What’s Your (Filipino) Problem?​

Guest Article by Cha Coronel Datu I found out about this tweeter page called “Filipino Problems” from my daughter who couldn’t stop laughing while reading it on her laptop one day. It may have actually been inspired by its precursor, a blog called First World Problems, which catalogues the many frustrations and complaints of people … Continue reading

The Anchor for Morality

Morality = manner, character, proper behavior. Joe Am doesn’t like statistics, but he’ll deal with the little rascals from time to time. “For simple replacement of the population to keep up with deaths, most people assume that the average family size should be 2 children, or perhaps 2.1 or 2.2 to make up for human … Continue reading

Corruption and Poverty

Guest Article by Edgar Lores In response to JoeAm’s blog HDPR: The Enormous Challenge, Poverty Joe, I was trying to come up with a Unified Field Theory on corruption and poverty but I soon realised I was waaay out of my depth.  So instead of a “theory of everything” I have this Bits-and-Pieces Theory… To begin … Continue reading