriced parking building … If Binay and BINAY ALONE approved the overpricing without collussion of the contractor who currently still are not charged, Office of the Building Administration that approves contracts …. ALL IN ALL to heck with investigation and rules of law and evidenciary procedures … LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I am not here as NEXT PRESIDENT, I am here as SUCCESSOR PRESIDENT. There will not be change because I am just a SUCCESSOR. Affidavits, witnesses, state witnesses, violation of banking secrecy law, and any one have a copy that violates the banking secrecy law can go home free, pack up their bags, get a one way ticket to America that DO NOT PRACTICE ALL OF THE ABOVE to heck with OMbudsman they are still gathering evidences against Binay. We cannot wait. The people cannot wait. I cannot wait.


    Clappity Clap Clap Clap

    Mar is at the podium by himself. No Korina SAnchez Roxas. He went backstage. He was beaming to his First-Lady-in-Waiting and said, “OK ba dear?”

    She gives him a peck on the cheek. “It was good. When you get home I got a surprise for you!”

    (In the end, it is just more of the same. It is more talk talk talk talk. There will never be HUSTISYA MATUWID. IT IS DAAN MATUWID TO HUSTISYA BALUKTOT)

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Oh, I forgot. I am not pro-Binay. I am pro-HUSTISYA MATUWID. Which is currently illegal in the Philippines.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      LADIES and GENTLEMEN, to continue …

      Our HUSTISYA MATUWID will be headed by Thrill anes and Kahit ano. Their visit to BinayLand was a stroke of genius. As we all know, Mga Kababayan, we do not have laws that all property have ownership billboards in the front gates but with their courage they went there and found now ownership billboards of BinayLand. I know all of you Kababayans find it amusing Thrill anes may be S.O.B. but he is our S.O.B.

      I hate to repeat this Kababayans but I have to repeat this for those who did not catch my numerous repetitive statments including those drive-by-commenters and readers it took courage for Thrill anes to ask Tiu to present BinayLand title because there was no signage of ownership in BinayLand despite CONDONED Thrill anes has all the power to go to Register of Deeds and get authentic original TCT for himself. It may sound weird and comedic but, hey, this is the Philippines. This is what you want. This is what you get. Tiu present TCT that jive with Register of Deeds.

      What was uncalled for Condoned Thrill anes, he blew his top! He was expecting a forged TCT which is common in the Philippines.

      MGA KABABAYAN … There will be unchanged at DOJ, Ombudsman and Supreme Court front. Becaus if my cronies, KKKs steal WE WILL USE THE SAME BINAY DEFENSE THAT WE HATED.

      If you love Benigno ! Vote for Me! If you love more of the same from Benigno! Vote for me. I am the successor.

      If you do not like Benigno, There is a viable alternative: GRACE KELLY POE !!! She, too, have issues. Grace Kelly cannot show proof where she was borned. She doesn’t have residency qualifications. She got angry when she was asked of her residency qualifications.

      MGA KABABAYAN … Marami tayong problema … Kayo ang mga problema koh … This is our CUSTOM !!! And our CUSTOM must be protected. Thank goodness we have BUREAU OF CUSTOMS TO HANDLE THE CROOKERY.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


      (4) Reducing poverty as priority must have a face.

      The face of poverty is my lovely wife, Korina Sanchez Roxas! I promise you, she’ll kiss dirty babies from househelps. She’ll eat with her hands, of couse, with Crate&Barrel silver flatwares. She has to do this KABABAYANS so she can continue putting a face on poverty.

      Please, Do not call me Mr. Palengke because if you did My lovely wife is Mrs. Palengke that leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of Heads of States who will soon congratulate me and my wife who Binay stole from her back in 2009. Of course, she went nuclear. She attacked everyone. But this time her composure is back. She is now in a cage with a Lion Tamer.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


      (2) For every taxpayer’s peso, the government must give back to him at all times at least 90% or 90 centavos worth of benefits, public services, and infrastructures.

      Alam ko na ang number #2 has been uttered by all candidates from Babuyan Islands to Sulo from Barangay counselor to Benigno. Just the same I’ll utter it again.

