Enter the New Year, on hope, superstition and maybe a prayer

By Joe America Best wishes to all for the New Year. Resolutions are important, I think. I hope that you will strive for high values based on knowledge, and will have the discipline to align your acts with your values. If you do that, it will be hard for anyone to expect any more from you, … Continue reading

Filipino apathy in the face of slaughter

By Joe America Some of my least popular blogs often provoke the most enlightening debates. This happened recently in response to some rock throwing, I, foreigner, did at Philippine leaders. I suspect it was an unpopular blog because people don’t care to have foreigners throwing rocks at domestic notables. But that is beside the point … Continue reading

A short tale of Philippine Man and Woman

By Joe America In the beginning was Man and Woman, animals graced with amazing if imperfect conceptual abilities. These abilities, in the way of all species, developed to assure survival and conquest, for food and other needs, or to eliminate threats. The conceptual abilities grew, knowledge feeding invention feeding knowledge. Man and Woman became aware … Continue reading

Revisionism on Wikipedia

  By Hindi Ako Historian I am a regular at JoeAm’s blog but the current political climate makes it necessary to adopt a monicker. I am writing to inform people of the organized and well thought out historical revisionism that is being done on Wikipedia. I will make the case via several graphs and screen shots: The … Continue reading

Knowledge rising in the Philippines

By Joe America I think the Duterte Administration has a new enemy much stronger than the “Yellows”.  It is knowledge, an awakening of Philippine universities and students to the offensiveness of the Marcos burial. An awareness of history, a compassion for victims, and an understanding that this sneaky burial was simply not right. An awareness that … Continue reading