Heydarian on “petty, elitist, self-absorbed” liberals

By JoeAm A lot of people concluded these past few days that political pundit Richard Heydarian had left his middle ground of carefully parsed objectivity to put his full weight behind the Duterte government. It started with this tweet:     It didn’t make sense to me, that DDS-Marcos folk could back families known for … Continue reading

Tagging the influencers

By JoeAm The prior article raised a good discussion about propaganda and specific people who are obviously out to influence the thinking of others. For example, we have the Manila Times‘ columnist Rigoberto Tiglao who is an avid Duterte publicist. Wilson Flores and Mocha Uson have both written for PhilStar. The former appears to be … Continue reading

Joe America called out for issuing black propaganda!!!

Or how Chinese and Russian ‘influencers’ are at work in the Philippines By JoeAm This is perhaps the most meaningful blog I’ve done here in the Philippines over 10 years and 1,500 articles penned. It places us at the cutting edge of the new political, social, and moral landscape that will determine how we and … Continue reading

Where do you find hope in the miserable Philippines?

By JoeAm As we often do, we find it is necessary to begin with definitions. You is every Filipino or other person on the planet who loves the Philippines and wants the best for her diverse, spirited, warm and intelligent people. Hope is pretty much as Google says: “a feeling of expectation and desire for … Continue reading

Character in journalists

By JoeAm Facebook follower Al Hadj Bin Aday asked me when Philippine journalists would start to write like I do, which I presumed to mean directly with a touch of literary flair to align words in a way that hits meaning on the head with a #10 ball-peen hammer. I reflected on the writers that influenced my … Continue reading