Open Discussion #5: What are we looking for in a Federalism proposal?

Federalism is proposed by President Duterte as a solution to the nation’s enduring problems, able to cure everything from poverty to bad governance to infrastructure development by ending Imperial Manila’s claim to power, resources, and importance and thereby allowing the joyful, harmonious, and efficient regions to cut through all the crap. I’m reminded of the … Continue reading

Open Discussion #4: What do people think when a life is rolled away?

  There is no joy on the mean streets of Manila. What do you think the bystanders in this photograph are thinking? Feeling? I ask knowing that the answers reflect more the thoughts and emotions of you the reader than the people watching the departed soul roll away, never to be accounted for, never to … Continue reading

The AlDub Phenomenon Revisited

   By Wilfredo G. Villanueva Dear Sir Wilfredo G. Villanueva, I’ve read long ago your take on Aldub Phenomenon entitled “The Social Significance of Aldub” written on September 22, 2015. I am currently doing a study on the impact of the Aldub Phenomenon; An Assessment and I would like to seek your views now about … Continue reading

Open Discussion #3: Philippine News Agency

Last week, the Executive Branch opened its online news portal, The Philippine News Agency. I found this interesting because a couple of years ago, I recommended that the Aquino government open a news outlet to provide information that could counter the misleading sensationalist information stream so often found in popular media. Now the Duterte Administration … Continue reading

Open Discussion #2: The Philippines, an occupied State

What are the characteristics of occupancy? A ruling nation invades, takes charge, and assigns its dogmatic leaders to control the occupied state. Filipinos are born and raised to understand this, because the time of true democratic freedoms has amounted to perhaps 25 years over a span of six centuries. The current occupation is not by a foreign … Continue reading