Defense III: "Who’s the Enemy Around Here, Anyway?"

Jack Ryan is famed author Tom Clancy’s CIA strategist who, via a series of spy and military adventures, becomes President of the United States. We herein take our best shot at emulating the young Ryan’s superior ability to digest chaos and mystery and come up with order. This installment of our Philippine Defense dialogue will … Continue reading

Internet Invasion: "The Reds Are Coming!"

The blogging discussion about the Sultan’s Sabah escapade has morphed. When the incursion first began, a vocal alliance of strange bedfellows spoke loudest. We saw Muslims seeking satisfaction for years of neglect allied, strangely, with Filipino uber-patriots seeking expansion of Philippine territory to include what appears rightfully to belong to the Philippines, if you look at … Continue reading

Unit 61398: Is the Philippines "In Play"?

Building Housing Military Unit 61398 Unit 61398 is a Chinese military operation. It has been pinpointed as occupying an office building in China from which hacking of American newspapers and government agencies has originated. These are official government acts. They are not anonymous hackers with bizarre ideals. It appears that China has officially authorized aggressive … Continue reading

The Philippines Should Turn Predator, Like China

Here is what we are coming to understand.  Chinese Attitudes Toward Japan China is engaged in a coordinated national effort aimed at acquiring additional resources as cheaply as possible. Stealing of other nation’s lands is among the tactics included in the thrust. China’s initiatives are as follows: Develop Chinese mining and resource production.   Hoard … Continue reading

Angry Maude Rips Two Senator Ladies

Guest Article By Maude Garrison Insecurity is a beast. It eats at one’s innards like acid, gnawing away at one’s sense of self and the ability to see things objectively. Envy is its partner in crime. Insecurity appears to reside in the Philippine Senate. Amongst the brightest and best schooled and most capable minds in … Continue reading