"I Flee and Moan, Therefore I am . . ."

Like Nixon, not Woodward A short blog of no real consequence, a rebound as it were. Blogger: (noun) one who flees to his personal writing space and moans to the best of his ability. Moan: (verb) to point out the flaws in others. Information is where you find it. FOI is a legal initiative to drag information reluctantly … Continue reading

The Hierarchy of Loyalties and Ethics II

By Edgar Lores Law is born from despair of human nature. – Jose Ortega y Gasset   Part 2 – The New Paradigm The Model as a Representation of the Real World In Part 1, we described the beginnings of the Hierarchy of Loyalty, its composition and some of its characteristics. The observation made in … Continue reading

Why Y’all Uncomfortable with Americans?

Shape shifters and borgs. Shape-shifters are Star Trek aliens who possess the magnificent ability to change composition and morph into different shapes and looks and beings. A lizard-man one day, a human the next. The borg is a big cubic alien world/structure that unites the brains of thousands of humanoids in one machine-like creature that … Continue reading

The Seven Commandments of Secular Ethics

Guest Article by Edgar Lores In the blogosphere, there has been much discussion about religion and ethics.  These observations have been made: Filipinos observe a variety of religions, with Roman Catholics (81%) being in the majority followed by Protestants (6%) and Muslims (5%). Despite the religiosity of the Filipino, with 92% professing belief in a … Continue reading

How Can Catholic Rightists Call Themselves Pro-Life?

Guest Article By Andrew Lim UNHOLY ALLIANCE Recent developments point to a forming alliance between the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and far right Filipino politicians who reject the RH bill. Jose Descallar, staff of Michael Velarde ( Buhay party list representative) said this after the re-election of US President Barack Obama: “If … Continue reading