      As you know people, I am the only one at the helm of the government. I cannot know those COMMISSIONERS are getting their equal shares for every taxpayers peso. How can I know people? I cannot know. We have SALNs. Yes, we do. We only look at those SALNs if I do not like someone. Someone who robbed my elbows the wrong way. A someone who stared at me longer than 2 seconds. SALNs is our legalized blackmail tool to keep their mouth shut.

      Kababayans, there are millions and millions of Philippine government employees It would take another corrupt cabinet to review SALNs and this cabinet will personally and voluntarily blackmail anyone for their personal agrandizement.

      It happened to Corona … hated personally by Benigno because of Hacienda Luisita … it also happened to Binay … as you know Kababayans SALN is selective and very effective blackmail tool.

      It will be there to those who oppose me. Coup-de-t’at is soooo yesterday. SALNs is for today, tomorrow and for the future.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      (5) Use of the inter-disciplinary or TEAM approach to execute developmental laws and implement government programs and projects to really transform the Philippine society.

      KABABAYANS … we have inter-disciplinary team IN PLACE. We ahve PNP, WE have the Army … The Navy … DOJ … Ombudsman … CA … Supreme Court ….

      So, what else is new Kababayans …. what else is new ….

      KABABAYANS, MINAMAHAL KO MGA KABABAYANS … It is not I that can change the Philippines … it is YOU. NOT ME. YOU.

      What good is me if all of you are corrupt?

  15. nielsky says:

    Quickly, this 1,940-words long opening ‘remarks’ (?) if compared with John F. Kennedy’s 26 September 1960 opening statement on the occasion of the First Presidential Candidate Debate will show the desired contours of how any opening statement should be framed or constructed – never mind that we are not Americans.

    Please see case in point:

    May we know, if for a change, the good Popoy will yield to few questions or would conveniently elect to just remain silent, anonymous, or uncooperative ((for lack of a better term)? The reason I ask this is so that we may be able to see how the candidates can debate on a ‘common ground’.

    This specimen from Popoy, to my mind (though it’s just my own observation) hardly presents what the Big Issue is for this 2016 presidential elections; neglects to discuss a crucial domestic issue (i.e. China’s perceived ‘territorial offensive’); obliterates the areas of dissatisfaction (i.e. lawlessness, poverty, corruption, foreign debt service, food security, etc.); un-defines what our vision for a good society, a good government (i.e. more jobs, more exports, more wealth); and fails to set policy trajectories such as on whether government should ‘navigate within the operating environment’ or would ‘rather attempt to change it’ (Levy 2015).

    Honestly, the prose (premature political advertising actually) is way too nebulous to read that I most suspect that even Mar nor PNoy would not acquiesce to it.

    It is so because at this critical juncture in our political history, we should know exactly what ails this country, what the people want from their government, and in turn what government, perhaps, want from its people.

    With much restraint that I even thought of blogging my view on the article but the ‘unfriendly’ comment of johnny lin prompted me to put this across. It is opportune time to define exactly what this so-called “Daang Matuwid” is like whether this is a method or technique of governing a la ‘best practice’ or is it just another cycle of experimental trial-and-error?

    Society writ large deserves to know what exactly this creature is. What does ‘Daang Matuwid’ articulate in praxis? How does it work at all levels of governance? What does it interrogate, if any?

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Popoy’s Draft has been said so many times … What else is new?

    • Primer,

      I don’t like the way you conduct politics here (really shady like), but you’re best when you get bureaucratic on us–the nitty gritty. You are our resident Vogon.

      “You campaign in poetry; you govern in prose”. I’m less impress with the campaign poetry, than with governance–so, hoping Popoy will engage Primer these questions.

    • Johnny Lin says:


      You quoted me again in a bad light brought by your own ignorance and denials.

      Now you are asking what’s Daan Matuwid?
      If you don’t know what it is, why did you passionately attack and trash it in your many posts?
      What were you denigrating then?

      you were confused by your personal beliefs and guilty feelings because your prerogative was to discredit Pres Aquino which could only be related to your employment in government upon his assumption of presidency. Could it be related to his family business or personal relationships? Most probably not!

