Filipinos will exchange their digital souls for a taste of heaven on earth

By Andrew Lim The following is a scenario-building exercise based on recent developments in the Philippine telecommunications industry, with geopolitics, national security and the West Philippine Sea conflict as backdrop. It may be fictional, but the institutions, personalities and their capabilities are based on real life. – For this exercise, we will make use of … Continue reading

No Justice, No Progress

Second Installment of a Two-Part Article on Dean Chel Diokno (link to Part 1) by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Elsa Tolentino: How can you restore the trust of the people in the justice system in our country? Chel: It’s easy to do that as long as there is a political determination to improve the justice system. Ang … Continue reading

Chel Diokno: He Can’t Take It Anymore

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva I haven’t come across the name Chel Diokno. I loved his father, made me stand tall as a Filipino; I know Maris, she speaks on occasion, but Chel? Aside from some information I picked up from an entry in Wikipedia, I knew nothing about Chel Diokno going into the interview. He … Continue reading


By JoeAm With a huge contribution by Edgar Lores Sometimes the complex can be simplified, rather like seeing a machine as nothing more than a lot of metal pieces bolted together. Just take them apart to see how it works. Societies are very complex machines and we’ve been working for years here taking the Philippines … Continue reading

Seeing the yellow agenda as a reform movement

By JoeAm Thanks to reader Francis for the insights that provoked this blog. The Philippines needs its own reformation. A reformation is not a revolt or a destabilization. It is a change. An enlightenment acted upon. Martin Luther inadvertently provoked an entire restructuring of European society when he proclaimed that the Pope was not infallible, … Continue reading