Revolutionarily speaking

By Chemrock Revolutionary government is one-a-penny in the Philippines. There have been 13 revolutionary governments counting from Gen. Vicente Álvarez (Republic of Zamboanga) 1899 to Cory Aquino 1986. President Duterte has been touting the 14th Revgov if he doesn’t get his way with Federalism. Filipino crab mentality and propensity for treachery was cemented in the very … Continue reading

The ignorance of the entitled, or how Senator Pimentel is out to lunch

By Joe America Senator Koko Pimentel recently criticized law enforcement officials for failing to enforce motorcycle safety laws (Koko calls for proper implementation of laws on motorcycle safety). “For government agencies, enforcing the law is mandatory and not optional. They must enforce these motorcycle safety laws firmly and consistently. Otherwise, why do they exist in … Continue reading

Dear President Duterte, About Sen. Leila de Lima…

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Dear President Duterte, It’s about time a Filipino wrote you directly about a topic that requires a great deal of love and wisdom to thresh out. This is it, man-to-man, for a woman is in distress, and it is un-Filipino not to lend her a hand. I’ve just been to Camp … Continue reading

“Thanks, Senator Poe”

By Joe America The Senate hearing on fake news earlier this week was rich with insights from various mass media and social media personalities. It also included PCOO Sec Martin Andanar and Usec Lorraine Badoy who, along with Asec Mocha Uson (who was not there, but was a key subject of discussion), seem to have … Continue reading

Oh, Danny Boy

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva The other day, my pro-Duterte friend and I had occasion to be together. Let’s call him Danny. Our wives were with us. It was a social affair, lotsa food, lotsa goodwill going around, delicious like pink salmon sushi in soy sauce with a dash of wasabi. A happy occasion from all … Continue reading