      You basically don’t understand simple premises or basic foundations of topics of discussions, the way you’re asking it’s meaning now!

      Remember, you worked in Congress as CHIEF OF STAFF. That job has political color. In a sense, among us not working in govt, you must be the first person to have an idea of a political agenda. But here you are, asking the significance of a principle you have been targeting as evil.

      Where is the common sense in your question?

    • andrewlim8 says:


      I hope you do not take it against me if I respond to your post even if your queries are directed to Popoy. After all, this is a forum, where communication is many to many, not one to one and people have to line up. 🙂

      To give you an idea what Daang Matuwid is, I will give you an idea of what it is not:

      1. “Bos, may 200 ka dito” . – Ben Abalos, while playing golf with Jun Lozada

      2. “I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed. Just because they’re in this situation, doesn’t mean we will already turn our backs on them. ” – Arroyo Deputy Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo, after 57 died in the grisly Ampatuan massacre.

      3. “You want Fernando Poe to be President?” – Rigoberto Tiglao, to Raissa Robles in person.

      There are many others, all dealing with integrity or rather, the extreme lack of it. It was the regime you served under, and it was not Daang Matuwid.

      It was not proved in court? Is that your moral basis for what is right or wrong these days?

      • nielsky says:

        Appreciatively, that makes for a good start in putting a ‘concept’ in context. Thanks.

        As to @LCpl_X, another new tag ‘Vogun’ quite entertains perhaps but I think I just want some ‘units of historicism or empiricism’ be rolled out then discussed which @andrew here correctly grasped.

        There are readers non-partisan or if partisan, to another so we are just trying to actually want to simplify the finer points (if any) of Popoy’s long and poetic prose. This time in a scale of 1 to 10, his work is ‘rambled theorizing’.

        • “I just want some ‘units of historicism or empiricism’ be rolled out then discussed which @andrew here correctly grasped.”

          I’m with you on this, man. Keep doing the bureaucratic thing–I like it (so much better than your political thing).

  16. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: “The more I hang around the Philippines, the less I like lawyers. They seem to be the most ardent of political players, pimps and dealers who redefine right and wrong so that Lady Justice herself shrieks in shame.”

    I absolutely totally agree. DOJ. Ombudsman. Supreme Court. They are pimps and prostitutes. Next time we hear, their services will be on eBAY. Including those who leak investigations and make circus out of it to bismirch and sully the accused as guilty.

  17. caliphman says:

    For a candidate whose strong suits are supposed to be competence and experience, the speech is kind of silent on accomplishments,no? Where’s the beef?

    • I agree. Tooting one’s horn in the form of memorable stories, ie. word pictures, would make this speech stronger (especially with regular folk). Make people remember, make it resonate and simplify the abstract–like Bill Clinton.


      “With all due respects, seems more like a lecture, Where is the punch, Where is the hook that will resonate in people’ mind long after the event.”

    • Joe America says:

      Maybe he’s a Level 5 manager, modest.

      • caliphman says:

        Joe, it might serve to remind Mr. Cartanio here that the candidate he is supposed to be ghost writing for is hardly a blip on the masa’s radar screen and portraying himself as shy and ‘umble is not going to get him the additional 25 percentage points from the D masses he needs to beat the Dark Lord or the ingenue Princess Poe. Roxas promised Aquino a massive dunk not an underhand freethrow layup!

        • Joe America says:

          I think you just reminded him. I feel no need to do so because he is not preaching. He is posing some ideas about what is important in the Philippines, no matter who wins the election. In that sense, he is well beyond petty politics and into solutions.

          • caliphman says:

            Oh well, thats an entirely different matter. But even on that score, it continues to miss the main target audience which is the masa or D segment. Binay’s platform has been and will be aimed right at it. Social services for the poor, educational and health programs for those who want it but cannot afford it, minimum wage rate increases…etc,etc …he might even toss in free viagra and free payTV at the next Pacquiao fight. Guess which platform will win the election?

            • Joe America says:

              Actually, I’m trying to withdraw from commenting about the election. We have two declared candidates and the election period starts in a little over a month. I can only say that time and circumstance can change things and if Filipinos want Binay, they will get him.

