What’s Your (Filipino) Problem?​

Guest Article by Cha Coronel Datu I found out about this tweeter page called “Filipino Problems” from my daughter who couldn’t stop laughing while reading it on her laptop one day. It may have actually been inspired by its precursor, a blog called First World Problems, which catalogues the many frustrations and complaints of people … Continue reading

The Care and Feeding of Alliances

Or, how not to be beaten and eaten if you crawl into the cage with a gorilla. Filipinos have this love/hate thing going on with Americans. The love has to do with the wealth, good behavior, good living and sense of respect one would give to power ala Dictator Marcos or other thugs we think … Continue reading

A Photo Rorschach Test

Okay, imaginative Society members. Here is a little Rorschach Test, an examination for you, a little shove into the arena of creative expression. Applied Psychology 101 I suppose.  However, the goal is not to understand YOU, but to get a read-out on how different people – lets call them “subjects” – are viewed through the … Continue reading

The End of the Beginning

This is the last Society of Honor blog for 2012. I would like to thank some people. This is the year when the Society of Honor by Joe Americaended its vanity period and began to have some influence in the Philippines. Articles penned here during 2012 were picked up by two mainstream newspaper columnists for … Continue reading

About Americans

Guest Article By Coco Villa American Cowboy Talking about Americans and American culture one can talk about different layers. A visible outer layer with things such as clothing, language, food, and housing. A middle level consisting of norms and values and beliefs in what is right and what is wrong. Deep inside is the core … Continue reading