The hole in the Philippine psyche

Opinion By Joe America The Philippines is a damaged culture according to some, and a failed state, looking around. It’s leaders hunt down citizens rather than lift them up. Their response to a global health crisis was to do nothing for four months and then scramble around blaming the citizens. Their position in opposition to … Continue reading

The American Presidential Election and the Philippines

Analysis and Opinion By Joe America The American presidential election may significantly affect both Philippine and US policies versus China. We often hear the criticism that President Obama failed to bring the US into Asia to counter China. We have not yet heard from Democratic candidate Biden on the subject of China. Trade, nada. Open … Continue reading

Letting go of the Philippines

Opinion By Joe America When you are young, you tend to wonder about the future. When you are old, you tend to look back at the past. Along the way, you slot into life as it is presented, the ‘now’ being what it is. Most of our angers and anxieties arise because our present circumstance … Continue reading

How the government failed the people in its handling of the coronavirus

Opinion By Joe America The Duterte government is introducing a Phase 2 of the anti-virus effort. I called Phase 1 a disaster which caused my DDS pen pal Secretary Locsin to read me the riot act. The US is the disaster, the Philippines not, he said. Well, his measure is rather narrow. He advocated for … Continue reading

Philippine government is intellectually corrupt. It’s a short step to stealing

Opinion By Joe America We can easily identify a few examples of the intellectual corruption that forms the foundation of Philippine governmental processes today. The government declares it is a model country in responding to the coronavirus, does little to prepare, then blames the people for being undisciplined as the disease spreads. Pro-democracy, pro-civility citizens … Continue reading