Open Discussion #6: Knowledge is relative, but acts are exact

Einstein theorized that space and time are relative and it seems to me that knowledge is the same. Yet we act with absolute confidence that what we think is what is real. It isn’t. Knowledge says we are better with earnest, civil leaders, but we elect people who for sure do not represent the best … Continue reading

Open Discussion #3: Philippine News Agency

Last week, the Executive Branch opened its online news portal, The Philippine News Agency. I found this interesting because a couple of years ago, I recommended that the Aquino government open a news outlet to provide information that could counter the misleading sensationalist information stream so often found in popular media. Now the Duterte Administration … Continue reading

Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . .

By Joe America . . . . . . . Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . . Compassion fell off, and who was left? (Pause for effect) A Filipino! (Drum crescendo) . . . . . . . Generalizations are inherently discriminatory, for they bind the generalized and the exceptions as … Continue reading

Fake knowledge. Do you contribute to it?

By Joe America A tweet ended up teaching me something important. After the US missile strike on Syria, I commented that it was not really a Trump decision, but a military decision. An American decision. The following tweet came back: “It was a PR stunt which cost millions. Eyewitnesses say Syrian military anticipated US Raid … Continue reading

Women of the Philippines, striving for dignity

By Joe America Does Mocha Uson strive for dignity, do you think? She does what she does for a reason, for accolades, I suppose, for money, perhaps, and out of spite, I’d guess. I’m also guessing she feels there is dignity to what she does. Women are complicated. I know that. They have levels and layers … Continue reading