The Philippines: Human Rights versus Culture of Impunity

What are human rights? Why are they important? Why does the government need to protect its citizens’ human rights? What do they mean for Filipinos? What can a citizen do to help in the preservation and maintenance of his/her or fellow Filipinos’ human rights? The basic premise of human rights is that any human being … Continue reading

Bemoan or Build; a Choice

I’ve noticed there is a natural drive toward negativity in most blogging commentaries. We editors and commenters all seem to drift inexorably toward the anti-agenda of complaint and criticism. Even this blog, this editor. I was smacked upside the head about this in reading a fine testimonial to Kim Henares  by Filomeno S. Sta Ana … Continue reading

Rebel, Guest, or Guy with an Opinion

This is another self-absorbed blog by JoeAm as he tries to figure out what to do. Maybe you can help him. I was forced into a bit of a predicament the other day when someone suggested maybe I should publish a collaborative list of Philippine politicians who deserve condemnation and ouster from government office. That … Continue reading

It’s Quieter in the Philippines

Excerpt from JoeAm’s Blog Scheduled Monday Is President Aquino an Idiot? “The defenders of this monstrosity of totalitarian intimidation have not a clue as to the grace and wisdom of Jose Rizal or Thomas Jefferson. They’ve gone to the best schools in the world, many in the United States. They have studied law and passed … Continue reading

"The Rizal Robredo Index"

How can the internet community have a real influence on politics? Words of themselves don’t create result. Society of Honor brother Jim-e offered up what I think is a brilliant suggestion a while back. It was instigated by JoeAm’s article on ” A First Class Philippines: Amando Tetangco, Jr.” Jim-e wrote: Perhaps it would be … Continue reading