              • caliphman says:

                One does not need to go to business school in the US to appreciate the importance of succession planning. Binay has been putting it into practice very successfully in Makati, unfortunately. If Godforbid, Binay wins in 2016, we dont want him to be successful in this regard. My comment was prompted by Aquino only belatedly recognizing the threat that Binay posed to his hard fought governmental reforms and personal freedom post election. Seems to me he was reluctant to part ways with Binay and that added to the delay in picking and preparing for a candidate to succeed him. Looking back 6 to 12 months ago the foremost questions in the RR site was how the heck was Binay who was 30-40% points ahead of everyone else and Poe was not even a blip on the radar scope. The other question was why Aquino was enhancing his cabinet positionq

  18. Joe America says:

    Debateng Pangpangulohan: Bigkas Pambungad ni Mar Roxas
    Ni Popoy Del R. Cartanio

    Ito ay susi (master key mas tama) puedeng gamiting pambukas na talumpati ng mga kandidato sa debateng ito ng mga naghahangad maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas. Kaya lang baka mapagkamalan kathang binayaran lang kung ang bibigkas ay hindi tulad ni Mar Roxas na kilala sa kakayahan at katapatang magsilbi sa bayan. Kaya Pakinggan natin bigkasin mismo ni Mar ang pambaungad na talumpati sa debateng ito.


    Mga kababayan, mga kaibigan na ngayon ay nanunood at nakikinig dito at sa kanilang internet, mga ka debateng kandidato sa pagka-pangulo ng Pilipinas at ating pinapipitaganan gabay ng debate.

    Kailangan at Karangalan kong ipagpatuloy ang Tuwid na Daan sinumulan ni Pangulong Noynoy para sa ating bayan at para din sa matagal ng naghihirap na mga kababayan. Ang binhi ng pagbangon at pagbabago ay naipunla na ni Pangulong Aquino, sumibol at namunga na nitong nakaraang anim na taon. Sa tulong at pagtataguyod ninyo malamang mas yayabong at lulusog ito, pinakamalaki seguro sa Asya at ibang pang panig ng mundo bilang ehemplo ng masigasig na pagbabago at di mapipigil na pag asenso.

    Palalawakin ko ang proceso at resulta ng Tuwid na Daan sa loob ng limitasyong itinakda ng ating batas upang tuluyang mapigil ang korapsyon at pagnanakaw sa kuarta ng bayan sa lahat ng ahensiya ng gobierno. Kaya ang aking mga kamaganak, mga kaibigan at mga kapartido, dapat isaisip nila na matigas na prinsipyo ang sasabihin ko dito kung sila man ay susuporta o kaya’s lalabanan ang gobierno sa panahon ko.

    Nakasalalay at kakapit-bisig sa tuwid na daan, sa aking pangulohan inaasahan kong mangyayari at matutupad sa pamamagitan ng koncreto and sukat na paraan ang (1) pagsulong ng pangkabuhayan sa trabaho at sapat na kita ng mga pamilya, (2) edukasyon para sa lahat ng dapat mag aral, (3) kalusugan ng sambayanan, (4) Kapayapaan, katahimikan at kaayusan ng lipunan (5) kapaligiran at kalikasan at saka (6) maalam na pamahalaan. Ito ang anim na haligi ng mabigat na plataforma at adhikain ng Partido Liberal. Sa pananaw ng Partido, kalusugan, edukasyon, payapang kapaligiran, at tapat na gobierno ay pawang kailangan at resulta din ng isang matatag, masaganang pamumuhay at inalagaang kalikasan at kapaligiran. Iyan ang pinagisang adhikain ng Partido Liberal at Pangulong Noynoy. Ang Tuwid na Daan ang tatahakin ng aking pangulohan upang marating ang mga yan. Di man marangya, dapat makamtam, maging sapat ang mabuting pamumuhay sa ating mga kababayan.

