A Portrait of the Philippines as a Young Nation

Every once in a while it is good to pause to try to pull together some of the varied thoughts dumped out day to day in these blogs. Rather pull chaos back into order, if you catch my drift. So let’s do a little of that. If it seems deja vu, relax; it is not … Continue reading

Chaos, Hallucinations, Order, Suicide

This study of East/West cross-cultural differences leads me to believe that we all live in an artificial reality that is the construct of our upbringing and our limited capacity to think. We walk a hallucination most days. So if this blog seems a little far out, just sit back and enjoy the ride. We are … Continue reading

Philippine Media: The Lay of the Land

This blog is a little different, as I search for order rather than meaning. Indeed, many of you may already know these media, but it is a process of discovery for me. I have read repeatedly about Philippine news reporting being shallow and sensationalist. But it has only lately crystallized in my mind how damaging … Continue reading

JoeAm’s Delusions of Grandeur

I was accused the other day by a commenter on Riassa Robles’ Top Blog of having ulterior motives for writing blog articles. The guy is pro Sultan, which may give you an idea of his reason for not taking kindly to JoeAm’s defense of President Aquino in the Sabah matter. His accusation is that I really … Continue reading

What’s Your (Filipino) Problem?​

Guest Article by Cha Coronel Datu I found out about this tweeter page called “Filipino Problems” from my daughter who couldn’t stop laughing while reading it on her laptop one day. It may have actually been inspired by its precursor, a blog called First World Problems, which catalogues the many frustrations and complaints of people … Continue reading