Psychotherapeutic Counseling for the Democratically Inclined

“Democracy is for the intelligent, because the leadership of State is placed in the hands of the People. It also works best if the People are not nuts.” JoeAm ___________ Going by the Rappler mood meter, a good many Filipinos seem to be in a rather Maude-like snit about the harsh treatment being given by … Continue reading

The Territorial Integrity of the Philippines, or What’s Up with Sabah?

The world, when it was larger and not so overcrowded, was a contentious place, an arena for combat over land. Imperialistic ambitions ran rabid as empires were struck, then lost. The Romans, the British, the Germans, the Moors and Huns and Ruskies.  Visions of world domination inspired the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. After all, … Continue reading