The Philippines: Human Rights versus Culture of Impunity

What are human rights? Why are they important? Why does the government need to protect its citizens’ human rights? What do they mean for Filipinos? What can a citizen do to help in the preservation and maintenance of his/her or fellow Filipinos’ human rights? The basic premise of human rights is that any human being … Continue reading

A Portrait of the Philippines as a Young Nation

Every once in a while it is good to pause to try to pull together some of the varied thoughts dumped out day to day in these blogs. Rather pull chaos back into order, if you catch my drift. So let’s do a little of that. If it seems deja vu, relax; it is not … Continue reading

"Dear Joe"

The Greatest Living American Dear Joe, “Who is the greatest American alive? Is it President Obama? Hugh Hefner? Donald Trump? Or Bill Gates?”  Edgar Fascinating question, Edgar. “Greatest” is a relative term, of course. For boxers, the greatest is Mohammed Ali unless you live in the Philippines. See? Relative. President Obama is the greatest American … Continue reading

Electioneering and the Blogging Foreigner

I have been silenced . . . Philippine Immigration has made clear that foreigners are not to engage in Philippine elections in any way. Not even open our mouths or tap our keyboards. Immigration has announced that it will deport foreigners who violate Section 4 of COMELEC Resolution 9615: Resolution 9615, SECTION 4. Prohibition against Foreign … Continue reading

Psychotherapeutic Counseling for the Democratically Inclined

“Democracy is for the intelligent, because the leadership of State is placed in the hands of the People. It also works best if the People are not nuts.” JoeAm ___________ Going by the Rappler mood meter, a good many Filipinos seem to be in a rather Maude-like snit about the harsh treatment being given by … Continue reading