    When speech translation is beautiful, it is likely to be unfaithful – Popoy

    Ayan puede naman isa-Tagalog. Kulang lang ang oras ko. Si Korina kayang kaya isa-Tagalog yan. Hindi masamang tumulong ang Misis sa speech; ang masama ay dahil Misis o Mister sagad na tulong sa pagnanakaw. Suspetsa ko: Hindi si Noynoy kundi yung mga speech writer ni Noynoy ang magaling diyan, dating mga radikal seguro, mga hindi lumaki, tumandang magnanakaw. mga hindi kumita ng malaki dahil sa pagsusulat. Sa mga matino ang LAKAS ng PSYCHIC income sa pagsusulat ay hindi sa pera.

    Sa mga commentators dito sa Blog ni Joe Am, batikos man o papuri ang lakas o ang laki ng Psychic income ko galing sa inyo. Obregado, Cheerio.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Beautiful. Tagalog is a beautiful language very few understands. I am one of those and so many others. On top of required Jose Rizal course, required Tagalog foreign language is a hurdle majority almost fails. Bisaya is widely spoken in Visayas and Mindanao it differs on inflection and pronounciation.

      Whereas, English is lingua franca in debates and arguments. One wrongful use of verbs and spellings makes the whole argument useless despite logic. Because English is measure of intelligence, the impeccable the English the better the logic of argument. Nothing compares when one punctuates English with medeival Latin words. I do not even wander into asking what those are, else, I’d be showing ignorance. Latin is a show stopper.

      I envy Filipinos who speak Tagalog not much English. Latin? It is actually arguing without saying anything.

      • Joe America says:

        Latin is indeed mainly used for show, and Senator Santiago is the best of the best. It’s interesting though, I learned more about English sentence structure and word meanings in Latin than in English. If it were up to me, I’d write every sentence in the subjunctive, ever hopeful.

    • Johnny Lin says:

      Bigkas Pambungad(Entrance Talk)
      Pamukas Salita(Opening Remarks)

  19. Mariano Renato Pacifico says: ENRILE RETURNS AFTER POSTING BAIL. After Tanda, comes Sexy and Pogi.

    In the U.S., financial scam is not bailable offense per se (excuse the Latin) Because their properties are frozen. In the U.S., whose laws the Filipinos copied from, before they are charged, DOJ ALREADY KNOWS IF THE MONEYS AND PROPERTIES are coming from the scam. They cannot post bail out of the properties that are the fruit of the scam, therefore, no money to post bail. Read: ENRON

    I am not a lawyer. Sure their rulings make sense. But in the Philippines, NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

    Why Tanda Pogi and Sexy let loose close to presidential election is something that Monsod needs to take a look at. Maybe Rappler?

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      What I like about US Newspapers is EDUCATIONAL. What I learned from Philippine Media are:
      1. Witnesses
      2. Affidavits
      3. State Witness
      4. What is publish is the truth


  20. for the numerically inclined a 2 hour result of facebook advertising.

  21. pagandahin ang public hospital facilities to give dignity to the poor who are sick, pag nagawa mo to Roxas, ikaw na ang da best…

  22. David Murphy says:

    Popoy, as a position paper your composition is great. As a political speech, it sucks. I’m assuming that one of the constant objectives of Mar Roxas’ campaign will be to win over as many of the D-E social/economic classes as possible. My guess is that your speech would leave them cold. What they need to hear is how his policies will benefit them in specific ways. What, in fact, does he intend to do for the millions of Filipinos who are living on the financial edge, struggling to get enough to eat, to get their kids through public schools and get them adequate medical care, among other things? Is it possible to identify these families? Is it possible to arrange for them to get a regular allowance of rice every week/two weeks/month? To provide the necessary books and school supplies for every needy family? Perhaps even to supply a pair of shoes at the start of the school year? (I’m thinking now of the unmet needs that I see every year in our barangay.) To be sure the opportunities for theft and diversion are huge but will that consideration prevent every beneficial program from being instituted? Perhaps it could be tied in with the income supplementation program already in existence and which could be greatly expanded.
    I don’t claim to have the answers. But Mar Roxas needs to connect with the masses if he is to be elected. And one way to do that is to become an innovator of ways to help those who are most in need of help. They have been neglected for far too long. They shouldn’t have to wait until the economy improves or infrastructure projects can bring them jobs. The time to start recruiting innovative thinkers is now.

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