Time and the presidency in 2022

By JoeAm Nothing is permanent in Philippine politics. Power is not static, it moves, shifts, transfers, gathers, divides, and even evaporates. Time is the ticking clock hovering over everything. It drives allegiances locally and nationally, mainly through elections and as people of age give way to the youngsters. It’s fascinating, the family ties here. We … Continue reading

Are Americans being set up as another enemy for the Philippines?

By JoeAm Tyrants need enemies, for if they did not have them, they could not insist upon using unrestrained power. They would have to follow the law. Enemies are the excuse for suppression and brutality. The Duterte government operates outside the law to fight its various enemies, drug addicts, yellows, critics, NPA, Muslim terrorists, human … Continue reading

Killings, Politics, Federalism, Elections and the Catholic Church of the Philippines

By JoeAm For the life of me, I cannot figure out the Catholic Church of the Philippines. The Church and killings The Church is a moral voice that is extraordinarily strong . . . as when Pope Francis visits or when battling Reproductive Health initiatives. And it is shockingly ineffectual, divided, and quiet about the … Continue reading

Groupthink in the Supreme Court

  By Edgar Lores   “The most important qualification of a judge is independence, not brilliance.” – Justice Antonio Carpio – Introduction – Of Progressives and Retrogressives American politics is governed by two isms, Liberalism and Conservatism. In the US Supreme Court, justices belong to either of the two persuasions. And their respective persuasions form … Continue reading

Human Rights and the Duterte Federalism Constitution

By JoeAm A couple of weeks ago, I retweeted a meme that compared the 1987 Constitution with the proposed Federalism Constitution. Here it is: A reader argued that this was not accurate. He claimed the proposed new Constitution is even stronger on human rights. He said: Radon86‏ @radongrafix Jul 22 #BeFullyInformed read the draft Human Rights is mention … Continue reading