Jose Rizal meets the Governor General; we learn Ibarra is a Yellow

By Joe America Jose Rizal covered many of the topics we discus today because the Philippines hasn’t changed much in 125 years. I am reading Noli Me Tangere as translated by Leon Ma. Guerrero who, according to Manuel L. Quezon III, does the best job of highlighting the satirical qualities of Rizal’s writing while other … Continue reading

Making sense out of the nonsense that surrounds us

by Joe America There is a lot of nonsense in the Philippines. From an ignorant Senate President weighing in on the science of seeding clouds above volcanic ash to thieves at sea being warmly welcomed by the Philippine Coast Guard, which is supposed to protect the nation from thieves at sea . . . there … Continue reading

The Duterte Administration’s main message: “Filipinos are unworthy”

By Joe America Have you noticed how self-punishing the Philippines has become under President Duterte? He began his term on the back of a brutal drug war that postured the Philippines as drug-riddled and needing clean-up. No, the nation was a rising star. It’s drug problem was no worse than other nations. Today the Chinese … Continue reading

The Philippines is a lovely place, truly

By Joe America The Philippines is a lovely place, truly. But you kinda have to learn to compartmentalize some aspects of your surroundings. Otherwise they act as poison to shade the entire look of the nation. The one thing I compartmentalize is the essential vindictiveness of a whole lot of people. Cops, robbers, druggies, drug … Continue reading

When government bullshits you

By Joe America I have an advanced college degree in communications from one of the best communications schools on the planet at the University of Southern California. You know Walter Annenberg? Dude funded a lovely school, lovely. I recite these credentials so you know I’m an expert at this stuff. I’ve examined everything from newscasts … Continue reading