What’s Your (Filipino) Problem?​

Guest Article by Cha Coronel Datu I found out about this tweeter page called “Filipino Problems” from my daughter who couldn’t stop laughing while reading it on her laptop one day. It may have actually been inspired by its precursor, a blog called First World Problems, which catalogues the many frustrations and complaints of people … Continue reading

The Kid Beside Me

Late last year, I defined an anchor-post for my basic principles that is a little different than most. Most people go by Christian values. But I look around both in the Philippines and in the United States and I don’t like the values I see emerging from the Christian faithful. In the U.S., I see … Continue reading

America vs Philippines: The Burdens of Women

What are the burdens unique to women, or considered traditional by social mores? Yes, these are generalizations, with lots of variations. The aim is to promote discussion, not prove anything.The burdens and responsibilities of women: Children: Bear children and nurture them through youth in good health, with good values, and with good education. Kitchen: Cook … Continue reading

Of Biology and Theology: Why we need to talk to young people about sex

Guest Article by Cha Coronel Datu A 12 year old being treated for STD … an 8 year old raped by a 9 year old… a 13 year old getting pregnant and then undergoing emergency caesarean section after complications from labor… an 18 year old dying of severe infection after self-inducing an abortion using 3 … Continue reading