The Philippines: Human Rights versus Culture of Impunity

What are human rights? Why are they important? Why does the government need to protect its citizens’ human rights? What do they mean for Filipinos? What can a citizen do to help in the preservation and maintenance of his/her or fellow Filipinos’ human rights? The basic premise of human rights is that any human being … Continue reading

Psychotherapeutic Counseling for the Democratically Inclined

“Democracy is for the intelligent, because the leadership of State is placed in the hands of the People. It also works best if the People are not nuts.” JoeAm ___________ Going by the Rappler mood meter, a good many Filipinos seem to be in a rather Maude-like snit about the harsh treatment being given by … Continue reading

The Office of the Eye of the Bull

Originally published March 5, 2013; republished March 17, 2013. This has been one of JoeAm’s most popular blogs. It was withdrawn due to potential violations of COMELEC rules for engagement in elections by a foreigner. Comments pertaining to political parties and their principals or candidates have been removed. Support of the President is non-political. It … Continue reading

The Strength Within

Stick with me if you can. This one’s a ride. Ideas grow where you plant them and propagate in an organized random way.Doing this blogging bit is a little like stuffing a plant into the fine red Philippine soil. You plant one idea and before you know it, you’ve got another plant poking up over … Continue reading

Angry Maude Reports: Invasion of the Philippines

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Philippines Invaded! Special Report Filed by Angry Maude The Philippines suffered a stealth invasion overnight. Well, the invasion did not exactly take place overnight, but the Nation awoke and discovered itself invaded. Rather like a woman awaking, rolling over, and finding herself face to face with some naked unwanted … Continue reading