Double whammy: corona virus and loss of moral bearings

OPINION By Joe America We can read a lot of speculation about how the coronavirus will reshape our social interactions. More distancing. More cleanliness. Fewer hugs. More people working at home. Without question, today we are living a strange existence, keeping away from people and polishing everything with soap and water, or disinfectant. My guess … Continue reading

A basic look at coronavirus statistics

ANALYSIS By Joe America All of the numbers we will look at are from the Department of Health. Are they perfect? No. Are they the best indicators we have? Yes. The data are current up to April 11, 2020. Chart 1 shows the enduring climb of confirmed coronavirus patients in the Philippines. It shows a … Continue reading

The Philippines: fighting a virus with police

By Joe America The Philippines is a tribal “power and privilege” society pretending to be democratic. Or maybe more accurately, it is a democratic republic, by rule book . . . the Constitution . . . but the tribes just don’t get the concept. When a crisis comes to town and the Mayor is tribal, … Continue reading

Free speech is still free in the Philippines, but take care . . .

By Joe America The Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has summoned 12 people to explain their posts on social media, sending a bit of a Constitutional shudder through the free nation. Atty Chel Diokno will be representing one of the people summoned. He says these are ordinary citizens and the action is a clear … Continue reading

How will we know when our coronavirus curve has peaked?

By Joe America I’ve read some of the projections done on the coronavirus lifespan but they are complex and all over the place because there are so many unknowns, so many variables. I’ve been tracking the Department of Health’s daily reports and compiling a record of some key numbers. It seems to me, these can … Continue reading